Two Girls, a Boy , a Hotel Room

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For Women

Bill, Barbara and I had all agreed to meet at the motel for an afternoon. Each of us was to pick up a key and let ourselves into the room. I was the first one there, or at least I thought I was until I spotted Bill come into the lobby just as I was turning around to go to the room. We recognized each other… instantly. We hugged and he hurriedly got his key. We went to the room and he opened the door for me. We rushed into the room and closed the door.

He turned to me and pulled me into his arms. His kiss was hot, hungry as he pressed himself against me. I felt him hard against my stomach as his tongue plunged deep into my mouth. I sucked his tongue as he backed me toward the king sized bed. I started unbuttoning my dress and shrugged out of it by the time my legs touched the bed. I wore a champagne colored bra with lace so thin my dark nipples showed through it and nothing underneath. I was wet just from thinking about this afternoon.

He backed up and looked at me. His eyes smoldered with lust as he began to unbutton and unzip his pants. He slid them down as I helped him out of his shirt. Soon he was naked. His cock was hard and ready as I lay back on the bed and pulled him with me. He rubbed his legs against mine and moaned at the feeling of his long legs rubbing against mine. He kissed his way down until he opened my legs. He licked me with the tip of his tongue.

“OOOOOhhhhh,” I moaned and wrapped my legs around his neck. He fucked me hard with his fingers as he licked and sucked my clit. My insides felt like liquid fire as pleasure rocked me. I clutched his mouth to my hot pussy as I came. My sweet juices wet his mouth and his face. That was my first orgasm of the day.

When I was finally able to let him go, he moved up and kissed antep escort me. I tasted my sweet honey in his mouth. He wrapped his legs around mine and pushed his hard on against my hip. The liquid on his cock left a sticky wet spot on my leg. I smiled at him and wiggled my hip against him.

I heard the key in the door as Barbara let herself into the room. She smiled when we saw us lying there tangled in each others arms and legs. She didn’t waste any time at all. She crossed the room to the bed. She stood there in front of us and began to take her clothes off. She wore only a garter belt, black hose and a black lacy bra when she was finished. I shivered at the thoughts of tasting her sweet wet pussy and touching her sexy red curls. She got on the bed beside me. She slid my bra strap down as she took my face in one hand and kissed my mouth. Then her kiss moved down to the hard nipple that she had exposed. I thought that I might die when she sucked it into her mouth. She slid one hand down his body as she caressed him and stroked him. He leaned down and took my other nipple into his mouth. I felt like my whole body was going to explode with a mouth at each tit. Barbara straddled my thigh and ground her wet pussy onto my leg, wetting it and driving me crazy.

“Alex, Barbara… Would you both suck my cock? Please,” he asked. She and I grinned at each other and moved onto either side of him. Both of us began to lick him, our tongues wetting him as we licked and nibbled him. He gasped and groaned as we tortured him. Our tongues touched each other too in their wanderings. Then she took his head into her mouth and I licked him down at the base. She went down on him until her mouth met mine. His hips came up off antep escort bayan the bed and he made an unintelligible sound. His body was shivering as she and I traded places and I took him into my mouth.

“Make me come,” he moaned as we continued to trade places until finally I took all of him into my mouth and stroked him as I sucked. Barbara licked and sucked his balls. His entire body tensed as he shot his hot liquid into my mouth. I swallowed all of it and licked and sucked him until he was still.

“Now its my turn,” Barbie said as she kissed me, licking a bit of his cum from my lip as she did. I moved over beside her and reached around behind to unsnap her bra. I slid it down off her shoulders and dipped my head to taste her sweet nipple as I removed the bra. Bill moved behind her and kissed her neck as he rubbed himself against her bottom. He was already hard again. I leaned down farther to kiss her red curls and then opened her legs as she lay back against him. I tasted her wet pussy as he caressed her tits. She turned her face around so he could kiss her mouth.

He moved back against the headboard. Barbie sat in his lap with her back to him as I took him in my hand and guided him into her slick cunt. She whimpered and he moaned as she slid down onto him. He grunted as she took him into her. She opened her legs and I leaned down to suck her clit. She leaned her head over so he could still kiss her as he fucked her. I could feel her tighten as I licked her. He had her large soft breasts in his hands as his tongue plunged time and time again into her mouth. He shivered as her black clad legs rubbed his with every thrust he made into her. Her breath became quicker and I knew she was about to escort antep come. I could actually see her pussy tighten around his cock as he thrust his hips up as hard as he could. She moaned as she began to come. I flicked her clit mercilessly with my tongue as her pussy juices ran out of her. I lapped them up, licking my lips.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered to her as she rode him. She collapsed back against him for just a minute before she moved beside him and I sat in his lap facing him. I slid quickly down onto him, grunting with pleasure as he filled me so full. I leaned over to kiss him and grabbed his earlobe between my teeth. I tugged it just enough to almost hurt then I slid my tongue into his ear and whispered nasty words to him, telling him what I wanted him to make me feel. Barbara moved close to us, putting her arm around my back and touching his face with her other hand. He turned to kiss her as I nibbled his neck and shoulder. He tugged and twisted my hard nipples as I rode him harder, grinding my pussy onto his rock hard cock. I slid my hand down between us to rub my swollen little clit.

“Baby!” I screamed as ecstasy rocked me. My whole body shivered with pleasure as my muscles pulling him deeper as I found his mouth. My tongue plunged into his mouth, fucking his mouth with as much abandon as he was fucking me with. He clung to me as I seemed to go on forever. Barbara held onto both of us as she whispered sweet obscenities to each of us. Finally we slowed, rocking against each other gently as my spasms ended and he got on his knees behind Barbie.

He plunged hard and fast into her glistening hot wet pussy. I reached down under her and teased her clit while he rammed his big hard cock into her again and again. I slid under her and took a hard pink tipped nipple into my mouth as I kept touching her clit. I heard her soft grunts as we both pleasured her. “Oooooo,” she moaned as she came and he grunted as he thrust into her deep and hard one final time, cumming in her cunt until it ran out and down her legs.

We all rested… and then…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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