Two of Them

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Self Shot

It was a hot night in May when the Johnsons and my parents decided to go out for diner at some fancy hotel. Whenever they did this, they usually stayed the night. So I decided it would be a perfect time to throw a party. Turned out though, my parents had already told the Johnsons that I would babysit there daughter and niece. Their names were Meagan and Nikki. Meagan was a well developed 12 year old. She had a nice, round ass with long milky white legs flowing from them. Her titties were about the size of a softball and her dirty blonde hair came down to the middle of her back. Meagan’s 11 year old cousin hadn’t come along the same way the had. Nikki was part Puerto Rican and was pretty thick for her age. Her medium size ass was perfect. Up top were two breast, just a little larger than a baseball. I couldn’t wait to see them, but at the same time, I knew that I couldn’t touch them.
It wasn’t untill around 7 pm that the Johnsons came to pick up my parents and drop Meagan and Nikki off. When the bell rang, I got up off of the couch and answered it. As the door opened I saw Meagan and Nikki, who was already dressed for bed, letting me know that the two of them were staying the night.
“Hi Mike,” Meagan waved with a little smile on her face.
She was still in her regular clothes with a pair of short shorts on and a white T that left her bellybutton exposed. Nikki’s night clothes consisted of a pair of long and tight purple pants with a matching top.
“Come on in,” I said to the family.
I went back into the living room and sat down on the couch as my parents settled the girls into their rooms. After a while everyone came downstairs.
“Now Mike,” my dad started. “We’re gonna be gone for the night. We’ll be back around 3 tomorrow and you know the number. And remember, you have guest so don’t think of doing anything crazy.”
The girls were given kisses and the party of four was off. Meagan and Nikki Gaziosmanpaşa Escort came and sat down on the floor. As they sat down I saw Meagan’s pants come down a little and I could see her white ass crack. I raised my eyes to her face were I saw her looking straight at me. I started panicking a little hoping she thought I was looking at something else. To my surprise, she pulled her pants up and gave me a little grin; that was a sign of things to come.
I tried to block the thought’s that were coming to me…
“So does anyone want to watch a movie,” I asked them?
“Yeah. What movies do you have,” responded Nikki?
“I’ll go get them.”
I went up to my room to for the movies. I quickly sifted through my dvds and brought the ones that they could watch. They went throught the movies and picked out Shrek 2. As the movie started, I decided to order a pizza for us. I picked up the phone and as I dialed the number I heard a moaning coming from the tv. I ran as fast as I could around the couch and turned it off. I had accidentily put one of my porns in the Shrek case.
“Oh what was that Mike,” asked Nikki?
“Um that was just another movie,” I said calmly trying to act like it never happened.
I went into the other room and went to my computer totally forgeting about the pizza. I was only on the computer for about 5 minutes when I heard the moaning again. Was I hearing things or had the girls put the other movie back in.
I came out into the living room and saw that they were watching the porno. It was at a scene where the girl sucking a big black dick and looked to be having fun.
“What are y’all doing,” I yelled!!
“Mike can we watch it, please,” asked Meagan.
I knew that I wanted them to watch it and I know that I wanted them to do to me what the girl was doing to the guy. I thought about it and simply sat down on the couch across from them. Their eyes were glued to the Escort Bayan tv.
“Mike, how big is yours,” Nikki asked?
I didn’t know what to say to her.
“Can we see it.”
And with that Nikke got up, came over, and sat on my lap. When she sat down, she started to move her ass back and forth and me, making my cock very hard, very fast. Then I saw Meagan get up off of the couch and walk over. Nikki came off of me and kneeled just as her cousin did.
“Please can we see it?”
“Are y’all sure about this?”
I started to unbutton my pants. Pulling them down, my boxers lifted with my hard dick still inside. Nikke quickly jumped up and pulled the dick from the slit in my underwear. Her little hands were soo warm.
“Have you ever sucked a dick before,” I asked?
“No,” she replied.
“Well why don’t you try now,” I said scooting to the edge of the chair.
She started off by licking the back of my head; her little licks sent shivers down my spine. Finally she took my 8″ into her mouth. Her little mouth could not handle all of it. but she took it to the back of her throat. I decided to lay on the floor with her as I saw Meagan taking her clothes off. She had already gotten her shorts off and was about to take her shirt off. As it came over her head, her firm little titties started bouncing. I looked down at her white panties, almost telling her to take them off. She seductively pulled them down and I got my first glimpse of her virgin cunt.
I was already on the floor while Nikki was bobbing her head on my cock, so I told the other girl to let my eat her. Meagan got on top of my face. I started at her with my tongue, pushing it at her little slit. It slid into her a bit and started to lick her up and down. Her breathes came faster then before as she moved her hips. “Yeah Mike, lick it good,” I heard her yelling.
I could feel myself starting to come in Nikki’s mouth, but there was istanbul Escort no way this fucking was about to end. I pulled myself out of Nikki and got Meagan off of me. Pulling Nikki closer to me, I could see that her pussy was dripping wet. I brought my dick up to the entrance to her slit. While I rubbed the head of my cock againts her cunt, I saw Meagan start to stuff a small carot into herself. The sight only made me harder. Knowing that it was going to be a very tight fit, I quickly rammed all of my meat into Nikki. She let out a loud cry of pain and pleasure as I started stroking her. Meagan, still fucking herself with the vegatable, looked to be having her own fun; it wouldn’t be long before I found her wet cunt. But right now, I was fucking the shit out of Nikki. Her breast bounced back and forth as my cock ran inside of her over and over again. I moved my hand from the ground and put it on the 11 year olds right titty, circling her nipple with my finger. “Oh yeah Mike, harder, HARDER.” I obeyed her and pushed deeper with longer strokes.
It wasn’t long before Meagan’s moans caught my attention again. I decided to pull my dick out of her and move to Meagan.
“Come on Meagan, time for your fucking,” I called.
With me on my back now, she squated onto my dick. It squeezed it’s way slowly through her hot slit until her ass was on me. I looked over at Nikki who had now found the carot and jammed it up inside her. I turned back to Meagan who was now bouncing herself on my dick which I could tell was hurting her a little when she let out gasps of pleasure. Her soaking wet cunny felt so good I could stay in her all night. But I knew that wasn’t possible as I felt the sperm building in my rock hard dick.
Nikki now had her lower body suspended in the air. Her screams were higher then ever as I saw three rivers of girl cum fly from her pussy. I myself, along with Meagan, was ready to come and I helped in her efforts, pushing my dick in and out of her. With one last pump, I felt my white cream start to fill up the young girl’s tight cunt. I conintued to pump streams of that sticky stuff into her until I couldn’t move anymoore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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