Uncle Jim , Five Related Women Pt. 04

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Mom finally agreed to tell her story about her adventures with Uncle Jim. However, she insisted that we all meet at her house, dress very comfortably and each talk to her on the telephone before her “confession” day. Ellen, her mom and Millie (Strangely the talkative Mandy was holding back even more than her mother.) had all had their turn and the stories had been hot and heavy, often embarrassing and often shocking. Each person saw new sides of a sister, a mom or a granddaughter that they had grown up with and thought they knew.

Janet was very worried and very nervous. She had talked and talked to each of her daughters and even her granddaughter and got them to promise two things: not hate her for what she was going to say and never to disclose what they heard. Over and over, she got them to promise. She started so haltingly that it was painful to watch. Janet had set a nice sweets and coffee and tea table to keep herself busy and in hopes of heading off the tremendous anger and rejection she felt was coming.

“For all your lives, I have known this day would have to come. I have dreaded that one or all of you will hate me, turn your back on me or disclose what I am going to say.” She never cried. She was the rock of the family, even stronger than Mary. She was wringing a damp handkerchief and dabbing at tears and trying to keep herself together. This was a total mystery to her daughters and her granddaughter. All had had a wonderful, learning sexual time with Uncle Jim. A time they were proud of sharing and a time that had improved all their lives.

None could imagine anything bad about the tall thin, loving, naughty, sexually charged and sometimes dangerous man with the sparkling green eyes, that her mother anxiously went to see at least twice a month since Fran died so many, many years ago.

Mary got them all a glass of wine and forced one onto her very light drinking mother. After a refill, Janet started.

“Your Uncle Jim and I grew up together, him in the house he lives in and me in this house. We were born two months apart. We went through every grade together. He got in fights to protect me. We dated some in the twelfth grade and even some after that. It seemed like the right thing to do. I didn’t know anyone else. Even in the eighth grade, Jim never made it a secret that he was going to marry me, we were going to have four children and live happily ever after.”

All of the girls were hearing this for the first time. Another glass of wine started to go down easily but no one was feeling the effects.

“At nineteen, I had already told Jim I wasn’t ready and the next year, his five year older, step-brother, Todd came to visit from the city.” The girls all thought Todd was Jim’s full brother. Janet picked up on the confusion. “The woman you all called Grandma Gail was Jim’s mom. After her husband died she married a nice guy who already had a son. That guy and his son never liked farm life very much. Both would come and go to escape the boredom and hard work. You all remember that about Todd.”

“From the second I met Todd, I was head over heels for him. Sure, he is shorter than Jim, but back then he was polished, suave, with movie star good looks and he was worldly, like I always dreamed of being. I read every movie magazine and dreamed of living in a busy city with all those lights and theaters. I was pretty, a virgin and very naive back then. Todd put all his attention on me. I dropped Jim like a hot potato. He was really hurt but he wanted me to be happy. He got lost into work and started converting his dad’s old worthless farm into nut trees.

“Todd and I had a whirlwind courtship and got married in a story book church wedding with all the trimmings. Almost immediately, I discovered that Todd was a womanizer; much later, I even discovered he had two other wives, he had not divorced. Anyway, Todd came and went often. We never knew how long he would be gone.”

The sisters nodded and Mandy replied, “I wanted him here with us. I wanted him to hold me and say he loved me. I wanted my dad.”

Janet cringed but kept talking, “Todd and I had been married about a year when I was sure he had left me for good. I got very depressed and could not help mom and dad keep the farm up. We didn’t have enough to eat or a car to get dad back and forth to the doctor. I went the only place I knew to go. I went to Jim.”

The hard part was just ahead. Janet trembled and cried. Her daughters tried to comfort her but they wanted to hear more. Janet continued, trying to set up for the shock, “You are all emotionally strong, wonderful women. I pray we can get through the first part of my confession and then I’ll tell you some wild stories about your Uncle Jim.” She sort of smiled. The girls could not guess where this was going that would upset their mother so much; they were truly worried about what their mother might say.

“The instant Jim saw me he held me, comforted me, forgave me, loved me and did not pressure me in any way. After a couple of months of me going back and forth visiting and talking, I pleaded with him. I needed to feel porno close and loved. I knew more about sex than Jim at that point but neither of us knew much.

“I called him into his bedroom one day. I was nude, on my back, spread wide and reaching for him. He stripped for me, let me explore his body and he explored mine. He urged me to be his equal demanding partner. That day, I took his virginity and we started having regular sex. We were so very careful; he wore two condoms and would pull out before he came. We couldn’t get enough of each other and were learning fast to be both passionate and playful.

“After a wild day together, Jim was walking me home in the twilight. It was my fertile time and we had made it far enough to be under that big oak tree in his yard. I grasped his hand and stuffed it under my dress. I smiled at his unasked question, “I left my panties under your pillow, so you can sleep with them tonight. Jack off into them so I can suck your cum out of them tomorrow night since, I won’t be able to stay long tomorrow.”

“His fingers curled into me and pressed the wonderful spot that makes your clit stick out. I was soaked. His fingers began rubbing the slipperiness from his palm into my slit and making big circles over my clit. I was wild and I needed his cock in me. He has never denied me anything. I said, “Please make me cum one more time with your cock buried deep before I have to go home tonight.”

“Jim pulled the lower part of my dress up and bunched it around my legs. My scent made those green eyes sparkle signaling that his body was shifting from human to lustful animal. I’m sure you all have see his eyes do that and felt your helplessness and unwillingness to stop his drive. I didn’t want to stop him. I wanted him even wilder. When he entered me, I dug my fingernails into his back; I came and drew blood. I couldn’t cum down; I dug in even harder and locked my legs around him so he could not pull out.

“He leaned down and blew his hot breath through my top and bra onto my nipples, nibbled and tugged at each one. I drove up violently against him and really hurt him when I gripped my fist as tight as I could. He got going and going. I screamed at him not to stop. I screamed again that I wanted more from him. Twice I cried out in a near crippling climax. At the height of the second one, my body opened as a woman’s can. I felt him lunge, my body took it. He held his cock deep and I felt the tiny lips on his cock touch my cervix and I felt her suck and him pump his cum into my womb. I knew instantly that I was pregnant but I did not tell him.”

Mary looked totally shocked but was still hoping for new information to dispel what she was adding together.

“I lied to my parents that Jim and I were playing a “catch me” game and that is why I cried out into the quiet night. My mother looked at me funny. When I bathed I had Jim’s cum running down my legs and loved the smell. I’m sure that fresh, distinctive smell is what made mom question my story.

“Todd came back broke in about two weeks. He was so handsome, I just swooned and did everything to please him and keep him home. He stayed home about four months; so he thought the child growing inside me was his. He was not happy about having a family. I didn’t see Jim, until after Todd left again. I’m sure he felt like the biggest fool. He had talked to me so much about me moving in with him and us living happily ever after.

Mary couldn’t take it, “Are you saying that Uncle Jim is my father and he does not know that.”

“Yes, that is what I’m saying. I want you all to hear my story. I’ve wanted to tell you all for years. You need to know everything. Mandy, I believe you and Millie are Uncle Jim’s daughters too.”

Mandy especially could not hide her betrayed hurt. She was almost screaming, “You let us all fuck our father.”

Her mom pleaded near break down, “You all wanted to be with him and I never had the guts to tell him.” Mandy kept screaming; Janet rushed out the back door to hide in the back yard somewhere.

Ellen spoke up, “None of us were hurt. I’d go spend tonight with Uncle Jim, if he’d have me back living with him. We should hear grandmom out. She has listened to our stories. They had to hurt her. How could we all miss it? We are all tall with a touch of green in our eyes and we are all highly sexed, wild, loyal and loving. She has been in love with him even before we were born.”

Mandy was recovering, “I’ve had a dad all this time when I didn’t think I had one who cared.”

The stoic tones of a first born rang in the air, “We certainly could not have a more caring father. He’s been there for us all our lives and still would do anything we asked of him. Ellen, go get mom, tell her we want to hear it all.”

Janet stumbled back in, hanging on Ellen’s arm. She was glancing about like a cat thinking she was going to be attacked.

Mandy started, “Sorry mom. It was such a shock. We need to know everything. Please.” Millie and Mary slowly shook their stern faces in agreement.

“Jim heard I was pregnant and that Todd had split again. He came to help. He was my birthing partner at classes at the hospital. He rubbed my stomach and learned to make Mary kick at his hand. That made me so mad because it often hurt. But if he could see a foot or a hand, it was more than he could stand and tears would flow. I saw that as weakness back then. I don’t think he does that any more. None of you have mentioned it.”

Ellen interjected, “He did it with me but I think he was remembering his youth, was lonely and missing Fran and having a woman who cares about him.”

“He was with me for two months after Mary was born. Then he had to stay home to work his trees. During that time Todd returned. He stayed quite a while that time. I didn’t see Jim. Todd started drinking, roughed me up and I ran to Jim. I was afraid to go home but even more afraid Jim was going to go over and kill Todd.

“To sooth him, I told him I was going to be all right. I tried to distract him by kissing and touching him. I made love to him while he was angry. He was rough and aggressive. When he came he buried his cock deep; I felt the lips deep inside me suck the cum out of the tip of his cock. I was pregnant again.

“I went back home. A week later, Todd really beat me and raped me. The next morning, he was still drinking and mean. He threw me down and took me again; he already had his bag packed. In three months, he came back pleading for forgiveness, said he’d never drink again and I forgave him and took him back. Todd was in and out. Jim and I saw very little of each other. We did not have sex. Todd was gone when I went into labor with Mandy; Jim drove me to the hospital and was in the delivery room when she was born.

“My parents died. Jim had always wanted to buy their property and combine the two farms. Todd and I negotiated with him; we all went to the lawyers and Jim bought the entire farm where I was born. It seemed like the right thing to do. Todd certainly was not interested in it and it was way too much work for me alone. After the deal was closed, Todd stayed in town, Jim drove me by my old home one last time, before he was to drive me to the small in town cottage Todd and I had rented.

“We wound up sitting under that oak tree in his front yard again. We reminisced about our childhoods; he fussed over me and was super nervous being around me. He knew I had left him three times for Todd and he still cared about me. He kept pushing for us to leave for town.

“I didn’t feel I had anywhere to go. The furniture was already out of the house where I had always lived. I held him. He talked about his plans of putting in nut trees on the entire property. I asked him what he was going to do with the house. He looked shocked. It finally hit him that I wasn’t going to be there anymore. The more he talked, the more I knew, I had always loved him and he had always loved me. That night for a couple of hours, we were together. Until that night, I had never been on top of him when we had sex. He let me strip him from the waist down. I took my panties off and rode him. He seemed to go too deep and it kept hurting.

“He sat up some and raised his knees some, so I could stay on top and he wouldn’t go quite so deep. My body began to suck and he pleaded with me to stop because we did not have any protection and he might make me pregnant and ruin things for Todd and me, just when we had gotten some money and freedom to enjoy life in the big city. His rock hard shaft raked along my clit no matter how I moved in that position.

“I was cuming for the second time when he started to push me off because he was about to cum. I grasped his head, watched him struggle not to cum, sweat beaded on his forehead and his face contorted in pain. He pushed at me hard and I held on even tighter. The mouth of my womb must have been standing wide open because for the only time in my life, I felt a pulse of cum shoot deep into me, and then a second and then a third.

“Jim held me for a long sad time. We both knew I could be pregnant. Tears glistened in his eyes as he rubbed my belly. He wanted children so much, but now he had to admit it would not be with me. I think at that moment, he decided to date. He took me to Todd’s and my little rented home. I went directly to the bathroom to clean up but nothing had leaked out of me and, back then, Jim came a lot.

“Todd did not come home that night. He was partying. In fact, now that Todd had access to some money, I saw very little of him for a couple of years. During that time Millie was born. Again, Uncle Jim was there. He was in the delivery room when each of you were born and he held each of you first and put you into my arms.

“Remember, Your Uncle Jim does not know any of this and I want each of you to promise again never to tell him; I’ve spent years lying.” They all agreed and the mood changed.

“I continued to call him to help with things while Todd was on some trip or something. He was gone a full year once. I faked needing Jim’s help some times. Each time we stood close, the old spark would come back and I’d get something started with Jim. Your Uncle Jim and I were together a few more times while I was married and he was not. I was on the pill by then.

“There was a deep sadness in him during those couple of years. The timing had been just vague enough for it to be possible that Todd was your dad. Jim wondered out loud once about all of you being tall, having a little green in your eyes, being smart and caring. Todd was short, with soft hands, handsome, lazy and did not have hair on his chest. I talked fast about what traits came from males and females and recessive genes. I made it up. He is very smart but has always deferred to me on anything beyond high school.

“Once he met Fran, we were never together again, until three years after Fran died. He and Fran only dated a few months before they got married. Jim seemed to want to put me behind him. In a few years, they discovered Fran couldn’t have children and Jim desperately wanted them. He searched you all out and confessed to me that he pretended you were his daughters so he would have a family. Before his marriage and since Fran died, I’ve been his talking, caring, part time wife but I had secrets to protect, so I’ve kept him at arm’s length and never told any of you either.”

Mandy wanted to know, “Whatever happened to da…., I mean Todd?”

“We don’t know, he cleaned out the bank account one day and we never heard from him again. Jim moved us all back into this house, has never charged us a dime and you know how many times he was here to help.”

Mary asked, “So that money you get every month for us to live on is not a rent payment for using the land?”

“No, Jim just started giving us that.”

Ellen asked, “What does he tell you now when you go see him and make love with him.”

“He asks me to live with him but I always say “No.” He looks sad but I have too many secrets. They would slip out and he would hate me.” Ellen exploded, “He has always wanted children. He has three and grand children and doesn’t know it.”

“He has been with each of you. He would be horrified, if he knew he had been with his daughters and granddaughter.”

Ellen knew her Grandfather very well, “No he wouldn’t. He’d be shocked at first but sex is a live vibrant thing for him. He gives love with it and cannot enjoy it unless he knows who he is with is willing, passionate and satisfied with him. If any one of us went to him today and said we needed him to please us, would he turn his back just because he knew who we are? No, he would want to give and please us even more.”

Mary and Millie were speechless, with their mouths hanging open. Mandy slipped and acted almost angry, “You let us have sex with our own father?”

“I said I’m pretty sure he’s your father. Your times with Jim have made you strong, good lovers and given you a lot of self esteem. He put you back together Mandy. Now you have a wonderful man. Did your times with Uncle Jim hurt you?”

The cold truth flashed through Millie, “Mom, you could have been with him all those years but you didn’t because of what? Just a bunch of secrets?”

“He got married to a woman far hotter than me. He was so very happy every day. Then she died and you all were hot like him and were so happy after you had made love to him. I know that feeling. I made love to him 45 years ago and occasionally now. When you were happy, I couldn’t tell you and ruin your lives. My lies built on top of lies. I feared confessing all the lies and that he would turn his back on me.”

Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She felt she was such a horrible person because she had deceived her daughters and the only man who stood by her when she needed him for all her life. Janet stood covered her face, said, “This was not a good idea. I’m so sorry.” At that moment, she felt her daughters, her granddaughter and her only love were lost to her. She raced away from them, back outside again.

The conversation stalled. No one knew what to say. No one except Ellen, after about thirty minutes, “I know mom is always saying, I’m so much more liberal than her generation. I know what is right for me. I’m going to keep the secret and I going to see Uncle Jim tonight. He has teased me about a few things and I’m going to push. I haven’t told you about all our time together, but I hope he fucks me until I pass out like he’s done a couple of times. We’ve only slept together in his bed once. I loved it and want to do it again.”

Millie walked around to Ellen and pulled her up and hugged her, “That’s the best thought I’ve heard in a long while. Hank is a good husband but I masturbate every week about some crazy memory with Uncle Jim. I have lots of wild thoughts. I stayed with him several times over the years. He makes me feel like the most pampered satisfied woman in the world. I wouldn’t want to hurt my dad whether he knows he’s my dad or not. I sure hope he’ll be around to fuck me when he’s eighty. Mom did the best she could. She couldn’t say anything for the twenty years Uncle Jim was married. She has lost so much trying to avoid being judged, having us shunned and thinking he would hate her. Uncle Jim, dad, could never do that to any of us. Mom’s ashamed and doesn’t have her brain working right.”

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