Two Lovers and the Hawaiian Breeze

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A warm breeze blew in through the open window of the luxurious hotel room. Lily breathed in the fragrant Hawaiian air, and thought about the last few days. She had had a beautiful wedding, and was married to the man of her dreams. And here she was, on her wedding night, finally away from the loud, well-meaning dotings of her family, and her congratulatory friends. She could not wait to begin this amazing week with her new husband, Damon.

Lily took one more glance at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a pretty pink and white lace bra with matching panties and white heals. Her dark wavy hair blew softly against her shoulders. She had taken a blossom from the lea she had received when they arrived. She placed it carefully in her hair. She could not wait to take everything off and make love to her husband, who waited for her in the bedroom, but she wanted his first glance at her to be perfect, a moment he would never forget. This would not be their first time making love, but it would be their first time together has man and wife. It felt like a new beginning.

Lily opened the door to the bedroom and noticed Damon standing by the balcony in his black boxer-briefs. She took Ataşehir Escort a step forward, and hearing her shoes against the marble floor, he turned his heard. He saw her, and a look of awe spread across his face.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” he said. Lily smiled and walked towards him.

“And you’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.” She met him by the sliding glass doors, and they put their arms around each other, feeling the warm breeze against their naked skin. “Can you believe we are finally married?”

“It’s the most wonderful feeling.” Damon smiled and kissed Lilly softly on her pink, parted lips. As they kissed, Damon reached up and slowly unsnapped each tiny eyelet of Lily’s bra. He pulled it off. He touched her smooth, round breasts, and found her nipples aroused. He massaged them gently, and felt his wife’s body responding as she kissed him harder and pulled him close to her body.

Damon directed their bodies to the bed and gently laid his wife down. They looked into each other’s eyes and saw all the love in the world. Damon reached down and pulled off Lily’s shoes. He kissed her softly one, Ataşehir Escort Bayan two, three, four times down the face of her softly curved stomach, then he pulled down her panties to reveal her soft brown mound of curly hair, and touched it tenderly.

Lily could feel her arousal. She wanted to take her husband quickly, with all the gusto they had, but she knew they must take this slow and savor the moment. Lily pulled Damon’s body to hers and could feel his erect penis, now still contained in his boxer-briefs, against her mound. The kissed tenderly and hungrily, their hands moving up and down each other’s bodies, rediscovering each curve and crevice.

Damon slowly kissed down Lily’s body and could feel her slow deep breaths. He kissed her down there, and slowly began to introduce her to his tongue. She could feel the pleasure swimming through her body, taking her over, owning her completely. She closed her eyes and let everything in the universe fall away except she, her husband, and the soft canopy bed on which they lay.

Damon moved his tongue up and down, stroking her engorged clit. Lily could feel herself coming close. She Escort Ataşehir breathed deeper now, and sensing it, Damon suddenly stopped. He pulled off his underwear and moved on top of her. The perfection of skin-on-skin contact engulfed their bodies. Lily felt Damon’s long, rock-hard cock against her and she could no longer stand it. She pulled him close, directing him inside her. He slid in easily. Damon could feel her silky smooth inside and began to pulse his body, carnal instinct taking over.

Lily groaned with pleasure. The feeling of her husband inside her was perfection. They fit together as if their bodies were created just for this act, for this moment. Their groans and grunts became intertwined into an almost-song that got caught on the sumptuous Hawaiian breeze.

Damon and Lily’s bodies pulsed in unity. Electricity passed between them as they climbed towards the moment of climax. Lily’s body reached its peak and she screamed with pleasure and love and emotive joy. She felt herself filled with Damon’s love juice, it’s warmth flooding through her insides and satisfying her hunger for the moment.

As the heightened sensitivity of orgasm subsided, the couple lay next to each other in bed, their eyes closed, but their minds open and full of love. The fragrant, and energetic Hawaiian breeze danced on their skin, feeling the tranquility of their bodies. It delighted in these two lovers, Damon and Lily, and carried their momentary peacefulness out to the smiling sea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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