Unexpected Pleasure in the Hot Tub

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I will never forget the best orgasm that I have ever had. I was 18, fresh out of high school, and desperately seeking work. It felt as though the job hunt was getting harder and harder every day.

My mom’s friend Susan was going out of town for a few days, and needed someone to watch the house. I gratefully took the job, excited about making some extra cash, and having her whole house to myself for three days.

I drove to her house excited for the alone time, not even aware that I was about to discover the best feeling I have ever had. After watching TV for a few hours I got bored and decide to venture outside. It was about 8 PM, the sun was just going down, and there was a wonderful breeze in the air that felt great against my skin.

I spotted her hot tub out in her yard. “Awesome!” I thought. I was tired, and sore from the intense gym session I had done the day before. The hot tub was exactly what I needed.

I took off my clothes and jumped in quickly, afraid beşiktaş escort of anyone looking out of their windows and seeing me. The hot water was amazing and I felt like I was melting into it. I looked around and found the button that operates the water jets. There were three different speeds. I pressed the first one, and settled my back against it, enjoying the massage I was getting. I was finally getting a little too warm, so I decided to get out.

I turned my body and leaned over the hot tub wall to grab my towel, and two things happened at the exact same time. The first was as soon as I raised the upper part of my body out of the water, the breeze caressed my nipples, and they immediately got hard. I have always had very sensitive nipples, and the sudden hardening sent a dull ache down to my clit, and made me moan softly.

The second thing that happened was that when I turned around to lean over, my clit was now in direct contact şişli escort with the water jet.

I had never experienced this before, and it took me a second to realize what was happening. My towel lay completely forgotten on the ground while I moved closer to the water jet. “Oh my god,” I said softly as I pushed my pussy right against the jet. I pulled one of my tits up and sucked on my nipple while the water lashed against my clit. I moaned loudly with my nipple still in between my lips. My hips were starting to grind against the water, I had no control of them.

I was no longer worried about any neighbors seeing. My back was arched, my nipples hard, and my head thrown back with my eyes squeezed shut. I was whimpering and moaning and I couldn’t stop. “Yes, yes, right there, oh god yes right there,” I couldn’t help but start to talk to the delicious water jet, egging it on, wanting to cum so badly.

The steam and the heat from the bahçeşehir escort bayan hot tub were making me start to sweat, but I didn’t care. The feelings were getting stronger and stronger, and my thighs began to shake. “Oh god, oh my god, oh don’t stop, please don’t stop.” I couldn’t stop bucking my hips against the jet, and begging the jet to keep pounding my erect clit. I was pinching my nipples and crying out against the strong pressure of the water.

I pressed the button for the highest speed of the jets. “Oh im gonna cum, im gonna fucking cum.” I knew I was close; there was no stopping it now. I was pinching my nipples hard, my head was still thrown back. The pleasure was almost more than I could take. I felt the orgasm starting to build, faster, and stronger, unlike any other I had ever felt. I was grinding my pussy against the jet; I couldn’t get enough of it. “Oh Fuuuck!” My orgasm took me, it was like an explosion of pure pleasure. I was moaning and whimpering, shaking, and clawing at my tits. My eyes rolled in the back of my head and I shuddered and finally started to calm down.

Every time Susan goes out of town, I am always the first one to volunteer to watch her place. Though none of my hot tub orgasms have been as amazing as that first one, it is still my favorite way to get off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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