Universal Exports

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What if dreams really do come true? Do you really need a dream for it to come true? Can a miracle happen that just seems like a dream come true even if you didn’t dream it in the first place?

Personally, I don’t think so. I think you need to dream the dream first, which tells the universe what you desire, then it’s up to the universe to put the things in motion that allow you to realize your dream. So let’s get on with it.

He parked his bicycle next to the building and walked in. He ordered a “senior” coffee, which cost only 52 cents here, and sat at a table for two next to the window. The coffee was hot so he sipped it carefully, allowing it to cool without the cover.

He looked around the small coffee shop and noted that most of the tables were occupied. It was mid- afternoon on Friday so the crowd was unusual. As his gaze traveled he saw a little blue Volkswagen park in the lot. A redhead emerged from the small car and headed for the door. He smiled as he took in her slight, curvy frame and watched the pony tail dance as she walked.

Just before she got to the door, they made eye contact and she stopped. She smiled back at him, then continued into the shop and stepped up to the counter. He lost sight of her then because of the condiment bar but he watched for her. A minute or two later, she came around the bar holding a coffee in her hand and searching for a table.

He waved in her direction. She seemed to brighten and her smile widened. In the next moment, she was headed directly for his table. She sat in the chair across from him and placed her coffee down, then reached her hand across to introduce herself.

“Hi, I’m Sarah Randall. Thanks for sharing.”

“Hello, Sarah, I’m Pete Peterson.” “Do you often come here, Pete?”

“Yes. I ride my bike for a little exercise and stop here for a pick-me-up. Sometimes I get a scratch ticket from the gas station along the way and scratch it while the coffee cools. How about you?”

“I’m an art teacher at the local campus of the State University. I’ve just finished my classes for the day and stopped to relax on my way home. I don’t usually make coffee at home because it’s only me so this place works out very nicely.”

“Do you live near here, Sarah?”

“Yes, Pete, actually about three blocks that way. Where do you live?”

“I have an apartment a little further along, just about two blocks or so past your place.”

“What do you do for a living, Pete?”

“I’m semi-retired, Sarah. I get a little social security and I do some small business consulting along the way. During the tax season, I work for a CPA firm handling tax clients.”

“That’s interesting, I never could do my own tax return. I always had my dad take care of it.”

“Had – Past tense?”

“Yes. I’m afraid he died three months ago. My mother’s been dead for several years so Dad and I lived together. He left me the house and some stocks and things. The attorney who drew up his will didn’t say anything about an estate but he wasn’t a tax person either. Pete, could you have a look at my situation and tell me what I need to do?”

“Sure. You see, it mostly depends on the values involved. If it’s under amount A, you don’t have to do anything. If it’s over A but less than B, you have to do a little.” “When could we get together, Pete? I don’t want to drag this out any longer.”

“What’s your schedule, Sarah? I could meet you almost anytime next week.”

“How about Monday morning? Say about 10 am? I don’t have a class on Monday so we could take as much time as necessary.”

“That would work for me. Here’s my card. If you have a pen, you could write your contact information on the back of this one for me.”

“Great! There you are. So do you have many clients, Pete?”

“No, Sarah, at the moment only two. I’m usually at loose ends during the summer.”

“How much time do you have available now?”

“Since I’m on the bike, I need to be home before dark but otherwise I have no time limit. Are you suggesting we get together today?”

“No, I’m not ready for you to come over today. I was thinking more about getting to know you.”

“Ok, what would you like to know about me?”

“Let’s start with your age, IQ, marital status, and the size of your bank account.”

“Wow, nothing like asking hard questions. Ok, I’ll answer them if you agree to answer the same ones for me.”


“Well then, I’m 67 going on 23, my IQ is close to genius the last time it was tested, but I’m not sure I believe that one. My marital status is technically widow, although single will do, and my bank account is reasonably healthy. Your turn.”

“Just a minute. Could I get a little bit of clarification, please? What do you mean 67 going on 23? That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Of course it does. Chronologically, I’ve been on this planet for 67 years. Mentally, and emotionally, I feel like I’m about 23 or so and I still have a lot of living to do. I know a number of folks who are just the opposite so I think I know the difference.”

“Ok, Ümraniye Escort I guess that makes sense. I’m 56, divorced for about six years now, my IQ is above normal but I don’t know exactly and my bank account is satisfactory, thanks in part to my Dad.”

“Do you have any hobby’s, Sarah?”

“Not really, Pete. I like sports but I’m not good at anything. I read a lot, partly because of my job. I do like swimming and sunbathing although the weather doesn’t always cooperate around here. What about you?”

“Through the winter I bowl, usually on a mixed league. During the summer, I ride my bike, play a little golf, and sometimes just lay out in the sun. I like playing cards but that takes at least one other person so I don’t get to play very often. My former wife was very controlling in that I don’t have any social circle to speak of.”

“I know what you mean, Pete, my ex was the same way. If it wasn’t a school function or something to do with our kids, we didn’t mix with others. I was so wrapped up in my teaching that it took me several years after the girls moved out to realize it. The end came when my mother died and he refused to help my Dad.”

“It’s beginning to sound like we have some things in common, Sarah. Would you be interested in seeing me for other than business reasons?”

“Yes, Pete, I think I would. I like your smile.”

“Great. I should get going before the rush hour traffic causes me a problem. I’ll see you on Monday, Sarah, and we can go from there, OK?”

“That would be great, Pete. Ride safely. Bye.”

“Bye, Sarah.”

When Pete mounted his bike outside the window, Sarah smiled and waved to him. He returned her smile and wave and left feeling lighter than air with a song in his heart. She actually liked me! Wow!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pete was nervously pacing his living room on Sunday morning trying to decide whether to call Sarah or not. He really wanted to see her again and he didn’t really want to wait until Monday. As if in answer to his prayer, the phone rang as he crossed the room for the umpteenth time.


“Hi, Pete, it’s Sarah. Are you busy?”

“Hi, Sarah. No, I’m not busy at all. What can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if you could come over today instead of Monday. I got all the papers out and it seems a shame to let them lay here. Would you have time to come over this afternoon?”

“Yes, I do. I can be there in about an hour or any time later.”

“Wonderful, Pete. I’ll see you in an hour.”

Promptly at 1 pm, Pete knocked on her door. Sarah opened it quickly and stepped back, inviting him in. She was dressed in a halter- top and short shorts with no shoes and no bra.

“Wow! Great outfit, Sarah, you look delicious!”

“Thank you, Pete, that’s just the reaction I was hoping for. Make yourself comfortable. Would you like something to drink?”

“Do I have choices?”

“Sure. Coke, coffee, or something stronger.”

“Coffee would be great, Sarah. Black with sugar.”

“Come into the kitchen and you can fix your own cup. I take mine black with sugar as well.”

She sashayed her way into the kitchen and Pete’s eyes never left her swaying ass. I’d follow that ass anywhere, he thought.

Sarah set two cups on the counter, then filled each of them with coffee. She indicated the sugar bowl and handed Pete a spoon. After they finished, she leaned back on the counter and smiled at him over the rim of her cup.

“So, are you ready to have a look at my problem?”

“Sure, but remember I’m not a doctor.”

“I meant the tax problem, Pete. First, anyway.”

“Oh, okay. Do you have paperwork on the house and the stocks?”

“Yes, it’s on the dining room table. Let’s go in there and you can review everything I have.”

“Lead the way, Sarah, I’m right behind you.”

In the dining room, Pete found several piles of papers. One had the numbers on the house. The second pile had the information about the stocks, and the third was her most recent tax return. He sat down and started with the house papers.

After spending some time reviewing her paperwork, Pete leaned back in his chair and smiled.

“I don’t see any problem here, Sarah.”

“So I was worried about nothing, Pete?”

“I’m afraid so. With the documentation you have, you won’t have any tax problems even when you decide to sell. For right now, I’d say you’re in pretty good shape, Sarah.”

“Only pretty good shape? I would have thought my shape was better than pretty good!”

“Whoa, hold on there. I was talking about your financial condition, not your physical condition. If you would like my opinion on that, I’d have to run a few tests, with your permission of course, before I could render an opinion.”

“Oh? What kinds of tests, Pete?”

“Well, there are five basic tests, each of which would require approximately the same outcome. Sight, touch, and smell are all pretty basic. Taste and sound are rather more complex. If you pass all of these tests Ümraniye Escort Bayan with flying colors, you’d be considered practically perfect.”

“Would you be the one to administer the tests?”

“Yes. In cases like this, I wouldn’t dream of outsourcing the work.”

“So how do we proceed?”

“I suggest we adjourn to your bedroom, unless you’d prefer another room. You will need to be naked for the duration of the tests, so where ever you would be most comfortable will be fine.”

“If I’m going to be naked, I want you to be naked as well. Fair is fair, you know.”

“Agreed. Where would you prefer the tests to be conducted?”

“My bedroom. It’s just down the hall. Let me make sure the doors are locked first.”

Sarah checked the lock on the front door, then the back door. When she returned to the dining room, she took Pete’s hand and led him down the short hallway to her bedroom. She stopped just inside the room and turned to him.

“Now what?”

“Since I’m administering the test, I first need to have your consent to two things. (1) You agree that we will both be naked for the duration of the test, and (2) You agree to follow my instructions without argument or complaint.”


“Right! Take off your clothes then, and I’ll disrobe at the same time.”

When they were both naked, they stood face to face, each of them slightly nervous. Pete smiled at her and she began to relax. She looked down and noticed his hard cock pointing straight towards her and smiled.

After a few moments of mutual inspection, Pete finally spoke.

“Test 1, sight. Stand up straight, shoulders back, relax and smile. That’s it. Now turn around slowly. Very nice. Good posture, a little nervous sweat. Very nice. Thank you.”

“How did I do on that test, Pete?”

“A perfect score, Sarah, absolutely perfect.”

“I see your friend agrees as well, he’s nodding in my direction.”

“Sometimes he has a mind of his own. Now then, on to the second test, Touch. For this test, you will need to stand as you are and close your eyes, Sarah. I promise this won’t hurt a bit.”

Sarah closed her eyes and waited for his touch.

“Not yet, Sarah, there are a couple of rules you need to understand and agree to. First, these next four tests will require some contact between us. When there is contact between two people, there is usually a reaction to the contact. Moans, yelps, sighs, whimpers, and so on to name a few. You may utter any sound you choose during these tests, Sarah, so don’t try to hold back. Refusing to make any noise makes the test seem like torture and that is not the intent. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Pete, I understand. That makes things a lot easier because I am usually a very noisy person.”

“Good. Now for the second thing. When this kind of situation occurs, where one person is given control of another, it is prudent to establish a safe word. Something for you to say if you want the process to stop. It should be something unusual in the circumstances, not something you might say to heighten your enjoyment. Do you understand?”

“Yes, thank you. That’s an excellent idea.”

“What would you like to use as a safe word today?”

“Ummm, how about ketchup? I’m unlikely to say that while you’re touching me.”

“Ok, ketchup it is. Remember, you only say that word if you want me to stop the process, right?”

“Right. I’m ready, Pete.”

“Ok, close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale, relax, this is supposed to be fun, Sarah.”

As Sarah exhaled, Pete began the touch test. He first lightly touched the pad of his fingers to her forehead, then moved across her face to her jawbone. His touch was as light as a feather and Sarah began to sigh. He touched her face all over, with both hands, then he touched her ears.

Finally he began to slide his fingertips down her neck, one hand on each side, then across her shoulders and down the outside of her arms. He used one hand to raise one of her arms and slide the fingers of the other hand along the inside of that arm all the way to her armpits. She giggled as his fingers slid along her armpit. He repeated the process on her other arm but this time she sighed instead of giggling. She was getting used to his touch.

With both hands on her sides, just below her wet armpits, he began to move his hands down her side. She began to moan and wiggle as his hands descended.

Her sighs became louder as his hands neared her breasts. She drew in a sharp breath as his fingers slid across her distended nipples for the first time.

He used his fingers to lightly manipulate her breasts, including her nipples, for a few moments. Finally, he gripped her nipples and applied a light pinch. Sarah moaned and swayed as her legs almost gave way.

“Sarah, would you like to lay down for the remainder of the tests?”

“Yes, please, I don’t think I can stand up much longer.”

He helped her to the bed and she lay back with her head on the pillow. As soon Escort Ümraniye as she was settled, Pete once again started playing with her nipples before drawing his fingers across her flat abdomen and down to her shapely hips.

By this time, Sarah was moaning loudly and moving her hips every which way, just to keep moving. Pete smiled widely as she continued her movements. She is fantastic, he thought, this is even better than I expected.

When his hands swept across her hips, he felt the wetness in her pubic hair. Although Sarah was normally clean shaven, she hadn’t paid much attention to her pubic hair for awhile so that now there was a small patch of red hair hiding her clitoral opening. Pete allowed his knuckle to scrape across the opening but then left it and began caressing her thighs.

Sarah was beside herself and began begging Pete to help her.

“Oh, Pete, I need you. Please make love to me. I’m so ready, darling, please, please.”

“Soon, my princess, soon. Be patient. Remember, you gave me control.”

“Yes, yes, I’ll try. OH, Pete, it’s so hard to wait. Hurry please, I need you inside me.”

He began to caress her thighs then moved down to her calves and finally her feet. Here he rubbed the bottoms of her feet, between her toes, and up her ankles before moving back up to her knees. He moved her legs apart as he traveled upward, exposing her dripping pussy to his eye.

“Now the smell test.” He intoned, as he leaned his face closer to her pussy. He inhaled her scent and exhaled through his mouth directly on her clit. Sarah shivered and moaned loudly. Without touching the rest of her, he leaned forward and sniffed her armpits one at a time. Finally, he leaned his nose close to her mouth.

“Breath through your mouth, Sarah, let me smell your breath.”

“Oh, Pete,” she breathed, “Please fuck me. I’m so hot, Pete, I need you so badly, please, Pete, please.”

“Now comes the taste test, Sarah, are you ready?”

“OHMYGOD YES! I’ve never been so ready in my life!”

Pete kissed her gently. Sarah shoved her tongue deep into his mouth. She sucked his lips as he alternately sucked hers. He moved to her right and slowly licked her armpit from bottom to top. Sarah screamed as his tongue moved upward. Pete repeated this maneuver on her left armpit, holding her arm up to allow him complete access to her.

Finally satisfied, he moved down to her hips and spread her legs wider with his hands. Starting at the bottom of her slit, he licked upwards and Sarah shrieked.


Sarah wrapped her arms and legs around Pete very tightly. With each plunge of his tongue into her pussy, she gripped his head hard pressing him even more deeply into herself.

Before she could repeat her mantra, he again licked her sopping wet pussy and finished with stiffening his tongue against her hard clit.

Sarah’s hips jumped off the bed and her mouth opened in a silent scream as her orgasm burst like an overfilled balloon.

She stiffened every muscle in her body and raised herself off the bed. After a few long seconds, she gasped for breath and let herself drop back to the bed.

“Magnificent, Sarah, absolutely magnificent.”

He raised her legs so they went around his waist and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He began to move his hips forward slowly and eased himself into her tight, wet pussy. Sarah groaned as she felt him enter her.

“Oh, yes, Pete, fill me with your hot cock. Split me, kill me, fuck me, now, Pete, oh yes, like that.”

Sarah wrapped her arms about him once again as Pete fully inserted himself into her pussy and rested for a second. He then withdrew almost to the hilt before reentering her slowly. Sarah was beside herself as Pete began to ram his hard cock into her. She closed her eyes and held tightly to him with both her arms and legs, never wanting to let him go.

“Faster, Pete, faster, harder, deeper, oh please fuck me hard, fuck me now. Yes, yes, oh yes.”

At her urging, Pete began to move faster. He plunged deeply into her pussy and she grunted and groaned at the insertion. When he pulled back, she whimpered and gasped for breath. When he plunged in, she forced her hips upward to receive him.

Faster and faster, harder and harder, they were both trying to become one body, one soul.

Finally, Pete’s cock twitched inside her tight tunnel and began to spew his hot juices deep inside of her. Sarah screamed once again and his cock was suddenly covered with her hot juices, pulling his own juices from him. Pete stiffened, Sarah’s pussy grabbed his cock, and they stayed together for a long time before relaxing again.

He fell onto her, his face buried in the crook of her neck, his lips kissing her between gulps of air. As his breathing slowed, he began to shower kisses over her face. Starting with her forehead, he rained kisses across her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, and finally her mouth.

Sarah kept up an almost continuous moan as she regained her breath and received Pete’s kisses. Finally, she opened her eyes and dreamily looked at Pete, his face soaked with sweat. She raised her hand to dry his brow and noticed the blood on her palm.

“Oh, Pete, I’ve scratched you. You’re bleeding. OH, darling, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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