Varn Refreshes His Mother Pt. 01

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Author’s note:

In this story, Varn is twenty-four and is living his organic self-sufficiency life at a beautiful and remote isolated valley. His Mother, Shelley, lives this life with him.

The Varn stories tell of his many and unique aspects.

~ ~ ~

Varn Refreshes His Mother Pt. 01

~ He cherishes his cute Mother and their friendship.

~ ~ ~

~ Contents ~

~ Chapter One ~

~ The self-sufficiency winter practicalness of Mother being without her panties.

~ Chapter Two ~

~ With their summer evening, full moon cuddle, Shelly thinks about their winter cuddles.

~ Chapter Three ~

~ Varn agrees to tuck his Mother in for the night and discovers her refreshing ritual.

~ ~ ~

~ Chapter One ~

~ The self-sufficiency winter practicalness of Mother being without her panties.

Varn and his Mother sat on the swinging bench seat, which gently swayed with a whispered swishing melody under the veranda of the rear deck, as they relaxed and silently sipped their organic herbal coffees.

Comfortable on the cushioned seat, their eyes gazed upon the evening sky where the stars were slowly coming out to pattern the night-dome with twinkling, softly-shimmering, distant points.

It had been a lovely summer’s day and the evening was pleasantly cool. Varn and his Mother lived and worked together at Varn’s beautiful, organic-self-sufficiently paradise, and they had a great relationship.

As the starry night softly encapsulated Varn and his Mother in a gentle caress, they both enjoyed the day’s ending with this time on the veranda, each happy with their thoughts, with each other, and with their relationship.

Shelly loved being with her Son at his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise, and she loved how inspiring Varn was. Varn made every day an amazing and wondrous adventure. He was also very supportive with the amazing cuddle experiences Shelly had with Varn, but which they didn’t talk about.

Shelly was so grateful for those experiences, they nurtured her in the most intimate way, and she couldn’t conceive of trying to live without them.

Summers were wonderful and she loved them. Everything was growing, and there were the swims in the river and lovely evenings like tonight.

And of course, there were the cuddles Varn gave her. Wonderful, wonderful cuddles, where she felt a lovely and nurturing rapport with her phenomenal and handsomely, supple-muscled, blue-eyed Son!

Yes, the cuddles were lovely and the winter cuddles with her Son had a specialness about them. A specialness she had found last winter. And while Shelley was not in any hurry for winter to come, she did very much look forward to the very special cuddles she shared with her Son when they were both sitting in front of the lovely warm fire.

Varn was such a good provider. Shelly never wanted for anything to comfortably and happily live Varn’s, beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise life. Not only was Varn inspiring, he was extremely practical with his inspiring ways as well.

Shelly snuggled a little closer into her Son. It would be evening cuddle soon. Oh, she was so looking forward to it and so ready for it!

The full moon had just risen and it looked spectacular, floating above the eastern hills. Oh, it would be lovely to have her cuddle in the full moon.

“It’s such a lovely evening, Varn Love,” Shelley said with her words seeming to be carried by the moonlight.

“It is, Mother,” Varn replied, putting his arm around his Mother’s shoulders, knowing she was readying herself for her evening cuddle. “The moon’s amazing.”

“Yes, it is, Son,” Shelly responded in a dream-like way as she gazed at the brilliantly lit orb.

Yes, Shelly hugely enjoyed the evening cuddles on beautiful summer evenings like this, but there was a unique part of the winter cuddles that were calling to her. She was missing that part so much, and she had been thinking about it a lot lately.

With an impulsive burst, Shelly decided that this full moon night would be a good time to bring it up with Varn.

“Varn Love, it’s lovely to have our nite-nite cuddles out here in the summertime, but it’s also very nice to have them in the wintertime in front of the blazing fire, as well” Shelly warmly shared, feeling excited about the winter cuddles and the special part to them.

“I agree, Mother,” Varn responded, “The moon and stars are nice, but so is the fire.”

With the moon gradually rising and the sky subtly filling with softly sparkling stars, Varn and Shelley both reflected on the past winter nite-nite cuddles they had shared.

Shelly was hopeful she could bring the thrill and excitement of the winter cuddle to her summer nite-nite cuddles with her amazing Son. It would be different, but it would still be exciting, thrilling, and so very nurturing. Even more so than the winter nite-nite cuddles.

Oh, Yes! Shelley would ask Varn tonight, she reaffirmed as she continued to think about last winter’s nite-nite cuddles.

Varn smiled as he remembered karataş escort last winter and how their evening cuddles had developed…From starting with his Mother’s practical self-sufficiency need for warmth, to amazing cuddles which had continued, and were now a normal part of their life together here at his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise.

On cold nights, Varn often undid his jacket and shirt front to let the fire’s heat directly onto his body. Varn had learned that he could get warmer with the fire radiating directly onto his naked skin, than if he left his shirt and jacket done up. It was a great way to get a warm-up.

Well, one night in the full of winter, they had both been hunkered close to the fire and his Mother must have been feeling the cold a bit and so she had sort of followed Varn’s example, and in a practical self-sufficiency way, she’d pulled her skirt up above her knees and spread her legs to let the fire’s welcome heat cascade in warm waves up under her skirt.

Varn could understand the reasoning of his Mother’s actions because while the fire was warm, they didn’t use excess wood and so it was warm close to the fire, but the rest of the space, while it had the chill taken off it, was coolish, and so hunkering close to the fire was a favoured winter evening activity.

Varn got along great with his Mother, however, as he sat watching her bath herself with the fire’s heat up her raised skirt, he couldn’t deny that she was also a lovely slender and shapely girl, and with her sweet smile, she had an endearing and cute sexiness. And yes, what she was doing was self-sufficiency, but it was an extremely hot and very erotic self-sufficiency activity — That was for sure!

As Varn had imagined the fire’s warmth gently caressing his Mother’s inner thighs and her pantied pussy in wave after wave of licking warmth… He, as often happened, got a hot huge erection for the beautiful and sexy girl that was his Mother.

And with his own jacket and shirt parted to let the fire’s warmth directly onto him, it had just sort of popped out of him, when he had suggested his Mother would get the best experience of the fire’s heat if she took her panties off.

Well, his Mother had seemed thrilled at his suggestion and had excitedly reached up under her skirt and had removed her panties.

While his Mother didn’t say anything, Varn could see from his Mother’s smile that she was exquisitely happy with the experience.

As was his Mom’s way, she effusively thanked him for his self-sufficiency practical idea, saying, “Varn Darling, thank you for your suggestion and it’s wonderful to try it,” as she gave him almost caressing kisses to his cheeks.

With her panties, fresh from her cunt, and held in her hand, she had placed her hands on both Varn’s cheeks at the rear by his ears and had exuberantly kissed both his cheeks repeatedly.

The cheek kisses came in enthusiastic flourishes and felt almost passionate to Varn. The corners of his Mother’s lips touched the corners of his own lips, in what he felt was like a romantic meeting.

He received his Mom’s thank you kisses and words, sexily accompanied by her wondrous cunt scent wafting off her pantie-crotch.

As his Mother cutely, sweetly, and sexily bobbed her mouth from his cheek to cheek, her every kiss seemed to release fresh wafts of her beautiful sexual perfume from the crotch of her sexy knickers.

Varn found it lovely experience, a sweet and romantic turn-on.

His Mother’s kisses seemed to float and flow in sweet romantic splendour on the tantalising fragrance of her flower–Her pussy fragrance embellishing her every kiss like she was welcoming him to have a friendship with her pussy.

Then his Mother had let her panties go, and wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled into his side.

Varn had circled his arms around her middle and held her tightly. And while they embraced, his Mother had whispered, “Son, I love how amazing our friendship is.”

Then she had added in a heated whisper, “And, Darling, I love you soooo much.”

Shelly also remembered that winter’s night well, when seated next to her Son as they hunkered close to the fire, she had at her Son’s practical self-sufficiency suggestion, removed her panties and had enjoyed the warmth of the fire up her raised skirt with her legs apart and no panties on.

It had already been lovely with her panties on, to feel the fire’s heat rolling up her thighs in the most exquisitely warming way and humming in heated billows on her pantie-crotch, but with her panties gone, the fire’s heat had relentlessly licked at her shaved pussy in a lovely tender way.

And while Shelly had acknowledged that hunkering close to the fire like this was practical self-sufficiency, she had also acknowledged that being pantie-less and legs spread, beside her Son, surfaced thoughts that previously she had tried not to look at, but with this experience, her pussy had insisted she acknowledge them.

As Shelly was thanking her Son karataş escort bayan for his amazing practical self-sufficiency suggestion by giving him, as she often did, motherly kisses on his cheeks, she’d been very surprised and completely unprepared when she experienced an intense arousal for her Son, and the lovely wetness that came with it had flooded her pussy. Her arousal and wetness had rapidly blossomed and grew and grew.

Shelly hardly had time to understand what was happening and with the warm fire on her wet and aroused pussy, she had helplessly orgasmed for her Son as he held her in his strong arms. Shelley was stunned — It shouldn’t be happening, but it was beautiful — Oh, so very beautiful.

Unable to help herself, Shelly had collapsed in her Son’s arms and delighted in her spasming pussy orgasming for her wonderful Son.

Varn remembered how his Mother had embraced him so tightly as she gave him thank you kisses and spoke her thank you words. And with her legs spread, her skirt up, and the warmth of the fire lapping hotly along her inner thighs and at her naked sex-hole, she had, quietly as she could, orgasmed for him.

And his Mother wasn’t the only one who had orgasmed, for while he held her tightly, he had also quietly orgasmed for his cute Mother, ejaculating in his trousers.

It was a tender sweet moment. Orgasming for each other as they lovingly clung to one another.

It was lovely to have his beautiful Mother orgasm for him like that, and it was beautiful to cum for his Mother too! As they relished in their orgasm-cuddle, he knew they both wanted to kiss, but they were Son and Mother, so it didn’t happen.

And while their friendship continued on as before, it also included a cute and almost playful sexy dimension that was very alive but was not talked about.

So, as winter continued, every evening they would sit side by side in front of the fire, and Mother would slide her skirt up to her knees and then reach up it and slip her little panties off, and she would complete her ‘getting a warm up’ by spreading her legs.

And with the fire’s radiating heat licking her naked cunt, my beautifully figured, cute, sexy Mother, would either knit, sew, or embroider, while I worked on my garden journal.

Sitting side by side in front of the fire, Mother’s beautiful arousal scent would float out under her raised skirt from her naked cunt in sweet cascades, and when she got to the point where she needed to orgasm for me, she would put down her sewing work and snuggle into me.

I would hold her tightly and Mother would cling to me as she quietly orgasmed her naked sex-hole for me. I didn’t always ejaculate myself, but would have very sexy pre-ejaculation orgasm type experiences.

Holding Mother, I would gently rub her back as she quietly limbered through her multiple orgasms.

We would stay cuddled together enjoying each others company in front of the fire until it was bedtime.

Then we would have Son Mother, nite-nite cheek kisses, and whispered, I love you’s, would be said to each other, after which, we would head off to our own bedrooms.

This became our nightly routine and I know we both looked forward to it.

With winter’s end, we stopped using the fire, and while Mother didn’t take her panties off, she still snuggled into me every evening before bed for her nite-nite cuddles and nightly orgasms, which as always, she quietly had.

~ ~ ~

~ Chapter Two ~

~ With their summer evening, full moon cuddle, Shelly thinks about their winter cuddles.

And now on this warm summer’s evening, relaxing on the veranda’s gently swinging bench-seat watching the stars softly awaken into the night, I could tell by Mother’s beautiful arousal scent that she was getting very close to needing her nightly orgasms for me.

As we finished our drinks, the full moon was well up and seeing Mother bathed in moonlight in her floral-embroidered summer frock, I felt she looked gorgeous and for the first time I really wanted to sexually caress her, but knowing it couldn’t happen.

I was sure Mother felt the same way too, for she looked at me in such need, and I loved seeing her look at me like that.

With the full moon shimmering in breathtaking wonder, Shelley looked at her Son. Oh, he looked so handsome in the moonlight. It was such a joy to have this amazing rapport with her incredible, and hotly handsome Son.

Shelley found herself breathless in her love with her Son, and she let herself acknowledge how utterly handsome she found her him.

His glittering, sexy blue-eyes that showed his love for her, melted Shelly and did unbelievable things to her pussy. Shelley could hardly believe how just hugging with Varn took her into marvelous hot orgasms for him.

The desire to have orgasm-hugs with him was almost enough to orgasm her. And to snuggle into Varn’s supple-muscled, lithely powerful body and cling to him as her pussy spasmed wondrously and wetly in orgasm for him, was a joy she loved.

Shelly escort karataş felt so cherished by her Son with the way he held her while she quietly orgasmed for him. She loved his cherishing hugs and didn’t think she could survive without them.

It was time to ask him. Shelley had no choice, she had to ask him, even though she felt very shy about doing so. Shelly had been thinking on this for quite some time now. Yes, it was time, she affirmed in pussy need.

Snuggling into her Son, Shelly had beautiful arousal pulses racing wondrously through her pussy and was feeling warmly flushed with the need to orgasm for him. “Varn Darling… could I please ask you something?” she asked softly in a needing purr.

“Sure, Mother, anything,” I replied, gently drawing her a little closer.

With tears beginning to spill out of her eyes, Shelly continued, “Well, Love, as you know, I love being here with you at your beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise. I love our together time and I wondered… w-w-well… i-i-if… you would like to extend our friendship a bit? I’d like to ask you, w-w-well…… “

Shelly paused to gather her thoughts. She so missed being pantie-less in the winter evenings with her Son, and her need to be comforted by him was growing stronger by the day.

“W-w-well, Son, it would be so very comforting to me, if you’d be happy to come into my bedroom with me, stand behind me and undress me and get me into my baby-doll negligee, then put me to bed and tuck me in,” she shyly asked.

There! She done it, Shelly thought with her heart fluttering and her pussy dripping. Would her Son give her the comfort she so desperately wanted and needed?

Shelley moved closer to Varn, and added in a pleading cry, “I would really love it, Son, if you wanted to help me get ready for bed and then put me to bed.”

With my erection pumping, I looked at Mother. Whooe! So this was the extension to our friendship she was referring to. Mother looked so sweet and she’d asked with such sweet shyness, it almost blew my cock.

It would be a thrill to undress Mother, put on her baby-doll and then put her to bed.

I drew Mother tightly to me in a hug and kissed her forehead. “I would love to do that for you Mother, and I think it’s a beautiful addition to our friendship.”

With tears of joy running down her face and beautiful arousal juices running out her pussy into her panties, Shelly cried out her jubilation joy. “Oh, thank you, thank you, Darling Varn Love! It means so much to me.”

Holding my beautiful Mother in a hug, I gave her a love squeeze and again gently kissed her on the forehead, while enjoying the beautiful perfume gently drifting from her aroused cunt.

“Oh, Mother, beautiful, Darling, it’s beautiful for me too. I’d love to stand behind you and take your frock, bra, and panties off and help you into your baby-doll, then put you to bed,” I said while continuing to give her love kisses on her forehead.

Then I softly whispered in her ear, “Beautiful Mother, it’s so sweet and lovely, and I love you so much.”

“Oh, Son, your words are so sweet, and I love you too, Darling,” Shelly softly moaned, happy that her Son would be putting her to bed, and also feeling very happy and grateful that she was close to starting her quiet and untalked-about, night orgasms for her Son as he held her tightly in the moonlight.

Shelley’s pussy tingled so nicely as she thought about how lovely it was going to be to have her Son take her panties off while he had a big erection for her. There was something so sweet and comforting about Varn taking off her panties, and it was also highly arousing.

She knew about Varn’s sexy, big erection from their morning hugs in the kitchen, when she would feel its solid length burning against her tummy as he held her tightly.

While Shelley would never have sex with her Son, she did have a couple of surprises for Varn when he undressed her, and she hoped he would like them. “Varn Love, I like to get undressed in a delicate kind of way. Are you okay if I show you how I like to get undressed?”

“Of course, Mother,” I lovingly replied, so looking forward to taking her panties off.

“Oh, thank you, Son,” Shelly murmured, her pussy on the verge of exploding.

Varn set her cunt on fire, and she loved how he held her as she burned out of control for him in wondrous orgasms. And now he would be putting her to bed. Oh, so wonderful!

With the beautiful full moon upon them, the heat in her sex-hole peaked and she clung to Varn as her pussy spasmed in love for him.

Tonight Shelly was orgasming for Varn with two focuses; her usual evening cuddle and also that soon Varn was going to undress her and hopefully also be involved with the other parts that went with undressing her.

As Shelly came down from her first orgasm, she contemplated how she loved taking care of Varn. How she loved making his meals from his beautiful organic gardens, how she loved working the weaving looms for their clothes, keeping the house tidy, and doing her bit in the gardens as well.

Varn took such good care of her, at his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise, always making sure she had everything she needed. That he was happy to share these cuddle times, which were her orgasm cuddles, and now to her cuddles, he would also be putting her to bed–It was all so sweet of him.

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