Two Guys, One Girl – Excitement

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Panties Down

One of the fine things about Literotica is that there are so many nice people who one gets to meet. Oh, not in person, but via e-mail notes and messages.

Of course, when you are a writer on the site not every note, not every piece of feedback, is positive. There can be bad and downright nasty notes.

Yet overall the majority are constructive, inquisitive and basically nice notes bout stories. Sometimes there are questions, like “What were you thinking,” or “Was that story fact or fiction.” Generally speaking my stories have at least a gem of reality, some much more than others. For instance, much of my Doin’ The Boss series was culled from my real life affair with a former boss.

Which brings me to provocative notes over the last few months from a nice guy, William. Now I’ve never met him, only know what he’s listed on his profile or in his notes. He is fun to correspond with, and we’ve sort of become email friends of sorts.

We’ve traded stories about naughty things we’d done in our sex lives. He spoke about getting caught by voyeurs in the park for instance before he was married. That scene is one that I’ve had as well. Both of us were embarrassed. We’ve wrote about all kinds of things, from reality to fantasy. In recent notes he’s asked me about the naughtiest sexual escapade I’d had, and I merely kept pointing to my affair with my former boss.

He talked about the time he had sex with his best friend’s fiancée about a week before their marriage. It was quite hot, especially when some of that sex was on the dunes off a beach at dusk…with beach walkers only yards away. He also spoke about one cross-country trip where his tipsy wife bared her boobs to truckers.

With this in mind, here’s my deepest story I’ve never told…for William. And you.

I’d attended a secretarial school after high school. Yes, I know, secretaries aren’t what they used to be. Now we are administrative assistants or executive assistants. But at the time to be fully trained at this particular school mean great, well-paying job opportunities. I’d proud of that background, as it has really set me into a good position in life.

The school had dorm rooms and a strict non-visitation policy. No opposite sex visitors could be brought in, except to the Spartan lobby. No sneaking a guy to your almanbahis giriş room.

I’d dated a few guys in the first semester. Nothing serious. Friends.

In that time frame I was fairly chaste, making out with guys and giving the occasional hand job. But most times things were pretty, well, tame. Then along came Robert. He was a sweet guy who attended a nearby university. We’d have great dates, going to ballgames, movies, dinner and non-alcohol clubs.

He also had a girlfriend back home, a fact he’d readily admitted to me, and they’d been intimate. Everything from oral (she was awful) to intercourse (wild). The fact he admitted to me was very, well, hot. He was always pressing me to have sex, but I shooed him away with a smile for a long time, although I do admit to wanking him off in the car a few times.

We weren’t going steady or anything, I knew of his girlfriend and even met her a couple times when she was in town. Oh, I kept the hand job thing to myself.

Just as Robert was dating others, so was I. My other regular date was Jonathan, a sweet guy who also attended the same university as Robert. They even had an American politics class together, I learned, but weren’t close friends or anything. Jonathan loved hockey, so we went to the local minor league team’s games, enjoying the beauty of the skating and excitement of the fisticuffs. Robert played pick up hockey at a local arena.

Guys were guys, and after dating for a while there were similarities and differences. Similarities in that Robert, like Jonathan, was always after me for sex at the end of our dates. We progressed with me starting with hand jobs at first, and later graduating to blow jobs.

Never intercourse with either guy, as that was something I was saving for marriage.

No, right off, the fact that I was dating, stroking and fellating two different guys was naughty enough, but I had rules. Never on the same day. I mean, I wasn’t a slut. They were not the first guys I’d been with, as there were two guys in high school I’d jerked off on a regular basis while dating and a third who got hand jobs and my first blow job, the latter coming on the night of the prom.

So I wasn’t totally chaste, but was not very experienced either.

Robert and Jonathan changed the experience almanbahis giriş level, as after courting and dating and all that kind of stuff we graduated to hand jobs and blow jobs to “keep them sane (as Rob said)” and help their “sauce buildup (as Jonathan said)”. It was hot for me, as well, as both guys graduated to oral sex on a regular basis. I loved the power I had over them, as they’d do nearly anything to keep on my good side.

The two guys were similar in stature but their cocks were so much different. Rob was about six inches in length, but had a meaty girth that easily was a couple inches wide. Jonathan had a long, thin cock, which he proudly mentioned was a little longer than seven inches. Both were proud of their dicks.

Several of my friends were self-proclaimed master fellatrix it seemed, and I learned some real tips from them in the arena of giving awesome head in our late night bull sessions. I thought – and it seemed natural – that sucking on a guy with my head bobbing until they shot their load was the true ticket to making guys happy. Wendy didn’t disagree, but said that it wasn’t merely giving head but how you gave it that kept guys coming back.

You have to alternate hands to using no hands at all was a tip from Wendy. “And don’t be afraid to enjoy it, get your spit all over. If it turns you on, moan and let him know how much you enjoy sucking him.”

My friend Amber was more specific. “Kiss his balls and that little place between his ass and his balls,” she said. “And to really get him off do it when he doesn’t expect it. On the way to the movie or dinner pull over at a park and make out, not just late at night at the end of the date. Keep him guessing. Chad and I enjoy messing around outside, so we’ve done it at the park near school or in his car when nobody is around but in the daylight. That’s so hot for me and he’s always feeling me up and playing with my ass hoping to get an unexpected blow job.”

Points well taken. You learn something every day. Yet the mere idea of pulling over in broad daylight and getting intimate was a little too much. I had a difficult time with some of the concept, because I surely didn’t want to get caught in the act. Damn!

Still both of my friends were experienced. Amber admitted to having sucked almanbahis yeni giriş off six guys to date, Wendy five. “But it’s not a competition – unless you count unusual places.”

Amber admitted to giving a blow job at the library in the stairwell between the second and third floors, almost getting caught. Wendy did it regularly in a guy’s car, and at the local park. But the library won in my book.

“Carl has asked several times to have be join him in the dressing room at Macy’s, and I’m thinking may we do that at H I was okay with things. So for the next couple minutes I alternated between the two pulsating cocks I couldn’t do absolute justice to either, but the guys were not complaining other than to move my head from one to another when they felt the need.

I was their cocksucker, and damn I was enjoying.

A couple minutes into the suck fest I was working on Rob again, and he was moving quicker and I knew he was almost there. I was still jerking both dicks.

With Rob’s cock in my mouth I felt Jonathan’s manhood firmly against my cheek as he’d moved closer. I was ready to switch over to sucking his cock but I knew Rob was close and the time was getting short so I stayed riveted to handling the cock in my mouth.

That wouldn’t do for Jonathan, who pushed his dick against my already full lips.

“Robyn, open wide,” he demanded and before I knew what he was doing his cock was pushing against Rob’s cock as the two fought for position in the right canyon of my slobbering mouth.

I realized my head was being held tightly by mouth guys as their cocks were filling my small mouth. Well, guess not that small as the tips and about an inch or so of manly cock meet was in my mouth. My head was full of two dicks!

The guys didn’t seem embarrassed to have their cocks touching, and I couldn’t do anything but suck. Not much movement. But the pure sex of this sent Rob over the edge and he began his urgent cumming into my sucking mouth, moaning and groaning and letting us know he was shooting.

The guys held my head tight as Rob came in my mouth, groaning and moaning. I swallowed best I could but really most of his sauce slithered out of my mouth and onto my top. The guys held still as I continued sucking as best I could.

I felt Rob’s cock softening a bit and soon he slipped it out of my mouth. Jonathan started fucking my face while Rob rubbed his dick on my cheek.

“Oh what a slut, you cock sucking angel,” said Jonathan, pounding away at my face. “This is amazing, Robyn. Keep sucking, keep sucking, oh, I’m cumming!”

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