Valediction Ch. 03

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Big Dick

After the last incident with Jason at the men’s shower room, Vanessa had felt deeply humiliated — he had made use of her, had treated her like a rag doll to do with as he pleased. Had made her come so hard she still shuddered when she imagined his body thrusting against her clothed form, bringing her to orgasm as the jets of water rained down on the both of them. Vanessa’s cheeks still burned at the thought of her trying desperately to cling to Jason even as he shrugged her off easily, dressed and left.

Later that night though, warm and lying under the covers, her thoughts were on another thing entirely. The way his shoulder had felt as she bit into it, his back muscles bunching up under her fingers as she grabbed at them, how perfectly her legs fit around his waist, how wonderful his cock had felt as it pressed against her mound. She slid her fingers between her legs, feeling a jolt as her fingers met her clitoris. She was a frequent masturbater, but in the days since that very first episode at the gas station, she found herself constantly unsatisfied, even though she touched herself several times a day. It just didn’t seem enough anymore, and it frustrated her, especially since she also found she couldn’t bring herself off unless she was thinking of Jason and that cock of his.

Nonetheless, nothing stopped her from replaying every moment that afternoon, her down on her knees and begging like a slut for the permission to take his cock in her wet, hungry mouth. She moaned softly as she stroked herself, denying herself the pleasure of cumming, as she wanted to prolong the sensations coursing through her body now, as her fingers grew slick with her own juices, tongue lashing out to lick her lips, the low groan in her throat gaining in volume and pitch as her hips raised off the bed to meet her fingers, both hands between her legs now as she thrashed about underneath the sheets. She flipped herself over, just in time, as a scream caught in her throat, her hips pushing down now in her fingers, into her bed, her squeals muffled by her pillow as she imagined Jason taking her roughly by her waist, lifting her butt up, and plunging down into her core as she scrabbled at the bedsheets, pleading him to fuck her harder. And harder. And faster. Til she came, again, and again, sobbing, her body exhausted beyond its limits.

Panting, Vanessa decided that she couldn’t wait til Deidre’s party the next night, she was just too goddamn horny, and it had been too long since she felt in control. She opened her wardrobe, and went with sexy sophisticated. No college boys tonight, she was looking for men. She picked out a pair of pants that hugged her pert ass, but which was otherwise loose enough to be comfortable in, and which she knew she would look fantastic in when dancing. For her top, she choose a bustier with lace trimming she had saved for just such an occasion — it showed off her creamy shoulders and narrow waist to great effect, and the back was entirely criss-crossed with lace-ups, which for some reason always excited men. Add in make-up to the mix, with her hair done up, and her four inch fuck-me pumps, Vanessa was ready for her night out.

She knew exactly where she was headed. The clubs were out for her. The kids there wouldn’t be able to appreciate her dressing, and in any case, the chances of her having to fend off pesky boys who were way out of her league were extremely high, too high for her to bother with. The hotel bar she had in mind had a good mix of out of towners, beautiful locals, with patrons would could chill or dance their hearts out as their fancies dictated. And, Vanessa mused, if things got interesting, there were more than enough dark corners for her to play in.

When she got there, the long line spilling around the corner didn’t bother her — she knew the bouncer, and in any case the way she looked (and felt) she could have walked into any place tonight and not be stopped. She loved the envious eyes on her as she strutted through the entrance, the women wishing they had paid a little more attention to their dressing, the men mentally undressing her and wishing they had her by their sides. She choose a seat at the bar where she could view the action, and where she was in a position to be viewed. Sipping her margarita, it wasn’t long before she had a couple of propositions, which she turned down. She was horny, but she wouldn’t settle. Not tonight. Tonight, she was in the mood for games.

“For you, miss. From the trio in the corner over there.” The bartender set down another margarita, and Vanessa followed his gaze to three suited men in a dim corner of the room. They smiled and waved her over. Mid to late twenties, she figured, business types out on a trip, and looking for harmless fun. Kept themselves fairly well maintained, and were sharp dressers. Hmmm, she thought — three? They looked fun enough, and on first glance, certainly didn’t look sleazy. Why not?

Vanessa smiled, and walked over to their booth seat. “Thanks for the drink, boys. I’m actually waiting for some friends, who are late ateşli gaziantep escort as usual.” She wasn’t, of course, but she had found in her experience that a little lie like that could get her out of a spot if the situation grew dreary or out of control.

“That’s not a problem. We just thought it was criminal that a woman like you shouldn’t be left by herself without a drink, or a companion. You never know what kind of people you find in these places.” The first man’s eyes twinkled as he said this. Not the best looking of the three, but she could already this would be the charmer amongst the three. He had a nice smile, and the body of an ex-athlete — stocky, but well proportioned. “Hi, I’m Frank, and these are my colleagues, Kyle and Brad. Would you care to join us?”

“Well, my friends might be here soon, so I …” “It’s fine,” Frank cut in smoothly. “Your friends can join us too — or if you find us terribly boring, well, we’ll let you off if you can come up with a good enough excuse.” Vanessa laughed and nodded. Frank immediately got up, and made space for her, so she was sandwiched between the three of them, Kyle and Brad on her right, and Frank on her left. It turned out they were consultants with an MNC, and were due back in New York the next day. Kyle was the good looking but shy one, an ex-college football player who must have weighed 200 over pounds, and who still looked like he could take on an entire team. Brad was the lean one, all sinewy muscle, who still ran marathons like when he was back in college, which was where the three had met.

They were fun loving sorts, and a couple of tequila shots in, Vanessa was having the most entertaining night in recent memory. Their easy banter and charisma got to her, and her mind raced as she tried to figure which of the three she’d take home tonight. They were somewhat free, if respectful, with their hands — she found their hands on her arm, shoulders, and waist, but nothing to suggest they would be up to anything funny. An hour in, all mention of her ‘friends’ had been quietly dropped, and she suspected that these were three guys who knew the game, and played it pretty well. As she would soon find out.

“So Vanessa, here’s the thing,” Brad started the ball rolling. “and I know for a fact these other two pussies here are too afraid to ask — are you in any sort of relationship at the moment? Husband, boyfriend, lesbian lover, maybe that scary hairy woman over at the bar who’s been giving us the evil eye the past half hour or so? I mean, you’re a very attractive woman, and we can’t imagine why someone like you would not be in a relationship of any kind.”

“Well, Brad, and your two ‘pussy’ friends over there, all I can tell you is — I’m too young to get into anything serious, and I am dating — just, you know, not exclusively. At this stage in my life, I’m pretty much up for anything.” She let that hang in the air for a while. “Anything.”

After a short, slightly awkward pause in which the three guys cleared their throats and exchanged glances, Frank made his move. “So here’s another thing, Vanessa. We’ve been on many trips together, the three of us, and we’ve met, well, lots of women — but the moment we set our eyes on you tonight at the bar, well, let’s be honest here: our dicks got so engorged with blood we were real glad we’re sitting here in this dim corner so noone could see us making, uh, adjustments.” The men laughed uproariously, and Vanessa found herself joining them — they had such few hang-ups about the whole situation, and of course she was mildly flattered at their comments, even as she was sure they had tried similar lines out on dozens of others before her.

Frank continued. “And actually, before we sent the drink over to you, we had a bet amongst ourselves, as we always do, as to the colour of… your panties.” Vanessa looked up at him from her drink, bemused. Smiling, she asked, “And do you boys ALWAYS bet on the same thing?”

“It’s a… tradition.” “And who always wins?” “WE all do!” the three cried out in unison, laughing and slapping each other on the back. They looked at her expectantly. “Well?” “Well… what did the three of you bet on?” “Ah well,” Brad grinned. “We’d tell you, but you might cheat…” “Geez, you men… ok. It’s white. So who won?” “Not yet. How do we know you’re not lying?” Mock sighing, Vanessa motioned them closer, and leaning forward onto the table, pulled the waistband of her pants down slightly so the top of her white lace thong was showing. “Happy?” “Well, it’s so dark in here… you can’t really see anything in this light…” They murmured their protests, while she shoved them back, giggling despite herself. “And what do you boys want then?” “Well, Vanessa,” It was Kyle, of all people. “Why don’t you take them off and show it to us? Just, you know, to make sure that we’re all in agreement on this. There’s a hundred bucks riding on this. Serious money.” She looked at each one in turn. “You’re serious about this?” “Go to the ladies’ ateşli gaziantep escort bayan room. And take off your panties. Now.” Kyle’s tone changed abruptly, not to something that was threatening, but a voice that was used to being obeyed. The mood had transformed, and the repartee and chit chat had been replaced by something else, a tension that Vanessa could feel all the way from her throat to between her legs. She didn’t have to touch her panties to know they were completely soaked.

Wordlessly, she got up, Frank making way for her. Her heart was pounding as she made her way to the restroom, found a clean cubicle, and sat down. Her thong had hooks at either side, so she didn’t have to remove her pants to take them off. The smell of her sex permeated the cubicle, and she stuffed the damp thong into her handbag. The soft material of her pants felt good against her aching cunt, but she wondered how long it would be before her juices soaked through that as well. Her entire body was trembling — Kyle’s words and tone had struck a chord inside her, and she was amazed at the speed with which she followed his instructions. She’d never thought of herself as someone who enjoyed being dominated, but since Jason had come into her life, thoughts of letting go, and submitting to a virile, alpha male, one who knew how to push her buttons, tease her, toy with her mind til she could think of nothing else but to give in and let him have his way — she knew now that was all she wanted. She’d come to the bar tonight to reclaim some measure of control, but what the night held for her, she could only guess.

When she got back to the table, there was definitely an air of expectation present. They made way for her again, and as she slid into the booth, she slipped her panties into Brad’s waiting hands. “Well, whaddya know guys — they are white!” He passed them around, and Vanessa felt the slightest thrill as they took turns checking the thong out, then looking lustily at her. “What wouldn’t I give to see you prancing around in nothing but these…” Frank enthused.

“Vanessa, you want to know what you’ve done to us?” Without waiting for a reply, Brad took her hand and placed it on his crotch. A little surprised at his bluntness, Vanessa nonetheless kept her hand, noting how good his bulge felt in her hand. She gave it a light squeeze, and was rewarded by the sight of Brad jerking once involuntarily. Her left hand was now occupied with Frank’s hard on, while on her far right, Kyle looked on silently. The two men whose cocks she was fondling leaned into her and started nuzzling the nape of her neck, one on either side.

Her weak spot. She came, right there, her hands grasping at the two men who were kissing her neck, licking her behind her ears, all four arms stroking her tummy, her waist, her thighs, the tops of her breasts…. Luckily, the music was loud enough for her groans not to be heard, as she threw her head back, eyes closed, feeling her pussy contract, tingling all over. She opened her eyes to shit eating grins on the faces of the three men. Before she could say anything, Kyle, who had been watching all this while, grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor, where a hypnotic beat had started playing.

He pulled her close to him, her head reaching to just below his chin, his bear arms wrapped around her, one on the small of her back, the other, cupping her right buttock. She could feel his sizeable erection pressing just against the top of her mound. And wanted, no needed, to feel more of him. She strained against him, lifting herself on tiptoe, hands around his neck so she could slide up and down his muscular frame, pressing herself, pressing her cunt against Kyle’s bulge, which was growing by the minute, and pushing ever more insistently on her pussy, which was on fire. Her movements would have been awkward had not Kyle’s strong arms been lifting her slightly, so she was assisted in her efforts.

Vanessa was so engrossed in her little ‘dance’ with Kyle, that she only realized there was someone else behind her, when she felt a breath on the back of her neck. She turned her head, and through lust-laden eyelids, saw Brad taking his place, pressing the entire length of his body against her. Or rather, she felt him — his hands encircled her waist, helping to lift her a few centimeters off the floor. He was a little shorter than Kyle, so his cock fit perfectly in the crevice between her butt cheeks, the two men grinding their cocks, dry fucking her right there on the dance floor. Vanessa could only imagine what she must look like to the rest of the bar — a wanton slut who was close to ripping her clothes off and begging to be fucked by two, if not three, men. And then she realized she couldn’t care less. Every nerve in her body quivered, every fibre of her being was aching to be touched and licked and sucked and kissed. As Kyle kissed her roughly on the lips, and Brad nibbled on her ear at the same time, she exploded again, bucking helplessly against ateşli escort gaziantep the two bodies, an endless series of contractions that resulted in a low guttural moan issuing forth from her throat, which the crowd could hear this time.

Frank hurried up to the three of them, and murmured if it wouldn’t be wiser to carry on their activities in a less public place. He headed out, and the three followed, leaving a trail of shocked, and extremely horny patrons in their wake. The three were staying at that same hotel, so it was a short walk to the elevator that would take them to their rooms. None of them said a word the whole way, though their bodies were buzzing with anticipation. The four of them piled into Frank’s room, a luxurious suite that featured a large chaise lounge by the windows, and a four poster king sized bed that dominated the area.

Vanessa was exhausted — but not sated — by her series of orgasms, but it had also cleared her head somewhat, and she was determined to take control of the situation once again. She motioned for Brad and Frank to sit on the bed, and Kyle to be on the lounge chair. Walking over to the entertainment system, she turned it on, slowly flipping through the various channels until she found one playing the music she was looking for, all the while aware of the eagerness of the three men, and decided to tease them until they begged for release.

The bump and grind music slowly filled the room, and as the men watched her hungrily, she just took up a central position and started dancing by herself, pushing the men back when they attempted to join her there. She moved sensuously, running her hands up and down her body, over her breasts and between her legs, all the while still fully clothed. Still dancing, Vanessa outlined what she expected of them — no touching her unless she gave the go ahead, no touching themselves unless she said so, and most definitely, no fucking her — she was lucid enough to remember that she was supposed to meet Jason tomorrow night at Deidre’s, and horny as she was at the moment, she knew there was really only one cock she wanted in her pussy.

Their faces fell when they heard the rules, but they quickly figured what they were about to get was way beyond what they had expected when they had suggested drinks after dinner, so they dumbly nodded their heads. She motioned to the men on the bed that they could take their clothes off, which they did in double quick time. They sat back down on the bed, erections pointing at the ceiling. “Kyle,” Vanessa began, “has been a good boy the whole night, so Kyle gets to play with me. If the two of you prove to be fast learners, maybe I’ll let you play too.”

She stood in front of Kyle, in full view of the other two too, and moved her right hand down into her pants, making sure her eyes were on Kyle’s the whole time. Her eyes fluttered a moment from the pleasure as her right index finger slid into her wet cunt. She drew the digit out again, and showed the finger, slick with her juices, to Kyle. “Do you want a taste?” Vanessa offered it to him, teasingly. Holding out her hand, she bent at the waist to move her digit closer. As he stuck his tongue out to receive it, she withdrew it, lifted it to her own mouth, and sucked on it, maintaining the eye contact. “Maybe later?” she smiled, and got on her knees between his outspread legs. Moving her hands along his pants, she stroked and massaged his thighs, moving closer to the bulge that was straining in his clothing. She could see the outline against his chinos. She reached for it, grazing it lightly with her fingernails, and heard his sharp intake of breath.

Vanessa undid his belt, and slowly unzipped his pants. Kyle raised his butt off the chair to allow her to pull his pants off. He only had boxers on, and his erection, freed from the confines of his pants, was pointing skyward. “My… is that for me? Mmmmm. I think I’d really enjoy sucking it, Kyle — but it’s so big. I don’t think it’d fit….” She loved the feeling of power she had at the moment — it was as much of a turn on as anything else. Seeing this huge man, gripping the sides of the chair with hands that she knew would much rather be on her head, forcing her red lips onto his cock, got her so wet she could hardly think straight herself.

“Maybe I can just kiss it instead? Can I kiss your cock, Kyle?” the strangled gasp seemed to indicate a definitive yes. Drawing it slowly out of his boxers — my god, she thought, it’s massive! — not as large as Jason’s, but still nothing to be ashamed of at all — she couldn’t help licking her lips. She planted a kiss right on its bulbous head, sucking lightly, before making her excruciatingly slow way down the underside of his manhood, her hand gripping where her lips weren’t. She could feel his body tensing, eager for more, but she took her time. They had the whole night, and she fully intended to make them beg before she was done. She made butterfly kisses all the way down his cock, the licked lightly on his scrotum, as he squirmed in the seat. Down on all fours, she knew her swaying ass, with her pants pulled tight against her rump, made an inviting sight to the two men on the bed. But they could wait. At the moment, all her attentions were focused on Kyle’s cock. She bent her head to the side, and gripping his cock between her lips, slid up and down, humming softly as she did so he could feel the little vibrations as she played with his erection.

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