Two Towels

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You crack the bathroom door open, a sliver of light spills into the dimly lit bedroom. A puff of steamy air escapes and intensifies the silhouette of my near-naked body. Having just showered, you wear only two bath towels; one towel is knotted around your head, wicking the moisture from your long, luscious locks of hair. The other wraps around your abdomen, strategically positioned to cover all of your naughtiest bits.

I admire the precision it takes to wrap towels like you have. Your head towel stays firmly in place as you bend over your dresser, searching for what clothes to put on. Your body’s towel is perfectly measured, it sits exactly low enough to show a respectable woman’s amount of cleavage, yet is high enough to hint the possibility of something scandalous. You glance at my shirtless chest, but quickly look away when you see me admiring your handiwork.

“Hey. Come here,” I say as you continue the search for some comfortable clothes.

“No. I can’t. I still have to get some work done before morning. I’m the only one there tomorrow,” you respond.

“Just for a minute?” I ask.

I scoot across the bed and wrap my around your waist. I guide you to sit on my lap. I reach my hand up and gently push your cheek to my soft lips. My kiss is sweet and playful. I rotate your head give your lips a quick peck before you turn away again.

“I have things that I need to…”

I interrupt with nibbles on the back of your neck. Each nibble ends with a buzzy kiss, the vibrations traveling down your spine and down into your toes. Your arms shiver as you take in a deep breath. I can see the conflict in you.

“Just be with me,” I plead.

You exhale a long, slow, deliberate breath. You have trouble remembering what work you needed done and allow me to guide your body down on the bed. I attend your side, running my fingers over your body and your towel. You close your eyes and arch your back, stretching your your arms and legs. Your extension causes a little more of cleavage to peep out from under the towel.

“You take on too much responsibility. Let the others at work deal with it for once. You do not always need to be in control,” I remind you.

You open your eyes and glare at me. You know that none of the other people at work care about the project. Without you taking the initiative, you know that nothing will get done. You turn away and stare at the bedroom wall. The lamp from the other side of the room casts a dim shadow of our two bodies laying down. I nibble the back of your neck again while I think of the surprise that I have prepared for you.

“You do not always need to be in control,” I reiterate. I reach under the bed covers and pull out a soft wrist restraint I strap to your right wrist, anchoring it on top of the mattress. You lay on your back, looking at me with confusion. I ignore explanation for now and move swiftly to cuff your left wrist, and then each of your ankles before you protest.

“What are you doing?” you finally ask.

I place my head directly above yours and look into your eyes. I say nothing and nuzzle your head to the side and kiss your neck three times down its length. Each kiss buzzes your skin and you reward me with a tiny moan.

“Would you like me to keep going?” I ask.


I nuzzle your head in the other direction and kiss down the other side of your neck three times. But instead of moaning, you take a deep breath.

“Wouldn’t you enjoy just letting me be in control?” I ask innocently.


I continue to kiss diagonal lines down your neck and to the top of your breasts. I hold your restrained hand with mine. I double-check the restraint and find it secure to my satisfaction. I do not want you to wiggle out of the trap I’ve laid.

I move my mouth closer to yours, and you kiss me hesitantly. I tease your lips, biting them gently and exploring the corners of your mouth before our tongues meet again. You finally give in and give me a real, passionate kiss. I savor the moment, you are an incredible kisser. We let our tongues dance freely, and then linger in each others mouths. Your tongue is nimbler than mine, and I am turned on by your variety of licks, nibbles and flicks.

I return to kissing your neck. My other hand plays and caresses atop your still-worn towel. My lips continue down your breasts. You moan again, but this time it is out of frustration. Your body wants to be free to feel my touch on your most sensitive places; no longer cloistered in your soft and safe towel.

“You can take it off,” you direct.

“I can, but I’m not ready yet.”

You twist your body at my teasing. You moan seductively, trying to advance my evening’s agenda and satisfy your own schedule.

“I guess there is no harm in freeing your hair,” I say devilishly as I reach up and unwrap the towel that was drying your shiny locks.

“Wrong towel, dumbass,” you say, growing indignant at the restrained pace of tonight’s bedroom activities.

“I didn’t realize taking Artvin Escort away your control would make you so fiery. It sounds to me like we are going to have to practice some humility.”

You bite your tongue, and try to wait patiently to see what my next whim will be. We usually make love as equal partners, but tonight your powerless and helpless figure turns me on. I feel a tightening in my pants. The thought of taking out my hardening cock and fucking your tight pussy consumes me, but I am not yet ready to stop exploring your body’s mysteries.

I slide down the bed to your feet. As long as we’ve been together, I feel like I’ve neglected this part of your body. But tonight, I am in control and get to try anything I desire.

I hold your right foot with both hands, my thumbs pressing into your arch. I take your big toe into my mouth and gently suckle its just-washed skin. Your body jolts in surprise but you do not protest. I take turns gently tonguing and mouthing each toe before moving to focusing your other foot. You moan again, more sharply and suddenly, as if you didn’t know this would be pleasurable for you. I explore the sensitive crevasses in-between your toes. You writhe after each lick and I take pleasure in watching you squirm.

I kiss lines of lust up your ankles and calves, lifting each leg as much as the restraints allow. Your fingers show signs of life, and I see them wiggle in their restraints when I continue up each of your legs. To your frustration, I keep returning to kissing your ankles instead of ever allowing myself to reach my ultimate goal. Your breathing unsteadies, your body aches after each denied approach.

You gyrate your hips during these kisses. At first I am confused, but I soon comprehend what you are doing. You are attempting to rub the hood of your clit against your towel to get yourself off! I let you continue trying to rub yourself for another minute until my kisses reach the bottom edge of your towel and your gyrations have reached violent amplitudes. My warm breath sneaks under the edge and tickles your most sensitive regions.

“I think it’s time we take this off,” I say as I unwrap the towel from the front of your body, leaving it on the bed underneath you.

Your reaction is more mixed than I thought it would be. You are excited to see what I will do next, but temporarily mourn the loss of the item that has been pleasuring you. I give you a confident look, quietly reminding you that I am in control tonight.

I continue my gentle kisses, but this time start at your knees and continue right up to your pussy lips. At the end of each line you try to thrust your pelvis downward, trying to make contact with my lips. I deny you and continue my cycle. You try to reach your own breasts out of frustration, but are thwarted by the restraints.

I peek at your slit, and am pleased when I spot the amount of dewy sweetness accumulated at its opening. I want to taste it, but delay this experience to nibble at the intersections of your thighs and abdomen. You giggle, as my nibbles tickle with pleasure. I reach under you and grab your supple ass, slightly raising you off the mattress. Your cheeks are warm and fill my hands. The room’s only lamp catches the delectable edges of your pussy lips in its dim light. I drag my tongue over to your feast, I am in command.

You moan as I make first contact with your most private of places. With your buttocks raised a few inches above the mattress, your arm and leg restraints are pulled taught, your limbs stretched. The sight of you exposed like this throbs my penis. I nibble and suck with delight. Tasting a beautiful woman is like eating the finest foods; truffles, wine, and cheese, all fresh served and expertly prepared. It bestows a trust and power to its diner. Even though I have been in control tonight, it is not until now I have truly felt powerful. I play in your playground, darting my tongue in every nook and cranny, watching your pussy become wetter and open up for me. Your eyes stay closed and you breath anxious.

Each time my tongue discovers a sensitive spot your body recoils in pleasure. I guide my mouth to your slit, nibbling up its edges until I reach your hood. I cover it with my mouth give it a gentle suck. My tongue strokes downward, falling into rhythm. Each stroke lasts longer and applies more pressure than the last. You moan and relax, the small of your back slouching back onto the bed. Right now, you think my mouth and tongue are bringing gifts of pleasure for your benefit, but tonight you and your body are for my amusement.

My penis can no longer stand being trapped by my pants. I slide off what few clothes I am wearing with one hand, while still groping your ass with the other. My hard cock is happy to be exposed, and immediately reaches its fullest size now that it is no longer constrained. I stroke its shaft a few times with my free hand, being careful to not yet stimulate its sensitive tip. I have special plans for its head.

You look Artvin Escort Bayan down and catch a glimpse of my naked member. Your eyebrows raise in anticipation. I reach up and grab your hair towel from behind your head and pull it over your eyes, funneling your experience back to only senses of hearing and touch.

“No peeking,” I dictate.

My mouth and tongue continue their play with your pussy. I mix in upstrokes with my tongue my mouth’s suction intensifies. Your body goes into a trance, and you slowly rock back and forth. Your entire body is my video game, and your clit is my joystick. I can tell that you are slowly building yourself towards an orgasm, but I am not yet ready for you to become contented. I swerve my tongue left, and right, make circles, and prevent you from predicting the gestures rubbing your clit. Your breath steadies on its inhalation, but each exhalation cuts in and out haphazardly. You try to gyrate against my tongue in the up-and-down motion that you like so well, but I finally sneak my tongue under your hood and contact the head of your engorged clit. Your body winces and your breath gasps at the surprise of the intensity. I hold my tongue closely on the most sensitive of your parts, waiting to see if you can handle the tingles that run up and down your spine. You writhe around, gently massaging your own clit’s head against the wetness of my warm tongue. It isn’t long before your body is shaking and you can’t handle your own arousal.

“I need your dick. Now,” you command, your eyes still blinded by the towel.

“You didn’t even say ‘please.’ You have no respect for authority,” I sardonically state.

“Please. Please stick your cock in me. I need it so very bad. Please. Please?”

“You know…You were trying to rub yourself off on your towel earlier. Is that what you really want?” I ask.

“No! No! I want to feel you inside me.”

I ignore your pleas and take the towel and wrap it tightly around your abdomen once again. I pat it down on your pussy, making sure its super fine fibers tickle your clit before sliding my body higher up on the bed.

“Please, please. I’m begging you. I need your cock. It will feel sooooo good inside me,” you say.

I kneel over your breasts. I hold my fully engorged cock right over your blindfolding towel.

“I need it so badly. Why don’t you just try entering me? I’m sure you’ll like it. I’m so wet for you…”

I watch you gyrate your clit against the towel below. A smile creeps across my face. I enjoy watching you squirm and beg.

“I first need my cock to experience your soft lips and amazing tongue.”

You purse open your lips and I rest the head of my cock at the entrance to your mouth. You angle your neck forward to encircle your lavish lips around its head. You gently suck and lower your head back down to the mattress, gently tugging me and my cock forward. A wave of pleasure immediately washes over me as your saliva swishes around my glans.

“I will fuck you as hard as you can handle, soon enough,” I promise.

The head of my cock has been under stimulated until now, and the sudden intensity of the sensation of your mouth makes it tough for me to maintain my kneeling balance. I check behind me, and still see your hips gyrating your clit against the draped towel. I take my hand and rub my own shaft, while you continue to massage the head in your mouth with your talented toungue. When I am alone and pleasuring myself, my head is often too sensitive for me to directly stimulate. But your tongue is so sweet and gentle that I am lost in ecstasy whenever you go down on me.

You pay special attention to the underside of my cock, where the most pleasurable nerve endings reside. My breathing quickens. I stroke the sides of your face, and then the beautiful locks of hair that are exposed from under your makeshift blindfold. I feel a building pressure deep inside my groin, and pull myself away from you; I am in control tonight and desire and even bigger climax. The cool air on my cock’s moist head gives me the composure to regather myself. I take a deep breath and slide my legs down on the bed.

“Please. I can’t take anymore teasing,” you say as I watch you tickle yourself with the draped towel. The sight of your naked body sprawled and restrained against the mattress provokes my desire to unfathomable levels. I uncover the towel from your pussy and guide myself towards your entrance. I slide in easily; your extreme wetness combines with your saliva to make a super lubricant.

You gasp, “Oh my god,” and then squeal in delight.

I moan as your pussy engulf’s my cock’s head and shaft. I brace my arms under yours, and kiss the tops of your breasts. Your nipples turn hard. I make a second, slow and dreamy thrust inside you, still feeling your pussy open up to my size and we both moan in unison.

My dick continues to dreamily massage your delicate insides and my mouth plays tag on your nipple playground. I lick, kiss, and gently suck Escort Artvin each breast. My breath against your bosom causes you to shudder, and the attention brought to your previously neglected breasts brings forth tingles between your legs. My mouth and tongue continue to play as my cock picks up steam, pounding you harder and faster. I shift my weight more forward, angling my rock-hard cock to explore your depths below your cervix and positioning my pelvic bone directly over your clitoris. The sudden activation of new pressure points causes makes you to throw your head back, and your eyes are partially freed from under the towel. You look into my eyes, and you try to speak even though you are unable to form words. I leave your breasts to have our lips meet once again. This time, the kissing is deeper and harder, our tongues in a steely embrace.

I lean more onto your clit, and thrust a little deeper, pressing the head of my cock into the tiny pocket of creamy flesh only found in the deepest caverns of your vagina. You rock back and forth as much as your bindings allow. I thrust, and lean, and kiss. My fingers crawl up your sides and caress the sides of your bountiful breasts. Your breathing shallows and hastens. Thrust, lean, kiss. Before much longer, you throw your head back away from mine and let out a scream of pleasure as your orgasm overcomes your sense of being. I slow my movements you recover from bliss. You look at me with eyes I’ve never seen before, present and yet other-worldly. Your breathing deepens, and I feel all stress and tension leave your body, leaving you a bound pile of lovely goo.

You take another breath to recover and then eye my still-hard cock. “You know, if you free me from my captivity, I will reward my liberator quite handsomely.”

I hesitate; I’m not sure I’m ready relinquish the control that I am so much enjoying.

“I promise,” you say. “And, if I don’t follow through, I will let you tie me back down and let you do whatever you want to me again.” You smile and then add, “Fuck work. Giving you control is so much better.”

I smile, and loosen each of your restraints. You kneel up in bed and grab my cock with your hand. Your other hand reaches lower and cups my tightened balls to gently massage them.

“Mmmm,” I moan.

You flip over on your front, onto the mattress with one of your hands underneath you, gently massaging your own clit.

“Fuck me,” you command.

This time, I obey you and position behind your legs. I gently enter back into your exquisite pussy and feel bliss return as my cock is coated in your juices. You lean further forward and take your hand out from under you, letting your clit be tickled by the towel still laying across the mattress. I thrust deeper, the head of my cock sliding up and down the front wall of your vagina, vigorously massaging your g-spot. You meet my thrusts and moan at each apex.

“Fuck me hard,” you command again.

I oblige, and lean even more to get better leverage for my deep thrusts. I grab your lush ass with both hands. I love the feel of your smooth skin between your fingers. The view of your back is incredibly sexy, and I admire how your just-washed hair falls down around your shoulders with abandon.

You grind further down into the towel, your clit enjoying the feeling of the soft, titillating fibers that you’ve been already teased by so much tonight. We start fucking like wild animals. Your ass cheeks bounce up and down, caressing my pelvic bones. Your moans resonate in the room. I love your wild side.

I move my hands further up your abdomen, and find the sides your breasts. I am able to gently rub and massage them even while our private parts have transformed into a make-shift atom-smasher, violently colliding in well-timed thrusts. You moan loudly again, and your breathing becomes irregular. A second orgasm builds inside you.

“I want you to fill me. I need you to fill me with your massive cock’s cum,” you plead.

I rise a little higher to change the angle of my thrusting, so that the bottom portion of my head and shaft really rub into your depths. The extra pleasure overrides my inhibitions and causes me to approach the edge. I feel the tightening feeling in my balls once again.

You place both of your hands on your own ass and spread your cheeks flat, making space for my pelvis to thrust further into you. The view of you holding your own ass is too much for me to handle. There is no return as I feel the prescribed sequence of muscle contractions take hold over my organs.

“Cum inside me,” you hoarsely breathe.

Within a second the cum has worked its way to the penis and begins exploding deep into you. I moan loudly from my release.

“I’m cumming!” you shout.

One, two, three, four, five massive throbs of my penis push out a prolific amount of my seed. You exhale deeply and take several more breaths before you catch your breath. You look back at me and give me the sexiest smile I have ever seen.

“I felt all of those giant throbs of your cock inside me,” you say, clearly pleased with how your evening turned out.

I moan again and rest myself on back. I hug your bosom and then roll off to your side. I look deep into your eyes, and give you a soft but sensual kiss on the lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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