Used Fuck Toy Ch. 04: Dream

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These characters are fictional and over 18. If you have a problem with consensual-non-consent please read something else. This is chapter four please read the previous stories to understand the background of these characters. If you would like to read more stories about these characters please let me know. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism only please no need to be cruel. ????

Thank you.



My phone sits charging on my night stand and it wouldn’t shut up. I looked at the clock seeing 2:14 on my lock screen. Dylan is calling me.


“Come to my room.”

That’s all he said before hanging up. It was an order. A good Fuck Toy is always ready for a cock, even at 2am. In nothing but one of his T-Shirts I walked over to Dylan’s Room. I’m not usually in this half of the house, mostly Dylan fucks me in my room. This would be the first time I’ve ever been summoned by him.

When I walked in he was propped up on pillows in the middle of his bed. He looked like a Greek statue. His toned naked body fully on display. The low light only accentuated the shadows on his muscles. Dylan’s Cock was rigid and pointing at me. The tip was a dark angry color.

“Get up here.”

I slowly walked over to his bed, then crawling on my hands and knees moved up to meet him. With one hand Dylan gently gripped my neck, pulling me in closer. He kissed me building istanbul escort from soft to hard. In a jolting motion, he released the kiss but not my neck.

“Prove how much you love my Cock.”

Without hesitation, I slid down his body until my face was inches from his hard, beautiful, Cock. As I moved his hand went from my neck to the back of my head. I opened my mouth and he gently pushed down as I took him into my mouth. He hissed through his teeth. My tongue massaged the head of his Cock while I sucked it like a lollypop. With his help, I moved down his shaft taking him little by little down my throat. He would hold me down on his cock for a few seconds, then release me allowing me to breathe. Then he would do it again a few seconds longer. Repeating the process until I was gasping for air when he released me.

“Yes, you love this Cock don’t you.” Dylan’s voice was dominating and sexy. “You’re My slutty little Fuck Toy.”

I rubbed my hands allover his body trying to communicate my agreement. That is when he gripped my head in both hands. He switched from gentle to rough in a heartbeat. Now he was truly face fucking me. My throat was just an object to jack himself off with. I was bobbing up and down in his lap as he grunted his pleasure with every movement. His orgasm hit like a lightning bolt. Thrusting his Cock down my throat until my nose crushed against his pelvis. Jets istanbul escort bayan of cum filled my mouth, it overflowed out the sides of my lips and down my throat. He roared like an animal holding me to him as he finished.

I was about to tap out when he let go of my head. My eyes watered, my nose dripped and cum drooled out of my mouth. I was a mess, but Dylan looked like he was king of the world. Leaning forward he removed the shirt I was wearing and handed it back to wipe my face. This left me wearing nothing but his cum.

“I want to watch you masturbate while I tell you about my dream.”

Heat spread all over my body. I didn’t know if Dylan could see me blush or not, but I was embarrassed. I’d let him watch me once before but I was just trying to get him too fuck me. This would be different. He had already cum. Letting him watch me would probably end in me orgasming by myself. What would he think?

“Are you going to make me wait?”

“NO!” I cleared my sore throat. “No, Sir.”

Dylan rolled off the bed and motioned me to his spot. He turned up the lights a little, this only made me blush more.

“Lay in the middle of the bed on your back with your legs open.”

I did as he told me. When he came back he arranged my hands where he wanted them. One on my tit and the other in between my legs.

“Rub your Clit.”

I started rubbing myself slowly. escort istanbul Looking in his eyes I asked. “What was your dream Dylan?”

“I was at work reading a long boring report when my boss asked to see me in his office. He told me I was getting his office when he moved upstairs. While he was talking, I felt my pants unzip. You were in front of me with your big tits out ready to suck my Cock.”

My pussy was wet hearing Dylan relay all the dirty things I did to his Cock in the dream. I couldn’t help but rub faster on my clit.

“That was when I figured out he couldn’t see you. So, I bent you over his desk. You were moaning like a fucking street whore. Couldn’t get enough. I spanked your ass and all he did was congratulate me.”

Oh God, no wonder he was hard. I could feel my orgasm rising as he told me about the dream.

“You were begging me to fill your pussy. Just as I was going to cream deep in your hot wet cunt… My fucking hard on woke me up.”

Shit, it was too late. My orgasm hit me like a tidal wave.

“Oh, Ohh Shit!”

touching my pussy didn’t give me time to notice Dylan had gotten hard again. Before my orgasm had finished, he pried my legs apart and drove in.

“Fuck, you little slut. You like being my office whore, don’t you?”

“Yes, Oh God, Fuck me.”

“Take My Cock Bitch. You love it. You Fucking love it. Whore. My little Fuck Toy. Fuck!”

Deep in my pussy the second orgasm set me on fire. I came hard on his Cock squeezing so tight he couldn’t pull out. He unloaded into me owning my body. Spent he collapsed to the side breathing heavy.

“You’re staying here tonight. If I have another dream I’m going to need your pussy.”

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