Unforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 09

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Padme’s Story Part 2

Late that evening, before we went to our separate rooms we decided to have a very light snack and coffee. We were still feeling quite filled up from the multitude of food brought to our table. Inside my private territory I had a quick hot shower and put myself inside a cozy track suite. Padme came out of the room rolled up in a new house coat. With her came the oil and the towel. She asked me to strip. I obliged and took my position on the towel with my stomach pressed on the towel. A quick massage was the order of the day. No erotic messing around took place. She patted my ass, I turned over and she was over me in less than 15 minutes. Of course today was a light day. She gave my feet a good rub down. Too sore, after the long drive. When she finished she stood up, opened the house coat and very slowly and seductively took it off. She was wearing one of those sexy filmy panties we bought the previous day. I watched her with great interest. She had a very beautiful body, breasts, ass and legs to match. She smiled at me, turned slowly giving me a good look of her ass and kept turning to face me again. Very slowly she put her hands in her waist bands of her panties and very slowly started moving them, rolling them down her thighs exposing the very dark dense bush which was covering her darkish pussy.

I was gazing at the centre of her intimate feature, the area between her legs. She looked very beautiful especially when she bent down giving me the possibility of seeing her full round tits hanging from her body with the hard nipples pointing downwards. My cock, which until now was behaving kindly, immediately sprang to attention. I was watching with fascination, Padme still pulling her panties down along her legs, her pussy hidden between them and those desirable tits hanging there ready to be sucked. She started turning… slowly… slowly… giving me more exposure to her round ass, as a profile; continued turning until her ass cheeks were in total vision. My pleasure was too great to miss a millimeter of her beautiful body. My hard cock was getting harder and harder while her ass cheeks were in full view… her pussy lips extended outwards between her most perfect legs. She lifted one leg, pulled out one side of her flimsy panties while giving me a better view of her pussy with the small butterfly wings glistening with love juice protruding out from between her crack as she lifted her right leg.

In a seductive way she put her leg down slowly, and very slowly lifted her other leg, opening it as wide as possible, which gave me a clearer picture of her secret haven. Slowly she pulled her panty off the other leg before lowering it down, leaving a wide open space between her legs so as her ass cheeks kept also an open distance. She seemed to be very excited, exposing herself to me probably trying to find out, how far can I hold without making an advance.

My limits were really being tested. My hard cock was there for the entire world to see, as hard as a steel rod resting on my pelvis. She was looking at it from between her open legs while I was still starring fascinated at her well sculptured behind. She stood up slowly, turned her head to look at me, while turning herself facing me. She moved closer to me, looking into my eyes from high up like a pillar of love… opened her legs again to give a frontal view. I was astonished at the way she was trying anything to seduce me.

I, more than desired to look into the depths of that hot volcano, which sure was more than ready to erupt. I moved my eyes slowly up, until they were fixed on her eyes. We starred at each other. Our eyes were locked. Then like a thunderbolt she closed her legs and made me a sign to turn over. I turned over on my stomach. My cock was pressing against the towel material I had under me. I felt her slowly sitting next to me and after a few seconds cold oil was poured over my body. I shivered with the cold shock of the liquid. It was a generous amount. With her hands she distributed an equal layer, felt quit thick over the whole of my back my arse and along the back of my legs. ‘Ready Sam?’ asked Padme. ‘More than yes,’ I answered while I felt her taking position on top of my body, with her legs on either side of my ass coming down slowly on top of me with her hard nipples moving against my back in a figure of eight. The nipples were like nails moving over my back, sometimes feeling her bush touching my buttocks. My cock had already reached the highest temperature, pressed between by body and the floor. She moved backwards towards my ass and continued massaging me with her nipples, just light strokes going over the smoothness of my bottom’s skin. The height was reached when she moved her nipples in the crack of my ass. Up and down either one side or other they moved with great art.

My cock was getting stronger and stronger and I was trying not to make any moves as I was sure I would have shot there and then. I was so excited that the feeling almanbahis yeni giriş I was enjoying was incredible. It was the first time I enjoyed the beauty of a body to body massage in reality as this was far superior to the one I had visited, which was too commercial.

She moved closer to my body until I felt the whole of her body weight all over my body. I was being squeezed between her body and the floor until she started sliding all over my body, again with help of the oil. The movements she was making, her tits and the whole of her front was running up and down, sideways and in every other position over my whole back with her pussy moving along the length of my legs while she had her legs just on each side of my leg. First one leg than she automatically moved over to the other leg. Ooooh it was fantastic. Her professionalism was incredible. The way she was massaging my back and my ass was unbelievable. She did this for about 10 minutes. She stopped, lifted her body from mine and then continued for about 2 minutes with the light strokes of her tits. The feeling was great and I wanted her to last as long as possible although I knew that there was more of it in store, in future months.

She lifted herself up and asked me to turn over on my back. I done so and immediately I felt the oil pouring over my body. Her hand started spreading it all over including my hard cock. She gave him a few strokes and there and then she settled herself over my body with her pussy touching my cock. Moved it a few times like a good tease and then came further up and presented her beautiful hanging tits with her still hard nipples over my mouth and straight away down to start massaging the area around my own breasts, every now and then hitting my nipples. Her bush kept playing war games with my cock while I must say I was enjoying the situation more than a child with a new toy. Slowly she rested herself over my stomach and her body started sliding all over my whole body with her pussy again against my legs. It was an incredible feeling which I couldn’t describe.

After about five minutes she lifted herself up and started teasing my cock with her tits. Well, I started holding back as much as possible. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to make me come, but I wanted to last as long as possible as I was very curious of what will happen after. I was sure that if I came I would have lost most the pleasures and interest. She stopped, came back over my body and continued massaging the whole length of myself until she stopped precisely over the fame of my whole body exactly with her beautiful eyes focused on mine.

‘Thanks Padme; that was the best massage I ever had. I think that now you are spoiling me.’ ‘No Sam I will never be able to repay for what you have done to me. I am so happy to be here, Sam that the only compensation I can offer is the good things that I had learned in life. This is the only factor that makes me proud that I had this something which made you very happy.’ ‘Very happy indeed, Padme. I hope it wasn’t too tiring for you.’

‘It was also, a massage for my body, although I cannot do my back. But I will teach you how to give me a more than good massage, Sam. I think it is time for a hot shower? Let’s go.’

She stood up, gave me her hand and helped me get up. She started walking towards my room from where we entered the bathroom. She looked at me with a big smile while adjusting the water temperature, then signaled me to join her. As soon as I entered she turned the shower towards me and wetted me all over as also herself, stopped the water flow, took the shower gel and started massaging by back, ass the crack and all the other parts of the body including my balls and cock. It was still hard. She pumped me a few times up and down while she touched the centre point of my ass. This; gave extra sensations, and |I was sure that she was anticipating if I will shoot or not. She stopped at the right time, looked at me with a big smile and said ‘Your turn.’

I took the gel, poured a good quantity on my hands and started from her back, down to over her ass and between her legs, going down to her ankles. When I was doing the front I was very careful not to get too close to her sex. I wanted to keep my diplomacy. I washed her pubic bone with all the thick dense hairy stuff she had while I looked into her eyes. ‘Can’t I?’ ‘Yes please, why not.’ I moved my hand slowly over her pussy and started washing it very carefully, lightly and in the end even managed to get my soapy fingers inside her crack between her swollen lips, just for a few short moments. I couldn’t say if she was wet or not as my hands were too wet to distinguish.

After I finished soaping her we rinsed and toweled each other. In a short time we met in the kitchen prepared a light evening meal, some tea and enjoyed some music and television. Nothing further was said regarding the experiences of the afternoon. While she went to her room to dress for dinner almanbahis I was thinking whether I should take a right decision and seducer her, and then make love to her; or not. What’s done; was done. I decided to hold on, and watch for any outcomes.

We retired to bed rather early. She went to her bedroom after a good night kiss while I thanked her for the very good experience and which I was still enjoying the after feelings.

Although I didn’t get close to seducing her I was sure that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. I wanted her to come closer to me and ask me; to beg me, rather than taking the initiative myself. It was a far cry, I thought. Most of the time’ seductions come from the males, but as I was her boss in a sort of way, I decided to play my part painfully, until she was ready. About fifteen minutes after I went to bed she came and knocked on the door. ‘Yes.’ ‘Can I come in, please? ‘Yes or course,’ she walked into my room while I switched on the bedside lamp. She was wearing a see through nightie with her hard dark nipples extended outwards, producing a tent like form on her night dress. I looked her through. She looked beautiful with the lining of a very small panty just covering her pussy with strings going to the back and probably just a string in the crack of her ass. ‘Any problems?’ I asked.

‘Not really…, just couldn’t sleep…, rather feeling cold.’ I looked at her desirable body and then towards her eyes. ‘Can …, can I…, emm sleep here?’ ‘If you think you can feel better, sure; no problem for me.’ As soon as I finished, she closed the door and walked over to my king size bed, lifted the covers very slowly and crawled next to me. I was in the nude; as usual, and the feeling of the lifting of the covers, the cold air immediately came to me. My cock immediately knew that something was up so without any permission asked, started to wake up slowly, its’ glands filling with blood until he became like a piece of steel.

She settled with her back to me, her cold short nightie rested against by chest, her ass pushing against my now very hard cock. He found the right spot as he settled along side the bare crack of her ass. She made a few, well undesirable movements with her ass, making sure she got the right feeling of its’ hardness, but sure she put me in a very dangerous situation.

My hardness became worst and it wanted nothing more than to explode. I started getting very worried as sure I didn’t want to wet all the bedclothes before something else might happen. I tried to move my body away from her, lowering the temperature enough that it will not explode. My cock was like a boiler without a safety valve.

She kept her distance, but not for long. She pushed her ass back again and this time found the exact position where it settled exactly along the crack of her ass. She must have been, very horny. ‘Am I causing you any trouble, Sam?’ ‘What do you mean?’ I tried to play the fool. ‘Don’t try to play the innocent, Sam?’ And with that she giggled a little and pushed the crack of her ass harder against my hard rod. ‘Yes, Padme, I am in a very dangerous situation, you know what I mean.’ She didn’t say anything; she just pulled her ass away, enough to save the day. To encourage her and make her feel wanted, I moved my right hand over to the front of her body and started massaging the soft material of her nightie against her body, which was very cold. I was sure she hadn’t even entered her bed.

I moved my hand along her front until I cupped one of her full ripe breasts. Her nipple was hard as ever. ‘Mmmm.’ she moaned with pleasure while pushing her ass, back again, against my hard cock. ‘Oh! Sam it’s nice and cozy here. Better than sleeping alone.’

‘You like it?’

‘Oh yea it’s great.’ She answered while she turned towards me. With the light still on, she looked into my eyes. ‘I’m sorry I’m causing you all this turbulence down under, but for that matter I’m as horny as you are. I like that we do something about it, Sam, but I don’t like you to think anything wrong in me, you understand what I mean. I’ve been only a few days living here!’

‘I’ve been in the same situation, whether I’ll seduce you or not. You’re very beautiful, Padme and very attractive. I couldn’t stop watching you and desiring you; plus what you done to me in the last few days made my nights very, very uncomfortable.’

‘I understand very well when a man was living alone and then find himself, with a girl who was using all her charms and means to get his sexual attention; the last three days were hell. I couldn’t sleep unless I touched myself. I even thought a lot about you and me making love, satisfying our sexual animalistic desires and feelings…but there’s a problem Sam.’

‘What do you mean?’ Sam asked confused.

‘Well…nothing really special… I’m not protected at the moment, so we have to use protection.’

‘No problem there, dear. I’ll always keep a few handy…and’

‘And for almanbahis adres your sake…I like to have a check up so that you know I’m clean, not pregnant; and prefer to go on the pill as soon as the next period is due. Sam, I’ve told you I may have to leave here, suddenly, if something happened to my mother, so please be ready that we enjoy each other with no commitments.’

‘Yes, Padme, you already explained to me your problem, but what do you mean without commitment?’ I asked, more as I needed more clarifications.

‘Well Sam…, we can do what you like together, fuck, suck but only for pleasure, just to satisfy each other’s sexual wishes and desires. Do you understand Sam?’

‘Perfectly well my dear. Any barriers you like to keep?’

‘Just two, enjoy all kinds of sexual pleasures together without getting pregnant and leave only if something, suddenly happens…which I hope wouldn’t be soon. I’m loving every moment living with you, Sam’

‘Thanks for you trust, Padme. To morrow I’ll arrange an appointment with the doctor.’

‘Thanks Sam…, can we make love now, as I’m very, very horny probably much more than your nice hard Lingam.’ She said as she took my hard cock in her hand and started feeling it like a soft toy, although he was as hard as steel. ‘Oh Sam your Lingam needs a nice massage, but not now, maybe one of these days, then I’ll teach you how to massage my Yoni. Now I just want you to make love to me. No more waiting please.’

I knew precisely what she was referring to as she had already hinted something about these tantric names but never went into their meanings. Later on I have learned a lot as you’ll come across as the story continues to evolve.

‘How far you like to go Sam?’ I think this was an interesting question on her behalf, but sure I wanted to go as far as I could satisfy all her dreams as also mine especially since that first goodnight kiss she bestowed on me after she entered my premises.

‘I’ve no idea where you like to start or stop, Padme. I’ll be happy that we flow with the current so to say… understood.’

‘Perfectly Sam; get me a couple of condoms and then we go from there.’

It did not take me long to produce a couple of condoms. Opened the night stand drawer and brought out a sealed packed. I broke the seal and soon I scattered the contents on the night stand.

‘So it’s still sealed Sam…no girls available?’

‘Well…living on an island is not easy, every girl likes to go to the next step in life as nature calls, the dream of a perfect family etc, for which I don’t think I’m ready, plus with the work on the this property I had no time. But I always liked to stay supplied maybe a friend comes from the mainland or meet a couple of visitors…’

‘So you’re really in need of more than a very good time Sam, to satisfy your sexual frustrations.’

I didn’t comment. She just hit the nail directly on the head. I was really frustrated, especially the last few days, since she entered my door. Last fuck I enjoyed was I think about four months earlier when I was on the mainland, and coincidently met a sexually frustrated married friend, whose husband was away on a business trip and the children were away at their grannies. It was a Friday and she invited me to go to the country where they had a small three room dwelling away from nowhere attached to a piece of land all covered with fruit trees. We just spent a couple of days doing nothing except fucking eating and drinking good wine.

It was a great time which I had really enjoyed and I had been already wondering when to invite her over for a weekend. She was a beautiful big woman, early forties and loves to enjoy sex, doesn’t matter in which orifice she gets it. I knew her since we were at university and fucked many times here and there. At one time she even tried to put me in the family way, but she knew that, that was not possible as she knew that I was going away to further my studies in the States therefore she followed nature’s way.

Padme prepared a condom close by and started hugging me. ‘Sam thanks to be so understanding, but I felt so horny, I couldn’t stay in my room, alone anymore. I haven’t felt a man inside me for a very long time.’ ‘You like to’. ‘More than anything, Sam. I really wanted you to be inside me since the day you brought me here. I had been so horny that I had to feel myself every night. But today, it was impossible not to make the move… especially since I gave you a body to body massage. I got so horny that it would had been impossible to resist…, it happened every time I used to do this, even when I was learning.’

‘I could understand how I managed to control myself, as my cock was going to explode many, many times especially when you brushed and pushed your pussy against it. You really done it on purpose most of the time, didn’t you?’

‘Yes Sam, I even had an orgasm at one time…, but I managed to keep it a secret. It was lovely Sam when I felt my inside shaking as I cum. I was so wet and when we had the shower…’

‘What happened?’

‘Not much until you soaped my pussy, I was going crazy when your finger passed between my pussy lips, I became so hot that I wanted nothing more than to fuck you there and then.’

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