Tucker’s Studio Ch. 18

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All people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


Marsha Has A Nice Afternoon

A blonde, a red-head and a Rabbi open a box with a dildo in it. That’d be a great set-up for a joke, but there aren’t any Rabbis hanging around Tucker’s studio. Not yet anyway.

“Holy shit!” Marsha said. She hoisted a huge double-ended rubber phallus on the palm of her hand, like an offering to the Gods. “Fuuck Meee!” she said quietly.

“Nice!” Kelsey said. “That’s about Dante’s size.” She dug through the box of new goodies and pulled out shiny silver handcuffs. “Oh, I’m glad you ordered these. The old ones hurt. The fur’s all worn off the insides.”

“So the pain’s not part of the fun?” Marsha smirked.

“Well…maybe,” Kelsey smiled. “Does your hubby ever tie you up?”

“No!” Marsha said. “And he’s not gonna be my hubby much longer.”

“Oh no! What’s going on? I thought you guys were good together.”

“Yeah, well, I wish I could blame it on me. I haven’t exactly been an angel lately. But he’s having an affair with a woman he works with. Been going on quite a while I guess. He want’s out so he can marry her.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Marsh,” Kelsey said. She thought back to the trip to the awards banquet in Vegas when she and Marsha went a little wild with Tucker and Raymond. No, Marsha wasn’t an angel, but neither are most men, and her marriage had always seemed pretty solid. Marsha looked sad after spilling the beans about things.

“I think you need to relieve some stress,” Kelsey said, with a twinkle in her eyes. “Wanna help me test out some of these new toys?”

“Ha!” Marsha chuckled. Her sadness quickly turned into a mischievous smile. “Should we?”

“Why not? Nobody’s here, right? And there’s all those beds out there,” Kelsey said, gesturing at the darkness outside Marsha’s dressing room door. “The brass one works good with these,” she said with a sly grin, holding the handcuffs up by their chain. The shiny metal jingled like sleigh bells.

“You’re naughty!” Marsha said. Her smile was radiant. “What the hell, lets do it. This place always makes me horny.”

Kelsey moved close to Marsha and kissed her. It started soft and gentle, but quickly heated up. The kiss felt familiar to both of them, as memories of the wild weekend in Vegas came flooding back. A few minutes later they were both naked, giggling as they scampered through the darkness to the brass bed out on the sound stage. Kelsey switched on a lamp on a bedside table. It was a small oasis of dim light in the vast, empty studio. More giggling floated off into the darkness when Kelsey handcuffed Marsha’s wrists to the headboard, and spread her legs wide to secure her ankles.

“I’m not sure if I like this,” Marsha said.

“Oh, you’ll like it,” Kelsey said. “I love bein’ tied up.”

“If you leave me here I’ll kill you,” Marsha said.

“Whaddaya mean, you don’t want everybody to see you like this?” Kelsey teased, tickling Marsha’s legs with her fingers. “Maybe I’ll call Dante and Afreeka and Jamar and let ’em gangbang you.”

“Don’t you dare!” Marsha said, looking genuinely concerned.

“I won’t. You’re all mine today,” Kelsey said. She climbed onto the bed and flicked her tongue across one of Marsha’s hard nipples. “I love your tits,” she said.

She sucked the pretty nipple into her luscious lips. Marsha relaxed and moaned. Kelsey moaned too as she played with the soft flesh in her mouth. Things escalated quickly, and before you could say “double dildo” they were fucking each other with the big thing, Kelsey sitting up over Marsha’s spread legs, controlling the action. They were getting into it pretty good when something moved in the shadows.

“Fuck Billy!” Kelsey gasped. “You scared the shit outta me!”

Tucker had taken Billy under his wing the last few months, teaching him about the business and generally being a father figure to him. He’d given him a key to the studio, and Billy had let himself in.

“Sorry…I…I just came to get my paycheck,” he said, obviously surprised to see Marsha in such a state. “Where’s…Tucker?”

“He left for the day. A meeting with the city or somethin’,” Kelsey said. “Well don’t just stand there Billy. I know you guys got a thing for each other,” she said, looking at the excited fear in Marsha’s eyes.

Kelsey walked to him, leaving Marsha handcuffed on her back with the big dildo next to her. Marsha watched Kelsey go, feeling more vulnerable than she ever had in her life, spread eagled on her back, unable to move, with the young man of her fantasies looking on. Kelsey whispered in Billy’s ear…

“Her marriage is breaking up. Wanna help me make her feel better?”

Billy nodded, with an odd, sort of mystical look on his face.

“Look Marsha. A new toy just got delivered,” Kelsey said, leading Billy into the light.

“Oh God,” Marsha said, her voice quiet and breathy.

“It’s way better than those plastic things, right?” Kelsey said as she helped Anadolu Yakası Escort Billy out of his clothes. “Look! It’s already switched on!”

Marsha’s favorite cock sprung up out of Billy’s tight boxer briefs when Kelsey pulled them down.

“Look how hard you make him. Isn’t he beautiful?” Kelsey said to Marsha. “That’s all for you ya know. He hasn’t looked at me once since he got here.”

“Oh, sorry Kel,” Billy said.

“That’s okay Billy,” she said. “I understand.”

Marsha was freezing cold. Nervous energy coursed through her. She couldn’t speak. She wanted to form words, but nothing happened. She watched Kelsey lead Billy by the hand toward her. It was a time stands still moment if there ever was one.

“So Billy, you interrupted us,” Kelsey said, her naked body crawling onto the bed like a cat. “These handcuffs Marsha ordered just came, and we’re tryin’ ’em out. Isn’t she a naughty girl, ordering stuff like that? I talked her into a trial run— she’s never been tied up before.” Kelsey brushed the back of her hand over Marsha’s soft, goosebump covered tits. “She’s cold. I’m gonna go turn up the heat.”

She scampered off the bed, her cute naked ass wiggling off into the shadows, leaving Marsha and Billy alone. He stood silently, not sure of what he should do.

“Touch me Billy,” Marsha said, her voice weak and trembling.

He moved to the foot of the bed and followed Kelsey’s lead, brushing the back of his hand on Marsha’s foot, gently, like a fleshy feather. Marsha’s heart seemed to stop, and she suddenly wondered if she’d survive.

The back of Billy’s fingers moved onto her ankle, and slowly up her shin as he climbed onto the bed, on his knees between her legs. His other hand joined in on her other leg, moving over the hump of her knees to her thighs. His hands rolled and he palmed the meaty flesh, caressing gently, moving ever so slowly toward the warmest part of her.

Marsha had completely forgotten the cold. Billy’s hands were warm, and his energy had stoked her inner fire. Her pussy — thank God she’d just shaved and trimmed the day before! — was already smoldering when Billy lowered his mouth to it. The touch of his lips and tongue was the key that released all the tension of the moment. Marsha exhaled like a dying person’s last breath — a long, loud sigh that could be heard throughout the big studio.

It made Kelsey smile. She was standing in the dark over by the electrical panels, letting Marsha have the magic moment she’d long fantasized about. All the girls knew Billy was Marsha’s favorite, the young man who turned her on more than any other. Seeing them come together in such a surprising and wonderful way — with Marsha handcuffed to a bed no less — yeah, it made Kelsey smile. Big time.

Kelsey had spent a lot of time together with Marsha on the trip to Vegas. She’d learned all about Marsha’s life, and how she ended up working at the studio. She’d learned about her crush on Tucker, and watched first hand when it bubbled to the surface in the city of sin. It had been a long time coming…

Marsha was an artist with a comb and scissors. Pretty good at makeup too. She was working at the Hair Factory in the Creekside part of town when a friend of Tucker’s told her about the job opening at the studio. Tucker was looking for a girl to work as a woman’s stylist. He liked her right off the bat.

She was the same age as he was at the time, and newly married. Working part time at a porn studio was something she wasn’t sure she’d be comfortable with, but the money was good, and Tucker was a low-key kind of guy, way nicer than her boss at the Hair Factory. She talked it over with her husband and took the job.

It wasn’t long before she was working more hours at the studio than she was at the hair salon. Even without the fringe benefit of watching beautiful people fuck it was a much more interesting job. The Hair Factory was just head-of-hair after head-of-hair, but at the studio she was doing hair, makeup and wardrobe mistress duties, along with hand holding and encouragement for the amateur women who needed it, which was most of them. Marsha loved her new job.

It didn’t take long for the temptations to get to her though. Gorgeous naked men. Big, beautiful cocks in all their glory, making women scream and moan. The siren song of great sex was ever present.

Marsha did pretty well keeping her composure, even with the added temptation of Tucker himself. He wasn’t a beautiful man, and Marsha wasn’t a beautiful woman, but there was a spark from the very first day. Wasn’t a beautiful woman? What a strange thing to say. Tucker thought she was, and she was certainly attractive. Funny how attractiveness and beauty are considered two different things. Personality is attractive, and Marsha had that in spades. Magazine good looks eluded her, but she was soft in all the right places, warm in all the right places, and that smile! Yeah, baby, she was attractive.

The Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan first crack in her armor was a big one — Kat the bartender luring her onto a bed with the cameras rolling, in front of Tucker and the crew. It was big — both the orgasm Kat gave her and the life changing moment. Marsha was quickly swept up in things that day, and before she could gather her wits Jamar’s beautiful long cock was deeper inside her than any man had ever been.

It was a one-time thing, or so she thought. It had shocked her, cheating on her husband like that, but it had happened so easily — it truly did sneak up on her.

She managed to reign in her temptations after that, but it wasn’t easy with everything that was happening at the studio day after day. Gorgeous men were ever-present. Apart from her crush on Tucker, there were three in particular that really got to her — Jamar, with his lilting Jamaican accent and that long, long cock that she had already felt deep inside her. Mitch, the best looking man she’d ever seen, who made her pussy wet every time he talked to her. And Billy. Sweet, young, gorgeous Billy Carpenter. She’d never felt such a powerful attraction to a younger man before she met Billy.

The men all fantasized about Marsha too. It’s hard to have a woman in the room watching you fuck without wondering what it would be like if she joined in, and they all wondered, especially Billy. He’d long had a crush on her. Marsha was sexy in an unpretentious way, with a personality that you couldn’t help but love. The only time he’d seen her lose her composure was at one of the Christmas parties. Billy was shooting a scene on an antique sleigh with Molly and Alice when the cocktails got to Marsha. She’d taken her husband to a dark corner behind the cameras, dropped her dress and panties to the floor and let him fuck her up against a wall. She was positioned so she could watch Billy in action, and he watched her too. It was all a bit surreal that night for Billy, with the party guests watching him perform and Marsha cutting loose like that within sight of everyone. Seeing Marsha that way was wild, but it seemed to be a one time thing — he didn’t know about the day with Kat and Jamar, or what happened on the trip to Vegas.

So Billy walked into the quiet, dark studio that day hoping to find the paycheck Tucker had left for him on the office desk, but by some wonderful twist of fate he found himself naked on the brass bed, between the legs of a naked woman, a real woman with curvy meat on her bones, her arms lashed to the bed frame above her head, her legs secured with a nice spread, just right to nestle between, just right to spread her glistening pussy for Billy’s flicking tongue.

“Oh God Billy!” Marsha sighed. “Oh Yeah! Make me cum!”

She was surprised how fast it was happening, how fast the wave of heat had overtaken her. Billy’s hands slid up onto her lovely tits, as high in the air as she could get them above her arching back. Her wrists and ankles tugged at the restraints as her body tensed, muscles spasming as all the air left her lungs again, this time with a loud whoosh. Billy’s tongue felt like magic. She’d never cum so fast in her life.

Marsha’s body writhed as she gasped for breath — cool air to temper the fire that threatened to melt her. Billy smiled. Damn she was sexy! He rose up on his knees letting her see the perfection of his cock — rock hard, youthful, and way too big for a nineteen-year-old. That’s what she always thought anyway — a pornstar cock on a teenage church boy. Every time she saw it in action it messed up her mind a little, and now, after so much time dreaming about him, it was finally going to happen. She was going to feel it slide inside of her. All that youthful beauty, that youthful energy, was going to fill her up and radiate its fiery heat deep in her core. Billy was anxious too, and started to line himself up for the deep plunge.

“Wait Billy,” Marsha said breathlessly. “I wanna taste you. Please. I wanna taste you.”

Billy smiled again. He wasted no time straddling Marsha’s soft tits. His hand guided his hardness into Marsha’s hungry mouth.

“Oh fuck!” Billy groaned. He’d been sucked and blown by more women than he could count, but the feel and the sight of his cock slipping into Marsha’s mouth, with her tied up the way she was, well it kind of blew Billy’s mind. It took him back to his first time with Molly, the unexpected intensity of it. It wasn’t long before…

“Oh fuck Marsha! You’re gonna…I’m gonna…!”

Billy groaned like a wild beast as the cock Marsha loved gushed in her mouth. Billy held the back of her head, rocking his hips gently as the intense sensation overtook him. It was the best orgasm he could remember.

“Jesus Marsha!” he sighed.

Marsha’s eyes looked up dreamily at Billy, her mouth sliding slowly on the hard meaty shaft, licking, sucking, drinking in all of the slippery warmth. She was in heaven.

Kelsey Escort Anadolu Yakası had cranked the heat up in the old warehouse, but her naked body had gotten the chills, so she’d quietly slipped away to get a robe from the dressing room. She was sitting on a chair in the darkness watching her friends live out their fantasy when Billy gushed in Marsha’s mouth.

“Fuck Billy!” she said, startling Marsha out of her heavenly dream. “I never saw you cum that fast before!”

Billy grinned sheepishly, and Marsha giggled.

“Isn’t he just the cutest?” Kelsey said.

The way Marsha’s mouth cleaned up Billy’s mess kept him from softening much. Kelsey walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I want you to feel what it’s like to get fucked tied up, and then we’ll let your legs loose so we can do you different,” she said, brushing the back of her hand over Marsha’s pussy. “You gonna be hard enough to fuck her Billy?”

Marsha moaned and her eyes flared with excitement when Billy smiled at her. It was a lusty, confident smile. He was already hard enough.

A breathy sigh followed Billy’s cock out of Marsha’s mouth. Her eyes were big, excited but relaxed. She was ready. The corners of her mouth turned up in that delicious smile everyone loved.

“Fuck her Billy,” Kelsey said. “Fuck her nice.”

Billy’s athletic body stretched out in good old missionary position. Marsha spread her thighs even wider. Their eyes locked together as he worked the tip of his big cock into her warm wetness and gently thrust his way in. Marsha’s heart pounded as she felt the cock she’d so often fantasized about slipping silently into her, deeper and deeper. Her face looked…amazed. Yes…beautifully amazed, with a lovely smile on her open mouth, her eyes big and loving.

“You guys look so good together,” Kelsey said quietly. “Fuck this is hot!”

A breathy chuckle floated out of Marsha’s open-mouthed smile. She felt lighter than air, like a free spirit that had captured her muse. It was magic, like they were all floating in a magic bubble.

“God, you got an ass on you Billy!” Kelsey said, caressing the tight, round thing as his long, gentle thrusts plunged deep into Marsha. “Whaddaya think Marsh? Ya like bein’ tied up?”

“I love it!” she sighed. “I fuckin’ love it!”

A moment later her eyes fluttered and her mouth opened wide. A silent orgasm washed through her like a wave. Billy was just getting started and he didn’t let up, his smooth, slow fuck holding Marsha there, suspended above reality.

“Damn Marsha!” Kelsey said, in awe of the orgasmic beauty happening next to her. “Billy, you ever see anybody so beautiful?”

Billy answered with a kiss, his lips melding with Marsha’s as his smooth thrusting continued. A soft moan, long and low, seemed to ooze out of Marsha’s pores as the sweet orgasm rolled on.

“Fuuuck!” Kelsey whispered.

Billy felt the magic. With his elbows locked, he was far enough above Marsha to watch her as his cock thrust into her, smooth and slow. Her lovely deep moan mixed with the blissful look on her face, her fluttering eyes, her softly moving tits. It all swirled in Billy’s mind and swept him away too. His moan joined with hers as more of his warm cream gushed inside of her, filling her pussy with his heat.

“Fuuuck Meee!” Kelsey said softly. “God Billy! You never cum like that.”

Marsha was overwhelmed. Her breathing was shallow and ragged, and her eyes welled with tears. Billy kissed her, softly, and Marsha kissed him back, their mouths playing with each other as sensuously as the slow fuck had been. Billy was still thrusting slowly, his cock softening a little, but not much. Marsha moaned softly into Billy’s mouth, and a tear rolled down the side of her face.

“I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life,” Kelsey said, sounding genuinely moved by the experience. “You guys! That was too much! Holy fuck. I feel like I should leave you guys alone.”

Marsha tried to reach for her, but the handcuff chain snapped tight, stopping her. She was still half lost in a dream, but managed to get some words out…

“You’re not goin’ anywhere,” she said emphatically.

“Ohhh! Our prisoner wanna play?” Kelsey smiled. Whaddya think Billy? Think we can get her screamin’ before we’re done with her?”

“Oh God,” Marsha said, her eyes big, suddenly realizing they weren’t planning on untying her any time soon. The thought thrilled her, and the thrill surprised her.

Billy let his long cock slip out. Marsha’s pussy muscles contracted on it as it went, greedily squeezing out every bit of his cream. Kelsey tossed her robe on the floor and pushed him off playfully, mounting Marsha herself for some sixty-nine action.

“Oh my God, that’s hot!” she said, her face up close to Marsha’s pussy. “Billy’s stuff’s oozin’ outta you Marsh,” she said excitedly, pinching Marsha’s pussy parts to get more out. “God, he always has so much in him. Fuckin’ hot!”

Kelsey’s tongue reached out and tickled Marsha’s clit. The wet tongue dipped between the juicy pussy lips, as deep inside as it could go. It curled like a cat’s tongue, scooping Billy’s warm cream onto it before retreating into Kelsey’s mouth.

“Ohhh fuck that’s good!” she sighed, swirling the slippery goodness in her mouth. “Tastes like both of you at once.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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