Vacation Ch. 01

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We haven’t seen each other in almost a year, right now we have to be apart, it’s not easy but we are dealing with it. It was a Thursday evening, about 7:30 when I just happened to get on the computer to check my email when you sent me an instant message, “What are you doing?” you ask. I wonder what you are up too, “Just getting done folding and putting away laundry…” Something tells me you are up to something.

“How much do you miss me???” you message me. Oh you know it so is hard for me being apart from you. I miss you 24/7. “Honey, you know how much I miss you, is something wrong???” I ask worried, you don’t usually message me this early.

“Oh everything is fine, do me a favor.”

Sure what???” It’s going to be a long weekend here alone. My daughter suddenly decided to take a weekend trip, she just up and decided this morning to go. “Go to your kitchen door and open it…” you say.

” Okay…be right back…” I say getting up wondering what you’re up too and walking into the kitchen, I notice out the kitchen window a familiar car in the driveway. My heart starts to beat really fast, I don’t see anyone in the car. I open the door and there you are, smiling. “Suprise!” I can’t believe you’re really here. I grab you and hold on for dear life. “You’re here you’re really here!!” is all I can say over and over. “Yes baby girl I’m here…now are you gonna kiss me!!” You kiss me holding me so tight, I love being in your arms. I let you in and close the door behind us. I just can’t believe you’re here. We have been talking of our next visit, but we didn’t know when it would happen. I just hold on to you, not wanting to let you go.

“How did you know where the house is???” I ask, knowing I hadn’t given you the new address yet.

“I messaged your daughter and got the address from her yesterday…and told her what I have in mind…” You admit, kissing me again.

“So that’s why she suddenly took this trip…okay now it makes sense…” I start to get teary eyed, just so happy to be with you.

We go into the living room and sit on the couch, I get us some drinks. I know you must be tired from your long drive. You put your arm around me and pull me close to you.

“Honey…you’re shaking…”

“I know…I can’t help it..” I say just so happy to see you. I have had a feeling for months that you would one day suprise me and knock on the door. You explain that you had put in for some vacation time and it had suddenly came through and you decided to come and pick me up and we were going to hit the road tomorrow morning.

“Oh you are so sneaky…” I say teasing you, I realize I must look like crap. I’m wearing an old tee-shirt and jeans and my hair is up in a pony tail. I have been cleaning and doing laundry all day. “So have you had dinner yet?” you ask kissing the top of my head.

“No, I was just going to fix a microwave TV dinner and and watch a movie until time to take my nap.” I usually lay down about 10:00pm and take a nap until time to get up and chat with you when you get off of work at 4:00am.

“I tell you what…you take a shower and get all pretty and I’m taking you out to dinner…” you tell me. “I’ll just lay here and relax for a bit, it was a long drive…”

“Okay, I can cook dinner for us.” I suggest knowing how tired you must be after driving such a long way.

“Nope…I want to take my girl out for dinner…” you say sternly, kissing me again.

I get up and kiss you, “I’ll be ready in a few minutes honey, help yourself to anything in the fridge, do you need anything?”

“Nope.” you say with a yawn, “I’ll be fine…now go and get all prettied up for me…”

I go into the bedroom and pick out an outfit, grab what I need and head for the shower.

30 minutes later I’m ready, I take Anadolu Yakası Escort one last look in the full length mirror. I’m wearing a nice pair of jeans, a favorite shirt and my new sneakers. Something told me the other day to buy the new matching bra and panty set. I’m glad I bought it, I hope you like it. Checking my make-up I brush my long hair, I spray on your favorite perfume and decide I’m set. Before I forget I change the sheets and blankets on the bed and make sure it looks nice.

I walk back into the living room and you are all stretched out on the couch sound asleep.

I know you have had a long day and you must be exhausted. I smile and grab an afghan from the closet and cover you up and go into the kitchen to find something for dinner.

I quickly thaw out some Chicken and put it into the oven seasoning it with Lemon pepper seasoning, peel and dice potatoes for mashed potatoes and open a can of corn.

I’m trying to be quiet, so I don’t wake you. I keep glancing into the living room to make sure you’re really here. I know you wanted to take me out to dinner but I love to cook for you when you come to visit.

An hour later you startle me by walking up behind me and slipping your arms around me from behind.

“Oh! You scared me!” I say with a laugh, “Did I wake you?”

“No honey, guess I was more tired than I thought..I really wanted to take you out to dinner.” you say hugging me.

“It’s fine I like cooking for you baby…” I say turning around in your arms and kissing you. “We can go to dinner another night…”

Dinner is done in about 30 more minutes and while we’re waiting for dinner you explain your plan.

We’ll get up tomorrow morning and hit the road for a road trip to Williamsburg,Virginia.

I used to love to visit you at your house when we lived in Virginia, we lived about an hour and a half apart back then. You would pick me up for weekends or sometimes you would pick me up for a week or more at a time. My friend who I worked for didn’t like me taking off like that but I didn’t care, I just wanted to be with you.

“Say…you really can cook more than meatloaf…”

“I told you I could…I can even bake a cake…” I say joking as we finish eating, it must have been good because you had two helpings of everything. I love taking care of you, it makes me happy to do that. “Now you go and relax and I’ll do the dishes and be right in.” I promise you.

“Alright, don’t take too long baby.”

“Oh believe me I won’t, the remote to the TV is on the table next to the couch pick out a good movie, I’ll be right there…” I tell you putting the dishes in hot soapy water.

“Okay…” you say kissing me, “Do you know how much I have missed you baby girl?”

“As much as I’ve missed you???” I say turning around in your arms, I love being in your arms, I feel so content and happy.

I’m done a few minutes later, grab a couple of soda’s and head for the living room, we watch a situation comedy, and just snuggle on the couch. “Would you mind if I take a shower?” you ask suddenly.

“Well no of course not honey, the bathroom is the first door on the left down the hallway, yell if you need anything…” You get up and go out to your car and grab your suitcase. “Okay I’ll be out in a few, don’t get lonely…” you tell me. After you go into the bathroom I turn the TV off, grab a couple more soda’s and head for the bedroom.

While you’re in the shower, it gives me a chance to go and light some candles, put on some romantic music on the stereo and change into something black and sexy. Spraying on a little more perfume I lay down on the Queensize bed and wait for you.

“Hey, where’d you go???”

“I’m in here honey…” I say “Second door on Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan the right…” You walk in and stop in the door way.

“Nice…” you say looking around the room. You set your things down and walk over to the side of the bed.

“I thought you’d like it baby…now come here…” I say wanting you very badly.

You get on the bed with me and take me in your arms for a deep kiss, I love being back in your arms. I notice you’re wearing a tee-shirt and pajama bottoms. “You’re wearing too many clothes…” I whisper in your ear.

“I love you…” you whisper in my ear, kissing my neck, and holding me tightly.

“I love you too honey…but you’re still dressed…” You start kissing my neck, teasing me,oh I love how you do that sends shivers down my back.

You slowly kiss your way down my neck across my collar bone,as you reach for my breast. “Oh I like that…” I say as you pinch my left nipple gently.

“There’s more…” you say kissing me deeply. “Here let’s take this off.” you tell me pulling my nighty over my head. “That’s better…” bending down you take my left nipple in your mouth and gently suck on it as you

caress my right one. I can’t hold you tight enough. “Hmmm…nice tits, I love them baby girl…”

“They’re all yours.”

You slowly start to caress me, taking your time, sending shivers through me. “I have missed you so much…” you whisper as you kiss your way down my body.

You know just how to make me feel good. “Oh yessss…” I gasp as you pinch and squeeze my tits, I love when you do that. “Baby, I need to take care of you

right now…” I say watching you.

“Not yet…this is for you baby…I want you to have the first climax of many…” You say as you spread my legs and bend down and kiss my bare


“Honey please???” I ask, wanting to lick and suck your cock, making you hard in my mouth.

“Sssshhhhh…lay back and relax and just let yourself go…” You tell me getting down between my spread legs, you look up at me and slowly lick my pussy.

“Hmmm…ummm…” Is all I can say, you reach up and caress my tits, pinching my nipples. That makes me so hot, I reach for my tits and continue to pinch my nipples as you

gently spread my pussy lips open and you slowly lick me from the bottom of my pussy all the way to my Clit. “Hmmm…your pussy taste so good baby…”

You continue to lick my pussy, flicking your tongue across my hardening clit, as you gently slip one finger inside of me.

“Oooohhh yessss…” I moan as you finger me deeply. I need and want you so bad right now, I can feel my pussy getting so wet and hot.

You lick and suck on my clit as you finger me faster and harder. I can’t lay still, it just feels too good. You finally have to reach up and we entwine hands, holding hands tightly as you lick me, getting me so close to cumming.

“Fuck me…please!!” I beg you, I am getting so close.

“Hand me your toy…” you tell me sitting up. I reach over and take a 7 inch dildo out of the bedside table and I lick it from the balls all the way to the tip.

Making sure you watch me, I take the head in my mouth an suck on it, taking it slowly in and out of my mouth and sucking on it.

“Suck that cock baby…” You say as you stand and get undressed, and you have a nice hard on. I want to suck your cock so bad.

“Ummm…”I moan taking the cock out of my mouth, and flicking my tongue across the head.

You reach down and start to finger my wet pussy, taking your fingers out of my pussy you lick my pussy juice. “You taste so good baby…”

“I need you honey…please???” I ask wanting you so bad.

You kneel next to me so I can reach your hard cock. “Suck me…” Escort Anadolu Yakası you say reaching for my head, you hold my head so I can suck your cock.

I lick my way from your balls all the way to the tip of your cock, I love sucking your cock baby.

“Yeah…lick it…” you moan.

I flick my tongue all over the underside of your cock,you let go of my head.

“Awww…yes…” You take the toy from me and rub it across my slit, teasing my clit, making me so hot.

I can’t stop licking you, I take the head of your cock in my mouth, sucking you as deep as I can.

I can feel you working the toy into my wet pussy, pushing it in slowly, in and out while I suck you faster.

You speed up the thrust of the toy in my pussy, the faster I suck your cock the faster you fuck me. I am getting so wet.

“Suck it…yeah…suck me deep…” I take your cock as deep as I can fucking your cock with my mouth. Your pounding

my pussy with the toy faster and harder. I can feel my climax building I am so close I need to cum.

Suddinly you pull away from me. “I don’t want to cum yet…”you say as you bend over me and fuck me with the toy.

I can’t lay still, I know I’m getting loud by now but I don’t care. “I’m going to make you cum…” you say pounding

my wet,hot pussy with the toy.”Fuck,fuck,fuck…”Is all I can say over and over again.

“Come on baby let it go, let the feelings go and cum for me…”you say encouraging me. I can’t lay still,

You take away the toy and replace it with yout fingers, fucking me harder and deeper.

“Ummm…oh baby…gonna cum…”I moan feeling myself right on the edge of my climax.

“Awww…yesss…cumming baby!!” I scream as I cum clamping my legs closed around your hand inside of my pussy. You finger me

as fast as you can, making me squirt all over your hand and the bed.”Ummm…fuck…yes…” I say collasping back on the bed.

You move back up next to me and take me in your arms, kissing me gently.I’m shaking from my orgasam, you just hold me tightly.

“Oh that was the best baby…” I say when I can catch my breath.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it…I wanted to show you how much I love you.”

“But you didn’t cum.” I say wanting to take care of you.

“Oh I will, I know you’ll take care of that.” you say with a smile. “Let’s just lay here a while and cuddle.”

We lay wrapped in each other’s arms for a long time, just talking and listening to the soft music on the stereo.

“I’ll be right back.”I say getting up and grabbing my robe, I go to the bathroom and freshen up, then go into the kitchen and make us a

snack and grab a couple of soda’s.

“Here let me help you…” you say getting up to help me as I walk into the bedroom.

You take the drinks from me and set them on the bedside table. “Oh boy! Snacks!” You exclaim

as I put down three bags of diffrent kinds of Chips. “Well I didn’t know what kind you would want so I grabbed them all.”

I say joining you back on the bed.

We lay there and just relax and talk and snack on Chips and Soda. I take the snacks and empty cans and put them on the dresser and I come back to bed.

“Ummm…what have you got in mind little girl???” you ask me as I stand in front of you and slip out of my robe.

“You’ll see…just lay back and relax…” I say as I get back onto the bed, getting down between your spread legs.

You lay back after grabbing a couple of extra pillows and putting them behind your head.

I am on my knees in front of you, I reach for your cock, stroking you, feeling your cock starting to get hard.”I’m going to suck your cock.”

I tell you matter of factly, I stroke your cock, slow and then fast feeling you getting hard. “Ummm…yeah…” you moan as I reach down and rub your balls at the same time.

I bend down and flick my tongue across your balls, barely touching you, knowing you love when I do this.

I switch back and forth flicking my tongue across your balls and your cock, not even trying to take your cock into my mouth yet.

I want to tease you, and make you moan.

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