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Female Ejaculation


Bill entered the house through the garage and started upstairs to the main floor, glad to have finished early his Saturday half-day of work. As always, a few hours on the job seemed longer on a weekend. Hell, six hours of school five days a week sometimes seemed to fly faster.

Now he had the day, and the house, to himself. Bill’s parents had gone away for the weekend and his twin sister Meredith would likely be at a friend’s until evening. Bill could get in a few undisturbed hours of music while browsing websites, then shower before going out for the night.

Climbing the steps to the attic, which Dad had finished for bedrooms for the twins, Bill paused at the sound of soft moaning coming from ahead. He had his girlfriend Cindy for more than a year, but his sister never had a boyfriend.

Halfway through their senior year of high school now, no one had taken an interest in Meredith. That bothered Bill, for although the twins might be considered a little nerdy no one could call Meredith ugly. Tall and lithe, falling short of being bony, Meri grew to have the kind of body some models starve
themselves to achieve. With natural country-girl prettiness, Meri needed only enough makeup to enhance her appeal, and she dressed to be in style without seeming pretentious.

The breathless moans continued, some loud. Bill crept up the stairs to see what his twin might be doing and with whom. He would then leave for a few hours, and learn later how Meri enjoyed losing her virginity.

Meredith’s door hung open a little. Unseen, but able to see her bed through the narrow space of the hinged side, Bill stifled a laugh.

Meri lay on the bed, covered to the waist by her blanket with her spread legs bent slightly at the knee. Her small but firm breasts jiggled as her busy hands worked beneath the covers.

When Bill started sneaking downstairs and out of the house for a pizza run, Meredith called, “I know you’re there, big brother!”

Bill remained silent and frozen in place.

“You can’t hide from me. I can feel you!”

“Uh, sorry, babysis,” Bill said, using his pet name for her. She had been born second by three minutes. “I didn’t know you were home and…uhhh…”

“Why don’t you come in?”

“Uh, maybe I should…”

“Maybe you should come in instead,” Meredith pressed.

Bill returned up the steps and pushed into the room. “Uhhh, hi!” he greeted, smiling though his face felt flush.

“When did you become shy? It’s not like we haven’t seen each other before.”

“Yeah, but not…doing that.”

“In case you think you’re too smooth,” Meredith said, raising up on her elbows, “I’ve heard you more than once when Cindy’s too PMS-y to give you even a hand job.”

“That’s something I didn’t need to know,” Bill sighed, his face feeling hotter.

“Somebody’s gotta knock your pride down a few pegs. Who better than me? Besides, everybody does it.”

“You included, it now seems.”

“This isn’t my first time. I’m just quieter than you.”

“Yeah,” Bill said, looking away from his twin’s playful gaze.

“Wanna watch, since you already caught me?” Meredith invited.

“That’s a bit much, even for me.”

Meredith swept aside the covers to reveal herself. To Bill’s surprise, she had shaved herself to perfect smoothness; not a hint of stubble remained. For a greater surprise, his twin had a thick cucumber under the blanket with her. Meri’s glistening cleft and sheened thighs showed she had already worked herself to readiness for the oversize thing.

“Just plop into my chair,” Meredith said, “and enjoy the show.”

“I don’t think…,” Bill started to protest.

“Don’t think, big brother, because it always gets you in trouble. Just do; just sit there and watch. I never would have thought it before, but having you catch me and staying to watch turns me on. How ’bout it, big boy?”

Bill laughed with Meri at her poor imitation of Mae West. He sat in the old easy chair opposite the bed.

Meredith laid back, propping her head higher by folding her pillow double. She kept a steady gaze with her twin while kneading her breasts. Her breathing quickened, to next become deeper after she started pinching and tugging her erect nipples. “My boobs are really sensitive,” Meri purred. “I can almost make myself cum by stretching my nipples while crossing my legs real tight.”

“Maybe get some adjustable nipple clamps,” Bill suggested. “They’ll hold the pressure tight as you can handle while leaving your hands free.”

“Mmm…sounds yummy! I see you still go to all the good pervo websites.”

Bill’s cock got hard when he first saw his twin playing with herself, and he did a good job hiding it. But now, watching her going at herself fully exposed, he could feel the damp spotting of his continuous flow of precum. Bill had to struggle to not rub the front of his jeans when Meredith began stirring her clit with dashing fingertips. Her other hand tormented a nipple with a roughness Bill would never presume with Cindy. Also in that vein, he dared not try or suggest a lot of things that held him curious.

“Hard yet, big brother?” Meri lilted. “I’m dying to cum for you.”

“No need to rush,” Bill decided.

“You want me to hold back?”



They smiled at each other, and Meri withheld her climax. She had to pause several times when her need to release became too desperate to contain. Meredith’s entire pussy shined with her wetness, for her frenzied play had spread her juice all over her vulva and shaved mound.

“Wanna cum now, babysis?” Bill asked after long moments.

“Hell, yeah!” Meri gasped. “Can I?”

“With the cuke. But slip it in slow, then hold it until I say you can fuck yourself with it.”

“You are such a prick!”

“I like being the audience of a command performance.”

Laughing, Meredith took up the long thick cucumber and swirled one end around her flowing opening. The skin of the nine-or-so-inch vegetable had scores of raised knots of varying sizes. Easily two inches wide at its center, the thing might push Meredith over her edge before she realized it.

Meri started the cucumber into herself. Her cum-hungry pussy seemed to gobble the huge veggie as it continued easily into her.

“Oh, please!” Meri pleaded. “I’m gonna cum before it’s all the way in! Please tell me I can!”

“Nope,” Bill decided.

“Please, Bill! I can’t…!”

“Yes, you can. You will.”

“Oooooh…!” Meri squealed, pushing the cucumber past its widest diameter and deeper into herself. “Ohpleeeeez!”

“All the way, babysis,” Bill said. “Then hold it there.”

The agonized girl got the veggie all the way in without cumming. She lay trembling all over as if she had been cast naked into a snowstorm. A tear flowed from the corner of one squeezed-shut eye, and her nipples stood high and tight. Sweat beaded on Meri’s forehead.

Bill’s cock throbbed like never before without being soothed. He shifted in his seat, the sight of his twin a prisoner of her own passion a thrill he often imagined only in fantasies of other girls. The realization of his favorite daydream–with his twin–raised a small and growing dragon of guilt. But Bill reasoned in his lust-enthralled mind he’s only watching her masturbate, not fucking her. Meri had invited him; they shared almost everything, after all.

“You can start fucking yourself,” Bill allowed. “And cum all you want.”

Meredith didn’t move, as if she needed to gather herself. Then, raising up on one elbow, she looked straight into her twin’s eyes. Something in Meri’s seemed definitive, secure. “I want to cum with you holding me,” she said, her voice ragged for her chained need. “You hold the cuke while I fuck it.”

“Whoa, wait a second!”

“I want to know what it feels like to be fucked even if it’s not a real cock inside me. We do everything for each other. escort I need you to do this for me.”

Bill paused a moment, all the while under his twin’s desperate but expectant gaze. Well, it’s still not like he’d be fucking her for real, right?

“C’mon,” Bill decided.

Holding the vegetable inside herself, Meredith all but sprang from the bed. Straddling her twin’s lap, she entwined her fingers behind his neck and pressed her pussy against him, rising a little to let him get hold of the end of the cucumber without touching her.

The twins clung to each other while Meredith slid up and down on the broadness filling her. Thick nectar dribbled over Bill’s hand, and the scent of Meri’s excitement heightened his. If Meri wasn’t his sister, Bill would be fucking her right now six ways to Sunday and heading for a brand new week.

“Hug me tighter,” Meredith whispered in Bill’s ear, her breath hot. She bounced with short hard thrusts in his lap. “I want to feel what it’s like to have a lover.”

Bill drew his twin closer, snuggling his face in her dark wavy hair. Meri smelled wonderful, so feminine. The scent of her flowing pussy mingled with the fragrances of her soap and perfume, making Bill swear he’d go mad if he didn’t do something more than serve as a living fuck doll.

“Ooooooh!” Meredith squealed when her twin nibbled her neck. Shuddering, she slammed herself into the long broad cucumber.

Cuddling tighter with her twin, Meredith again slammed into the cucumber. Her fluid soaked the front of Bill’s pants and drenched his hand, leaving him to wonder if she’d pass out from dehydration before she came. Then, as if jolted by a sudden electric shock, Meredith squeezed with all she had and raised her feet from the floor. Screaming, she climaxed so hard the spasms of her stretched cloister rocked the cucumber Bill somehow managed to keep holding.

“Oh, God!” Meri screamed, shuddering all over. “Ohhhhhh, Bill!”

Bill kissed across Meri’s shoulder while his twin kept cumming all over him with explosive splashes of nectar. His pants became saturated with what sprayed from around the thickness filling Meri’s body, and tears running from her eyes wet his cheek. Meredith went weak in her twin’s embrace, and he had to hold her upright. Rather than fear for her state of collapse, Bill found Meri’s powerful climax made him want more than ever to fuck her.

“You okay?” Bill asked after his twin’s sniffles and whimpers softened.

“Oh, yes,” Meri squeaked. “I never…came like that; I never felt anything like it. Everything whited out.”

Bill wrapped her with both arms.

“I want another one.”

“Think you can handle it?” Bill laughed.

Meredith looked into her twin’s eyes. “Can you?” she asked, her smile playful and then some.
“It’s no work for me.”

“This time it will be. I know you’re hard as a rock and won’t be able to wait till tomorrow for Cindy. And your hand won’t be good enough. So…”

“Oh, no! Not my sister!”

“Forget I’m your sister, then,” Meri countered, getting up. The cucumber slid from her and she tossed it on the bed before starting to tug at her twin’s saturated pants. “Get that thing out, big brother. Show me the world and I’ll give you the universe.”

“No way!” Bill said, fighting his sister only enough to keep it from being easy to get off his pants. He wanted to fuck her so bad, but he couldn’t get through that last mental barrier.

When Meredith freed him and fell to take his throbbing cock into her mouth, that last barrier stopped being a problem. Bill settled back in the chair, unable to do much else for what his twin did with her warm wet mouth. Cindy could give a quality blowjob–when in the mood to give one at all–but Meredith’s untapped skill did things Bill never experienced.

“Oh, yeah,” Bill groaned, his cum already welling in the base of his cock. “A little tighter…More tongue on the underside…That’s it! Just…”

Meri dropped back on her haunches, looking at her twin with a sly gaze. “My turn to bust balls,” she said, rising to lie back on the bed with her legs wide. “Blue balls, in your case.”

Bill fought an urge to whine. Clear precum, with a hint of whiter and thicker semen, welled from his pulsing cock.

“Come and get it, big brother, if you want to cum at all.”

“I…,” Bill started, his barriers gone except for a few stubborn bricks.

“Oh, all right,” Meredith said, waving the cucumber. “I’ll compromise. You fuck my ass and I’ll use this in my pussy. I always wondered what it’s like to be double-teamed, anyway.”

“In the ass? We have no lube.”

“It’s obvious I have enough lube for us both, you twit! Now quit stalling. Get one of those rubbers out of your wallet and fuck my ass or this green mile is going up yours.”

Laughing, Bill stripped and got sheathed. He stood before Meredith while she slid the cucumber into herself to then spread her collected nectar over the condom. She rolled onto her tummy on the bed with her knees on the floor. Bill knelt behind her, his cock so ready to shoot he feared going off before he got all the way in.

“Oh, wow!” Meri gasped when Bill started the head of his cock into the tightness of her virgin ass.

“Are you okay?” Bill worried, never having done this though he always wanted to try it. Cindy would kill him if he ever asked.

“Oh, yeah! Just get in there, big brother. I could cum any second. Hurry!”

The head of Bill’s cock met some resistance. He backed off, then tried again. The barrier seemed unyielding at first, then it suddenly gave way.

“Oh, yeah!” Meri yelled as her twin’s cock drove all the way into her ass in one plunge. She almost slammed the thick cucumber into her pussy then, working herself frantically. “Oh, harder!”

Bill fucked her ass with long thrusts, his need to cum tempered little by the sheath over his engorged cock. His balls hurt for demand of release, but Bill managed restraint for fear of letting loose before Meri climaxed. His pride wouldn’t let him seem like he shot off prematurely.

“Ohhhhh, I’m gonna cum! Oh, big br…! I’m gonna…YEEEEAAAAHH…!”

Bill fucked his twin so hard while she climaxed with a long scream that the slaps of his hips against her ass sounded like cracks of a whip. Meredith came and came, her hands so frenzied with the cucumber that her sopping pussy squished with every pounding thrust.

The delicious feel of his twin’s cumming body around Bill’s cock suddenly felt more slick and, with two more thrusts, he was groaning as his cum shot so hard from him that his toes curled tight. His knees went weak, but he’d become paralyzed with his every thought and fiber of being fallen hostage to the intense pleasure. Meri’s own cum continued, and the contractions of her deep muscles milked more and more of her twin’s spurting essence. It seemed they started the climax of the century and it would keep going of its own into the next.

Meredith at last went limp on the bed. The cucumber slipped from her to hit the carpet with a soft thunk. Bill lowered on top of her, shuddering with occasional leftover spasms of climax. Their breaths heaved, and Bill wrapped Meri’s shivering soft body with his arms. Tender kisses over her neck and shoulders refreshed Meri’s lasting quivers of high excitement.

“We should have done this years ago,” she breathed.

Bill didn’t quite know what to say to that.

“Does Cindy make you cum like you just did?”

“Not ever,” Bill answered.

“Not even the night you took each other’s cherries?” Meri pressed, turning to look into her twin’s eyes
“Not even then.”

“Then she never will.”

“Are you jeal…?”

“Yes,” Meredith snapped, turning away. “Not just because you were getting laid and I wasn’t. I didn’t want her having you in the first place, especially when I couldn’t. Now that we’ve been together, escort bayan I don’t ever want her near you again.”

Bill snuggled his twin in safe arms.

“I think your condom broke,” Meredith blurted.

“Huh?” Bill gasped.

“I felt your cum shoot far up inside. It was nice and warm.”

Bill struggled upright on his knees and slid from his twin. His cock remained hard, unlike how he’d go down fast with Cindy. He saw the condom had split its entire length, and he sighed with relief that he hadn’t been fucking Meri’s pussy instead of her ass. “Shit,” Bill breathed.

“None I can see,” Meri quipped. “But we should shower before the next round. I don’t want that thing in me even if any shit on it is mine and you’re wearing a new rubber.”

“Next round?”

“You’re still hard and I’m nowhere near finished. The line’s crossed, and there are only a few things left undone. I want ’em all.”

Bill licked his lips, hungry to taste his twin’s pussy and have his cock in her where it best belongs. Rising to follow Meri downstairs, he asked, “What are you going to do with that cuke?”

“Wash it and put it back in the fridge,” Meredith answered with a sly grin.

“Why not throw it out after what you used it for?”

“Think of the laughs we’ll have next time Mom makes a salad. Besides, she hates when we waste food.”

“God!” Bill choked for his laughter.

The twins disposed of the evidence of their illicit romp before showering. Meredith took lasting pleasure working Bill’s cock with a thick soapy lather until he almost came. She rinsed him and did it again, promising she wasn’t cockteasing but rather only wanted him clean.

Using their mom’s expensive imported soap, Bill made the washing of his sister such an adventure for her that his first touch to Meri’s pussy made her almost fall to her knees. Meri held on to him for support while he brought her almost to climax, and she just purred with delight when Bill returned to her breasts to come full circle in his travels. When the hot water ran out, they made their drying of each other another part of the lasting foreplay.

The twins gazed into each other’s eyes after they hung the wet towels. Bill stepped closer, raising a hand to Meri’s cheek. He brought her to him, closing his eyes as he neared until their lips met. Meredith’s tongue slipped into her twin’s mouth, seeking its kindred. They sucked in their breaths and held each other tighter, the feel of Meri’s breasts against Bill’s chest almost intoxicating. Cindy had greater size and fullness than Meri, but Meri felt more warm, more alive.

“I was wondering if you’d kiss me,” Meri said when the twins parted their passion.

“I guess I needed to get back to my senses,” Bill said, his gaze searching and his mind creeping toward enchantment. “You got me pretty fired up the first time and I couldn’t think.”

“I didn’t want you to think. It gets you in trouble.”

“Like now, you mean?”

“You’re especially not supposed to think right now,” Meri whispered, pulling her twin’s lips to hers. “I want you to only feel.”

They kissed again, like Bill never did in his life.

“Do you trust me?” Bill asked.

“Yes, I trust you,” Meri answered.

“We’ve done things your way. Wanna try something of mine this time?”

“You’re not going to perv out on me, are you?”

“We’re twins, and I fucked your ass while you banged yourself with a cucumber. We can’t get much stranger than that.”

Meri laughed and said, “You’re right. Mom and dad would kill us for fucking in the first place. But they’d revive us so they could kill us again if they find out you gave it to me Greek.”

“So…?” Bill pressed.

“Okay, I’m game,” Meredith agreed. “Just so long as you go down on me and take my cherry this time.”

“Oh, I will. Go to my room and set the chair in the middle of the floor, with pillows behind your back so your ass is right at the edge of the seat. I’ll be up in a few minutes.”

“I’m already at the edge of my seat,” Meri said. She kissed her twin’s mouth a light peck and dashed upstairs.

Bill went first to the garage, then to Meri’s room to gather everything he needed. He entered his room to find her as he wanted.

“This is gonna be interesting,” Meredith laughed when she saw all her twin brought. “Those dark little websites the ‘rents don’t know you’re visiting are going to finally pay off for you.”

“Just as I’m hoping,” Bill said, dropping everything to the floor except one length of the many of rope he carried.

“For the record, you don’t have to tie me to make me your hostage. I have been, a long time.”
“We can call this ‘insurance’.”

“Long as the premium’s paid with your cock and tongue, we’re both covered.”

Bill had Meri drop her arms along the sides of the chair. He tied each of her wrists to an opposite rear leg, then wound neat coils above her breasts and below them, to secure her upper body to the back of the chair.

“Make them tighter,” Meri breathed after wiggling a little in her seat.

“This is just play,” Bill said. “I don’t want to hurt you or leave marks.”

“You wouldn’t hurt me and I can cover the marks with the right clothes.”

After the bonds had been redone, Meri couldn’t budge more than an inch sideways. Bill next spread his twin’s knees over the chair arms and tied them there, then her ankles to the front legs. He had her splayed and helpless.

“You have no idea how turned on I am!” Meri tittered. The flow from her spread pussy ran in a thick clear rivulet to her anus.

“You’re not alone,” Bill said, glancing down at his erect cock.

“You did a neat job of tying me, very precise. Make sure you do my pussy just as well.”

“I promise you’ll beg for mercy.”

They lingered another kiss while Bill swept a light hand over his twin’s breasts. He pinched her nipples and stretched them, then let them bounce back. Meri squealed and searched his mouth with a demanding tongue.

Kneeling to rest against her pussy, Bill suckled one of Meri’s hardened nipples while his sweeping hands searched more of her body. When he’d find a sensitive spot, like inside Meri’s elbows, he let his touch linger. The wetness from her hot pussy streaked his chest, and he had to struggle to take his time. He wanted so much to at last taste her.

Meri squealed and pleaded for her twin to suck her clit the whole time he teased nibbles and kisses over her tummy, shaved mound, and inner thighs. Meri moaned with the frustration of being immobilized and defenseless against him.

“What are you waiting for?” the excited girl panted while her twin sat on the floor near her spread pussy, doing nothing. “Eat me, you prick, before I explode!”

“Ummm…,” Bill delayed.

“Get your tongue on my cunt before it grows teeth and bites off your nose!”

Bill slid closer, his breath caressing Meri’s wanting pussy for the most delicate of torments. He sucked one of the engorged lips of his sister’s pussy into his mouth and pressed it between his teeth.

“Harder!” Meri begged.

Bill drew her flesh deeper into his mouth and bit with care. A small pool of Meri’s nectar began to form on the chair under her. She moaned all the while, breathing like she’d run a race when he kissed across her mound and did the same magic with his mouth on the other fold of her sopping pussy.

“Please let me cum!” Meri pleaded, her voice hitched as she started to cry with frustration.

“Eventually,” Bill promised, rising to his knees with two wooden clothespins he brought. He showed them to his twin and explained, “I chose weak ones, so these won’t hurt. But they’ll pressure like I suggested real nipple clamps would.”

Meri writhed when her twin clamped her nipples between the wooden jaws. The sight of Meri’s breasts quivering with the nipples captured made Bill more anxious to escort bayan gaziantep fuck her, but he didn’t want to end the play so soon. He still had more planned for her.

“Do they hurt?” Bill asked.

“No,” Meri laughed, her tears still flowing. “I’m rougher with my nips but these things are making me so fucking horny it’s like I haven’t cum in days. Eat me, dammit! Please!”

“I gotta go pee…”

“Don’t you dare leave me hanging, you prick!”

Bill didn’t have to pee, but he made a show of trying to ‘decide’ what to do. Then, in a sudden move, he took Meri’s clit into his mouth and drew it tight.

Meri came, screaming so loud Bill thought the bedroom window and his dresser mirrors would shatter. The nectar from her pussy splashed on his chin and the front of his neck with her manic spasms, and the scent of her excitement rose high. Meri’s pussy radiated heat, and the muscles of her spread thighs quivered beneath the skin. Her beasts jiggled as she shook all over, her scream cut short as her intensifying orgasm stole the strength for it. Meri next stopped breathing altogether, her immobilized body rebounding the fullness of her cum with no other way to handle that much coiled energy.

Meri’s head fell forward when she at last spent. She began breathing again, her lungs gulping in air like she’d been saved from drowning. She began to sniffle and, when her twin raised her chin, he saw her crying in earnest.

“Are you okay?” Bill worried, hugging his sister close. Slight fear stole some of his erection.

Meri’s dazed eyes met her big brother’s gaze, and she crushed a painful kiss to his mouth. “Fuck me!” she hitched. “What you just did…How you made me cum…Fuck me!”

Bill’s full hardness returned in an instant. He unrolled the condom over his cock while kissing his twin hard and tight. He guided the head of his wanting manhood to her gaping opening and plunged into her.

Meri squealed into Bill’s mouth as she came again with a splash all over his crotch. The warm silky fluid flowed over Bill’s balls as he thrust his cock inside his twin. Meri climaxed again, this time so hard she could only gasp with bulging eyes. She laid back her head on the top of the chair, her eyelids half closed. She responded, but dreamily, when her twin removed the clothespins from her nipples. The high tight buds remained erect.

“Put them back,” Meri pleaded. “They were just starting to hurt a little, and that was getting me hotter.”

“Later,” Bill promised, stroking her damp hair. “They can’t stay on long without doing harm.”

“Mmmm…you’re good at this.”

“I always indulge my sexual interests. And I gotta please my baby sis, right?”

“Then quit talking, kiss me, and keep fucking me,” Meri demanded.

Bill took her head in his hands and forced a lasting kiss. He pounded his cock in her, her wet pussy squishing like it did earlier when Meri used the cucumber. She came again, and yet again a minute later. Her nectar had made Bill’s way so slick that he almost couldn’t feel her around his cock. But his cum had started to rise, and he wanted more of his sister; he wanted all of her and wished he could give her all of him by spilling unsheathed into her depths.

“Ohhh, yeah!” Bill growled, holding back for the release of a lifetime. His thrusts became more spastic and determined.

“Cum for me!” Meri whimpered. “Cum together with me!”

Throwing back her head, Meri came with another scream that became more shrill when her twin held deep and fell on top of her as he came at the same time. Meri’s contractions intensified her twin’s pulsing climax, and Bill’s cock burned with delicious fire. His balls pulled up into his body with each pump of deep muscles, and his thighs felt near collapse. Spending first, Bill bucked occasional thrusts in his sister’s exciting and overexcited body while she continued to climax beneath him. Aftershocks of pleasure made him shudder.

With weak smiles, the twins looked into each other’s eyes when they both wound down.

“I love you!” Meredith whispered. “I love you!”

Bill touched her cheek with a shaking but sure hand. “I love you,” he said.

“More than before, more than our bond as twins?”

“Yes, so much more.”

Meri smiled and held back tears.

Bill cuddled her, groping to find the knot to free one of her wrists.

“No,” Meri said. “Keep me your prisoner. I need more of you.”

“I can’t,” Bill said, slipping out his softened cock. “You used me up.”

“You’re going limp on me? After how you just fucked me you’re turning to linguine?”

“We did it twice. I’m sore! I need to recover here.”

“You’re eighteen, not eighty!” Meri teased. “Where’s that teenage-male lust I always hear about but never see? Et tu, big brother?”

“You wore me out, babysis,” Bill defended, trying to maintain his pride.

“Do you cum twice with Cindy?”

“Usually just once.”

“How about never again? You don’t belong to her, you never did and never will. After today, you belong…Well, you know what I mean.”

“Yes. I’ll deal with that later. For now, since you’re still feeling frisky…”

The attic rooms had angled upper walls for the peaked pitch of the roof. The twins’ dad had built vertical walls four feet high with small doors, so the otherwise unusable space behind could store seasonal items. Bill crawled into one of those coves, seeking something he’d put there years ago.
An uncle had once taken the twins to a Native American festival and bought them souvenirs. Bill had chosen a headdress with a band of genuine leather and four stiff feathers of different colors. Finding his old memento, he plucked the red plume from the band and returned to the bedroom.

“Get that away from me!” Meri laughed when she saw the feather. “You tickle me and I swear I’ll pee all over your rug!”

“Tickle?” Bill asked with a false tone of innocence. He sat on the floor between his twin’s bound-open thighs and swept the tip of the feather along Meri’s glistening slit.


“You like that?”

Meri answered with a wide-eyed look that asked ‘are you fucking kidding?’

Bill circled the tip around the gaping entrance of Meri’s pussy, then teased it over her clit.

“Oh, God!” she gasped, her voice ragged.

Stopping, Bill folded over the bandanna he’d brought from Meri’s room and stepped behind her. She’d sometimes wear it around her neck, and Bill always thought she looked sexy. Before today, he refused to admit even to himself that deep inside he had always wanted to fuck his sister. Now that he had her, he’d make it linger. Then tomorrow, before their parents returned, Bill would deepen the twins’ revealed passion for each other and make love to Meri like a cherished woman deserved.

After gagging his beloved twin with the bandanna, Bill kissed Meri’s head and clamped her nipples before resuming his place.

Bill found that Meri came hardest and fastest when he would use the feather along the sides of her clit for a few sweeps, then slip the tip under the hood. The puddle of her nectar grew under her as Meri came again and again, each cum separated by mere moments. When she’d crash exhausted, Bill would force another climax, for Meri’s body couldn’t help but respond.

Well, she wanted to remain his hostage, after all.

With his cock tingling, Bill knew it would be a matter of time before he returned to full hardness. Hungry to again claim Meri’s body, Bill had no intention of letting her cool down. He adored his twin and wanted her pleasure. He wanted more of his own, too, and only with Meri.

Bill removed the clothespins from Meri’s nipples when her head slumped after she had endured seven climaxes with the feather and four more with her twin’s patient tongue. She whimpered and gazed at him, her eyes bedazzled and her smile full of love. Her pussy flowed.

Pinching the hood of Meri’s clit between two fingers and lifting it, Bill dusted the tip of the feather over the erect deep-pink gem.

Squealing and tensing, Meri instantly climaxed.

And Bill’s cock at last started getting hard.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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