Two Firsts Pt. 02: Annie and Carly

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The great stretch of weather continued, so my wife, Deb and I continued to sit on our porch and observe people walking by, and occasionally read a page, or two in our current books.

I think I might not have told you readers much about us, except we are one of the older couples written about on this site. At 73, I try to keep myself in fairly good condition, walking a couple of miles each day. My knees don’t allow for running, but I make due. Over the years, I think my height has lessened, from a best, in the military of 5’9″, to about 5’7″ and a bit. I fluctuate between 190 and 195, always trying to make sure it never hits that dreaded 200 mark.

Deb, a year younger than me, is still about 5’5″ and a gentleman never tells a lady’s weight, although she is a few pounds heavier than the 125 she weighed in 1970, when we were married. She will admit she is no longer the 36 C she was then, but with child birth and those few extra pounds plus drawing the short straw in the loose tissue department she now wears a 40DD, and wears it well!

We still talk with the book club ladies, and noticed a smiling Annie is back. She stopped, the other day and introduced us to her wife, Carly.

Surprisingly, Carly wanted to thank Deb for helping out with her (Carly’s) mid life meltdown, a few days ago. Seems as if she had Betturkey a lot of difficulties turning the big 40! Deb and I both had to hold our laughter, telling her our ages.

We sat and talked for quite a while, with me just listening. Carly looked right at me and asked if I was OK with Deb and Annie fucking. I told her I was, and that in fact it was Deb’s first lesbian event of any kind.

We both just about fell off our chairs when Carly sat on Deb’s lap and gave her a very long and sexy kiss. I think her tongue was checking on my wifes tonsils, and gave me quite a thrill. Yes, I admit, I am very turned on watching two beautiful women kissing. To make even more arousing, Annie leaned in and starting rubbing Deb’s boobs through her blouse and bra.

I whispered to all three that we should take this inside, and we did. We already knew that Annie never wore a bra, so her getting undressed was fairly easy. Her B cups still we quite firm, even at 39 years of age. Carly, on the other hand, took off her bra, allowing her C cups free, with a bit of a sag. Both girls had a bare minimum of pubic hair, what the kids call landing strips.

Deb has never shaved, but nature has seen fit to minimize her bush, that is quite sparse. Watching the three of them on the bed, Betturkey Giriş kissing, eating each other and both the young girls absolutely fascinated with my wife’s tits.

With Carly on one sizable nipple and Annie on the other I just sat back and watched.

They started whispering, and looking over to where I was sitting, Carly asked if I minded if they “took it up a notch, or two”. My reply was if Deb agrees, who am I to stop this?

Carly jumped off the bed and asked me to turn around. After a few minutes of searching her bag, she said I could look, again.

I was already stiff as a board, when I spotted both of them wearing strap-ons. Carly’s was a good 7 or 8 inches, and a good 4 or 5 inches around, longer than me and just about the same girth. Annie, on the other hand, had a fairly thin 5 or 6 inch dildo. It didnt take a rocket scientist to figure out what the agenda was. My wife of nearly 50 years was going to have yet another first.

All of a sudden, a tube of K-Y jelly appeared that Carly liberally coated her large “cock” with. Laying on her back, my wife, just for good measure gave her a huge kiss burrowing her tongue into Carly’s mouth, and another on the dildo. As she lowered herself down, impaling her very wet pussy on the largest object ever to enter her sex, I could hear her moaning increase. My wife has never been a screamer, but she is a world class moaner.

After a few up and down movements, Annie took the lube and slid one finger into my wife’s back side. More moaning. A second finger. Even more moaning!

When Annie slid the well oiled dildo into her ass, all we all heard was ‘Jesus Fucking Christ’. Did I forget to tell you my wife has quite an expressive vocabulary, when aroused. A very first DP for her to have and for me to observe.

The girls got a pretty good rhythm going, causing Deb to have more than a few orgasms.

I just couldn’t sit there any longer, so I walked up, cock in hand, and Carly turned her head to me, allowing me to put my throbbing cock in her mouth. As she bobbed her head back and forth, I was close to blowing my load. She could tell, and moved her mouth away. I knew she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth, as my wife is exactly the same. Luckily, the tissue box was right there, and a huge mess was averted.

I held onto my wife, as her entire body was shaking, with tears in her eyes. I whispered to her, asking if she was all right. Her answer was a huge grin, and a Damn Fucking Right.

The three of them collapsed on their backs, dildos pointed to the ceiling. What a sight to behold. After cleaning up, we all regrouped in our living room. We must have talked for another two hours, or so, with both girls licking and sucking Deb’s boobs.

Will this ever happen again? Who knows. Even if this was a one time event, it was very memorable, indeed.

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