Vietnam Vet and Catholic Girl Pt. 03

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Suzanne passed out completely nude in the front seat of Rob’s car after she sucked his cock. Rob reached over, grabbed another beer, chugged it, and passed out himself.

He had a fitful sleep and the nightmares of Vietnam returned. The next thing he remembers, people are beating on the top of his car, lights are in his eyes, and they are yelling, “get up man, get up. The movie is over.”

Rob turned toward Suzanne and saw two young men shining their flashlights on her tits and pussy and saying, “Jesus, man. Look at her. She’s fucking naked. Look at those tits. Man, she is fucking hot!!”

Rob looked out the windshield, saw all the cars had left, and finally understood what happened. He and Suzanne had slept thru the last movie and now were being stared at by strangers. He watched as one of the young men reached in and felt Suzanne’s tits. The guy rubbing her nipples asked, “Hey is this OK, man?” He didn’t wait for an answer.

Suzanne was still out as the two young men opened the door. The overhead light came on and highlighted Suzanne’s tits and slightly shaved pussy. This was the first time that Rob took a good look at her. She was reclined in the bucket seat, her legs were spread. His cock got hard as he got a good look at her angelic face, huge tits, and almost virgin pussy.

He watched as the youngest, maybe Kadıköy Escort 18, reached in and began finger fucking Suzanne. She stirred as his finger sawed in and out of her cunt. “Look, this fucking lady is wet.” He held up two fingers and Suzanne’s pussy juice was evident on his fingers. As Suzanne began to moan, he went faster. Her nipples were being sucked by the other young man and the sensory overload was enough to wake her.

“Oh, Rob. Oh fuck, OMG that feels good. Oh, Jesus, Please fuck me. Please.” Suzanne thought Rob was playing with her and when she opened her eye, she screamed. “Wait, who are you? Rob what is happening? Get your hands off me!!’

The fear in Suzanne’s eyes was real as she pleaded for him to do something. “Rob, help me. Who are these guys? Do something.”

Rob started to open his door when two other guys told him not to move. He looked up, saw a knife and stopped. “You got a nice young piece of ass here, dude. We watched as she sucked you cock earlier. She is like a fucking Hoover, man.” Rob now recognized the two as those that watched them earlier before they both passed out.

“Cmon guys. You had your show. Let the lady go and we will just drive out of here.”

“Yeah, man. That’s a great idea, but we thought we might sample some of this young stuff ourselves.” Kadıköy Escort Bayan Rob looked around and saw that they were alone. No other cars, the snack shack closed, and four guys outside his car.

“You guys don’t want to do this. I hardly know the girl. Why don’t we call it a night. No harm, no foul.”

The guy with the knife yelled, “Don’t tell us what to do!! He yelled to the two by Suzanne and said, “Get her out of the car, now!!”

Rob started to get out and was met with a fist. He watched as they dragged Suzanne out of the car. She was screaming for help but no one but Rob was around to help her.

“Please don’t. Please. Rob, help me!! Let me go.” Three of them had Suzanne and now another guy had the knife as he told Rob to get out of the car. When they came to the other-side, Rob saw that Suzanne was on her knees and one of them had slammed his cock into her mouth.

“I guess that’s one way to shut the cunt up,” said the guy that originally had the knife. He dropped his pants and got behind Suzanne.

Rob said, “don’t please. She’s a virgin.” He knew that was not exactly the truth, that the only experience she had, was on her Prom night. That was when her boyfriend forced himself on her and only fucked her a few strokes before pulling out and cumming on her Escort Kadıköy prom dress.

“I guess this just isn’t her lucky night then, is it?” He dropped his underwear and Rob saw that his cock was bigger than Rob’s. This SOB had a horse cock. He must have been almost 11″ and thick.

“Jesus man. You will kill her with that thing. Let her go.”

He smiled as he lined his huge cock to her slick cunt. Suzanne screamed when he rammed only half his cock into her.

“OH, God. It hurts. Take it out. Please help me Rob. Please take it out. Please.” Suzanne pleaded but to no avail as he pulled out and rammed his cock till his balls bounced off her ass. Her screams died as the guy in her mouth drove deep and emptied his balls in her throat. They heard Suzanne gagging, swallowing, and gagging again. The pain was too much and Suzanne passed out.

Rob watched as the guy kept long stroking her. He felt ashamed as his own cock stayed hard while watching. He fucked her for what seemed forever and then Rob saw his ass clench, he drove deep one more time, and shot his load. He yelled, “Jesus, she is fucking tight. OH fuck. Take my shit you fucking cunt.” He stayed on her until his cock softened and he withdrew. He told Rob, “She has one tight cunt, my friend. You need to shag that some.” He stood up and while dressing said, “don’t try to fuck with us. We are leaving and you don’t want to get cut now.”

Rob watched them leave and bent to Suzanne. She was moaning and mumbling, “Rob help me. Why didn’t you help me?” Rob had no answer for her but he knew one thing. He would make this up to her. He didn’t know how, but he would.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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