Victoriaslice – My Bathtime Fantasy

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Big Tits

Yesterday afternoon I was enjoying a relaxing bath, as the steam rose over the tiles I flopped to one side and opened my legs, as I felt the longing for a cock.

The bubbles crackled gently over my skin and I ran the soap over my body gradually building lather onto my sensitive nipples. I loved to take a bath when I was very horny and the sun was shining in through the windows, it seemed to heighten the experience.

I eased my fingers down to my freshly shaved pussy. I parted my pussy lips and my cunt was soft and very silky. I took the bar of soap into my hand and enjoyed working myself up with lather on my cunt.

I opened my legs more and dangled a leg out of the side so that I could give myself more pleasure. I had a large plain dildo waiting on the side of the bath. And I knew the time was right to slip it into my supple cunt. It slid in easily and it wasn’t difficult at all, it fitted just right.

I fucked myself steadily Etiler escort in the hope of climaxing but I wasn’t ready at this point and ensured that I wanked my clitty steadily and firmly to get myself near the edge of cumming.

If only I’d had someone to fuck my arse for me. So with my fertile imagination I thought up a guy who was sexy and tall with dark hair. He had a dirty big cock and stood right in front of me wanking his foreskin back and forth. The head of his cock started to drip and before long it covered his whole cock with the rhythmic sweeps of his hand.

I slid the dildo from my pussy and pushed it into my arse hole. Wow it felt great, my arse was more than ready to take a big dildo in it. I fingered my cunt hole and wanked for him as he watched me.

Then he approached and stood right at the side of the bath, making me sit upright to lick the sticky cum off of the tip of his cock. It tasted heavenly Beşiktaş escort and made me almost cum. I could smell his dirty big cock, it turned me on even more and I wanted to take it all in my mouth but also wanted to just simply savour the experience of just licking the head as it produced more salty cum for me to taste.

He leaned over towards me and pulled my hand away from my cunt and pushed it towards him. He took the dildo and fucked my arsehole steadily with it. The entire experience was very sexy and my hand found its way to his balls which I gently stroked and pulled on making him groan with pleasure.

I had to part his arse gently as I stroked his perineum and teased his arsehole with my finger tips. He parted his legs wanting my fingers inside to pleasure him. I slipped in a finger and he loved it, I could feel his cock throbbing inside my mouth as he enjoyed the sensitive feeling that I gave him.

In Taksim escort the bath I was enjoying getting my arse fucked by his handling of my dildo and I would have climaxed had he touched my clit at that time.

He pulled the dildo from my arse and pushed it into my hand. He continued to finger my cunt and wanked me a little faster with his fingers. I was on the edge and gasping for breath as I pulled his cock from my mouth and returned to licking it in long slow sweeps.

I slipped that dildo into his arse hole easily and he loved it, moving himself up and down to ride it as he pleased. I licked up his shaft and sucked on his balls taking them into my mouth one by one, just to pleasure him and slow down his orgasm at the same time.

Well, so much for slowing things down, suddenly I pulled away from him and screamed out that I was coming on his hand and also pissing into the bath water. It was all I could do to continue pushing the dildo into him as he shot his warm spunk onto my face, lips and into my mouth. It slipped down my chin and onto my neck as he drained his balls onto my face.

That was probably the greatest bath time fantasy I had ever had — fantasy men always do as you want!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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