Under the Grandstand

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My wife Annie is 18 years younger than myself and at 44 she still has a

fine figure, in fact she’s downright sexy. Her best asset is her ass. She

is 5′ tall with reddish blonde hair, blue eyes and a bubble butt ass to die


We have always been a perfect match in that she is a true exhibitionist and

I really get turned on when some strange man is viewing her privates. Its

even better because she gets hottest when she can show her asshole and that

is also what makes me the hottest.

So it all makes sense. Her sexiest part is what turns her on the most to

show and turns me on the most to see someone looking at, particularly up

close. It is all like magic when we can manage to make this happen and the

lucky stranger thinks it is “accidental”.

We have found one place that works out perfectly for us. One of the

baseball diamonds in the sports complex that we live near has a set of

stands that has woods directly behind the stands. So no one can see what is

going on behind the stands unless they take the time to actually walk

behind the stands and look. We have found two interesting things about

those stands. 1) if someone is underneath the stands they can see up

Annie’s skirt and 2) there are usually a couple of teenage boys hanging

around the woods directly behind the stands. The way that the park is

setup, with the parking and the facilities, most people use the stands on

the opposite sideline of the ball diamond.

We discovered that if Annie wears a skirt, and sits with her butt off the

back edge of the seat, that someone can Maltepe Escort luck directly at her ass without

being detected if they are under the stands. For us this is perfect.

The first time we tried it we had talked about it all week and decided to

go to the ball games on Saturday. We had a lot of fun “practicing” with

Annie posing in different positions and me telling her what I could see

from below her as she sat in these positions. What worked best was for her

to sit with her butt off the back of the seat, butt not enough to be

uncomfortable.Then when she would bend forward, it would give the best

view. As she would bend forward, her beautiful pussy lips would come into

view. And at the same time her tight little asshole would open slightly

giving the hottest view of her asshole I have ever seen.

By Friday night we had it down pat. We had tried several skirts and found

more than one that worked perfectly for us. Friday night I also asked Annie

to play with her muscle control as I looked at her fantastic ass and

puckered asshole. We found that when she bent forward, slightly opening her

ass cheeks and asshole, that she could squeeze her sphincter muscle causing

her asshole to tighten and loosen which was even hotter yet.

On Saturday we were ready to try our plan.

When we arrived at the ball field we found we were in luck. There were just

a few people in the stands next to the woods with most of the people in the

stands along the opposite sideline. No one was sitting up high which meant

that no one would be behind us in the Maltepe Escort Bayan stands viewing what we were doing.

Annie had a pleated skirt on that was knee high or maybe an inch above her

knees. When we sat down she sat so her skirt ballooned out not putting

anything between her skin and the seat. If you were under the stands, you

would easily see her naked ass. We were only up about 5 feet from the

ground, which meant if someone came up from behind, they could actually get

their face just inches from Annie’s naked ass.

We noticed when we went around to that side to climb into the stands that

there were a couple of teenaged boys, sitting just inside the woods behind

the stands. Sure enough, after we had been seated about 5 minutes, I saw

the boys exit the woods and walk underneath the grandstand. I whispered to

Annie that we were about to have a couple of lookers and she just smiled.

She was watching below the stands by just slightly turning her head and

glancing down, not really noticeable. The two boys crept up so that they

were directly behind Annies ass and got within a foot of her as Annie bent

forward to open her asshole slightly for them and raise her ass slightly so

they could also see her pussy. As we sat their Annie whispered what was

going on in my ear. She told me she was squeezing her sphincter for them to


After about 10 minutes Annie drew in a sharp breath and whispered to me

that she thought one of them was just very lightly touching her asshole. I

was so hard I thought my boner was going to Escort Maltepe bust through my jeans. She

arched her back and bent forward slightly more for the guys below. She told

me that definitely she could feel some light touching of her pussy and

asshole. I asked her if she wanted to stop and she was not about to stop


Next she told me that she could definitely feel fingers on both ass cheeks

spreading her asshole a little wider. She also told me that she was

relaxing and trying to open her asshole as wide as she could using her

muscle control.

I know these two young men had never had and probably would never have such

a hot view in their lives again. As the ballgame went on the boys got much

braver and were not trying to hide what they were doing from us any longer.

They were fingering and licking Annies asshole and pussy. She came on their

fingers and their tongues several times. When Annie cums she squeezes her

eyes shut and her body shudders with the orgasm. Although it wouldn’t be

noticeable from a distance, I saw each time she came during the ballgame.

The fact that the boys were taking pictures of Annie’s ass and pussy with

their mobile phones made it even hotter.

We stayed for the whole game and enjoyed over an hour of hot, intense play.

It had gone further than we anticipated, but that was not a bad thing

because it just made it hotter and sexier. Needless to say that when we got

home we had the hottest sex we had ever had. We fucked all day for the rest

of the day and into the night. I had never wanted her more and she had

fulfilled a fantasy of hers to actually be touched, not just looked at.

We have decided we will repeat the activity and look for other

opportunities to have our special kind of fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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