Two Dates

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Second Date, Second Guy

As she walked to his car, Mindy already knew what Sonny wanted. He was looking for sex. Not just a blowjob, she knew that he’d gotten one earlier in the evening. This time he wanted sex. Real, climb on top, stick it in and go for the ride of his life, sex.

And she was going to give it to him.

Earlier in the evening Mindy and her back on again boyfriend, Donny had double dated with Sonny and his steady Joanne. Joanne was a close friend, one of her group. After a few months apart, she and Donny got back together when she turned eighteen a few weeks before. She was the youngest of the four of them, by about three weeks.

Sonny and Donny were good friends, so double dating was something they had done often when she and Donny were together. She, Donny and Joanne had all graduated high school two weeks ago. Sonny was a year older.

They’d gone to the movies and then afterwards got something to eat before going parking at the old park on the edge of town, very typical of their double dates. The two couples started making out as soon as they parked. Mindy and Donny didn’t take much time to get shirts off, then Donny had her skirt pulled up and was fingering her as he licked and sucked her tits.

Mindy could see Sonny watching them over the seat, enjoying the view. Mindy spread her legs a little more so Sonny could see Donny fingering her. Mindy knew she was really wet, and getting wetter. She wished Sonny could see that, but she knew there likely wasn’t enough light for him to see how slick Donny’s fingers were.

Mindy knew that Joanne was giving Sonny a blowjob. She knew that was as far as Joanne ever went. Poor Sonny she thought, he’d probably like to get laid after all this time.

It turned her on to have Sonny watching. That’s when Mindy decided she would give Sonny a show. By then her panties were somewhere on the floor at her feet. At least she hoped so.

Mindy turned around, whispering to Donny to lie back on the seat Donny quickly did as she asked. Mindy shifted around so that she could suck Donny’s cock, and so that Sonny had a great view of her naked ass. Her skirt was still around her waist, and she made sure that it didn’t slide down and cover her. She even wiggled her hips to make sure Sonny knew she wanted him to enjoy the view while Joanne sucked him.

Mindy jumped when she felt Sonny touch her. Not wanting Donny to know, she deep throated him, guessing that the extra attention on his cock would help. Sonny slipped a finger into her, moving it back and forth, then he pushed in two fingers. Mindy thought she might cum right then with a cock in her mouth and fingers up inside her.

She didn’t think that Donny realized what was happening with Sonny, because he suddenly wanted her to move so he could get on top. Mindy managed to get him turned so that they switched places on the back seat. That way Artvin Escort she could see Sonny as Donny climbed on top of her and fucked her. There wasn’t much light, so she really couldn’t see Sonny’s face. Still, she could tell that he was watching Donny fuck her while Joanne continued to suck him.

Mindy wrapped her legs behind Donny’s thighs as he rode her. She moaned loudly, that she was going to cum. She wasn’t faking it, she really was cuming, over and over it, she was so turned on by Sonny watching them do it. In another minute, Donny groaned, bucked rapidly several times and shot his hot load inside her. Mindy loved it, having Donny fill her, while Sonny watched. A few seconds later, Sonny moaned, clearly shooting his load into Joanne’s mouth.

Sonny drove them all home, dropping her and Donny off at his car. Donny took Mindy to her parents’ house, then left. Mindy went inside. She didn’t think about it, and was thinking about getting ready for bed when her phone rang. It was Sonny. That surprised her.

“Hey, I was wondering if you were still awake.”

“Yeah, I’m awake.”

“Want to go out? I mean I know that we were just out, but I’m not ready to call it a night quite yet.”

Mindy thought for a second or so. She guessed that Sonny had something other than a late night conversation on his mind. He had just watched her fuck his friend and she guessed that he was looking for some of the same. She thought about that, and quickly made up her mind.

“Sure, I’m not tired. Oh wait, is Donny with you?”

“No, I just dropped him off. I was hoping that you and I could go out for a while.”

“I’ll be outside on the corner of my street waiting for you.”

“See you there.”

Mindy checked her makeup and made sure she was presentable. She changed her clothes, something less date like and easier to get off. She didn’t want to waste too much time. She realized that it made her feel good to have guys wanting her, and if that involved having sex, well that was two good things for her.

She opened the car door and climbed in.

“So where are we going?”

“I thought we’d drive back to the park. I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Oh, what do you want to talk about?”

“Just something I’ve been thinking about. You know with Joanne. She’s your friend you know.”

“Oh really, and you can’t talk to her?”

“Well, it hasn’t worked for me to talk to her.”

“Is this what you’re talking about?”

Mindy had unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open, showing her tits.

The car swerved as Sonny lost his focus on the road.


“My guess is that you want to fuck, not just get a blow job, so let’s go do it!”

By time, they got to the park and pulled into the same spot, Mindy was naked from the waist up. She hadn’t bothered with a bra, and Sonny kept glancing at her tits as he drove. Mindy Artvin Escort Bayan thought about reaching over to feel if he was hard yet, but she didn’t want him to drive off the road. They pulled into the same spot they had been in 30 minutes before. Sonny turned the car off. By then, Mindy was already in the back seat.

When Sonny opened the back door, Mindy had already slipped out of her jeans. Sonny stood in the doorway, stripping off his shirt and starting to take his pants off. Then he realized that he needed to get his shoes off. She almost laughed out loud watching him standing on one foot trying to pull off his shoes, with his pants partway down his thigh. Even before he had his shoes off, Mindy was sitting naked on the seat, waiting for him to get into the car.

Sonny scrambled onto the seat next to her. Mindy wasn’t too sure how much foreplay there’d be. She knew she was plenty wet from earlier, and she was excited to do it with Sonny. Judging by his cock sticking straight up, she knew he was ready too.

Still, didn’t guys always expect that she should suck first? And sucking a guy always turned her on too. She wasn’t certain, she’d only been with two other guys, but some of her friends said that sucking really got a guy going.

Mindy need not have worried if she needed to suck Sonny or not. As soon as he slid onto the seat next to her, he kissed her and started petting one of her breasts, teasing her nipple.

Sonny shifted so that he could get his mouth on the nearest breast, gently sucking her nipple into his mouth. Simultaneously he moved his hand between her legs, feeling for her slit. Mindy moved her legs apart. She felt Sonny’s finger touch her clit, then slid into her wet pussy. He moved his finger in and out as he sucked her nipple. Her excitement escalated. Sonny was fingering her pussy, still filled with Donny’s cum. Sonny started using two fingers, sliding them into her, drawing his fingers out, rubbing her clit, then back inside her. As he did, his fingers brushed her clit, sending her even higher.

In another minute, Sonny was pulling her hips up on to the seat. Mindy quickly shifted, knowing that this was what they had come there for. Seconds later, she was lying on the seat, one leg bent against the back of the seat, the other leg stretched out onto the car floor. Sonny was partially on top of her, opening her with one hand while he guided his cock into her opening with the other hand. Mindy felt his cock touch her pussy lips. He held it at her opening for a second, then pushed his cock deep inside her. She gasped at the suddenness of his penetration. Sonny started to pump up and down, filling her one second, pulling back the next. He rode her fast and deep. Mindy quickly merged with the rhythm, her excitement rising. If he lasted a minute or so longer, she thought that she would climax.

Sonny lasted long enough Escort Artvin for Mindy to orgasm. As she writhed underneath him, he suddenly exclaimed that he was going to cum. Too consumed with her own orgasm, Mindy wiggled in time to Sonny’s thrusts. Sonny squirted his semen deep inside her, adding his to Donny’s from earlier that evening.

They lay together spent, wetness draining out of Mindy as Sonny’s cock got softer. Mindy realized that she’d done it with two guys that night. The first time she had ever done that.

“Do you have any tissues?”

Sonny rolled off of her, sitting at the end near the car door. Mindy thought that he was looking for his clothes.

“Gee, I don’t think so. I can look up front if you want.”

“Yeah, that would be good. Things are pretty messy.”

Sonny chuckled a little.

“I bet they are. I think I came a lot.”

Mindy was suddenly exasperated with the delay. He’d gotten laid, so he didn’t seem real motivated to help her out. She swung her legs around, putting both on the floor, sitting closer to the opposite door. She’d just let it drain out of her. It was Sonny’s car, and he could worry about the stain whenever. She reached for her panties on the floor, slipping those on. She thought that when she lifted her bottom off the seat to pull the panties up, it felt like a big glob of something dripped onto the car’s upholstery. Again, she thought, not my problem.

Mindy finished getting dressed, making some effort not to be obviously disheveled. By time she climbed back into the front seat, Sonny was dressed and behind the wheel. He looked at her and smiled, then started the car.

They drove most of the way back to her parent’s house without saying anything. Sonny was humming along with the radio music, not really singing, just humming. Mindy decided that he must be in a really good mood. He should be she thought. He just got fucked really good!

As they turned onto her street, Sonny finally turned and looked at her.

“Hey, that was really, really special. I had a great time, a really super time! It meant a lot to me to be with you.”

“Yeah, I had a good time too.”

“Did you? I didn’t think to ask until just now.”

Mindy looked at him. Even in the dark of the car, she thought that he looked appreciative. Oh well, it was okay.

“Yeah, I really did have a good time.”

“Do you think …”

Mindy interrupted.

“We’ll see. You’re still going with Joanne, and I’m dating Donny although we’re not exclusive.”

They pulled up in front of her house. Sonny leaned over and kissed her.

“It was really great! Thanks again.”

“Sure,” Mindy said.

“Maybe we can get together again soon?”

“We’ll see. Maybe. I’m just not sure about doing it since Joanne is my friend.”

Sonny put his hand over her breast and kissed her again. For a second, Mindy thought he wanted to do it again, right there in front of her parents’ house.

“I’d better go inside.”

“Okay. Just think about it, because you’re really special.”

Mindy kissed him again and opened the car door.

“See you at later.”

“Yup! Later, I won’t forget. I’ll call you.”

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