Uncontrollable Lust Ch. 02

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Hey! Sorry about the delay on this one, I hope it was worth the wait. Next chapter things kick off in earnest, so come back next time if you like it!


Alice lay breathless in her rumpled bedclothes, the fog of lust still blurring her thoughts as she continued to lazily rub her still-sopping pussy. She rolled back over onto her back and stretched out like a cat, willing herself to calm down. But it was futile. The lips of her virgin pussy were still flushed and parted, and with a moan below the range of hearing, Alice easily slipped two of her fingers inside, her mind wandering from sleep onto the cock so close at hand. Could she really do it? In a room full of strangers, could she really climb a rickety bunk bed, and let herself be taken? Surely not.

She was halfway up the ladder when she caught her knee on a rung. The noise wasn’t loud, but it rang like a bell and reverberated through the metal bed-frames close at hand. Shocked out of her sexual trance, Alice’s pale naked form halted on the ladder, keenly listening for any hint of someone waking up. In the darkness, her slender white form hung in the gloom for several seconds before she slowly convinced herself that she was safe. What was she doing? This wasn’t like her! Imagine if she got caught-

It was at that moment that Thomas stretched in his sleep, and one of his dusky legs slipped out from under his blankets. Immediately, all thoughts of quitting were washed from Alice’s mind as she tracked her eyes up her boyfriend’s muscular thigh, the hairs growing darker and thicker the closer they got to his still-hidden groin. It would be silly to come up here without at least getting a look, right?

She fully crept up the ladder and squeezed onto the small bed, her tight body still exposed to the warm air of the room as she knelt at her sleeping boyfriend’s feet. Suddenly overcome with the thrill of exposing herself she arched her back, thrusting her pale little nipples into the chill air of the room and focused on the sensation of her puffy lips as the coarse bedclothes titillated her engorged sex. Reaching down as if in a haze she peeled back the scratchy blanket to expose Thomas’ muscled thighs, the coarse dark hair running up the inside of his toned legs leading up to the object of her fantasies. His cock was thick and curled semi-erect upwards into the crook of anal yapan gaziantep escort his waist. It looked so vital, so alluring, that it was all that Alice could do not to hunker down and satisfy her desperate virgin pussy still sending thrills of ecstasy up her delicate frame.

Alice leaned down, letting her long auburn hair spill over and drape across her boyfriend’s thighs, teasing and tickling him as she brought her face closer to his member. Her laboured breath played across his rapidly swelling prick which rose lazily until it was standing proud. The smell of his masculinity grew stronger until it began to overwhelm her tattered self-control, the musk growing in intensity as her fevered breath escaped from her lips parted in awe. She was entranced, the magic and hormones racing through her frustrated mind until all she could think was pleasing the gorgeous cock below her.

Alice submitted to her raging urges and reached back with one hand and finally sank her fingers into her still-sopping pussy, penetrating her virgin cunt as she watched the cock before her finally reach its full size. Without thinking, she reached with her other hand and grasped it, shocked at the weight of the unyielding flesh in her hand. As she tentatively stroked it she felt its girth and ran a fingernail along the length of his shaft, his cock twitching and growing even further. Could she even fit something like this inside her? Much less take it as hard and fast as she wanted? Then why did it turn her on so fucking much?

She continued to stroke her boyfriend’s gorgeous dick, her feverish mind translating each pump of her delicate fist into a rush of libido, travelling down her still exposed teenage body and forcing her tight pussy to contract around her desperately thrusting fingers. As she worked her still-sleeping boyfriend’s cock with increasing fervour, a drop of shiny precum appeared at the tip of his cock, growing like a pearl and running down the side of his throbbing pink cock-head. Without thinking, Alice leant down and lapped up the fluid, running her delicate pink tongue up the side of his shaft and crowning it by bringing her lips together around the tip of his penis, savouring the thick salty feel of it coating her tongue.

Her lips plumped, engulfing the tip of anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan Thomas’ throbbing dick as her rapidly pumping fingers brought her closer to a momentous orgasm. Alice was already exposed, and another moan like before would draw too much attention. With a blissful abandon, Alice pushed her head down, stuffing her mouth full of her first cock, her mind exploding with the abandon of her newfound sluttiness. In the open air of the packed room, Alice shook and convulsed, her reddened pussy clamping down on her fingers as waves of bliss washed through her addled mind.

With a start, Thomas snorted and woke, the primal moans of the redheaded nymph jarring him awake to find his cock straining in the mouth of a desperate young virgin. All of a sudden the energy of the room flooded into his sleepy brain and without thought, he reached out and laced his fingers through Alice’s hair. He was too turned on to think, so instead, he gently pulled her further onto his cock, working in and out of her mouth as she continued to judder her way through a momentous orgasm. He was awake and he was using her like a toy and she had never felt so aroused. Even as the frantic squeezing of her last orgasm slowed down she resumed the motion of her fingers, stuffing her greedy pussy as she filled her mouth with cock.

She was doing so well. Just one more push in the right direction and this could turn into a very interesting night.

Suddenly, her fingers weren’t enough. It was time to get what she had come for. She eased back against Thomas’ hands and removed his cock from her mouth with an audible popping sound. Gripping it around the base, Alice stared at its spit-slicked majesty, and worked up the courage to do what she had been craving all night. Thrusting her ass in the air she slid forwards, letting the tip of his cock trace across her tender nipple as she travelled up to meet him. As they came face to face, Thomas whispered “Alice, wait-” but she cut him off with a deep kiss, shutting him up as she brought her legs up and across his waist. She straddled him and broke off, sitting up on the rickety bunk bed and relishing the feel of the cool night air across her naked form. Slowly and deliberately she raised her crotch and took his cock in her hand. She escort gaziantep anal yapan rubbed it against her tight slit and the head flared, teasing her clit and sending shivers running to the top of her spine at the sensation.

His cock was coated with her juices now, and with a series of tiny squeaks of pain and pleasure, Alice lowered her steaming virgin pussy down onto his pulsating cock. The head parted her lips and the sensation of the massive intrusion overwhelmed her self-control until she just let herself drop, inch after inch of flesh cramming into her untouched pussy. Still sensitive from her last orgasm, her pussy walls convulsed and contracted at the feeling, milking her boyfriend’s cock and making it even harder, the tip flaring as it scraped across her g-spot. Thomas finally came to a stop just near the entrance to her cervix and Alice once again leaned back and savoured the feel of her innocence lost, slowly and deliberately grinding her clit into Thomas’ crotch as he gasped underneath her. With great difficulty, he came to his sense long enough to gasp out “Alice, to your right!”

Slowly, languidly, Alice turned her head and locked eyes with Melissa. Her gorgeous friend was wide awake, and could see everything. Which was presumably why she had her pyjama shorts around her ankles and was furiously mashing away at her clit. Her plump thighs were spread and her fuckable mouth was agape, panting as she indulged in her voyeurism. Realising she’d been seen, her cheeks flushed a deep red, but the busty blonde redoubled her pace, frantically jilling herself as her eyes roamed over her friend’s slim naked body. Shocked, Alice made to lift herself off Thomas’ cock, but suddenly he brought his arms out and grabbed her hips, bringing her to a stop just before his cock head slipped free. Then, Alice surprised everyone. Instead of leaping free, she locked eyes with Melissa, and slowly worked her way down Thomas’ cock again, maintaining the eye contact as she slid down his pole. As she finished, Melissa came hard, her body shaking and her free hand curling into the rumpled bedclothes.

Recovering from the shock of discovery, Alice looked over her friend, her gaze lingering on the wetness of her pussy and the way her tits strained to be free of her top. Maybe it was time to let those forbidden feelings out? She moved a little and shuddered at the way the still rock-hard cock stimulated her deflowered pussy. Could she really be so greedy as to keep this all to herself? Looking out from a veil of messy auburn hair, Alice threw a smouldering look her friend’s way. Melissa’s cheeks flushed and she moved to cover herself, but with a single motion, Alice stopped her. She extended one skinny pale arm, and beckoned her over.

Yes, an interesting night indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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