Vermillion: Seeking

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The plan to leave for Romus would take place next week. While Luna wondered about Romus, things she couldn’t look up in books or ask from Nick, she thought about Sirus’ confrontation. She wanted to know about her father and even though she had no clue where to start, there was a new resident in Verdure who had strong powers (And unlike Areya, didn’t charge a fee or ask for something of that person).

Like Nick, Luna never knew her father or even met him. She didn’t know what his voice sounded like, what color his eyes were, if he was a demon like Sirus or like herself. Many questions hung in the air, but Luna knew she could get something from the famed Crimson Witch. So before heading out to meet her she stopped by the study.

Nick was in his chair reading an old book of poetry. “Hey.”

“I’m going to see April.” The book then fell onto the floor “I want to see if I can get a lead on who my father is, she’s the nearest resource Nick. I have nothing of his, just half of his DNA.”

Nick murmured something under his breath as he picked up his book “Even Lynx who is an unworldly huntress, got a chill from her being here. She’s trouble-

“She and Lynx have history, we don’t. And you want to know what she meant by your majesty, don’t you?”

The comment did stick in Nick’s head, she knew something that neither Luna or he knew about that pertained to her family. It was curious which made him curious.

“One hour.” Luna rubbed her arms “I just want to ask.”

“Then I’m com-

“No, if you come she might not tell me. I can take care of myself, I’ll be back before lunch.”

Nick furrowed his eyebrows as Luna marched out, even if he wanted to force her to stay, she wouldn’t. He had no power over her and if he tried to control her then it would harm more than just their relationship.

On a small hill that overlooked a Caribbean blue sea sat a cute log cabin (or lodge, it pretty great i n size). Bushels of strawberries stood near the windows of the cabin and mini gray clouds hung over them. The clouds rained down to hydrate the succulent fruit before fading away into the air.

Luna wore a simple tangerine sundress that stopped short of her legs and blew whichever way the wind did. She knocked on the door and waited. And waited. And waited. When she knocked again the door opened by magic letting in the cool sea breeze along with Luna herself.

There was modest lighting in the den where April sat on a tan couch cushion, legs crossed, drinking Pepsi from the can. Two love seats sat nearby (One was on the right side turned diagonally, the other was to the left facing the table) with a glass coffee table before the couch, a flat screen on a stand before that. There was barely an décor, just lots of wood and the sweet smell of pie(?). A painting of a faraway landscape was on the central wall and a few potted plants nestled in the corners of the room.

Luna didn’t see any door, but spotted two hallways, one probably led to the kitchen and dining room, the other to the staircase that went up a floor where the bedrooms were. April wore a pine shaded criss cross blouse, black skirt, and dark heels (sharpened to a point). Her hair was an obsidian cascade that stayed completely in tact throughout any season, event, or trial.

She smiled pleasantly at Luna, her hazel eyes hung on her until she took a seat at the edge of the couch.

“So, what brings you by my colorful friend?”

“I want to find out or more likely know who my father is.” Luna told her “I know you’re this witch of renown and I figured that you could-

“Deliver you his history, his life, his name and number too?” April nodded “I can, Luna.”

“And that.” Luna pointed out “How do you know me?”

“Your mother was a distant friend of mine. I knew it before I entered the room, my dear.” April tapped the back of her hand “You’re as beautiful as she was. Casira was a tough cookie, but she meant well.”

Luna shook her head “My mother was just…”

“I know.” April frowned “She wasn’t expressive when it came to love, but you do know that she loved you right?

“Yeah, she was just nitpicky about how I was. Soft. I grew up with humans and she shamed me for behaving like one.” Luna rubbed her head, her mother could really be a bitch.

But underneath the hard core shell, her mother did show concern for her. Most of the time Luna would wander as a child while being watched by a neighbor. One day she walked into a forest unbeknownst to her sitter and encountered a bear. Cas was furious with the trusted guardian, enough to serve her the severed bear head onto her kitchen table. In a way she reminded Luna of Lynx, sort of cold hearted.

“Have you ever wondered why she left her world?”

“To get away from the constant strife and complaint.” Luna answered.

April laughed “Well that and she didn’t want a life like that for you. One where you’d have to carry your father’s name.”

“What does that mean?”

April shrugged “It’s something that Cas told me once. Kadıköy Escort I met her on my road to redemption, she was the first demon to ever take pity on me. And despite it being pity, I accepted it.”

“I rambled on and she listened even though it was annoying to her. But she liked my guts and we became fast friends. We’d talk if and when we saw one another, or for small favors. She wasn’t an angel, but she was kind. And I can sense that kindness in you, Luna.”

Luna sighed rubbing her face, it was weird. She knew her mother had friends, some close and some far from home. If she was so kind then why did she agree to the arrangement with Sirus?

“Maybe she thought you’d have stability, someone to take care of you-

“You’re psychic?”

April scratched the side of her head “I have many abilities. But I guess I should explain the comment I made at king Nicholas’ party.”

“Technically it was Areya’s party.” Luna corrected. April made a stink face after hearing that. She was nosey, but Luna wanted to stay on topic of knowing about her father rather than the unknown feud between April and Areya.

“Hm, I know this for certain, because one night of hard liquor, maybe a month after you were born, Cas nearly broke down. She didn’t full on cry, but wiped the tears away. She cursed herself for falling for a greater demon.”

Luna blinked rapidly “My father can’t be a greater demon, I’m a succubus-

“Half of you is, yes. And that is the side that you know of. But Luna, you have abilities that you don’t even know of.” April gushed at all the possibilities “Once your mother told me that you could manipulate water, in any form, even in the air, in a cloud-

Luna squeezed her hands together tightly “She told you and not me? This isn’t making sense. My father a greater demon…how great?”

April patted her hands at the couch cushion unsure of how to continue “The world that you originate from is as vast as this one, with a system of common, above average, and those who sit at the top of the pyramid.”

“A lord there is similar to royalty, a greater demon would be royalty-


April pushed her hands out as if to stop Luna “It’s not impossible. Your mother thought that being in a high position would place a target on your back, because demons will go to bat for power. So she came to this world.”

“And my father?”

“He threw off the scent, hiding your existence. But that’s all that I know. You have enough power inside you to resurface the entire kingdom of Vermillion, manipulate the atmospheric pressure-

“That’s amazing and all, but…” Luna trailed off and bit her lip hard “If it’s true then why do I gain energy from the essence of men still? A greater demon wouldn’t need to feed.”

“Again, you’re only half.” April smiled “You haven’t relied on your other powers, only those of being a succubus. If you accessed them, gained control, then the hunger will fade.”


April nodded and adjusted herself on the couch, she eyed Luna who was looking down completely jarred at the information given to her. But it was all true, April didn’t want to gain anything anymore, but live her life with her men in peace. Of course bounty hunting paid the bills, so she would have to leave her little slice of paradise every once in awhile.

Such pretty eyes, April marveled. Casira’s eyes were the exact shade of Chrysoprase and her hair was lilac, just as long as Luna’s with many waves. Casira stuck to leather and denim, sometimes off brand cotton, she didn’t wear many skirts or dresses (the only exception being during her pregnancy).

“How long have you’ve known about me?” Luna asked.

“Since Cas reappeared once pregnant before zooming out, then again when she was carrying you in her arms. I lost contact with Cas later on, she was killed by a hunter, and that I’m am truly sorry for.”

“It isn’t on anyone, my mother lived on the edge..But that’s the past.” Luna mourned in her own way and that didn’t always involve tears, she said her last words to her mother after her passing. “Can you help me find out about my father?”

“Yes, it is an involved process for me to go through.” April blushed at the thought. Luna already guessed that it was sexual from the way April was drooling about. “Don’t be so shy, it’s my way of connecting the dots. All I need is your blood, one drop. I can prep for a ritual downstairs for tonight.”

“Tonight?” Luna tilted her head, what was wrong with right now?

“Energy is better at night from the moon and other celestial bodies. But for now I offer advice. Let your powers flow out into the center of your being, feel it, let it go, let it come, let it go. Flow. Try to move something, focus on it, whether it’s a drop of water from the air or a book from a shelf. Your powers are unlimited, your mind is the key to unlocking it all.”

“I’ll try.”

“Good, then be back around midnight. I’ll even serve cabernet.” April winked.

Luna stood Kadıköy Escort Bayan up “Thanks, I’ll see you then.”

“And!” April’s voice reached a high pitch that hurt Luna’s eardrums, she turned to her “A release of energy, a massive one, could unlock these powers. Strong feelings and acts can as well. Advice.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Luna said quietly, her advice and words seemed a bit jumbled to her, but at least she would be getting answers now. She took her leave and April decided to take a small nap.


Nick was there in the hall waiting with a pacing Dominic.

“Worried much?” Luna yawned at the two.

“She could have-

“She knew my mom.” Luna stopped Dom in his tracks “And a few things about my father, she’s doing a ritual tonight so that I know for certain who he was.”

Nick stood there ice cold not sure whether or not to trust the witch with such an ill famed history. “Now you trust her.”

“I trust the facts she laid out, I trust that I felt her being honest and not hostile or dubious.”

Nick crossed his arms and waited “What did she tell you?”

Luna breathed in quietly and exhaled the same way before speaking again “Apparently my father was a greater demon.”

Nick rubbed his head “Are you sure?”

Dom looked at Nick then back to Luna “You can’t know for certain.”

“She knows my mother’s name and specific things about her that only someone close to her could about.” Luna touched Nick’s arm gently “I trust her with this.”

“If it’s true then you aren’t all succubus.” Dom said looking her up and down, he didn’t trust witches when it came to friends, that and he had been hexed once as a trick.

Luna looked into the teal gray pools that were Nick’s eyes “She told me that if I can access the other side of me that I won’t have to feed again, ever.”

Nick swallowed the news easily, he enjoyed Luna’s feedings, but he knew this was for survival and that ingesting someone’s essence forever was no way to truly live. Luna also didn’t seem to always want to feed.

“That’s wonderful, Luna, I just want you to be careful.”

Luna gave him a kiss on the cheek “I will, come with me.” Luna pulled him by the hand up the stairs with Dom glaring, was she really just going to ignore him and go have play time with the king? He was a person too, and a friend. At the sign of feeling lonely, Dom snapped out of it quickly and went to his room to play Assassin’s Creed.


Upstairs in Luna’s room, Luna sat down on her bed towards the right and Nick sat beside her towards the left.

“As much as I enjoy coming to your room, this feels like an afterschool special.” Nick spoke only the truth, every time it was either serious or awkward, where some real and deep issues were exposed and discussed.

The comment didn’t both Luna, but made her wonder “So you know what an afterschool special is, but not Skype?”

“I know what Skype is-

“Now, because Dom gave you a tutorial. But I did want to talk about something that is important to me.” Luna’s eyes shifted back and forth and her face was turning red.

“Breathe Luna.” Nick patted her back to assure her it was a safe space and that everything would be okay. He then thought to himself that is exactly what would be said in an afterschool special and mentally frowned at himself.

Luna had dug her nails into the covers of her bed trying to calm her heart, her feelings, and any indication of what she wanted to say “Tomorrow night, at the cliffside, dress…um well.”

Did she just ask him out? Nick didn’t ponder the subject, but smiled “I got it. I’ll see you around eleven then.”

“Perfect. Sorry again for whisking you away, but this room has the thickest door.” And Dom did love to eavesdrop. But at this instance he decided to be the farthest away from his count and his girlfriend who could possibly be making kissing noises. He didn’t enjoy that kind of disruption, especially being as they were his two best friends, his two only friends.


In a far off corner of Casor, Lynx made her way through a pass into a prickly forest where a small town of sixty seven lived. They had no gates, fences, or safety precautions from anyone or anything including wildlife that roamed by. The houses were made of cypress, they sat at the edge of the forest while places such as a clinic, grocery store, and school were pushed to the left side of the forest.

There was no leader or anyone in charge, but most of the matters that were to be discussed and handled were held in a small town hall that sat at the center of the town.

People went by back and forth from place to place without even glancing at Lynx which struck her as something wrong. She had brownish-red eyes and natural dark green hair, with the air Escort Kadıköy of a serial killer. But instead of caring about the mortals, she went to meet Sirus who was sitting in a back row seat of white oak chairs. No one was there, but him.

There was an owl clock that hung on the back wall and two potted plants near the exit. A table where refreshments were held sat at the right, a small platform was in front with a podium and microphone. It was all bland in a monotone of browns.

Lynx walked and sat one seat away from Sirus who was beaming ahead.

“How was Verdure?”

Lynx shrugged “It was okay. Lots and lots of talking and shopping. It was aggravating and droll. How was Rain?”

“Dead.” Sirus faced her smiling slyly “You seem…different.”

“So do you, you’re in a good mood. That’s a real shocker.” Lynx turned to him her eyes laid flat with boredom. “I have to go to Romus.”

“For a special someone?”

“For me, Sirus.” Lynx’s cool tone chilled Sirus in a delightful yet scary way. The smile soon vanished.

“What is it? That witch?” Sirus stretched, he knew that her bitter rivalry with April kept her in a head spin and made her even deadlier than himself. When she was on the hunt everyone in her line of sight could end up as a target.

“Yes and no. She’s helping me with something. Something that I’d like to finally put to rest.”

“Is it ab- Sirus gripped his right wrist quickly in extreme pain, his blood felt as if it were boiling, his veins were melting away. It was acidic the way his bones started to deteriorate, the blood was eating away at it when he finally got the nerve to say it. “I’m sorry.”

Lynx leaned back and looked at the podium “I won’t help you now with whatever you’re planning for Luna.”

“I understand.” Sirus grumbled, he’d have to make alterations of course, but he would make due without his best offensive player. “But you won’t get in my way will you?”

Lynx rolled her eyes “Like being lord of Hirea was such a high point for you. You take things that you like, but you’ll never be able to love her.” Her eyes then slowly rested on his snowy pupils “Such a shame, you can give her everything, but that.”

Sirus sneered “Love is-

“Love is what kept you alive, Sirus. The love of those foolish women you screw with, who actually care for you. The love of the people of Hirea, who you didn’t cheat from, steal from, or kill.”

“That is a conversation for another time. I won’t get in your way in Romus, but now she’s going there.”

Sirus originally wanted to appear a week later in Verdure to have a discussion in the flesh. It was to be this grand confrontation. But his latest little dove had whispered in his ear of the king’s plans to visit his friend, a lord, with his butler, his butler’s friend, and the king’s girlfriend. It didn’t please him to know that Luna gave her affection to another man despite all Lynx told her (or was suppose to).

Lynx did get wily in her decision making, sometimes she did the last thing that she ever imagined, or nothing at all. Sirus figured by looking into her eyes, feeling the calm pace of her pulse that the latter was most likely.

“Did you tell her about me?”

“Yes, probably not to your satisfaction. But I ran through the bases of your life, good and bad. But she seems overwhelmed, unknowingly falling for the king. If she hasn’t reached that destination yet.”

Sirus raised his eyes brows “Destination?”


Sirus relaxed himself, his bones were regenerating with his blood vessels as he stared at Lynx. He could feel the warm aura of something…bright around her, something that she wouldn’t say outright to him.

“I wonder have you reached that destination while away.”

“No. But you can stop trying to read me. Do we have a deal?”

“So if I stay out of this does this mean that I no longer owe you?”

“No.” Lynx gave a menacing grin of her own “You owe me, she ditched me at ten different shopping compartments and a Subway.”

That didn’t sound to bad to Sirus, but he knew it was hell for Lynx who had a temper that he could not defeat “Fine. You have tea with the Crimson Tease and I’ll accept my dove’s invite to attend the festival in Romus. As a personal guest of the lord of Romus.”

“Great.” Lynx stood up, but Sirus grabbed her hand “What?”

“I’ll kill her if she fails you.”

Lynx shook his hand off not really caring “I’ll handle my situation, you worry for yours. The king of Vermillion has barely begun to tap into his power.”

Lynx walked towards the door knowing that Luna had a ways to go as well. Sirus silently mulled over his plan, so many possibilities with so few variables. He closed his eyes and dreamed of it’s success.


At midnight Luna climbed the small hill after waving goodbye to Dom who watched her as she left. He was becoming so protective of her, it was almost cute, flattering too. But he still had the creepy lurking factor about him, but that was just how he was.

The cabin door was already opened with no one outside or in to greet her, it was pitch black inside. But Luna was no stranger to the dark and could see just fine, she took one turn down a hallway and met an orange glow from a square hatch in the floor, it was the descending staircase.

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