Victoria’s Secrets Ch. 01

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You didn’t encounter on being the only sales person that night. You also didn’t know my flight had landed a hour ago. I got the rent-a-car, and was speeding to Fayettville. Two hours later I arrived at the mall. The announcer on the intercom was notifying the shoppers that there was thirty minutes left before closing. Fighting against traffic, I push into the mall when people were trying to leave. I find the directory, “Victoria’s Secrets.” L4. I dash down the escalator and strolled through until I saw the latest summer wear poster. As I enter, it seemed so empty. I was nervous that I came a day she wasn’t working, until my eyes saw movement in the far back.

“Do I surprise her, or just announced that I am here. Don’t really want to frighten her but…”

I dash towards your direction. Standing behind you, I looked to see if anyone else was there. Feeling comfortable that there wasn’t, I knelt behind you and whispered, “boo!”

Startled from the sudden break in silence, you quickly turned around and was shocked to see me. As you mouth started asking questions, I quieted you with a kiss.

“Who else is here?” I asked. A puzzling looked appeared on your face.

“No one. Why? And what was that kiss for?”

I then continued kissing you with such deep passion. I waited so long to be able to feel my lips against yours. To let my hands crawl from you head to your toes. I desire this moment more then a breath of air after being sunken into water over several minutes. It was if I had passed the flame to you. The longer we kissed, the more passionate you became with it too. And then right out of no where, I grab your istanbul escort wrist and head towards the dressing room. Eyeing each one, I finally noticed the handicap room. I yank you into the room with me, and continue my burning desire to taste your lips.

And then I became bolder. My hands began gripping your hips. Rising and falling between your breast and ass. The passion in my body was increasing exponentially. And finally, I dropped to my knees. A look of worry first crept on your face.

“What are you doing?”

“Something I desire to do for so long. Something I desire to taste so much.”

I began unbuttoning your pants. Once the zipper was loose, I slowed down pulling them from your waist to your feet. It was amazing watching your legs appear from under the cloth, revealing your panties. My thirst became unbearable. After helping you step out of your pants, I sat you on the bench and began kissing from the inside of your knees moving upward. My mouth water as each time I became closer to your wetness. I could start smelling the fragrance. The scent was so hypnotic. I push you back so that I could raise your legs higher. With one finger I slid your panties to the side revealing a world my fantasies could never do justice, and I inched my face closer and closer until my breath was warming the fire between your legs.

I attached my mouth to your body, sucking hard. I had one goal, and that was to please you. I wanted to see your body convulse. I wanted you to reach orgasm after orgasm. I wanted you to be completely in bliss. So I continued lapping at you clit. It seem like each time I would istanbul escort bayan start from the bottom, licking my way up, you would inhale to the sensation of having you clit touch. I sucked and licked and lapped. I wanted every drop of wetness your body was producing. My hands began gripping your breast, scratching your legs, tugging and pulling you into directions where I could reach the depth that I wanted.

Then in a thought, I quickly slipped a finger inside of you. Making sure I coated it with your sweet nectar. After satisfied with the amount that resided on my finger, I then offered it up to you. I watched intently into your eyes. You seemed shocked and clueless, but the directions outlined in my eyes, told you exactly what I wanted you to do. As my hand became closer to your face, you began opening your mouth. Still deep into eye contact, you sucked your juice right off my finger. You grabbed my hand in reaction to the sweetness of your own juice. And treat as a small dick, you began to give it oral, with superb expertise. Receiving pleasure from both pleasing you and watching you suck my finger, I can no longer restrain my dick. I leap from my knees to my feet, and complete disappoint comes on your face.

As if our eyes were connected by some seamless string, I watch you watch me. Then I unbutton my jeans and pull it out. Your eyes leave mine, and stare hard at my dick. Then the true Angel appears. Your thirst for something hard, thick and long finally appears in front of you. And slowly you creep towards it. I watch with much anticipation as you get closer and closer, and finally escort istanbul your mouth parts and slips over my cock; trying to bare with the girth, you stretch your mouth just a little more. I tilt my head back in ecstasy. As your head bobs up and down, we both get really into the swing of things. I start thrusting to each of your approach, while palming the back of your head. Finally tired from the over stretch of your lips, you remove your mouth and begin jacking my dick. Your tight fist over my enraged cock is overwhelming. You start pumping harder and harder as if you were trying to find some type of reward. I look deep into your finally realizing what you want.

So I stop holding back and let you continue pumping my dick. You watched as my face changed and you knew that I was really close. Feeling the pressure build to its peak, I grabbed your shoulders, and in response you wrapped you mouth around my dick and begin sucking. I begin cumming in your mouth. The amount is unbearable for you. Cum slowly begins to drip from the side of your mouth. I grab the back of your head, holding my dick with your mouth, I continue thrusting forcing you to gag. You look deep into my, and you see what I want. Your eyes become bigger, because you never ventured that far. I remove my cock from your mouth, look deep into your eyes while watching your swallow every drop that resided in your mouth.

Around the outskirts of you lips, cum coated your face. I lifted you up off the bench and kissed you with an open mouth. Knowing I just receive what no one else has, you swallowing my cum, I new that this was more then just sexual frustration. This was desire and passion. We were willing to go as far as needed to give the other what they wanted. She smile at me, and I kissed her again. Then like a bolt of lighten jump through her body, she looked down after being touched my erected dick.

“Now that’s a quick return time!”

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