Twin Thai Stepdaughters Pt. 01

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“Girls, we’re leaving in ten minutes!” I yelled up the stairs.

“Sure thing, Dad!” Yupin shouted back. Sunee didn’t respond, as usual. I imagined how she had probably rolled her eyes hearing her sister’s chirpy response.

Despite being identical twins, the two girls were polar opposites. Yupin was a dedicated student, achieving good grades through diligence and hard work. Sunee on the other hand was a strictly C student, her attitude towards her teachers’ authority being one of thinly-veiled contempt, occasionally spiced with idealistic rebelliousness. She was a smart girl and more than capable of getting a high GPA if she so chose, but she first needed a compelling reason to make any serious effort.

Yupin dressed like she was still a schoolgirl in Thailand, wearing crisp light shirts, carefully ironed, with conservative skirts, long white stockings and practical shoes. Sunee however seemed to immerse herself in American Goth culture, choosing to wear a nose-ring and the black clothes, pale make-up and dark lipstick of questionable rockstar role-models after her mother’s death. Her long, sleek black hair hung over one of her eyes, hiding her beautiful face from the world.

When side by side, the two looked like a before and after on a make-over show.

Yupin was the first to come downstairs, her tied up pony-tail bouncing as she lightly descended. She was absolutely gorgeous, just like her mother had been. With beautiful Thai eyes and facial features, flawless dark skin, long legs, shiny, healthy black hair, and full, sensual lips, it was hard to look at her without remembering the attraction I felt for her mother. Her petite frame was nicely toned by the hours she spent every week swimming in their pool.

She picked a jacket from the coat rack beside the door and waited with me on the sofa for her perpetually-late sister. We chatted casually about her school work and what she planned to do after graduation. After another ten or fifteen minutes, Sunee came downstairs, her footsteps sounding like a stomping toddler in comparison to her twin. God, I thought, even the way she walks downstairs is angry. As similar to her sister as she appeared, her beauty had a sharp edge to it. She had an abrasive temprement and had become suspicious of any form of affection directed towards.

“Ready to go?”, I asked both.

“Sure thing Dad!” Yupin responded sweetly, grabbing a bouquet of white lilies from the kitchen countertop. She must have bought them from the local florist.

“Yeah… Let’s go, ‘Stepdad’!” Sunee answered ironically as she put her headphones on.

I held in a sigh of frustration and opened the front door.

Sunee hated that Yupin felt close to me. She hated that her sister wanted to make me happy or proud in any way. Most of all, I think she just hated that her Mom was gone, and that life could be so unfair. I couldn’t stay annoyed at her for long, I understood what it was like to be an angry kid. My duty was to give her and her sister a stable home and try to be a father-figure to them both, even if Sunee hated me for it.

The three of us got into my SUV and I drove to the cemetary. Yupin became uncharacteristically quiet on the drive. Sunee stared out the window. I didn’t push for conversation. It was the four-year anniversary of their mother’s death, and we were all still struggling with the loss in our own ways.

I parked the car, retrieving a bouquet I had bought from the passenger seat. I handed them to Sunee. She took them silently, avoiding my eyes. We proceeded to walk slowly through the peaceful cemetary. The sun was shining and birds in the trees nearby were chirping.

Ying would’ve liked this, I thought. I hoped. It had been my decision to have her buried here, much to Ying’s mother’s protests. If I hadn’t known how awfully her mother treated her when alive, I would have gladly agreed to bury my wife in Thailand. It was for the same reason that I decided to take care of the twins despite her family’s offer to raise them in Thailand. I wanted my wife’s grave to be near to me and the girls. Ying gave me the best two years of my life before the car accident that ended her life. A driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and crashed into Ying’s car, head-on. When I received the news, I felt the phone fall from my hand. The next few weeks were a blur of trying to organize the funeral, looking after the girls and trying to hold myself together.

The evening I had given them the awful news was burned into my mind. It was easily the worst day of our lives.

I struggled to come to terms with the loss in the following months. I decided that the least I could do for Ying was care for her daughters for at least four years, until the girls were adults.

They were 2 weeks away from being 18. My promise to her was almost fulfilled.

Sunee walked ahead of us to the grave. Yupin began to protest but I put a finger to my lips. When Sunee was out of earshot, I said softly to Yupin “Today isn’t the day to argue, and Bursa Escort this isn’t the place. Understand?” I raised an eyebrow questioningly.

She seemed to consider my words before nodding in assent. She was a beautiful soul, caring and considerate, but she could be harsh towards her sister. The closeness that they had once shared seemed to have been fractured since their mother’s death.

At times they would joke and laugh as if they were young girls again. Sunee would seem so childish to me then, innocent and sweet as she had been when I first met her. But each time Sunee would eventually remember that those days were gone, and the scowling, furrowed brow and caustic attitude would return.

Sunee reached the grave a little before we did. I motioned for Yupin to wait with me out of earshot, and allow Sunee time alone with her mother. Sunee knelt beside the headstone, placing the bouquet against it before idly pulling a stray weed from the grass in front of it. I watched from a distance as she talked to the headstone for some time. I hoped that she would find some solace.

After some time, Sunee walked silently over to rejoin us. Yupin moved to stand beside her mother’s grave. I saw her talking to the headstone, occasionally laughing, I guessed as she shared a funny story or secret. Sunee put her headphones back on and turned away from me.

“I’m going back to the car.” she said over her shoulder, as she walked away. I watched her leave, her long legs clad in fishnet stockings. I was struck by the difference between this lost but attractive young woman, and the joyous, innocent girl she had once been. I couldn’t help but feel that I had failed her somehow. As unforeseeable as her mother’s death had been, I wondered if I had done everything I could to make her feel safe and cared for.

After a few minutes, Yupin returned to me. With tears in her eyes, she wrapped her arms around me and we hugged for a long time. I pulled away and kissed her on the forehead. She smiled, and swept a strand of hair behind her ear, blushing slightly. I was suddenly reminded of her mother doing the same thing. I shook off the memory and wiped a tear from her cheek.

“Sunee’s gone to the car. I’ll meet you both there.” I gave Yupin the keys and she followed her sister.

I approached my wife’s grave. This was the only place in the world that I felt had a certain kind of energy to it, something ethereal. I still felt close to Ying here.

The cold, gray headstone bore her epitaph.

Ying Dawson, beloved mother and wife.

Christ, words can be so trite, I thought. I comforted myself with the fact that they were certainly true for Ying.

I sat by the grave and spoke to my wife about how proud she would be of the girls, of what they planned to do to celebrate their upcoming birthday, and promising that I would always look after them if they should ever need my help.

I felt a lump form in my throat as I began to talk about how much I missed her. I told her how I would still occasionally reach for her when I woke up. Tears began to roll down my face. I told her how I couldn’t look at another woman without comparing her to my beautiful wife. I told her that I had no fucking clue what I was going to do after the girls moved out and started their own lives. I told her that I missed kissing her and feeling her body pressed against me.

Most of all, I just missed being around her. I tried not to be angry about the hand life had dealt us, how we had been given everything we wanted only to have it cruelly taken away by a universal whim.

Words became hard to utter. My throat was on fire as I tried not to fall to pieces in public. I found it hard to speak about Ying’s death to anyone.

I stood up and told my wife goodbye. I kissed the top of the headstone, my emotions churning as I returned to the car. The walk back was peaceful but my heart was heavy.

The drive home was sombre. I caught Yupin’s gaze in the mirror. She looked away quickly. Sunee’s music could be heard clearly from her headphones. It was one of her mother’s favourite songs, I realized. When we stopped at a red light, I turned around and motioned for Sunee to remove her headphones for a moment.

She sighed a little in annoyance before removing them.

“What?” she said, bluntly.

“Is that Alicia Keys?”

“… Yeah. It was on Mom’s old playlist.”

“Want to put it through the radio? It would be nice to listen to one of her songs.”

She seemed to think about it for a second. Unable to find a reason to refuse, she navigated through her phone to connect to the SUV’s bluetooth. Moments later, ‘Fallin” began to play softly through the car speakers. I raised the volume slightly.

I heard the girls singing along sweetly, their soft voices naturally harmonizing. I tapped the wheel along to the beat of the music. When I looked in the mirror, I saw the girls were holding hands in the backseat, sharing a moment. I smiled to myself, glad that the two Bursa Escort Bayan could share their mother’s memory together.

Maybe everything would turn out ok, after all.


A week later, I prepared a lamb curry for the girls. Yupin set the table, Sunee poured water for each of us. We sat down to dinner and Yupin began to tell me about her ongoing college applications. She had been accepted to some prestigious universities, but still wasn’t sure what path she wanted to follow. I didn’t want to direct her either way, I felt she needed to make this consequential decision alone.

Sunee ate quietly, she seemed to be in an especially dour mood. I hoped I could change that with some welcome news.

After a few minutes, I asked the girls “I know its your birthday next week… but I thought I might give you your presents early, if you want?”

They looked at each other and shrugged.

“Sure!” Yupin said sweetly.

I rose and gathered two envelopes hidden within a newspaper on the countertop. I passed the large white envelope to Yupin and the large black one to Sunee. Yupin’s card showed a girly-girl celebrating with champagne glasses with friends, and a large number 18 on the cover. Sunee’s showed a group of girls moshing at a concert.

The Yin-yang twins, I thought with a smile.

They each opened them, my eyes jumping between their faces to gauge their reactions as they read. Sunee spoke first.

“Is this?… ” she held up a plane ticket from within the envelope and a check I had signed for $2,000.

“Yeah, an open ticket to Bangkok. I know you want to see your grandmother and the family. You’ll be your own woman soon. I don’t know what your plans are, but if you want to stay there, that’s ok. If you want to stay here, I certainly wouldn’t mind that either. I just want you both to be happy.”

I suspected she would have moved to be with her family once she turned 18 anyway, but at least this way she had my blessing and support.

For once, she looked lost for words. I was taken aback, she rarely missed the opportunity to express disdain for me.

The eye not obscured by her fringe met mine. “Thank you, Andrew.” she said, genuinely grateful.

“No problem kiddo. I’m just happy I gave you something you actually want!”

Yupin said “Dad, I don’t want to go back for anything more than a visit. This is my home now, whatever the future may be. Thank you so much for your lovely gift.”

“No probs, Yu. This will always be a home for you both.”

Yupin looked at her sister for a second, deciding whether to continue.

“And… thank you for taking care of us after Mom died. I know you didn’t have to, and to be honest, I didn’t expect you to. But you always made us feel safe and you loved Mom so much. You made her feel special. She picked a good man.”

A tear ran down her cheek, and she wiped it away with the back of her hand. Her voice became thick with emotion.

“I hope you find a lovely woman to take care of you and give you children. You will be a great father… you already are.” Her tears were flowing openly now.

My throat was burning, the unexpected speech making me feel both proud and sad. I didn’t expect anything more than a cursory thank you from both. I’d never felt that kind of appreciation before. I looked at Sunee. She stayed still, besides wiping an occasional tear from her eye too.

“Thank you Yupin…” I managed to say with some difficulty. “I know I’m not your father, but I feel so proud of the women you have become, even if I only had a tiny part in it. Your mother would be so, so proud too. You both are like her, in different ways. But you both have her good heart, her strength and her fire.”

I extended my hands to both. Yupin reached out and held mine. After a few seconds, Sunee took my other hand.

“Whatever happens in life, make sure you both look after each other… Family is the most important thing.”

Yupin rose and circled the table to embrace me, my head against her shoulder as she hugged me. Sunee followed suit, struggling to control her emotions. I stood up and the three of us embraced for a long time. Eventually we had all stopped crying. I kissed them both softly on the forehead, Sunee accepting my affection without comment or discomfort for once.

I left them there and went upstairs to my office. I sat down, emotionally drained.

I powered up my computer, checking my mails and finances. Eventually I began to look through photos of Ying. She was smiling broadly in almost all of them, her beautiful white teeth contrasting favourably with her dark Asian skin.

I lingered on those of her by the pool. Her body never looked sexier than when her dark skin was contrasted against a white bikini.

A pop-up appeared at the bottom of my screen.


My mouse cursor hovered over the message Escort Bursa for a couple of seconds before I clicked. Almost instantly, a picture of Yu standing in a light blue bikini appeared. Her tanned, dark skin and white striking smile making her look like a teenage version of her mother. I felt my cock swell guiltily as my eyes roamed her body. Her breasts were not huge, but beautifull proportioned to her svelte figure. Her abs were nicely defined from swimming laps and eating healthily.

I put the pic side by side with those of Ying. Christ, they looked like twins, I thought. Triplets, more like. It had been some time since I fucked a woman, and I felt myself getting hard.

I clicked into a folder on my desktop and selected 3 video files. I opened the first and a browser window showed Ying on top of me, riding my cock hard. She moaned loudly, and I quickly lowered the volume of the speaker.

I reached down and opened my belt and the buttons of my jeans, before pulling my cock out. It was rock hard.

I began to stroke my cock as I looked at my wife bouncing on my cock. She was talking dirty to me in Thai, which always drove me crazy. She took my hand and stuck my finger in her mouth. She began to suck it as I pounded her pussy. My other hand reached around and grabbed her ass.

“Like that, you fucking slut!?!” I heard my younger self say.

“Mmmmmmm-hmmmmmm!” she moaned.

I stroked my cock faster and faster, knowing every frame before it appeared. Suddenly, a particularly dirty thought occurred to me. I changed the size of the video player to fill half the screen, and clicked into Ying’s posted photos, filling the remainder of the screen with images of her young, wet body.

My hand was moving rapidly up and down my cock now. I could feel my balls, heavy with cum, approaching an overdue orgasm. My eyes flicked between Ying fucking and sucking my big cock, and her innocent, fresh-faced daughter’s sexy body, just begging to be ravaged.

Pretty soon, my gaze was fixed solely on Yupin’s body, forbidden thoughts running riot through my mind. I pictured her getting out of the pool, water dripping off her body, her nipples visible through the thin fabric. I wanted to suck on her tits. I wanted to put my hand between her legs. I wanted to kiss her with passion, my tongue meeting hers with a desire I shouldn’t feel.

I felt my balls tingling. A strong orgasm was building. I slowed down. I had no tissue and didn’t want to cum all over my desk. I decided to cram my erect cock into my boxers again and shuffle to the bathroom to finish the job.

I walked quickly and awkwardly to the bathroom. Once inside, I locked the door and dropped my trousers. I stood over the toilet as I rubbed my dick, picturing my beautiful young stepdaughter again, her mouth this time kissing down my body towards my hard-as-iron cock. I remembered how her mother would stare into my eyes as she blew me, loving how much she could make me squirm and grunt with just her tongue.

I wondered if Yu could suck cock like that.

I took my time, enjoying the sordid fantasy that seemed to have come from nowhere. I finally admitted to myself that I had been trying to resist any attraction I felt to the girls for some time, but now that they were almost women it was impossible to deny the sensual beauty they shared. If I just fantasized about them, where was the harm?

It’s not like I was their biological father…

In my mind, I heard Yu calling me Dad, over and over. Slowly it began to change, and soon she was calling me Daddy.

Oh God help me… The thought of her calling me ‘Daddy’, whispering in my ear as I fucked her, drove me over the edge.

I came hard, my cock spurting thick ropes of cum. I grunted with primal satisfaction.

My knees felt weak as the powerful orgasm moved through me. I felt like such a dirty old man, but my erect prick was as rigid then as it had been when I was a teenager.

I knew I should be ashamed, but I was too fucking hard to care.

After a few moments of leaning against the cool tile wall, I came down from the orgasm. I gradually cleaned up the mess and washed my hands. I unlocked the door and stepped out onto the landing.

I heard a door close, one of the girls’ bedroom doors.

Oh shit…

Did I leave that video playing on the screen?

Oh fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck…

I walked quickly back to my office. The door was slightly ajar.

Had I left it that way?

I stepped inside and closed the door after me. The 2nd video was now playing. That made sense if the first video had played through. Yu’s picture was still showing on the other side of the screen. Maybe no one had been in the room after all…


Explaining a picture of my stepdaughter spliced with a home-made porno staring her mother would have been a mildly embarrassing conversation, at the very least.

I relaxed in my chair, exhaling deeply. Jesus, that was a close one, I thought. I had to be careful in future, no fap fun while the girls are in the house.


Another browser tab was open at the bottom of the page. I was 90% sure it hadn’t been there before. I clicked into it.

The browser window maximized. It was Yupin’s email account.

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