Unexpected Find

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So there he was sitting at his computer, horny as always, scanning the sites looking for something interesting. Every now and then he would go to the escort sites to see if anyone interesting was coming to town. Over the last few years, he had visited with a few ‘traveling’ girls in addition to one local girl who, unfortunately, had retired on him.

You see, even though he was married, his wife just didn’t want to have sex. She was just never interested. It wasn’t like they had sex once a week and he was looking for it more than that. No, it was more like once or twice a year if he was lucky, and that just didn’t satisfy his needs. He knew it was cheating to visit with escorts but sometimes the small head did the thinking and the big head didn’t want to listen.

So that’s why he was on the web looking for some excitement that evening. Unfortunately there was no one interesting traveling into town the next few days. “Bummer,” he thought. So he headed to the site that listed the local girls. That was more of a crap shoot though. Most of those were not that interesting and he just wasn’t into ‘taking one for the team’ – i.e. seeing someone that wasn’t highly reviewed on the escort review sites on the off chance that she was worth it. True, his first visit with that other local girl hadn’t been based on any trusted reviews and it had turned out better than expected, but he figured that was just luck.

Most of the ads were the same ones he had seen before. No one grabbed his attention. Any one that was a little interesting, well, the pictures just didn’t do it for him. On to page 2 and then page 3. Whoa, there was someone that looked promising. He read a little more closely and zoomed to her page. ‘I’m not young but I’m too horny for my husband,’ it read. ‘Can you help me out? I recently started doing this as a way to have some fun on the side. To weed out the ‘undesirables’, two references from established ladies are required before we meet. Email me.’ She was at least keeping the riff-raff out by asking for references. That was good.

He clicked on the pictures and they zoomed out onto the screen. Nice body. Tight ass. Brunette hair though her face was blurred of course. Smallish but nice tits. She looked good. And then he glanced more closely at one of the pictures. What was that picture in the background? The photo had been taken with Ann Marie kneeling seductively on a bed, her hands covering her bra-encased breasts. But in the background was a painting of a blonde girl standing by a window. A picture he recognized. He looked at the bed covering, the dresser. Holy fuck. He knew where that was taken. That was his friends’ Gio and Cathy’s bedroom. He had known them for over 25 years and had been drooling over her for the whole time he’d known her.

Quickly he clicked again through all the pictures. A couple were taken elsewhere – bikini pictures while on vacation. But a couple more were in the same bedroom. Yes, it had to be her. And it really did look like her too, even without being able to see the face.

Amazed, he sat back on his chair. Cathy was an escort. Wow! She must have figured that by asking for references, her secret wouldn’t get out. It probably wouldn’t be good for the teaching job if the parents knew that their kids’ teacher was an escort on the side.

He had lusted over her ever since he had first met her at university all those years ago. She was the girl starring in many of his wet dreams and fantasies. He remembered vividly the two times they had kissed. Just small pecks though. First was early on during a party in their dorm and the second was years later at a New Years Eve concert. He had traveled with her and her husband a few times and spent many evenings and days at their place over the years – always hoping for a touch, a feel, a look. There was the time he could remember being in the hotel room next to theirs and listening to the two of them have sex. Oh how he wished it was him. He’d always watched for glimpses of hard erect nipples and maybe the occasional panty shot and had once even caught a quick glimpse of her pussy. And her mouth – she had the big wide mouth that looked built for sucking cock. How many times had he dreamed of those lips wrapped around his cock as he shot his cum down her throat? And that ass. Oh my! It was as tight now as it had been 25 years ago.

Was this his chance? Would she agree to see him?

While trying to decide, he headed to the review sites and searched for her name wondering if any hits would come up. Hmmm… a couple came up mentioning a new, milf-like, older escort that had just started in the business. They mentioned her nervousness but also how wild she would get once the fun began.

Oh yes, there was no chance of passing it up now. Quickly he opened up a new email and drafted a note. ‘I saw your ad on the escort website and am wondering if we could get together for a few hours. You asked for two references from other ladies. If you ask either Vivian Johnson or Beautiful Angie Maltepe Escort about Art from this email id, I’m sure they’ll remember me. I hope we can meet soon.’ After clicking send, he signed off his computer to wait for a reply.

The next day he checked his email and saw a response. ‘Hello Art. Yes, I’m sure we can get together. Let me check your references and I’ll get back to you asap. Ann Marie.’

That sounded promising and nervously he waited for her to do the reference check. Over and over he revisited the website studying the pictures. Yes, he was sure it was her. Over the years he had studied and stared at that body and there was no mistaking those breasts and that ass. Hopefully she wouldn’t ask too many questions of Vivian and Angie and possibly figure out that it was him asking to see her. She would quite likely back out if she did figure it out.

The next day came and went. No response. The next day came and there it was. ‘Hi Art. I emailed both Vivian and Angie, and they spoke quite highly of you, and assured me that we would have a good time. Forgive me for being blunt, but they both said that they really enjoyed being fucked by your thick cock. And since that came without any prompting from me, there’s no reason not to believe them. 🙂 I’m sure they wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t true. So, what did you have in mind? When would you like to meet? Where? For how long? I assume you saw my enumeration on the website and that I only do outcalls. Waiting to hear from you. Ann Marie. Xoxox’

He smiled broadly as he read the email. Without hesitation a response formed on his keyboard. ‘Hi Ann Marie. I’m glad to hear back from you. Yes, my visits with both Vivian and Angie were quite enjoyable. What did I have in mind? Well, I’m pretty sure we can figure out something when we see each other. I do believe I’ll see about getting a room with a Jacuzzi tub and we can slip and slide around in there, and all over the bed as well. When? Soon. How about Thursday morning – say 10 – to get an early start on the day? For three hours? That will give us time to really enjoy ourselves. Art’

Two hours later came the reply. ‘Thursday at 10 sounds great. Let me know the location as soon as you can. Any other requests? Lingerie, dress, toys? Ann Marie’

A phone call to a local hotel was done and a room was quickly booked. One he had been in before with a nice Jacuzzi, a DVD player and a big king sized bed. All the essentials.

Off went his response, ‘Room booked. Best Western. Jacuzzi tub. The whole deal. Lingerie – hmmm… Anything blue, or black. Dress – nothing specific – casual is good. Toys – that sounds like fun – bring anything you’ve got. I’m sure we can find things to do with them. I’ll let you know the room number that day. You don’t really mention anything about what is and isn’t off-limits. I was wondering what sort of ‘alphabet combinations’ we might enjoy together, if you know what I mean.’

Later that day came her reply. ‘That sounds fabulous. Send me a text at my number when you get the room. I’m sure I can throw together an outfit that will entice you sufficiently. 🙂 I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘alphabet combinations’ though. Can you explain that?’

‘Of course. Just search for things like DATY or DFK and you should find some info. ‘

It was only Monday yet so he had three days to think and dream and plan. What would she say and do when she saw it was him? Would she freak out and run off, or stay? Possible scenarios ran through his mind over and over. Some ended badly, some ended great. He was hoping for something towards the latter.

When Wednesday rolled around he saw that she had replied. ‘Thanks for the info. There are mostly yes’s with a few no’s thrown in. I’ll go over some of them. BBBJ and BLS and all its variations – I think I’d be up for any of them. I just love sucking cock and all it entails. BBFS would be a no – one has to stay safe. Not into BDSM either. Almost any position is good – cowgirl, Asian cowgirl, doggy, missionary, etc. DATO – no, but DATY is a yes if you’re up for it. Kissing is a must – DFK for sure. DP – never tried it though maybe someday. DT – I’ll do my best, which I think is pretty good. Anal – I’m up for that though if your cock is as big as Viv and Angie said, maybe not, unless we’re well lubricated. Ha. Gosh there are so many things there. Let’s just say that almost anything goes. It’s best to just go with the flow when I arrive. Looking forward to meeting you. Ann Marie xoxox.’

Wow, he thought. She really is wild. Thinking back he remembered watching porn movies with her husband and noticing his leaning towards anal in those. It sounded like he had turned her on to that as well. Fucking her ass wasn’t high on his own list though holding those hips and doing it doggy did cause an erection that threatened to tear through his jeans.

The day crawled by and Thursday started off warm and sunny. As soon as possible, he skipped out of work and headed Maltepe Escort Bayan to the room. Upon checking in, he quickly sent a text off to inform ‘Ann Marie’ of the room number. Within a couple minutes came her reply. Once that was out the way, he set up the room. A couple xxx dvd’s had been rented the previous evening in case that possibility came up so he put those near the player. A bottle of wine had been purchased so he put that in the small fridge. Everything was in place. Now to wait.

Nervously he sat on the couch in the room and watched some TV. The time was 9:30. This was going to be a long half hour.

Around 9:50, he started peaking out the window watching for her arrival. Nothing. Five minutes later he looked again and a car was pulling into the parking lot. Yes, it definitely was Cathy that got out of the car carrying a bag over her shoulder. Oh boy. The time had arrived. He was as nervous as he had ever been before. The moment was arriving soon.

He took a deep breath and waited. Moments later came a knock on the door. Just to make sure, he took a quick peak through the peep-hole. There she was. Looking a little nervous as she waited. He unlocked the door and opened it.

She looked up to his face with a smile, “Hi…,” and froze. “Ummm… Art. Hi. Ummm… I was coming to see someone. I think I have the wrong room.” And she turned to leave down the hall.

“Cathy, wait,” he said and reached out to grab her arm. “Wait. Hi. Yes, it’s me.”

She looked back in shock. “What?”

“It’s me. You’re at the right room.”

“Ummm..,” she stuttered.

“Come on in. Please,” he begged. “Please.”

She hesitated a moment. “Would she stay or would she go?” he wondered.

“Well, OK,” she agreed reluctantly and he stepped aside so she could slip into the room.

“Want some wine?”

“It’s a little early … but that might be a good idea right about now.”

He headed over to the bottle and poured her a glass as she stood nervously only steps in from the door. It was almost like she was preparing to bolt from the room.

He turned and handed her the wine. God she looked fabulous. Obviously she had put on a little more makeup than normal as her beautiful dark eyes were prominently displayed.

She spoke and broke his concentration, “But Art, I checked your references and they knew you. How can that be? What about Lynn?”

He should have known she’d ask that, and he figured he may as well explain it. “The truth is that Lynn just isn’t that interested in sex these days. Well, actually it’s been a few years. What would you say is a normal number of times to have sex with your husband?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know what a normal number is. Once a week, once a month?”

“Well, we’ve had sex maybe once or twice a year the last three or four years.”

“Really? Oh, I see.” She took a drink of her wine as she thought about that.

“Come sit down,” he said. “It’s easier to talk that way.” And he led her to the sofa.

They sat down and both took a drink while he waited for her thoughts to get in line.

She started talking, “So that’s why you’ve seen escorts lately?”

He nodded. “Yes. And you know, before I met Lynn, that’s about the only … release I had. Well, other than thinking about you,” he added with a shy grin. “And now I’ve sort of fallen back into old habits. So that’s my story, what’s yours?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she started.

“Why not? We’ve known each other a long time. Something must have brought on this … career choice.”

“Yes, that’s true.” Another sip. “It’s a similar story I guess. With Gio’s back the way it is, we just can’t do it as often as I’d like. And I was getting sort of bored. I was on the web surfing and came across the escort site. It started me thinking.”

“Does Gio know?” he asked.

She nodded. “He does. I think, no I know it excites him. He wants to know details when I get home. He usually jacks off while I describe it. A couple times we’ve had sex but that’s usually a little hard for me … especially if the date was … tiring, if you know what I mean,” she added with a little smile.

He was glad to see that some of her nervousness was gone and she was starting to act more normal. With a smile in return, he nodded. “I see.”

They both sat deep in thought for a minute or so. He couldn’t help but check out her body. She was, as always, in fantastic shape. She had a low cut, loose top on that showed an inkling of cleavage. Her jeans were tight and he knew that her gorgeous ass would be amazing in them, though he couldn’t see it at the moment.

She looked up from staring into her glass. “Did you know it was me? You must have.”

He nodded. “I was pretty sure. I recognized your bedroom in the pictures, especially the picture on your bedroom wall.”

“Of course. Maybe I should get some pictures taken in a different location – not at home.”

“I’d take some,” he quickly offered.

She Escort Maltepe smiled in his direction. “Oh, you would, would you? How nice of you to volunteer.”

He shrugged in response and smiled back. “Always willing to help.”

“Too bad I don’t have a camera, eh?”

“I do. Just on my phone but it would work.”

“Hmmm… I’ll have to think about that.” Cathy held out her empty glass, “Can I have some more? I seem to have finished mine.”

He jumped up to grab the bottle and as he poured, Cathy let out a little giggle.

“What?” he asked.

“I was just thinking about some of the things I said in my emails. That’s embarrassing.”


“Because it’s you of course.”

“That shouldn’t matter. I thought it was hot.”

“Thanks.” Again she took a drink and laughed again. “What am I going to tell Gio?”

“Oh, good point. I’m not sure.”

“Me neither.”

“That’s assuming you’re willing to go through with this,” he spoke with a scared thought that she may want to back out.

“Do you want to?”

“I knew it was you when I emailed you. And I think you know how I’ve felt about you all these years.”

She nodded. “Yes, I guess I have known.”

He waited while she sat there in thought, hoping she’d come to the decision he wanted. After a minute or so, she spoke, “Why not? I’m finding that this is a dangerous business, not knowing what the next guy is going to be like, whether he’s a jerk or a freak. That’s why I threw in the reference part. This makes it much easier in that way, since I know you. And the secret is out, isn’t it? For both of us. I think it will be fun – different, but fun. So let’s pretend we don’t know each other for starters and see how that works.”

“Sounds good to me,” he answered with a huge grin.

“So, Art,” she spoke up, “since we’ve never met, do you have an envelope for me?”

“Yes. It’s right over here,” and he grabbed it off the counter and handed it to her. She took a quick look inside and slipped it into her bag.

She leaned over towards him and whispered, “We want to go on another trip, so this is helping to pay for it.” She leaned back and went back into ‘working’ mode. “So, do you mind if I freshen up a bit first?”

“Of course not, the bathroom is over that way.”

“I’ll be right back.” She grabbed her bag and walked towards the bathroom. Oh yes, those jeans showed that lovely ass to perfection. When she got to the door, she quickly turned and grinned, “Caught you.”


“Don’t be.”

The door closed and he was alone. Quickly he downed the rest of his wine and refilled both glasses. Picking them up, he brought them to the bed and placed them on the nightstand. Nervously he sat down on the bed to await her return.

Should he undress or just wait? That was always a question but he decided to just sit back on the bed and wait.

He heard the bathroom door opening and turned towards the sound. What he saw made his heart skip a beat. Cathy was leaning in the doorframe wearing a sheer white baby doll piece of lingerie. Underneath he could make out a pair of little white panties and that was all she had on. Her breasts were held up by a narrow string of fabric and they seemed ready to fall right out. “Do you like?” she asked.

All he could do was nod.

“I’m glad. Sorry I didn’t have anything all blue but this does have some blue lacing and bows,” she apologized running her fingers along the edge of her top and pointing at a small bow on her panties. “One thing about this job is that I get to wear and show off some really nice lingerie, don’t you think?”

Again he nodded in agreement.

“Something wrong Art?” she asked with a grin.

He shook his head, “Uh uh.”

Like a cat, she slinked towards him. “Maybe I can help. Sit on the edge of the bed.” He quickly complied and she came within inches of him. Right there before his eyes were the breasts he had dreamed about for years. They were still covered but only barely. Thru the white fabric, he could make out her dark nipples starting to harden and push outwards.

She placed her hands on his cheeks and lifted his face upwards, away from the view before them. “Do you remember our first kiss Art?”

“I do.”

“Me too.”


“Of course. That party in your dorm back at university. I wish we could have kissed more.”

“Oh god, Cathy. Me too.”

“Let me make it up to you.”

With that she leaned down and their lips met. At first tentatively and then with undisguised passion. Art’s hands wrapped themselves around her body and pulled her close. As their mouths met, he could feel her breasts pressing against his upper body. Cathy wrapped her legs around his body and climbed onto his lap. He ran his hands down to her ass and massaged the ass cheeks he had always wanted to touch.

After a few minutes of kissing, Cathy pulled back. “Oh wow,” she mumbled.

All Art could do was to try to take deep breaths and come back to earth. His hands continued to hold her ass against his crotch. His cock was uncomfortably hard in his pants.

With a grin, Cathy wiggled around some. “Got something in there for me, Art?”


“Vivian and Angie said it was big. I want to see it.”

“I think they were exaggerating some.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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