Valerie’s Flight

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I had just flown into New York for business. Upon arriving, my good friend Ash welcomed me with “Valerie, you look amazing. It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other.”

I agreed by responding, “too long.” Ash and I had been great friends growing up. Oh, the exciting and fun times we’ve had. But this isn’t about those fun times. This is about making new memories. Ash took me to her waiting car and brought me back to her apartment in Brooklyn.

When we got there, I was surprised to see our friend Elaina waiting for us. Elaina didn’t seem very happy with Ash at the moment (maybe you’ll hear more about that later). When she saw me, however, her whole demeanor softened. “Valerie, wow, I wasn’t expecting you. How have you been? How is San Francisco treating you these days?” she asked.

“San Francisco is great. Wonderful city. Job is going well. I’ve met great friends. I certainly miss New York, but things are great. Since we are all here, let’s have a great night. Get some wine. We need to catch up.”

We proceeded to settle in for a nice evening of wine and stories. I decided to start with my interesting flight in from the West coast.


I had boarded the Ataşehir Escort plane to find myself sitting next to a gorgeous man. Neither of us said anything, but we both smiled at each other. After getting situated, the man leaned back and quickly fell asleep. Too bad, I was interested in chatting up this attractive guy. In his sleep, however, his arms started moving, and one ended up around my shoulders. I was about to put it back where it belonged when I realized how good it felt.

After a little while, I decided to go with it and see how far I could take the situation. I put a blanket over the two of us. Then I started to caress his leg beneath the blanket. I thought I saw a faint smile come over his face. That’s when I decided to push the envelope some more. My hand crept up his leg. With every inch my hand moved, I noticed his breathing getting heavier.

That’s when I went for broke. I unzipped his jeans. There was no doubt that he was getting excited. I could feel him getting hard. I reached in and started to rub his erection over his boxers. After a while, I reached under his boxers and grasped it. It was thick and hard from all my teasing. Ataşehir Escort Bayan I started to stroke it and was rewarded with soft moaning from the sleeping man.

After a few moments of stroking his thick cock, the man next to me opened his eyes. He looked over and smiled. With only a nod of his head towards the back of the plane, he assembled his clothes and headed back to the restrooms. I followed a few moments behind, realizing that I was as excited as him. I entered the small space just in time to see him extract a condom from his pocket and place it on the sink. Without a word, we locked the door and started to kiss each other deeply. Our hungry mouths melded together with great passion. Soon we were undressing each other. Shirts fell to the floor. Jeans quickly followed. We took a moment to just soak in the sight of each other’s mostly naked bodies. I went to say how excited I was, but he put his finger to my lips and shook his head. I took that as a sign that we were not to talk.

I reached around to take off my bra and he bent down to release me from my panties. He then put my left leg over his right shoulder and dove into Escort Ataşehir my sweetness. I was so ready for whatever was coming. His tongue darted in and out of me while he massaged my ass. Then he flicked my clit a few times. I was really starting to lose it. My passion felt like a fire starting at my clit and radiating throughout my body. He expertly teased and caressed me with his tongue. Finally, I grabbed his head and thrust myself more deeply to him. He followed my lead and finished the job. My orgasm racked through me in waves. Holy goodness, he was amazing.

Without pausing, he stood, dropped his boxers, and put on the condom. He put my leg up on the back of the toilet and thrust himself deep into my awaiting pussy. He picked me up and used the wall to his advantage. My orgasm was still running its course when he started to move in and around me. I had not had such an intense sexual experience in a long time. I buried my head into his neck and nibbled his ear. This helped send shivers through his body and he continued to drive into me. It wasn’t long before he couldn’t hold back and he exploded into me. The intensity of his orgasm made me come again as well.

A few moments later, we had cleaned ourselves up and made our way back to our seats. Nothing was said. Not a word. Upon egress of the plane, we just shook hands and left each other. Perhaps we would meet again. Perhaps we would only have this memory and nothing else. Either way, I was glad to have met this mystery man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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