Used by three BBW’s

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Ana Foxxx

WARNING: Read tags before reading. Contains mentions of shit.

You decide to go out for a walk to catch some fresh air. You end up walking to the woods since it has been a long time since you have taken a stroll through the forest.

You look down at your clock; it’s 7:00 p.m. Since it is summer, it is still bright outside, but the sun is still getting close to the horizon, making it hard to see in the shadows of the trees and bushes.

After walking for some time, you arrive at a wall of bushes, hiding a clearing on the other side. You decide to make your way through the bushes to experience the sunlight in the clearing.

As you’re fighting your way through the branches, you realize you can’t really see anything because the sun is sitting so low in the sky. This makes you more motivated to get to the sunlight in the clearing, and with a forceful push, you burst through the last branches and into the clearing.

The sudden increase in brightness from the sun’s light blinds you for a second, and you feel yourself tripping over something. You fall and plant your face directly into something soft, getting engulfed by darkness.

Then, as you breathe in heavily from the shock of falling, you smell a strong musky and salty scent.

You try to raise yourself up by pushing against the ground with your hands, but you feel your hands get buried in something soft and squishy.

Just when you are in a conundrum over the situation, you hear a female voice saying, “What do you think you’re doing, grabbing my ass like that?”

Then you feel someone grabbing your mid-section and turning you 180°. Now, it is the back of your head that is buried between the two soft globes, and you finally get a view of the situation.

A massive woman is standing above you, straddling your body and looking down at you. From the position you are in, she looks very tall, and is clearly very overweight, given away by the fat rolls, which even her shirt can’t hide.

From what was said earlier, you also realize that you must be lying on the ass of another woman. By how much your head has sunk into her ass crack, you guess that she must also be very overweight.

You snap out of that train of thought, when the woman above you says, “Hey, little pervert, did you think you could just sexually harass my sleeping friend like that and then sneak away?”

This sentence makes you grasp the situation you’re in, so you try explaining yourself, “This is a misunderstanding, I just happened to trip behind your friend and land on her butt. It wasn’t intentional.” You try to sound as calm as possible, but the situation makes it impossible not to sound slightly nervous.

“I don’t really want to listen to your excuses after you were caught. Since you tried harassing my friend, we are going to play with you for a bit,” the woman straddling your body said, starting to turn around.

Just as you’re about to try to clear up the misunderstanding again, you see the ass of the woman straddling your body starting to descend, and in the end, engulf your face. You are once again hit with a strong musky smell and can’t see anything once more.

You begin to get further pushed into the ass of the woman below you, as the woman on top of you continues to lay all her weight on your face, making it impossible to smell anything but her ass.

Then, as you are struggling to try and get out from under her, you hear the woman above you say, “Mmhm. It must smell great down there, right? We have just been on a long hike all day, so I hope you don’t mind the dampness of our sweat.”

You can clearly feel the dampness on your face and the back of your head, which just further intensifies the acrid smell from both places.

Then, you hear the woman above you say, “Okay, Susan, go on, he can’t move anymore. Hurry so I can have my turn.”

Then, you hear the woman named Susan say, “Yes, but I won’t hurry, I want to feel satisfied.” You feel someone grab the hem of your pants and pull them down to your ankles with your underwear, releasing your penis from its prior constrictions.

You hear the third woman say, “Oh, it seems like our little pervert is getting excited, already rocking an erection. Your penis isn’t so bad, either; it should be enough to satisfy me.”

Then you hear all three women laugh and the hakkari seks hikayeleri sound of the third woman undressing from the hip down.

You feel a hand grab your penis and your penis starts to press against something wet.

“Here we go,” the third woman says, inserting your penis into her vagina. You feel a massive weight then press down on your hip as your penis is engulfed in pleasure, making you realize that this must be a group of three very overweight women.

Then, you feel the weight on your hip start to rock back and forth, followed by rough grunts, not even feminine moans.

As your lower half is getting ravaged by the third woman, making you feel like a small boat in a stormy ocean, you hear the belly from the woman under you rumble.

“Ugh, our lunch isn’t sitting so well in my belly. What do you say we both release it on the count of three, Rose?” the woman under you says, in a questioning tone.

Then you hear the woman on top of you say, “Sure, Jaclyn. 3…2…1!”


You feel a blast of hot air hit you from both behind your head and directly in front of you, bringing with it a rotten smell. The smell is so bad and invasive that you start to feel light-headed.

Worst of all, because your head is clamped between the two women’s asses, with no way for the air to get out, the acrid smell just continues to linger in the air around you. You also feel the heat of your surroundings rise.

But, that wasn’t the end. Two seconds later:


Another blast of hot air hits you directly in the face, causing the awful stench passing through your nose to become even more concentrated. You start to choke on the smell.

“Mmmhhh! Releasing all this gas is making me feel better. It is also a plus that I don’t even have to smell the stench, since I know how bad my farts can get,” the woman named Jaclyn says.

The woman named Rose giggles and says, “I agree. Knowing the smell of your farts, I’m even starting to wonder if he’s going to pass out.”

“It’s not like your farts are much better, Rose. Besides, even if he passes out, he is going to continue smelling them until we are satisfied,” Jaclyn says.

Then followed a tormenting, yet pleasurable five minutes of you getting farted on by two massive BBWs, while another massive BBW was ravaging you to her heart’s content. The stench of their farts only continued getting worse, making you unable to get used to the smell.

After getting ridden so roughly for five minutes, your erection was throbbing, and not being able to hold it back any longer, you started cumming inside Susan.

This, however, didn’t seem to affect her drive, as she continued rocking back and forth on your penis. The feeling of the continued stroking of your cock inside the BBW’s vagina, even while you were still highly sensitive from cumming, prevented your penis from going flaccid.

This feeling of not being allowed to come down from your orgasm pushed you over the edge multiple times over the next few minutes, making you feel like you were being sucked dry.

Only after five minutes of being forced to smell the farts of the two women’s asses around your head, and getting repeatedly forced back into erection, did you hear a moan. Then you felt the woman on your penis spasm a few times.

“Aaaahhhh, that was so good. It’s been so long since I have actually felt satisfied after sex,” Susan says, her breathing rough.

Then, you felt her vagina let go of your war-ridden penis and the woman on your face started to lift her ass up. This action released all the fart smell which had accumulated around your head for ten minutes, allowing you to finally catch a breath of fresh air.

You feel liberated, finally believing it was over. You think to yourself that you won’t be able to masturbate for at least 2 months from how much you ended up cumming. You don’t try to escape, since your body is still exhausted from the abuse you experienced.

Then you look up, only to realize that the BBW that was just fucking your brains out, is standing over you with her ass towards you, straddling your head. You feel like you are plunged into cold water, guessing that it might not be over yet.

Then, just as your body wakes up from its sleepiness in an instinct to survive, the woman above you plunges down on your face, once again trapping it between two assholes, and once again bringing with it a strong musky smell.

The woman then bounces up and down for a second and says, “Did you think you were going to get off that easily? That was only the beginning. We are all going to have a turn at you. Now, start licking my pussy and clean the mess you made down there!”

You hesitate to start licking, disgusted by the thought of swallowing your own semen.

However, that moment of rebellion only lasted until you heard Susan say, “Start cleaning my pussy, or I’m going to make you wish you had done it when I told you.”

The threat in her voice and the things you had experienced until now made you fearful of what she meant, so you hurriedly stuck out your tongue. Then you began to desperately lick her pussy, feeling your own cum flowing out of it and into your mouth. As it built up in the back of your throat, you had to start swallowing to prevent yourself from choking.

As you are desperately cleaning the mess you made in Susan’s pussy, you hear someone undressing from the hip down again.

“Ugh, it’s finally my turn and it looks like you are still ready for another round. Impressive!” Rose says, looking down at your still-erect penis.

To be honest, you didn’t even know how you were still erect after all the action you had been through. You started to wonder if you had taken the wrong pills this morning.

“Seems like you can still enjoy this, but let’s see if you can keep that up. I like to do it a little differently, compared to Susan,” her voice trailing off in the end, signifying that she was about to start.

Then, you once again feel your penis getting grabbed and guided until it was touching something wet. You expected your penis to then get engulfed by her vagina, but when you felt her applying her weight onto you, you realized that there was a lot more resistance than the last time.

You feel your cock getting slowly engulfed in a much tighter hole than Susan had, and you hear Rose say, “Uhn! It has gotten so tight back there after not doing it for a while.”

Just as you realize what hole your penis is getting put into, you hear the woman on your face say, “You have always liked it more in the ass, Rose; I just don’t know if he’ll be able to handle it.” She giggles.

“He’ll have to. After farting so much, I am craving to get my ass fucked,” Rose replies, continuing to apply her weight on you.

Then, as if the gates opened, you feel the hole engulf your entire cock, squeezing it all the way down to the beginning of the shaft. You feel the weight of the BBW once again begin to crush your pelvic area.

As you are still sensitive from the previous round of fucking, you already feel yourself getting close to cumming.

Then you feel Rose start to move back and forth on your penis, picking up the pace as she goes. You also hear her beginning to moan, sounding at least a little feminine compared to Susan.

After only twenty seconds of this, you start cumming, but just as before, the BBW on your dick keeps riding, not letting you come down from your orgasm.

You feel your consciousness turn hazy from the ravaging happening all over your body. It also seems like Susan ate the same food as the other two women, as just after licking her pussy for two minutes, you hear:


You once again smell the awful rotten smell of farts, and since there is no clothes barrier this time, the smell is only more concentrated and rancid.

Your haziness only gets worse from breathing in the stench of the farts. You begin to lose the feel of time, only feeling yourself licking the pussy of the woman on top of you and breathing in her farts, while occasionally cumming from the BBW on your hip ravaging you with her asshole.

This time, you luckily hear Rose loudly moan after a shorter time than before. At least that’s what it felt like. You feel her ass contract strongly around your penis, making you shoot what you think is the last semen you have left in your balls.

“Aaahhhh, that was so good. I’ll never get over this feeling. It’s even better after having released all my gas earlier!” Rose said, starting to slowly release your penis from her ass.

“Then it’s finally my turn?” Jaclyn says from under you, starting to stand up and releasing you, allowing you to move.

At this point, you don’t even have the energy to think straight at this point, much less move and try to get away. Even though that’s the case, miraculously, your penis is still erect, making you wonder if you could win a Guinness world record at this point.

When you see Jaclyn, you realize that she is at least a head taller than the other woman and must weigh at least 30 pounds more.

As she takes off her pants and gets down on her knees to straddle your penis between her thighs, you start to wonder if your hips can even handle the weight of this woman, especially after having two other massive women bouncing on you.

You don’t get to see the scene of her engulfing your penis though, as Rose sits herself on the bottom half of your face, placing her asshole directly above your mouth. Then Susan sits herself on the top half of your face, burying your nose in her asshole.

Then you hear Rose say, “Start cleaning my asshole just as you cleaned Susan’s pussy.”

At this point, you’re just following commands, so you stick out your tongue and start rimming the BBW’s sweaty asshole. Your tongue gets attacked by the taste of shit and sweat, mixed together with your semen. This awful taste causes you to nearly throw up, but you still remember the threat from earlier and decide to keep licking.

As your mind is getting invaded by the awful taste of the asshole above you, you feel your penis get inserted into Jaclyn’s vagina. Then, a massive weight hits your pelvis, causing you to bend forward as if someone hit you in the stomach. This, of course, just causes you to get further pressed inside the two asses on your face.

“OH!” the woman above you yelped. “I thought you would find the taste of my asshole to be awful, but the way you’re pressing your face into me makes me think you enjoy it instead. You really are a giant pervert. Susan, why don’t you reward the pervert by giving him the smell he so enjoys,” Rose said, snickering.

Then Susan says, “Sure, I have a ton built up.”

Because your nose is nearly inside Susan’s asshole, you only feel hot air start to drift up your nose, bringing with it the clearest smell of shit you have smelt that entire evening, and it just kept flowing up your nose unendingly.

As your face had become a prisoner to the smell and taste of the two BBWs’ asses, the third BBW, Jaclyn, started roughly bouncing up and down on your hip, giving out grunts every now and then. The weight crushing your pelvis.

After enduring with the remainder of your will for two minutes, you fall into a semi-unconscious state brought on by the overwhelming amount of sensations attacking you at once.

You are woken up by someone kicking you in the face. As you regain focus in your eyes, you see Jaclyn straddling your face, and Rose and Susan standing to your left and right, creating a triangle around your head.

Jaclyn looks down at you saying, “Open your mouth little pervert, and swallow if you don’t want to drown.”

Just as you open your mouth, confused why they would ask this of you, you see all three aim their vaginas at you and then, three streams of hot, smelly piss hit your face and mouth. The taste wakes you up from your confused state instantly, as you start to choke on the piss.

This, however, doesn’t stop the pee from coming, drenching you in the acrid smell, and leaving you with a sickening taste in your mouth. In the end, you had to start swallowing to catch your breath.

“Hahahaa, the pervert is swallowing the pee we have been holding in the whole day. He must be really thirsty,” Susan said, between her laughs.

After peeing on you for a whole minute, the three women took out some paper and wiped themselves, discarding the paper onto your face.

As they were pulling up their pants, Rose looks down at you and says, “That should teach you a lesson about not assaulting someone in the forest. You ended up pleasuring us all, so you are forgiven for your crimes. Aren’t you lucky?” She snickers.

Then the women walked away from you, leaving you half-naked, drenched in their piss.

You were still drained from being ravaged over and over again from three different BBW’s and your pelvis area was so sore, you were afraid something might have been broken.

As this thought entered your mind, exhaustion engulfs you, making you drift into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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