Unscheduled Meeting Pt. 02

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Jack and Katy both took a few moments to catch their breath, laying half on the floor, half on each other. Katy draped her leg across Jack’s lap and pulled his face around to kiss him. They both moaned as their mutual touch sent aftershock shivers through their still recovering bodies. She could hardly keep her mouth from smiling as she kissed him and playfully bit his bottom lip. Her knee slid up and down his leg and all at once she felt Jack shiver as her leg brushed across his rod. She laughed and looked down at him as she naughtily coddled it with her leg. It was still glistening with her wetness, not quite rock hard, but plump and a deep hue of pinkish‐purple and she mentally congratulated herself on a job well done.

After he had taken in her kisses, Jack’s eyes caught the clock on the wall.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed, finally noticing the time. “We need to get back there in less than ten minutes!”

“Oh my God! I completely forgot that we have to go back! I wonder why I did that?” She toyed with a smile as she started to gather herself enough to stand. She finally stood up and paused for a moment at the wet, dripping feeling between her legs. She reached down and gently pressed her underwear just outside her lips and felt the warm sensation of Jack’s cum still oozing from her opening. “Good lord, how much did you cum?” She asked with a sense of aroused urgency. “I’m going to have to wear you on me for the rest of this meeting… That is unless you have a spare pair of panties in one of those drawers.”

Jack laughed audibly as he stood up and began to pull his trousers back to a semblance of decency. “Now that is one thing I don’t usually keep at my desk. Besides, how hot is it going to be for both of us to know that we’re covered in each other while the rest of these bozos keep carrying on?”

“Oh, you have no idea!” she replied while she straightened her clothes as to shed the “just‐had-sex” look. She glanced around for a moment as she tried to remember where her shoes had landed. She remembered they were thrown in the middle of the floor, she turned to pick them up. But Jack had seen her looking for them and had them in his extended hand as he picked up his belt with the other hand. “Oooohh… such a gentleman,” she said with a lustful and appreciated look in her eyes.

Jack reached out and wrapped his right hand around her hip and pulled her into him as he planted a kiss on her lips.

“I’ll go to the snack machine and get us something to snack on and a water while you try and make your hair look like we didn’t just ravage each other like animals during the dinner break” he said in a half laugh. “We might not want to walk in there smiling from ear‐to‐ear at the exact same time. These people are idiots, but they aren’t that stupid.”

“Good in bed and smart?” She quipped back with a sly grin. “Aren’t you a catch!” She walked away looking back over her shoulder at Jack as he finished gathering himself and pulled some dollar bills from his desk drawer.

Jack started to walk out of his office door but quickly Elvankent Escort spun around as he realized he had forgotten his memo book on his desk. At first glance, it was not where he had thrown it just a half hour ago out of frustration. But he smiled as the last remnants of Katy’s steamy handprints evaporated from the desk; an already welcome reminder of the unbridled lust that had just taken place. He found the memo book laying on the floor, undoubtedly knocked over in the heat of the moment. His heart was still pounding through his chest while he walked down the corridor and paused at the vending machine. It had finally calmed enough where he felt the pounding wouldn’t be audible to all around him as one by one the items fell to the bottom of the machine. The thought of having to continue working was almost depressed him by the time he walked into the conference room. “Good” he thought. “At least we aren’t the last two people back and it’s not totally obvious.” He walked casually into the room, dropped a bottle of water and a snack at the seat where he knew Katy was sitting. And quietly took his place with the other couple of coworkers that had already returned.

The moments dragged on before the meeting was to restart, and he watched one person after another take their place around the table. Finally, Katy appeared in the doorway. He took in her beauty with a new appreciation as she glided across the room and took her seat as the meeting organizer started up the projector. As all eyes glazed over and aimlessly focused on the projector screen, he contently felt the damp sensations of the remaining wetness of her under his boxers as he replayed the events evening in his mind.

Likewise, Katy was lost in her own reminiscence as the meeting droned on. With every shift in position she could still feel the slippery hot mess inside her panties. Every sensation was a little burst of arousal as she reveled in the mixture of her own wetness with his. In the midst of the boredom, she caught Jack glancing her way and then quickly look aside with a wry smile. After a moment she realized that she was resting her pen against her lips purely out of habit, but was now keenly aware of what that image was doing to Jack’s mind. She chuckled inwardly as a whole new arena of teasing was being revealed to her consciousness.

About an hour and a half slowly passed with them both deep in their own imaginations before they were snapped back to reality by a voice on the conference phone.

“I think that’s about all we need” crackled the dull voice on the phone. “If I can get some high-level numbers from Katy then I think we can proceed according to plan”. The meeting lead shot a glance in Katy’s direction looking for some sort of confirmation.

“Yeah, that’s no problem. I can have that ready in 5 minutes and then call you from my office before I get out of here.”

“Perfect,” came the response from the phone. “I’ll tell the admin here to standby for your call then.”

“All right then,” Beşevler Escort said the meeting leader almost in a tone of relief. “I think that does it for us here tonight. Have a good evening.

All at once all the exhausted meeting members got up in unison and headed for the door without a word.

Katy jotted a note down and then picked up her things and began to leave. As she headed out the conference room door, Jack caught up to meet her at her side.

“Mind if I accompany you?” he asked, trying to conceal his boyish excitement under a shroud of professionalism.

“Why thank you, Jack” she replied in kind.

She managed to hide the huge smile that she wanted to give but the look in her eyes would have tipped off anyone who happened to look in her direction. As they both walked into her office, Jack moved ahead and pulled out her chair. She gave him an approving look as she sat down and set her memo book and pen on her desk. “Let me pull this file and make this phone call and then I’ll be right with you” she said playfully. She woke up her computer and began clicking, but Jack simply pivoted her chair sideways and knelt on the floor between her knees. She could tell that he was primed and wasn’t going to wait.

“I’ve got faith that you can do both things” he said as he began to undo the clasp of her pants.

Katy was noticeably aroused by his persistence as he began to slide down the waistband of her trousers while she arched her back to assist him as she finally found the file she needed to see. She kept her gaze on her computer, but started to bite her bottom lip as Jack freed her legs from her slacks and tossed them aside. She didn’t break her gaze but playfully chuckled as Jack slipped his hands into the waistband of her still soaked panties and slid them down her legs.

“Try not to make too much noise, stud” she teased while she lifted one foot and rested it on the armrest of her chair. She picked up the phone and sensually prodded him. “Go on, have a taste,” she said she dialed the number of the extension.

Jack could hear the ringing tone from the phone headset as his lips gently kissed up the thigh of her raised leg. She took advantage of the requisite time of the phone ringing by accompanying the gyration of her hips and approving coos as she felt his lips and tongue trace the inside of her leg. Jack’s fingers caressed up the inside of her other leg and found her lips just as he could hear the muffled sound of a ‘hello’ coming from the phone receiver that was pressed against Katy’s ear. He reveled in how wet she was against his fingers, turned on by the latent mixture of both of them that seeped from her. He wanted to taste her with a lustful hunger he had never known before and exhaled as his kisses danced on the crease between her hip and thigh.

She was startled slightly by the sensation of Jack’s fingers gently massaging her eagerly waiting lips. He body tensed up and there was a slight delay before she replied. “Yes, this is Katy from HR, Cebeci Escort I have the numbers for you from the quarterly meeting,” she quickly blurted out as her body shifted position in response to Jack’s touch. “Ok, not a problem” she said just as Jack’s tongue rested flat on top of her lips and gently dragged across her slit. She moved the mouthpiece away from her face, tilted her head back and whispered “ooooohhhh…” when Jack’s tongue parted her lips and began to slip between them. Her hips pushed into his face and forced her clit to rub against Jack’s mouth as she waited impatiently for the response on the line.

Jack was intoxicated by her taste. The erotic mixture of her exquisite flavor with the thought of him being buried hilt‐deep inside her just a couple hours ago spurred him on. He pulled up his tongue and gently flicked against her button as his finger slipped inside her, rubbing the inside of her front wall, looking for that spot to turn her into a finely tuned orgasmic machine. He could hear a raspy “oh my gg‐g‐godddd” as she held the receiver away from her face as her body went into a mini‐spasm as his finger had found its target. Jack was relishing the dripping wetness coming from Katy. He was drinking it in like a person stranded in the desert would drink in water. He lost track of his senses for a moment and could think of nothing but the taste of the beautiful woman he was desperate to please.

Katy couldn’t take it any longer. “Oh…Ok. My l…laptop is frozen…. Can you hold on for second while I try and pull th…this file?” She hit the hold button with one hand and grabbed Jack by the back of the head with the other. Her leg that was resting on the armrest of the chair hung over Jack’s shoulder as her body tensed and she pressed her heel into the back of his shoulder blades. Jack responded by sucking her clit into his mouth and massaging it with his tongue with an urgent sense of vigor. Had anyone been in the office building they would have heard the short burst of screams as Katy drew him into her gushing womanhood while she let herself go into a powerful climax. When her body stopped shuddering, she pushed Jack’s head back, grabbing hold by his hair as she picked up the phone with her other hand. With repressed bated breaths between words, she managed to get out “Just sent it to you… Do you see it? Good! Have a good night!”

She dropped the phone all at once on the desk and pulled Jack’s face to hers and kissed him fiercely. Jack’s face was wet with her arousal, and she took no small amount of pleasure in discerning her taste on him. Like a primal animal instinct, she had marked her territory by covering Jack in her scent. She held his head by his cheeks kissing him, sitting astride in her chair, her wetness pulsing with pleasure.

When their breathing got back to normal and they refocused on their surroundings, they realized that the office door was half open. While both aroused by the possible spectacle of their affair, they were also grateful it was late enough there was no one left in the office.

“Change your plans mister… I’m not letting you go tonight” she said in a sexed exasperation.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Jack replied.

And then, with his head still in her hands, still crouched between her knees, still licking the

wetness of her love from his lips, Jack’s cell phone began to vibrate in his pocket…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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