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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thank you to Only By Moonlight for editing my first story. Enjoy!


Ava sighed as she rang the buzzer to Rob’s apartment. She was not in the mood to celebrate tonight. However she was practically duty bound to attend his birthday party. He had persuaded her by suggesting it would be a small, civilised gathering, and as his best friend she most definitely had to be there.

She could barely hear Rob’s voice as it crackled over the intercom, being drowned out by sounds of thumping music and laughter. So much for low key, she thought to herself.

“Hey Rob, buzz me up” She said in a business like tone. Maybe she could have one or two drinks, make her excuses and leave. She sighed again as she walked up the stairs, and silently made a promise to herself that she’d at least try and pretend to have a good time.

Rob and Ava were old college friends, having bonded as Chemistry lab partners. Over the years they had stayed in contact with each other as other friends had drifted away. They saw each other as often as they could, which recently Ava had to admit, was not very often.

When they had first met, there had definitely been a spark there — a young, naive sort of chemistry which neither of them ever really acknowledged. Besides, all through college Ava had a steady boyfriend. Johnny had moved with her to NYU and they had their own place together. By the time they broke up towards the end of college, Ava and Rob’s relationship was most definitely plutonic, and a steady succession of boyfriends and girlfriends for each had meant that it had stayed that way for the past few years.

However, currently both Ava and Rob were single. This was definitely an unusual turn of events, and Ava idly wondered if the chemistry between them would reignite now that there were no distractions. Probably not. She conceded in her head – although she knew there were still lingering feelings on her part. She was pretty sure Rob just saw her as a friend, and she tried not to let this bother her. But tonight she vowed to herself she’d have a good time, maybe flirting with Rob’s attractive and loud roommate, Nick.

“Hey Ava!” Rob was so tall, she never remembered just how much he towered over her until she saw him. She had to admit that he looked good tonight, his dark brown hair and startling blue eyes had always made an attractive combination. He had always been skinny at college, but in the five years since graduating he’d filled out and his shoulders had broadened.

“Happy birthday Rob” Ava handed him a six pack of beers. “What happened to a quiet gathering, huh?”

“You only turn 27 once” He joked in a mock serious tone. “Now, come help me celebrate!” He broke off one of the beers she’d brought and pushed it into her hand. He put his arm round her shoulder companionably and led her into the living room.

Almost immediately Rob was distracted by what looked like a very complicated drinking game. He joined in with the shouts of his friends, leaving Ava to wander aimlessly into the kitchen. She took a swig of her beer and looked around for Nick. Realising that he too was embroiled in the drinking game in the lounge, she braced herself before deciding to join in.

Ava was never very good at drinking games, and this appeared to be no exception. Feeling slightly worse for wear after playing a few rounds with Rob and his work mates, she made a weak excuse that she needed porno indir the bathroom, and unsteadily headed to the kitchen, hiccupping as she went. For a minute or two, Rob’s friends shouted in mock outrage “Ava come back! It’s your turn!” before giving up and steadily becoming drunker and drunker.

Ava sat down and held her head between her hands, breathing deeply in an attempt to sober up. Feeling a light touch on her shoulder, she looked up to see Rob leaning over her, looking worried

“Hey kiddo, are you ok?” He asked.

“Yeah…I just suck at drinking games” She replied. “I’m definitely getting too old for them” She groaned. “I think it’s time I left”. Ava attempting to stand resolutely and only stumbled slightly. She felt slightly better now she couldn’t smell the distinctive liquorice tang of sambuca that the others were shooting in the living room.

“But we’ve barely had chance to catch up” Rob said, looking slightly hurt and annoyed.

“Hey, don’t be like that”. Ava reached upwards to give him a reassuring hug. He pulled back, with his arms still around her, and looked into her eyes, with a troubled expression across his face.

“What’s wrong?” Ava asked. She hadn’t meant to upset him and now it seemed she had.

“Ava” He started. “There’s something I’d quite like for my birthday”. Suddenly resolved, Rob’s hand gently lifted a tendril of hair that had framed Ava’s face, and bent down to kiss her gently on the lips.

For a moment she couldn’t react, too stunned to move. But then she began to kiss him back, the moment seeming endless in her tipsy state. Suddenly every nerve ending in her body seemed alive, and the alcohol combined with this amazingly unexpected kiss made her realise that she was very turned on. But…this was Rob! Kissing her and making his intentions clear. She broke away, confused.

“Rob…what…what are you doing?” She asked breathlessly.

“Do you want me stop?” He spoke quietly, but concerned.

“No.” She replied, the alcohol emboldening her. “I want you to fuck me”

She had to give him credit –he didn’t miss a beat, smiling as he took her hand and lead her into his bedroom. A million thoughts were running through head, but her sudden overwhelming desire for him drowned them all out.

Raucous laughter and shouts from the other room were only slightly dampened when Rob closed the door.

He turned round to face her, hungrily eyeing her face, her breasts, and her legs. Seeing him look at her in this new and novel way gave Ava a surge of pleasure. Moonlight bathing her auburn hair in a cool grey glow, she moved towards him and began to kiss him once again. He pushed her towards his bed piled high with the coats of his guests, and they continued to kiss, urgently and hungrily.

His hands moved up her sides, pulling at her floral party dress in a bid to explore what lay beneath. Helping him, Ava freed herself from the confines of her clothing, removing everything but her pale peach french knickers.

“God Ava…” He murmured into her ear, gently flicking the lobe with his tongue. At that moment Ava realised they had reached the point of no return; they were crossing a line they had carefully constructed over the years and there was no going back.

This realisation emboldened her. She grasped her right breast, erect nipple peeking out behind her splayed fingers. Slowly and very deliberately, rokettube she proffered her tit towards his mouth. He leaned forward, looking into her eyes as he caressed her nipple with his tongue, suckling and nibbling the taut skin. He brought his hands up, cupping her breasts and regaining control. He pushed them together, relishing their roundness and pertness.

Rougher now, Rob licked and pulled at both nipples and watched with satisfaction as her eyes fluttered shut and she let out a soft moan. Her tits were so full and big, almost out of proportion with her petite frame and narrow waist. He continued to play with them, knowing his attentions were exactly what she required. Ava’s breathing became heavier as he rolled his tongue over her left nipple, his hot moist mouth carefully licking every inch of her breast.

The continuous background of voices and music served as the soundtrack to their actions. Putting his finger to his lips, Rob smiled down at Ava as he pulled off his shirt, revealing a hard stomach and a trail of hair that continued down under the waist of his jeans. After taking those off too, he pulled Ava up on to his lap, her legs wrapping tightly around his waist.

The air felt cool on her wet skin, her breast goose-bumped from the temperature and his attentions. For what felt like an endless amount of time she was motionless. She was straddled around his waist, feeding each breast in turn into his eager mouth whilst his erect cock nestled insistently between the thin material of his boxer shorts and her underwear.

“We probably shouldn’t…” She leaned forward, whispering into his ear.

He stopped what he was doing, letting her breast fall from his mouth.

“I’m going to fuck you Ava” He looked her in the eye, his voice low but sure.

He kissed her on the lips urgently, his tongue seeking out hers. He began to nibble her lower lip, pulling on it gently with her teeth. She moaned into his mouth as his hands began to travel down her stomach, pushing down the almost translucent underwear.

He broke the kiss and pushed her off his lap. Moving downwards, he inhaled the potent scent of her aroused sex, and paused in front of her pussy, staring at the glistening folds that were bathed in silvery moonlight.

She was so aroused, panting as loudly as she dared, not wanting to alert any one to their actions. Her nipples were still erect, and as she looked into his eyes she began to circle her fingers around them, deliberately playing with herself just for him.

He raised his eyebrow, slightly amused but definitely enjoying her wanton behaviour. For a moment they stared at each other with pure naked desire. He lowered his head and firmly licked a line from her pussy entrance up to her clit. Her head fell back and she surrendered to the delicious sensations he was stirring inside of her. He licked every inch of her pussy, his saliva mingling with her own juices causing her skin to become slick with liquid.

She gave a sharp intake of breath as she felt his finger gently move downwards, circling her ass, instantly heightening the pleasure that was building inside her. His other hand began to explore her cunt at the same time — two fingers slipping into her tightness and curving to her g spot. His tongue continued to flick the nub of her clit as he lapped eagerly at her pussy.

She was rolling her nipples harder now, pinching porno more roughly as her arousal heightened. She loved the feel of her large breasts under her hands knowing it was turning him on almost as much as herself. Low moans escaped her lips despite her best efforts to keep quiet, and she began to grind against his face as he fucked her hard and urgently with his tongue and fingers.

Knowing she was fast reaching the point of no return, she quickly pulled him away.

“I want us to cum together.” She whispered.

He smiled and firmly picked her up, her legs not leaving his waist as he moved towards the bedroom door. For one wild moment she thought he was going to open it, but instead he pushed her firmly against the door and reached over her shoulder, pulling it shut so that the handle clicked.

Deftly, he pushed her thighs so that she was standing with her legs apart. She looked down at his cock, the site of its engorged head glistening with pre-cum making her mouth water. Sucking him could wait until later she thought, right now she needed to be fucked, and she could see in his eyes that he needed this as badly as she did.

With restraint, Rob pushed his cock against her clit, her juices mingling with his and coating her soft pussy lips.

“You tasted so good” He murmured into her ear whilst once more cupping her left tit. As he trailed small kisses down the side of her neck, he unexpectedly plunged his stiff cock into her slick cunt.

She immediately reacted to his hard thrusts, meeting his hips as he slammed into her. He knew exactly what she needed and was not afraid to be rough with her. One hand was still playing with her tit whilst his other arm braced them against the door.

She ran her hands over the defined muscles in his shoulders and arms as he fucked her. She closed her eyes and let herself feel his cock pushing into her tightness as her juices dribbled onto his balls and down her thighs.

“Harder Rob.” She commanded, breathlessly.

He was only too glad to oblige, pumping in and out of her with a fierce enthusiasm that made her feel almost numb with the waves of pleasure that were building once more inside her.

Their fucking was intense, hard, and almost frantic. It was if they were making up for the years of missed opportunities and fantasies they had each had for each other.

As Ava began to cum, Rob firmly placed the palm of his hand over her mouth, attempting to stifle the moans that were coming freely now. Her nails scrapped along his back, and this combined with the contracting warmth of her pussy was enough to send him over his own cliff edge.

At the summit of his pleasure, Rob pushed into Ava’s pussy roughly and gave a small grunt as his own fluid spurted out of his cock. In a few fast thrusts he came, pumping his creamy semen into her obliging cunt.

Their movements slowed, and Rob pulled out of her, looking intently at her as if to gauge her reaction to what they had just done.

At that moment, there was a knock at the bedroom door. Rob froze, not taking his eyes off Ava’s.

“Hey, Rob? Are you in there?”

The voice was Nick’s. Ava was giggling silently. Finger to her lips once more, Rob made shushing sounds, looking at her in panic.

“Uh, yeah I’m just…looking for something. I’ll be out in a sec Nick” He stuttered.

Luckily, Nick seemed ignorant to the strange tone Rob’s voice had taken.

“Well don’t take too long, you’re missing all the action birthday boy”. Nick replied.

Hearing him return to the living room, both Ava and Rob breathed a sigh of relief. Laughing silently, Rob picked Ava up once more and took her gently to the bed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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