Upon Reflection Pt. 02

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Upon Reflection, Part 2: A Certain Light



This is part 2 of 3. Part 1 can be found HERE


The light in Professor Kagami’s study was slightly dim. The air was warm – warmer than out in the corridor. Aside from the sound of Professor Kagami’s voice, it was very quiet.

Bexi was sitting on a comfortable sofa to one side of the sparsely furnished room. The room, like most others in the house, was high-ceilinged, white-walled and had underfoot heavy oak boards with a couple of rugs sprawled across them. To Bexi’s right was a large, wooden desk with some computer equipment on it. Behind it and to the left a blank whiteboard hung on the wall with some pens magnetically attached to it. Across from Bexi was the door through which she had entered. To her left was another door, which opened, she knew, into Professor Kagami’s bedroom. To the right of that door, against the wall, there was a long, low, wooden dresser.

In the wall behind her, to either side of her, there were two large windows both covered by thin, light blue curtains. This accounted for both the dimness of the light in the room and its slightly bluish hue. At each window a pair of heavier, dark blue curtains hung in front of the light ones, open.

In a large, plush office chair, directly facing Bexi from about three feet away, sat Professor Kagami. She spoke continuously in a calm, measured tone. The sound of her rich contralto seemed effortlessly to fill the space, like a spreading fog.

Bexi sat staring into Professor Kagami’s eyes, listening. As a matter of course she had, with the Professor’s help, already achieved SER. At this point it was becoming second nature. She felt very relaxed. She was no longer nervous at all.

“So, Rebecca,” smiled Professor Kagami, “tell me what you did before coming in here today.”

“Well, uh… I showered,” Bexi offered weakly.

“Mhm, yes – anything else?”

“Well, um…” Does she know? thought Bexi in confusion. How could she know?

Then she realised it didn’t matter. She wanted to tell the Professor regardless – even if it was hard.

“Well, I was showering,” the blonde girl warbled. “Then Izzy came in – and, well…”

She began to recount the incident in the shower room. Professor Kagami listened with interest, nodding occasionally.

“…and then I – well, slightly – tried to resist – I mean, not really. I definitely still, y’know… wanted it. But I was somehow… maybe just a little unsure? And Izzy, well… she, uh, kind of ignored that and, um, carried on, basically. But actually… that was… really hot. And then I knew for sure that I really wanted to go along with it! I guess that sounds stupid…?”

“It doesn’t sound stupid at all,” Professor Kagami assured her. “I am interested, though, in why exactly you felt like that.”

“Um… why I felt like what?”

“Well – you let your friend sexually dominate you, yes?”

Dominate… the exact same term had occurred to Bexi earlier – in the Professor’s voice, though, it sounded like such a strong word. But she couldn’t lie…

“Yes…” Bexi repeated slowly.

“And doing so turned you on – yes?”

Somehow that one was easier to answer. “Yes,” echoed Bexi.

“So – why do you think that was?”

“I don’t know,” the blonde girl mused. “I mean, I really like Izzy. And she… well, she really wanted me. I mean I wanted it too but she… well…”

“She needed it?”


“And you needed to give it to her?”

“No… well, maybe… um…”

“You wanted to please her?”

“Well…” – Bexi swallowed – “yes. Yes, I wanted to please her.”

“So the approval of others is important to you?”

“I… don’t know?”

“Think back,” the fat woman calmly insisted. “There have certainly been many times – haven’t there? – where you have done things specifically to please other people. Just here, within the last few weeks, there have been a number of examples. But going back further, I’m sure there have been many such instances – haven’t there? – throughout the past few months… the past few years… perhaps – even throughout your entire life?”

Bexi’s mind was flooded with memories – some vague, some vivid – of going out of her way to do things for other people; of setting aside her own needs in favour of theirs. She thought she was just being a nice person, but… was it too much? Was it something bad?

“You might say,” intoned the Professor, “that you crave others’ approval.”

“I… maybe I do,” croaked Bexi.

“You certainly are a very nice girl,” continued Professor Kagami smoothly, “kind, generous, respectful… accommodating. These are perhaps some of your strongest traits – aren’t they?”

“I… suppose so.” The Professor was right. Of course she was right – she was, well… a genius.

“Which keçiören escort means – doesn’t it? – that you define yourself based on your ability to please others. You define yourself by their approval – hmm?”

“I… yes…” Bexi whispered. She felt confused and… hollow. Was she really so weak and needy?

Bexi quivered. Still staring into the Professor’s eyes, a single tear suddenly rolled down her cheek.

“Now, now,” the fat woman soothed, “there’s no cause to be upset.” She rolled her chair forward a little and gently stroked the blonde girl’s knee. Her icy gaze intensified as she asserted, with effortless authority, “It doesn’t have to be a bad thing.”

Bexi started. “Um… really?”

“It shows great sensitivity and empathy. That you are consistently able to sense and meet others’ needs shows a highly developed social awareness. These are important traits for a psychologist.”

Bexi positively glowed with relief. She wasn’t totally useless after all! She felt like the Professor had thrown her a lifeline. She felt extremely grateful.

“In fact,” Professor Kagami went on, “I’d like to try a little exercise to explore this tendency of yours in greater depth. In order for this exercise to be effective, we will need to go a little beyond SER. I am going to put you into a very deep trance. Will you let me do that?”

Bexi nodded calmly. “Yes, Professor.”

“Very good. Now, what I want you to do for me, Rebecca, is simply to relax. Lean back into the sofa and let your body relax. Keep focusing on my eyes and breathe deeply. Remember, there is nothing strange or magical about hypnosis – nothing difficult. It is merely a state of very deep relaxation.

“As you continue to take long, slow, deep breaths, you will feel all the tension in your body completely drain away into the sofa. Gradually, you will feel your body going limp. You will feel your body going numb.

“Starting in your feet, you will experience a feeling of warm, numbing relaxation spread throughout your body. As you continue to breathe deeply, you feel all the tension in your feet draining away into the floor. Your feet are warm. It’s like they’re glowing. Your feet feel limp and heavy. You couldn’t move them if you wanted to. But you don’t want to. You just want to sit there and let all the feeling in your feet fade away. Your feet are going numb… numb. Until, you can no longer feel them there. Until… they’re gone.

“Now feel this warm relaxation spreading up into your legs. Your legs are glowing. Your legs are heavy and limp. You can’t move them. Feel your legs melting into the sofa. Your legs are melting away, going completely numb. Your legs are gone – totally melted away.

“Now feel the warmth spreading into your torso, slowly filling up your belly, your chest, your shoulders. Warm… heavy… limp. Glowing and going numb. Going completely numb. Feel it spread into your arms as well. Your arms are so heavy… so limp. So, so numb. Totally numb… and your body, your arms, are gone… gone… melted away.

“Now this warm feeling is spreading into your neck, your jaw, your chin… all the way up the back of your neck and behind your ears. Your neck is totally limp and relaxed. Your neck is going numb… numb… and – gone.

“Now, at last, the warm, relaxing feeling is spreading into your head… flowing inside your head. You feel the warmth of my voice soaking deep into your brain. Just like your body, you feel your mind start to relax as well. Feel any tension in your mind drain away, any worries, concerns, unease… just drain away and disappear.

“As your mind enters a state of deep relaxation, keep focusing on my eyes and on the sound of my voice. Everything else seems to just slip away. You feel that warm, numbing feeling spreading behind your eyes. Your head feels so heavy.

“The warm feeling is now filling up your head. Your brain is dissolving into it. Your mind is fogging up. Your thoughts are becoming heavy. Your thoughts are so slow, so heavy. Soon you will be fully in trance. This means that your conscious mind will shut down completely – no thoughts, no awareness. It’s very easy and comfortable to just let this happen. All you need to do is listen to my voice.

“Thinking would take a lot of effort right now. You just want to relax instead. You don’t need to think any more. Instead, you can just listen to my voice. As your conscious mind begins to fade and disappear, you will find it being replaced by my voice. My warm, soft voice is filling up your head. Instead of thoughts, you have my words. My words are your thoughts. It feels so natural to let this happen… so easy… so comfortable.”

So easy, echoed in Bexi’s head – so comfortable. Her jaw was slack and her body drooped like a wet rag. Breathing slowly and deeply, she stared blankly into the fat woman’s pale, blue eyes.

“I’m going to count down from three to one,” Professor Kagami intoned. “When I reach one, you will kızılay escort be fully in trance. You will be in a state of total relaxation. Your conscious mind will no longer exist. You will be completely dependent on my voice. You will let my voice think for you. You want this to happen because it is so comfortable and relaxing – and it feels so, so right.

“Three. You might notice how clearly you can hear my voice. My voice is inside your head. You can hear it as clearly as you would hear your own thoughts. Let any remaining thoughts just comfortably drift away, and let my voice think for you instead.

“Two. Now that you have stopped thinking, you find yourself floating away into a dream. It really feels like a waking dream. Everything is vague, warm, and soft… everything is blurry, and foggy. Everything – apart from my voice. Everything else is fading away now. Only my voice is real. Only my voice exists. Time and space are fading away, fading away, and… gone – gone. You can no longer tell one moment from the next. But it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters except my voice.

“One. You are now fully in trance. You are unconscious, way down, dreaming peacefully. Your mind is gone – and it feels so comfortable – so calm – so relaxed. Only my voice exists – nothing else. Nothing… nothing… nothing…”

Professor Kagami paused, taking a deep breath in through her nose. “Ah, Rebecca – you are such a sweet girl. Such a sweet, selfless girl. You know that this sweet, caring nature – this willingness to please others – is at the very centre of your being. You know it defines who you are – don’t you?”

Bexi slurred tonelessly, through slack lips, “Yes, Professor.”

“Good girl,” smirked the fat woman. “What a good, sweet, little girl. It really is a wonderful thing, to be so sweet and accommodating. But I can tell from your reaction earlier that you are having some trouble with that. I can tell you find it difficult to accept that that’s who you truly are. Luckily, I am here to help you.

“We will try an exercise to really bring out that sweet nature of yours. Remaining deep in trance, I want you to reach deep, deep down, search inside yourself, in the very core of your being. Find the source, the essence of that sweet nature, that kindness – that desire to please others and fulfil their needs. Your unconscious mind will automatically focus in on that inner sweetness deep inside you.

“Now, I want you to feel that essence of sweetness growing… growing, and growing, and growing. Feel your desire to please others growing, and growing, and growing. This urge grows so powerful that it overwhelms you completely. It washes away everything else. It becomes your sole purpose. It becomes your entire world.

“But, though it is good to be kind and caring, right now this impulse of yours is a bit too indiscriminate. It lacks focus. In order to really draw out your sweet nature to its fullest extent, we need to give it a target – a particular subject to focus on. Let’s say… me.

“Feel your overwhelming need to please being drawn in, now, towards me – feel it focusing in on me. Stare into my eyes, and let your irresistible desire to please bind itself to me. Now, feel it getting even stronger. With each passing moment, your desire to please me grows stronger and stronger. You want to please me. You – need – to please me. You now understand that this is your only purpose. My approval is the only thing that matters to you – so, of course, you will do absolutely anything to get it.

“In order to please me, you must become docile and obedient. You must do exactly as you are told. You must not question. You must not resist. You must obey. This will be easy for a sweet girl like you. It will feel completely natural to you. It will feel so good to do as I tell you, because you know you are fulfilling your purpose. Meek, unquestioning obedience – nothing else makes sense.

“In a moment, I’m going to snap my fingers. When I do, you will emerge from trance. You will be able to think for yourself again. Your memory of everything we discussed will be foggy and vague. You will remember that we talked about your need to please others and that we discovered – together – that it defines you.

“Above all else, your need to please me will be overwhelming. You will do absolutely anything you can to please me. You will gladly do anything that I tell you to do. Following my instructions will feel so good because you know that your obedience pleases me. The more you obey my commands the better it will feel – and you will become even more eager to do so. It just feels so, so good to obey me. It feels so right… so perfect.”

With that, the fat woman snapped her fingers.

Bexi blinked, her eyes regaining focus. She felt drowsy and slow-witted. Her mouth felt dry. Gradually, it dawned on her that she was staring into Professor Kagami’s eyes. She did not look away. Holy fuck, were those eyes beautiful. Beautiful and brilliant and wise and kolej escort strong and… Bexi felt a tingling in her jaw and a burning in her cheeks. The Professor flashed her a gentle smile, which Bexi blithely returned.

“So, Rebecca,” said Professor Kagami, “how do you feel?”

“Um… I feel good… a bit sleepy, but… good.”

“That’s good. Now, tell me – what would you like to do?”

“Um…” That doesn’t make sense, thought Bexi. How can I know what I want to do before you’ve even told me? Wait… was that how it worked? It must be, right?

“What do you want to do, Rebecca?” prodded the fat woman gently.

“I… I don’t know…” Bexi moaned in confusion.

“Well, then – what if I told you what to do? How would that be?”

Bexi twitched and then froze. Her skin was tingling all over, her heart pounding like a drum. Her nipples stiffened. She had never in her life heard anything that sounded so good.

“Rebecca – would you like me to tell you what to do?”

“Yes!” Bexi almost yelled. “Yes… yes… yes… please…”

“Good girl – I’m very pleased to hear it.” At those words, Bexi whimpered softly. “Now, the first thing you’re going to do for me is… take off your shirt.”

Without the slightest hesitation, the blonde girl pulled the garment off over her head and let it fall to the floor.

“Good girl. Now – the bra.”

Just as quickly the bra came off and fell away. Bexi now sat topless on the edge of the sofa. The heels of her palms were resting on the cushion either side of her tight, little arse, her small, pale nipples pointing firmly straight ahead. She happily smiled up at the Professor, eagerly awaiting her next instruction.

Looking at her young, pliant acolyte, Holly Kagami was becoming visibly excited. She breathed heavily, her plump breasts rising and falling. Her eyes had taken on a somewhat misty quality. She sat in her plush chair leaning back a little, her legs apart, her fat belly resting on her big, round thighs. With her right hand she absently rubbed the top of her right thigh, ruffling her skirt a little. Her other hand rested on her belly.

“That’s a good girl,” sighed the fat woman. “You’re being such a good, little girl for me, aren’t you?”

Bexi was overjoyed at the praise. A silly smile spread across her face. She batted her eyelashes and trilled innocently, “Yes, Professor.”

“Good girl,” repeated Holly. “Now stand up and take off the rest of your clothes. I want you completely naked.”

Within moments, the task was accomplished. Bexi stood there casually, resting one hand on her slender hip while the other dangled loose at her side. She displayed neither pride nor shame but merely smiled unselfconsciously.

Holly eyed Bexi’s young body up and down – her round, firm breasts, her perfect, rosy skin… her incredibly tight, little pussy, shaved apart from a narrow landing strip at the top. The fat woman gave a low grunt from deep in her throat. She started undoing the buttons on the side of her skirt.

Holly pulled the skirt aside and opened her legs wider. Hefting her belly with one hand, with the other she began rubbing herself through the wet material of her black lingerie panties. Bexi’s eyes intently followed the movement of that hand. The girl swallowed heavily.

In a rough, careless tone, Holly snarled, “Kneel.” Bexi immediately fell to her knees. Holly’s skirt was still draped over the chair beneath her massive arse. Letting go of her belly, she reached down and fumbled in one of the pockets. She produced a small object, which she promptly threw at Bexi.

Bexi managed to catch the thing. She looked down at it. It was made of shiny, pink plastic and was roughly the size and shape of a lipstick. One end was rounded, the other flat. Bexi, though she had never used one before, knew what it was.

“Put on a show for me,” Holly demanded bluntly, still touching herself.

For a split second, Bexi hesitated. A shadow of protest flickered across her mind. She wondered vaguely if she wasn’t crossing some sort of line here. Then she shuddered, her jaw fell stiffly and her knees slid wide open. Her wet pussy throbbed and ached as the pleasure of obedience surged through her. I must do exactly as I’m told, she thought meekly.

Biting her lower lip gently, she fumbled for a moment with the vibrator. Then she twisted the base and the thing came alive in her hand. Slowly, she brought it down so that the tip was hovering a hair’s breadth from her tight, wet pussy lips. With her other hand she squeezed and massaged her breast.

Then, with a gentle movement, she brushed the buzzing toy against her pussy. She squealed and her eyes and mouth shot wide open. Then she began pleasuring herself with abandon, staring up into Professor Kagami’s eyes as she did so. Letting go of her breast, she brought her other hand down and shoved two fingers inside herself.

The fat woman gazed down with smug arousal at the helpless, quivering, moaning girl. Still rubbing her cunt, she intoned thickly, “Yes, that’s it – good girl. It turns me on so much to watch you doing that. It pleases me so much when you fuck yourself for me. Such a good girl for me, so obedient, so eager to please. I love seeing what a little slut you are…”

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