Valentine’s Day

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It was a nice Valentine’s Day as the married couple finished their walk on one of the few days in Houston that wasn’t over hundred degrees with hundred percent humidity, but then again they wouldn’t be able to have the house they do if it was nice weather year round. The sun was setting after a peaceful Valentine’s Day spending it with the Grandparents but now the child was spending the night with the Grandparents and the couple was alone in their house with only the cat and the dog to add to the noise.

It was a nice walk and after they get back to the house the husband goes to the cabinet and grabs the bottle of Fireball Whisky. Neither drink too often but Fireball Whisky is the drink of choice and they both have a shot. As they finish the shot the wife moves in close to the husband and they plant a passionate kiss. All the sudden the wife grabs her husbands hand and reaches down below the belt. The Husband noticed that her pants are no longer around her waist but on the floor. The Husband gives a Cheshire cat smile but the smile because one of pure joy as he notices it is one of the pair of sexy panties that he bought for that special time.

The erection was immediate and noticeable and the kisses became even more passionate as his hand began to rub her pussy over the panties as she softly moans into his mouth. The husband takes a step back and nearly rips the shirt off of her body to reveal the sexy lingerie that accents her sexy and curvaceous body. The Husband now backs the wife up against the door and begins to passionately kiss her neck the way she always likes. No hickies but just before that as he alternates between soft kisses and sucking on her neck. Finally after a moan that was a little louder the Husband sticks her tongue in her ear as she moans even louder. Now the hand has moved into her panties and notices that she is quite wet as one finger slipped in as he kisses and sucks her neck.

He moves to the other side of her neck as the moaning is becoming louder and more often as the finger works in and out as he sticks his tongue into her ear and then whispers altyazılı porno into her ear, “I’m going to fuck you like I’ve never fucked you before.”

Now their sex lives are quite good but like any long term couple the sex ranges from workmanlike, to fever pitched and even had some funny moments. One time he remembers as they were having sex the television turned on and the first thing was said was, “IT IS SO HUGE!” The Husband has a silent chuckle as he goes back to working on her neck and working the finger in and out.

Finally the Wife can’t take it anymore as he pushes the Husband away as she drops to her knees and pulled her pants and underpants off in one motion. His erection nearly slapped the wife in the face as they have a light chuckle but then the Wife goes right to work.

The Husband remembers one of his birthdays when his Wife let him cum in her mouth for the first time as he lets out a loud, “OH YA!” His hands goes to the back of her head but she doesn’t need any extra help with her blowjob skills. She gets better at it ever time and the passion that was in the air has made this blowjob extra special. There is a need to her sucking that is going to make the rest of this night special. The Husband gets light in the knees and has to reach back and grab the oven to stay upright. The Wife is really getting into it as she is going deeper into her mouth than she normally does as the husbands knees begins to buckle as he has to hold on to the stove even tighter.

Finally the Husband is either going to burst or he is going to have to take this to the bedroom, and while he would like to brag about cumming three or four times in one night he really only has shot in his gun and he wants to make it last.

The Husband gets her wife off her knees and they lead to the bedroom and make sure the dog and the cat aren’t in their to break up their lovemaking. The Husband then closes the door and tosses the Wife onto the bed. Now his favorite part as the Wife spreads her legs and the Husband dives right in. Let most men have their Valentine’s Day Blowjob zenci porno he would like nothing more than to dive into her bush and spend the rest of the night their. The tongue enters her vagina as her legs spread even further apart as he feasts on it like he hasn’t eaten in a week.

Normally the Wife can only take a little bit of getting eaten out but tonight they were both going to let their freak frag fly and recently has let the husband get more adventurous with her nether region. It is clear that the Husband is in Heaven giving her wife oral and he wants nothing more than to make her cum on his tongue tonight. After attacking pussy with his tongue it was time to make the move. His wife isn’t a huge fan of having direct stimulation on her clit, but the Husband goes for the gamble that this is a special night and he makes the move.

The Wife isn’t sure as she is nervous as the Husband’s head makes his way up but she leans back and the Husband begins to lightly brush over it with his tongue and tonight she is enjoying it. The legs spread just a little bit more as he continues to work over her clit. The sensation gets a little too intense as the Husband moves back down to continue to tongue her pussy.

Finally the legs wrap around the head of the Husband and her hands dig into the Husband’s hair as the pleasure reaches a climax as the husband feels a sense of joy as he made him cum on her tongue.

The pleasure lets up for a bit as the Wife tells the Husband that she wants the Cock, but that isn’t good enough for the Husband. He knows once she gets the penis than the party is over and tonight he doesn’t want her Wife to want the cock, he wanted her to NEED THE COCK!

So he doesn’t give her what she wants but he goes back to kissing and sucking on her neck. The rock hard member brushes up against her pussy as she moans for it, but instead the Husband inserts a finger back into her pussy as his thumb brushes lightly over her clit.

The moaning gets louder and the Husband moves to kiss her wife again. Now the Wife has always aldatma porno been worried about her French Kissing skills, but tonight is the night to let their freak flag fly as they kiss both their mouths open up as they start to wrestle with their tongues as the moans from the wife rattle though the mouth of the Husband. Finally they break from French Kissing as the look of lust of the Husband’s face just grows and grows as he continues to drive her wife crazy by finger fucking her.

Again the Wife’s thighs tighter around the hand of the Husband as the eyes roll into the back of her head as her back arches as she begins to cum again.

First he made her cum on his tongue and now he made him cum on his finger. He wasn’t done as the look of bliss on the Wife’s face turned into need. Now, now she didn’t just want the cock, she NEEDED THE COCK and the Husband was more than willing to fill that need.

The Husband was turned on as making his wife cum is the ultimate high for him and making him twice made him rock hard. The Wife was near begging as he finally guided his cock into her dripping pussy. The Husband knew he wasn’t going to last long, but luckily for him the Wife loves to cum together and after all the foreplay she was ready to go again.

This wasn’t lovemaking time, this was fucking time as the Husband drove his penis in and out as he leaned into to stick his tongue into her ear and then whispered, “I love fucking you.”

The Wife’s arched her back again as the Husband continues to pound as she reaches and nearly scratches the back of the Husband as he continues to pleasure her. Her legs then wrap around the back of the Husband as this is the sign that the pleasure is at it’s peak as he continues to lay the wood.

Finally the after a couple more strokes it was time. The Husband yells, “I’M CUMMING!” and the Wife replies, “OH GOD! ME TOO!” A couple more strokes as the Husband cums deep inside his Wife’s pussy as she cums with him.

Finally with sweat dripping off of both they collapse onto the bed both with a satisfied look on their face. Soon it will be time to stop being horny teenagers and back to being adults. The kid needs to be picked up at Grandma’s and work tomorrow.

But right now it was a probably fucked couple and they can be horny teenagers for a little bit longer. After all Sonic is still open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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