VIGNETTES II – Coming Home_(0)

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Introduction – If you want to know more about me read my first story “Vignettes I”. When I came out of the
Army, I had been trained for a war that never came. I had spent more time in the woods than in civilization and had become cold and hard. I had peaked at 205# with a 28″ waist and my legs were heavy from hundreds of
miles of running and hiking. The rest was expanding from my waist through my neck. I had been with a few women (girls?) and had learned a bit more from my awkward first experiences but those times were all trifles. I had never been in love, didn’t really know what love was. I started college at an age that most of my contemporaries were graduating. I didn’t like people very much and though I could be gentle, even playful, by and large any woman who came to bed with me was used. In short I was an asshole that lived in a dark place.

This is a true story. I only remember sparse details of conversations some forty years later, but there are quotes that managed to burn in, the rest is story telling. Any names, of course, have been changed. Any
similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is intentional.

Coming Home

The day I flew home from Andrews AFB to come home my Dad had come to pick me up. I was still in my khaki’s, my Corcoran jump boots gleamed in the Texas sun. I adjusted my beret and walked through the Space A terminal. My dad shook my hand and then gave me a perfectly masculine half hug. I chucked the duffel bag into his trunk and we were off.

We went back to his office where he had coordinated with a friend to have my Vega waiting. He said we’d throw some steaks on the grill that night and catch up. He tossed me my keys with a new house key on it. “I’m
going by Bonanza and catching up with folks.” He looked at me with that dead pan expression that was his trademark, “Steaks will be coming off around eight.” I nodded and simply said, “deal.”

I had worked for an owner of two Bonanza restaurants just before I went in. There was a girl (Theresa) there who had been a few years older than me, four I think, and we had skinny dipped and had been together sexually
in the last few weeks before I left. Neither of us had held any illusions of a long time relationship but we had fun. She enjoyed me filling her tight vagina and the way I was good for several rounds in a single evening. I enjoyed her patient instruction on how to please her. I was hoping she’d still be working there; she was.

I walked in, raking my beret off and everyone there looked like they’d seen a ghost. Brenda was now a manager and was the first to throw her arms around my neck. It was just after lunch on a Friday and the place was cleaning up after the rush. Theresa came out from the kitchen, saw me and squealed running to me, her ample breasts bouncing and she crushed me, kissing me on the cheek. I pulled back grinning and looked her over, yup the breasts were larger, her hips a little broader but she was still hot. Then I caught a glint off of her left hand. She was wearing a wedding band with a decent rock on it. She told me she married a cop and they had had a baby. I liked her a lot so it was hard to be disappointed when she obviously was so happy.

“Who’s this?” a voice from behind me asked. I turned and saw a pretty woman at my elbow, she was about 5′ 3″, nice cleavage, full hips and a very pretty round face. She had a supple “Cupid’s Bow” mouth glistening with
lip gloss typical of the late seventies. Her bare shoulders were smooth and round, displayed nicely in the peasant blouse that was part of her server’s uniform. Theresa grinned and introduced me. “Is he the one you
used to talk about?” I suddenly felt a flush warming my face as I could only imagine what they talked about. A hard core soldier blushing, how humiliating.

About that time Brenda came over and asked that I sit, lunch was on them. I noticed Becky was wearing a band but she was very flirty as she kept my coffee cup filled and brought me my rib-eye and baked potato. She
was leaning forward on the table obviously teasing when Theresa came by, “c’mon sex pot, let the man eat.”

I finished my meal, gave my “see ya laters” and headed to the house. Dad and I ate and talked, he told me of his Air Force days (some stories I had heard before, some were new and quite entertaining) and he finished his
third beer and got up going over to the bar. He poured a Jack on ice and asked if I wanted one, this was his “I love you and I am glad you’re home.” Considering our antagonistic relationship when I left for basic training,
it hit me in the heart. I nodded.

Saturday came and I was up at about 0500. I made coffee and started breakfast, dad came in about the time the eggs were coming off. We ate and I went to shower then headed out to catch up with friends. Two brothers I
had been best friends with since 8th grade were going to meet me for lunch at, where else, the Bonanza; we had all worked there one time or another. We got there just as lunch rush was spooling up. We got our salads and sat down, Becky came by smiling warmly and refilled our teas. I made a run to the head and was on my way back and looked over and saw Becky talking to a man, an older couple and a couple of kids. She stopped me as I went past and introduced me to her husband, son and daughter and in-laws. As I stuck out my hand I recognized her husband.

Richard had been a senior when I was a freshman and until I hit fifteen I was skinny and small for my age. He was a real dick. No, I never had to fight him but he was relentless in his harassment, I had hated him and that
fat sloppy bully was now a fat sloppy man married to an all too pretty woman who had been flirting with me yesterday. I extended my hand, gave a half smile and enjoyed the how he momentarily winced as I gripped his hand, maybe a touch too tight. He didn’t recognize me and I didn’t let on that I recognized him but I was thinking, “try me now asshole.” Becky went on to explain I used to work there and had just come home from the Army. Her father in-law actually grabbed my hand and gave a good firm handshake with obvious respect. My tension assuaged a little bit. My buddies and I finished up. We decided to go bar hopping and they insisted I wear my uniform. I wrestled with the idea for all of five minutes before the potential pick up potential won the argument

That night we went to a loud and giant bar with live music. As predicted I got my fair share of attention. One really cute but too drunk girl came and sat on my lap. She grabbed my beret and put it on. I grabbed it back and said, “uh, uh,” while wagging my finger in the naughty gesture. She just grinned and planted a deep tongue wrestling kiss on me. She tasted of beer and cigarettes and I really wasn’t that interested. My friends and I got up and moved to the bar where we could just drink and talk to each other and a bit with the bar tender. It was then a hand landed hard on my shoulder and pulled me off the bar stool. I landed in a broad low stance just in time to feel more than see a swing sail just over my head. I came up, pulled the idiots head in, lifting his legs so
that he flopped over behind the bar. The bar tender glanced down at the idiot and looked at me, “you need to go, now.” I nodded and we all made a bee line for the door. We were pulling out about the time a couple of
cruisers were pulling in. We figured he must have been a boyfriend and I was done anyway.

Another friend of mine, Pam who used to work for Bonanza had heard I was back in town and she was wanting to catch up. She was a thin, waif like but not unattractive woman who had been a manager at the restaurant when I left. She was now working at an accountant’s office and had married a good looking guy that used to work there too. She was six years older than me and about 9 years older than him. I kidded her about robbing the cradle and we laughed and gossiped about the rest of the crew we had worked with and the parties that the owner had hosted there. About then Becky came in getting ready to start her shift. She stopped and chatted with us before she went back to change. “Oooooo,” Pam said with a smirk, “she wants you.” I choked on my coffee, “Whu, What?” “She wants you, didn’t you see the way she looked at you?” I remember looking over my shoulder after Becky and turning back to Pam with a shrug. Pam gave me one of those “really? Are you THAT
dense?” looks. I looked down the hallway and pondered the possibility that she was right. Somewhere deep inside a fantasy flashed and my cock twitched. Pam got up to leave and I walked her out. She gave me an
affectionate but chaste kiss on the cheek and drove off in her Celica. I went back in to the lightly populated dining room. Becky spent a lot of time, talking and standing close while she refilled my drink and coffee.
NOW it was obvious; I guess I WAS that dense. This would be a theme throughout my life. I would miss a lot of opportunities, not seeing the signs unless a friend hit me in the back of the head or the girl would flat come out and say what she wanted plainly.

I was gearing up to go to another reunion with friends and as I was draining the last of my coffee, Becky came over and sat on the bench across from me. Man, she was bold. This had to be obvious to everyone there as
she leaned across the table with her arms under her bust line and enhancing an already distracting cleavage. I remember she made small talk and then started asking probing questions about whether I had a girl friend or not. She chattered about how good of friends she and Theresa were and I felt a quick flush. She smiled knowingly and asked if it was okay to call me. I do not get nervous or anxious but I have to admit that a lump formed in my throat right then. Somewhere along there I guess I gave assent. She grinned and I can still feel the way she reached over to touch my shoulder; then she got up and bounced back behind the service counter. “Damn,” I thought, “here I am a paratrooper and special operator acting like a school boy with a crush.” I chided myself while I drove to another night of revelry with long missed friends.

A few days went by and she finally called that following Tuesday or Wednesday morning and asked if she could drive out. I remember trying to be cool on the phone and told her I was going running. When I got back,
soaked in sweat and smelling of Texas sun, her car was in the driveway and she was leaning against the sliding glass door trying to see inside. I still smirk remembering the way she almost came out of her shoes when I
came walking up the driveway from behind and shouted, “They’re not home.” She squealed and then laughed. She was wearing a simple white cotton or similar material shirt, the top couple of buttons undone and tied in a knot just above her navel giving a flash of cleavage from those high and firm breasts. She had cutoffs on that ended right beneath the round of her well defined ass. Her Shapely thighs tapered into beautiful calves, her legs
smooth and lightly tanned. The whole rig ended in tiny white deck shoes. I don’t remember what we said, I do remember her hugging my sweaty arm and I pulled away from her and unlocked the door. The way her breasts swayed and jiggled when she moved, I suspected that she was braless; the air conditioning confirmed it. I was already thickening. I told her I was taking a shower and got her a beer and left her sitting on the couch. It
didn’t take me long and I came back in the living room where she was looking at a Kentucky rifle my dad and I had built years ago and was hung over the hearth. The way her legs flexed as she lifted up on her toes to look
more closely is still ingrained in my most perverse memories.

I grabbed my own beer and we sat on the couch. We exchanged small talk and some light flirty touches. I would say we were both stalling. I had stood up and excused myself to go the kitchen when she said in a half
chuckle, “I think you are more nervous about this than I am.” I turned on my heels and she was sitting there, a pensive look on her face, waiting for a response. I walked back to her, took her hand and stood her up. I
pulled my T-shirt off and spun her around. I hugged her from behind and she turned her head and kissed kissed me while my left hand went inside her blouse and squeezed a handful of tit while I wedged my right inside the
waistband of her cutoffs. She gasped when I made contact with her sex and started working my finger into her slit, juices already flowing. I was working her right breast and nipple with my hand and grinding my hard on
into her ass, it having already out grown the waistband of my gym shorts. She was thrusting back into me bending over and making guttural noises as I worked my finger into her vagina. Damn, her shorts were tight. I pulled both hands free and went to work on her blouse until it hung open and then I moved down and unsnapped and unzipped her cutoffs. She was panting and lulled her head to the side as I kissed and nipped at her neck. I worked her cutoffs over that magnificent ass and down her legs, her panties coming half way down her butt cheeks. She stepped forward and turned, her shirt hanging open and her panties stuck to the cleft of her sex. She held her arms open and said, “you want it; come and get it.” I stepped up to her, grabbed her in a hard embrace and kissed her hard while laying her down on the floor. Her shirt fell open and her C cup breasts barely moved. I studied them for a second and she covered her tits with her hands about the time it registered that each had a scar that ran from the aureola laterally to the sides. I reached down and pulled her hands away, she turned her head to the side and looked away. I bent over and took a hardening nipple in my mouth and drew long and hard on it pulling way out from it’s rosy base. She shot a look back at me when I started and her head arched back as she opened her mouth and cried, “Oh God!” as I released the rubbery flesh. I laid my mouth on hers and shoved my tongue between her lips. She moaned into my mouth as I grabbed her other breast and worked the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. “You want it?” I hissed. She nodded furiously but never broke our kiss.

I reached under her and grabbed the back of her panties and unceremoniously raked them off her ass from under her and pulled them off. I slipped the front of my gym shorts under my balls while using my leg to
wedge her thighs apart. I slipped over her left hip and wedged the head of my cock at her opening and nudged it in, man she was wet and oh so tight. She jerked as my head slipped in. I was looking in her face as I pushed in
until I stopped at her womb. She alternated between a grimace and making an “O” with her mouth. She held her breath until I pushed into her cervix. She started panting and I still had a bit to go, I drew out, teasing her
with little thrusts back in and stopped just short of pulling the head out. I paused and then forced my way back in, stretching her vaginal walls and pushing against her cervix, she exhaled sharply and grunted as I pressed
the attack and crushed her cervix, “ungh, you’re bruising me.” I was up on my elbows and had a hold of her head with my hands. I was in aggressor mode, “you done then?” She shook her head, dug her nails into my back and hissed, “no!” I drew out and slammed back in knocking the wind from her. I bent my head down and nipped at one breast and then the other. She crushed my head into her tit and whispered, “fuck me, hurt me.” I started a repetitive drawing out and slamming again, she was grunting and moaning as I slammed into her again and again. I was spooling up for a massive cum, her eyes shot open when I started to swell more and spat out, “pull out, oh God pull out!” I crashed into her cervix, displacing her womb’s entrance and started to pump hot cum into her. It was epic. I slowed to deep, short jabs as my ejaculation wound down, a few final surges gaziantep escort tanıtımları of seminal fluid being splashed against her womb. “Oh God,” she sighed twitching under me, her breathing ragged. I stood and offered my hand. As I pulled her to her feet she momentarily buckled and I caught her under her arms. A slurry of semen and vaginal juices ran down her inner thighs, “I need a shower,” she said flatly. I showed her where the shower was in my dad’s room and brought her the biggest towel I could find. She wasn’t looking in my face and I figured that as intense as it was, she was done with the whole affair. So I simply turned but she grabbed my arm and she led me into dad’s stand up shower. I turned the water on and got a good steamy shower going and she closed the space between us and hugged me laying her head on my chest.

It was an almost tender event, she soaping my back and then working on my genitals, breathing life into my tired cock. We took turns, we kissed and massaged, soaped and rinsed. I was working over her front while
standing behind her, looking down at the light tan line from what had to be a strapless one piece. I worked on her sex and elicited some whimpers and a caution to be gentle as she was swollen and tender. She leaned back into me as I worked my soapy hands up to her wonderful, sensitive breasts. She was cooing and I turned her to kiss her again. As I did I backed her up against the wall and lightly traced the line of those fine but visible scars. She looked ashamed and explained that her husband had had her do a breast reduction after the birth of her daughter and the quack marred otherwise perfect breasts. I lifted her chin and with all the gentleness I could muster said, “they’re beautiful…you’re beautiful.” She smiled meekly and lifted up to kiss me as we moved under the cascading water, easing our muscles and cleansing our bodies. She locked eyes on me and slid down to her knees in front of me. Now up to this point I have had maybe three or four blow jobs, none bringing me to climax. She studied my hardening dick and looked astonished that she had taken it. Things got a little dark and electricity worked in from the edges of my vision as she first kissed and then drew me into her small mouth. I probably would have cum this time, but the hot water ran out.

She squealed and I hollered and we cut off the chilling stream. I handed her her towel and started to dry off. My hard on had never quite subsided and I looked up and she was wrapped in that oversized towel I had
given her. I backed her into the master bedroom and reached out, undoing the ends of the towel as I pushed her backwards onto my dad’s bed. She fell flat with her legs hanging over the end, glistening in the afternoon
sunlight peeking through the shades. The towel was under her looking as though she was on display for me, her rosy nipples hardening and her inflamed labia moving with every panting breath. She studied me for a
moment, looked back at my now enraged cock and held her arms out in cruciform. “It’s all yours, ” she said as I knelt between her thighs and suckled her clit. She screamed and arched her back, “oooowwwww,” she complained. I moved up her body and found those sensitive nipples again. She moaned and thrashed around as I simply brought the head of my member to her entrance and sank in to the hilt, crushing her womb’s entrance and causing a loud groan to escape from her open mouth. I pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and bent her hips up so I could stand. I looked down at her straining face, a new sheen of sweat working up as I just pounded
into her. I was starting to get tender from her slick resistance, I knew she must be really stinging. Unfortunately for her, this one lasted. Maybe 10 minutes later I slammed into her one last time and laid on top of her, flattening those hard nippled tits under my own chest. She knew what was coming, “please, cum on me.” I had one good spurt emptied into her already but I pulled out and ropes of cum laid out across her belly and her
tits. I half spun her around and fed her my cock while the last few dribbles smeared her lips and tongue. “Sorry,” I said as she started to wipe herself clean with the towel in an almost frantic way. She just shook
her head a little and got up with a little groan. We went back into the living room and she gathered her clothes and started dressing; it was getting late and kids would be coming home from her in-laws soon. She
kissed me softly one last time and left. I thought on how she fret over me cumming in her, considered the idea of getting rubbers but then shrugged it off. “She should have said something BEFORE I came,” I thought to myself.
Then I set about cleaning up a place on the living room carpet and pulled dad’s bedspread and gathered the towels and threw them in the washer. “Damn that was intense,” I kept thinking over and over again and I didn’t
know if we would see each other again, like this, but I wanted her now.

It was a week or so before I found myself in Bonanza again, I decided it was time to clear the air. Had she felt used and could not take any more, did I hurt her? I didn’t know but I came in and both Theresa and Becky
were on duty. Theresa gave an accusatory look when I checked out. I hadn’t considered this side of the tryst and I did not want to lose a friend over it. Becky on the other hand looked at me across the dining room, a brief and subtle smile flashed across her face. Later as Theresa came and refilled my coffee she leaned in with a conspiratorial look on her face and whispered, “damn, what did you do to her?” I played dumb and
shrugged. “You have any idea how hard it was to be around her husband when she was so sore and swollen?” she continued. “Well?” I asked. “Well,” Theresa said, “she’s hooked.” “Hadn’t heard from her, ” I said. “She hasn’t been able to get away lately, but dickhead is going out of town soon.” She straightened up, gave me a crooked little grin and then went on to other tables.

It was about a week after that when she called, she said that her husband was going out of town and the kids were visiting grandparents for a few days. My dad was in L.A. working on the sale that would eventually pay
for his retirement. I was finishing the lawn about the time she pulled in. She looked hot, she was wearing a light blue sundress with a button top and sandals; I wondered correctly if that was all she had on. We went inside
and I drew a glass of ice water, leaned against the cabinet and took her in. “Mom and dad think Theresa and I are spending a few days together,” she said quietly, tentatively. She studied me as I drank my water, looking at
her and the way the sunlight played through the edges of her dress’ fabric outlining her shape. After a long pause I set my glass down and said, “I guess you’re staying here then.” She ran to me, threw her arms around my waist and kissed me deeply. She rested her head on my chest while holding on and whispered, “I’m yours. I want to be wanted.” I lifted her chin with my hand and said, “I want you.” She sobbed against my chest.

I excused myself to shower and as I bathed I pondered that exchange, wondering if being wanted was her whole motivation. I briefly considered what neglect she must be going through married to that dickhead but then I decided I didn’t care. When I came out she was standing demurely in the middle of the living room, just waiting. I considered her expression, her eyes were wide, her mouth was closed but relaxed and she looked at me unwavering. I was trying to get a read on her and wasn’t having much success. She didn’t say a word, I guess she was waiting for me to do or say something. I walked over to her, I hadn’t bothered with a shirt, just
my shorts which were already running out of room. I took her by the back of the neck and brought my face down to hers, we kissed hard and she tasted fresh. I drew down her neck and kissed and nibbled as she just stood there and started trembling. Her hands were locked between us and I had to ask, “I want you, what do you want?” I don’t remember all she said as I guess I was a little bit stunned but I remember some of the key words. She wanted me to “own” her, she wanted me to “take her” and she wanted me to “use her”. I reeled. The kinkiest thing I had ever done was fuck a girl on her apartment balcony in broad daylight. I had had some pretty aggressive sex but had never been dominant per se and that seemed to be what she was asking for. I thought I’d stick a toe in the water and test out my conclusions. I told her to wait where she stood and went to the easy chair and sat down. I eyed her up and down and she stood there trembling. “Becky? Unbutton your dress for me.” She looked down, breaking eye contact and her tremulous hands came up to work the buttons. The bodice of the dress was snug across her tits and the nipples were straining the fabric. With each button, the top seemed to snap open a little more. Then she dropped her hands standing there and with the top of her dress open. Her creamy breasts, now more contrasted against a darkening tan were exposed to their mid-line, half of her aureoles peeking out along the edges of her opened top. “You’re gorgeous,” I said and she looked up, “come here.”

She walked over slowly and stood between my knees, I leaned forward and peeled back the top of her dress exposing one full breast and then the other. They started heaving as her breathing got deeper and faster. I
reached up and rolled her shoulder straps down, rubbing her arms as I went and then sat back and just admired her. Her tits swayed slightly as she shuddered once, the nipples growing in the cool air. I scooted to the edge
of the chair and clutched her to me and attacked her breasts with my mouth, sucking, biting, pulling. “Ah!” she hollered and went into something like a whimper, “oh God.” I insinuated my right hand up her thigh, raising the
hem of her dress as I went. The edge of my hand furrowed into a smooth and dampening cleft, she gasped and I started sawing back and forth. She was moaning and rutting on my hand as I tortured her nipples until the were inflamed and tender. She was starting to tense, closing her thighs around my hand when I stopped and pulled away. I had heard about orgasm denial as a technique in one of the sex advice columns of the day. If they were correct, this was going to be good for her. She looked surprised and her face was flushed, she was looking at me wonderingly. I stood, gave her a deep kiss then I placed my hands on her shoulders and started applying pressure. At first she resisted and then submissively went to her knees. “Wow!” I thought, “she really is mine.” As she knelt I returned to sitting in the chair, my hard on already peeking above the waist band of my shorts. She knelt and pulled my shorts down under my balls and then sat, looking at my cock as if she was considering its size. I reached out with my left hand and caressed her cheek and stroked her hair before I took the back of her head and started to pull her to my crotch. “Kiss it,” I said. She looked up at me, parted her lips and kissed the head, lingering with her tongue. I felt like I had stuck it in a light socket the thrill was so
intense. Now I had about four blow jobs up to that point, including the one she started in the shower the last time we were together. None of them brought me off, I had a feeling this was going to be different. I urged
her head to cock again and pressed her lips to it. She parted them slightly given a small suckle to the tip and the eye and then opened as wide as she could and slipped the head into her hot mouth. I threw my head back as she drew a vacuum and clenched my hand in her hair. She managed to get about a third of it in her mouth, working up and down until she went a little too far and gagged slightly. She wrapped her hand around the shaft,
not quite able to close her fingers and fondled my balls with the other one.

I wasn’t believing the sensations that were shooting through my nervous system. She would ease down as deep as she good until the back of her throat spasmed, drool was running down my shaft soaking her hands and my balls. This was incredible but alien stimulation so it took quite a while. It was all I could do to not grab her and shove it down her throat, but that would ruin the magic of a submissive and lavish blow job. I was getting tense and bent forward leaning over her head. I reached between us and grabbed one of those beautiful breasts, squeezing it hard as my balls started to tighten. She moaned around my cock head and that was it. I
clenched my teeth grunted and a massive orgasm overtook me. My hips were lurching, thrusting more into her mouth and the surge of my cum forced its way out of my cock into her mouth. Her eyes opened wide in surprise and she swallowed frantically but some leaked out of the corners of her mouth a drizzled onto her breasts. This was almost three weeks worth and she worked long and hard and kept sucking until I was completely done. Then she lavished my saliva and cum covered dick with kisses and a tongue bath. She never got more than half of me in her mouth but that was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. I hugged her cum stained face to my groin momentarily and then took her hands and pulled her into my lap. “Never has anyone made me cum like that!” She snuggled into my lap with her head pressed to my chest and we just sat for a few moments.

As we sat with her legs across mine, I slid a hand back under her dress and found her soaking lips. She jumped and gasped as I slid a finger into her tightness and started working it in and out. I pulled out and
repositioned my hand so I could work her lips and found her swelling clit. She whimpered as I started working my fingers over her clit, splaying her lips and shoving a finger into her every few seconds. My dick was hardening again as she started grinding her ass into my lap. She hugged my head tightly, squeaking little cries into my chest. As she pulled her head up and her thighs tensed, I stopped again. “Please, oh God, please,” she
pleaded. “Not yet,” I said and she made a small crying sound and I was surprised to find a little tear starting to brim her eye. I was getting pretty good at this. I tongued her left nipple and gave the other a little squeeze. Then I started to urge her off as I stood with her. I dropped my shorts and stood in front of her just looking. She was flushed and perspiring, her white breasts gleaming with sweat and cum, and her hair was in disarray. She was so desirable and yet looked so small and meek. “Take off your dress.”

I must have looked shocked or surprised because she asked, “what’s wrong?” I looked down at her slit, the contrast between the white of her mound against the tan lines swooping over her round hips was stark now.
Besides the deeper tan, she was completely smooth. She smiled a little and shrugged, “you like it?” “Uh huh!” Yeah, I’m a real wordsmith talking to women. “You said you wanted me,” she said, a little sad sounding. “I do,”
my dick affirming my statement. She folded her hands over her crotch and said, “then take me.” I walked over to her until my cock pressed into her abdomen. I then took her by her upper arms and turned her, walking her backwards until she fell into the couch. I worked her breasts with my hands, pulling and twisting her nipples causing her to arch her back thrusting those high round tits into the air. She had her mouth open
taking short rapid breaths. I leaned in and kissed her between her breasts and trailed my tongue down to her navel and swirled saliva into it. She twitched and ran her fingers through my hair. I leaned back and said,
“open your legs.” She started shivering but compliantly let her thighs part. I grabbed her by her ass and slid her to the edge of the couch, I was going to venture into previously unknown territory. I had to taste her.

I gaziantep escort telefonları had read everything I could on technique, I had even kissed and licked girls before but had never really tried cunnilingus. I kept my hands under her ass, pulling on her full cheeks and kissed the inside of one thigh causing her to jump and squeal in surprise. I leaned in and kissed her just above the slit causing her to suck in sharply. She smelled clean and I took a long lick from the bottom of her slit to the still inflamed clit. She cried out and thrust her hips off the couch. I lingered on her clit with my tongue and she jerked and hissed. Then slowly, tortuously I worked my tongue back down her slit and worked the tip into her opening, “Gahh!” she yelled and momentarily clamped her thighs onto my head. I moved my hands between them and forced them open again, wide.

Based on her reactions I was doing okay, I figured I could always communicate if I wanted her guidance. I took several long, languid licks up her slit pausing to tongue that sensitive clit. Her stomach and thighs
were jerking, lunging and flailing as I worked on my first cunnilingus. The previous work I had done on her had her sensitive and hot, she was incredibly responsive to every subtle variation. I worked a finger into her as I settled on her clit, sucking it between my teeth. She started whimpering in time as I sucked and moved my finger in and out of her vagina. She was humping my hand as I violated her and started a sobbing moan holding herself off of the couch. I pulled my slick finger from her vagina and shoved it into her rectum like I had read about. She arched her back, “Owww, oh, oh…” I felt a rush of fluid flow over my chin and she started yelping and humping her legs clamping painfully against my head. She collapsed back on the couch, jamming my finger fully into her ass and I kept licking. Almost immediately she went into another climax, not as intense and finally started pleading for me to stop, her clit was painful now. I lifted up from her soaking and inflamed sex, wiped a hand across my chin and stood up. She was laying back, half sliding off of the couch with heavy lidded eyes. Her breathing slowed then turned into quiet sobs as tears started to flow. “No…no one…no one has ever done that for me.” I may be hard but it touched me a little so I told her the truth “That’s okay, I’ve never done that to anyone before either.” She laughed through her tears. I stood and reached for my shorts. She was still splayed open, she was looking at me through half closed eyes and said, “I want you in me.”

I had my hands under her ass and lifted her and slid her sex to the edge of the couch. I positioned the head of my cock at her dripping opening and lunged into her, wedging her open, crashing into and displacing her cervix.
Her eyes flew open and she lurched forward, “Uuuuuunnnnngh!” she cried. I withdrew about half way, dug into her soft bottom and slammed into her again. She threw her arms around my neck and was moaning and whimpering into my chest. I was not easy or caring or selfless, I was taking her. I slammed into her over and over, her tits jumping with every violation of her tight vagina. She was covered with a sheen of sweat and mine ran in rivulets down through my chest hair and across my flat abs until it pooled at our joining. I ran my left hand up her slick back until I got a hand full of hair and pulled her head up and sealed her mouth with mine thrusting my tongue into her mouth as she vocalized. I could feel my impending orgasm ad broke our kiss and started to rut in earnest. She new it was close and started to push on my hips to get me to pull out, “no,” she pleaded. I grabbed her wrists with her thighs over my upper arms and pulled them to her side. “I’m going to own you,” I hissed and she gave a small nod and surrendered as I slammed hard into her once more, wedging into her cervix and started pumping her full of my thick cum. The blow job had given me staying power and the tension a full load of semen. I thrust against her cervix with each surge of ejaculate and it finally slowed to an occasional twitch and squirt. Sated for the moment, I withdrew slowly and stood in front of her. I reached behind her head and pulled her lips to my half hard cock. She kept her mouth shut at first as I coated her lips with our mixed fluids. I became insistent with my pressing and she relented and took my slimy cock into her mouth. I looked down as the first drops of cum emerged from her swollen sex.

Later we showered, we washed each other and I brought her off again. I had her bend at the waist with her hands against the wall and worked my stiffness into her again. I was a long languid fuck before I filled her
again. We got out and I gave her a sensuous drying, stimulating her still sensitive nipples. As I went to put on a T-shirt and shorts she picked up her dress. “No,” I stated calmly but firmly, “I want you exposed and ready
while your here.” She looked at me wondering for a second and then turned slightly away I could have sworn I saw the corners of her mouth turn up.

That night as we lay in bed asleep, I came to with the sensation of warm wetness drawing on my cock. I pulled the sheet off and she was on her side, her head laying in my lap drawing me into her hot mouth and the lavishing it with her tongue on the way up. I moaned at the incredible sensations she was giving me and reached down to stroke her hair. I was hard as I could be when she let my cock go, cool air playing on it’s wet coating. She got on her knees, swung one leg over and lowered herself down in my cock, the last inch or so not able to get all the way in. She had a distant look in her eyes and started gyrating her hips and pressing down until something gave and she dropped all the way down while screaming into her hand. Her vaginal muscles were rippling up and down my shaft and agonizing tightness at my glans. She leaned forward and ground her pelvis into mine as her tits flattened against my chest. She had a mouthful of my hairy pecs and nipples as I reached down with my hands and pulled her cheeks apart. I insinuated the first bit of my middle finger into her anus and she gasped as I started to pull and tug at her sphincter. She was getting wetter, her juices coating my balls, and she started grinding harder as her breaths became more like grunts. Her legs became stiff as she flexed them against mine and I shoved my finger hard into her ass, she squealed into my chest and her gyrations became frantic and erratic. When I started humping back at her and moving my finger in and out of her tight ass, she gad a sudden intake of air and went rigid while trembling and she let out little puffs of air as she collapsed on me. I started working in an out of her a couple of inches and I felt like she was pulling me back in by the head of my dick. We rolled over where she was on her back and I started to draw out further, “ow,” she whispered. I started humping deep in short strokes and was starting to feel my balls tighten up. “Cum on me, cum on my tits…my stomach.” As my first surge of cum rocketed up my shaft I pulled hard, she arching off the bed and groaning. I finally came free as a rope of heavy sperm left the eye of my cock. I dragged the head of my cock up her slit surging cum as I went and then my dick sprung up slinging the rest across her belly and hitting the bottom of her tits. As the
second came pouring out I laid a trail up her abdomen across her right nipple and it kept coming. As much as I had cum over the last few hours you would expect that I would be depleted; but by the time I had finished there were ropes of cum stringing from her sex to her tits to her face. Strings of the pearly goo crisscrossed her tits and had started to pool in the cleft of her clavicle. Cum was smeared all over her mound and labia and had run down the crack of her ass and there was even drips of my sperm on her lips and cheeks. I had never done that before and it was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen or would ever see. I kissed her deeply tasting myself and her and held her tight until we both went to sleep.

Now if your body is covered in thick hair like mine, one should use good judgment when cuddling up to a woman covered in adhesive goo. She tried to slip out of bed in the early morning and it was what I imagined Velcro would feel like if it could feel. Chalk that one up to acquired wisdom. I let her get a head start in the shower before I joined her. Her hair was plastered down the back of her neck and her skin glistened as the water cascaded over her curves. She turned and my eyes shot to her hairless sex and watched as the water ran in rivulets first over her breasts and nipples and gathered and flowed together into one stream flowing into her slit and then widening again to wet her thighs. By dick was immediately stiff. I gently but insistently pushed her back against the wall and knelt in front of her, I forced her legs apart slightly at the knees and shoved a finger
into her opening as I licked her slit from bottom to top, she let out an abrupt sob and shivered against my face. I sawed the invading finger in and out as I went to work on her clit; I was determined to bring her off with this, my second attempt at cunnilingus. I sucked her clit, drawing in the clean water cascading over it and momentarily pulled my finger and lifted her left leg by the knee and draped it over my shoulder. I licked her as deeply as I could, catching a slight salty tang and then returned to suckling her clit. She had a hold of the back of my head and was grinding her pubic bone against my nose as I explored her sex with my lips and tongue. I wished I could have tongue fucked her like I had read in some of the most graphic accounts in Variations but I am slightly tongue tied so I returned to sawing and rubbing on her sex with my finger as I attacked her stiffening clit. Even though I was using her I really enjoyed this, knowing I was driving her to amazing orgasms. The shower walls reverberated with her sighs, squeals, chirps and loud “please, please, please, yes” declarations. As she was starting to tense up I pulled my finger from her vagina and slipped it up the crack of her ass finally jamming in to her ass. She lurched her pelvis into my face and cried out as she and I slid down, clumsily until she was on the floor with me bent over and torturing her sex. She convulsed and started driving my face into her snatch with
her hands. Her voice came out in a building wail until she arched her back and started hyperventilating. “uh, uh, uh, uh, uh…” came from her lips like machine gun fire and she was beating on the tile floor of the shower
with her fists. Even in the running shower I could feel and taste the rushing fluids as she came. When she settled down, only twitching as I strummed her clit with my tongue, I finally disengaged and left her splayed
open on the shower floor with the water pummeling her tits and torso. My hard on was standing out in front of me, swaying back and forth and she opened her arms in invitation. “Not now,” I said in a low growl and
stepped out to dry off and pull on my shorts and T-shirt. Then I went to the kitchen and started coffee and a late breakfast.

I made her self conscious as I studied her naked body at the breakfast table. She shyly averted her gaze only occasionally looking up to say something about how special I made her feel, and how no one had ever taken
the time to treat her like she was truly wanted or like she belonged to them. “How did you end up married to Richard then?” If he didn’t ever do anything for her, why did she marry him?

She told me about the graduation party, the drinking and the pot. How they were all pairing up around the fire and she was hot. She had lost her virginity rather unceremoniously to another kid after a few torrid dates and
the beast was awakened. They sat together and he started kissing her and feeling her then D cup tits through her shirt and bra, roughly squeezing and flattening them with his hands. It wasn’t long before he had his dick
in her mouth and she was giving head for the third or fourth time in her life. He forced her head down on his shaft until he was buried to the hilt and after a gagging response she found she could take all of his minor
dick. He had pulled out, opened and pulled her cut offs down her thighs and off before he jammed a finger in her causing her pain. He kept assaulting her with his finger until she started to get wet and she said it even started to feel good. He stopped and climbed onto her as she lay on the blanket in the shadows and just shoved it in. She said it hurt at first but she was getting wet and he wasn’t all that big. He apparently didn’t do much other than jack rabbit into her until he came. She was pregnant. He married her though, so I’ll give him points for that. Over the next three or four years they had been married, he fucked her or had her give him head but he left her to fend for herself if she was going to get any satisfaction. On their second child, her tits had swollen to an FF cup, laden with milk. After she quit nursing he was tired of them hanging on her chest and talked and she had started having back problems, so she consented to a breast reduction. So that’s why she was where she was now; with a high and firm C cup and visible scars running to her chest wall under her arms. But in all that time, as she got better at giving head, no one had ever taken the time to bring her off, or act if she was anything
but a hole to cum in.

I stood and walked over to her, sliding her chair out away from the table. I took her face in my hands and kissed her tenderly. Then I straightened and pushed my semi-rigid cock at her lips. She slid her lips over the head and gave a small suck while tonguing the eye. Electricity shot through me as I slid a few inches into her mouth, reveling over the feel of her tongue curling around the underside of my hardening cock. I gave a few more short thrusts as her hands came up and held the back of my thighs. I grew as hard as I have ever been looking down on this naked and submissive beauty slobbering over my dick. I removed her hands from my
legs and withdrew, a glistening string of saliva stretching obscenely from her lips to the head of my cock. It finally snapped free and I reached down and took her hands, pulling her to standing. I stood in front of her,
stroked her hair, drug my fingers down across her nipples and finally slid my fingers across her mound. I split her cleft and slid my middle finger up and down a few times and she started to moan and moisten. I stopped and held my wet fingers up to her mouth and coated her lower lip with some of her own juices. She closed her eyes and parted her lips, I slid two of my fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them and then pulled back to kiss the palm of my hand. I took her by the hand and led her into the living room, facing her I asked, “are you mine?” She looked down and nodded. I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed, urging her to her knees. I looked down at her kneeling and beautiful form. She kept looking down, I lifted her chin and said, “stay here.” I then left her kneeling naked in the living room to do dishes.

She hadn’t moved when I came back 10-15 minutes later. I urged her up on her knees and pulled the waistband of my shorts over my cock and pulled it back under my balls. She looked up at me, placed her hands on my thighs and leaned forward to take my cock into her luscious lips. She lolled her tongue all around the head of my raging hard on and slid it over her tongue as she took it to the back of her mouth. I was about halfway in when she started to gag. She drew long and hard as she backed off and stopped short of pulling off of my head. She sucked on the tip tonguing the eye again and I could feel myself leaking into her mouth. She pulled off, looked up at me and said, “use me”. I was venturing gaziantep escort videoları into unexplored territory for me. I reached down and placed her hands on her own thighs. I then took her head in both of my hands and pushed a little back into her mouth, she started sucking in earnest as I rocked my hips back and forth a few inches. I then slowly pushed over her tongue until I hit the back of her throat and she gagged. I held there as she lurched and then became frantic, but she never lifted her hands. I pulled back and she gasped, saliva drooling from her lower lip. Once she caught her breath she looked back up and said, “cum on my face, mark me.” I started back at, for lack of a better term, fucking her tight and suctioning mouth. I would occasionally repeat my pushing against the back of her throat, depriving her of breath and causing her to gag. She was really drawing down on my cock as I thrust into her and still pulling hard as I drew back. It wasn’t as long as I’d hoped but my cum came boiling up my shaft almost before I realized it. “Yes,” she hissed as I drew my erupting cock from her mouth, trailing a rope of cum
and started surging across her face. I laid ropes across her cheeks nose and hair before settling into a slow ooze. I moved the head of my dick across her lips and coated them with my dribbling remnants. I wish I had a
picture of her beautiful face with ropes of cum soaking into her skin and my dick laying across her lips. I stayed mostly hard as I took her under her arms and helped her to her feet. I massaged my cum into her skin, pushing wads of it across her lips for her to open up and then suck them into her mouth to swallow them. I laid her down on the floor and said, “masturbate for me”. She looked shocked and a little embarrassed, “masturbate for me, cum for me,” I repeated. She started to flush and her cheeks became hot but she parted those sweet thighs and tentatively slid her right hand to her puffy lips.

She started slowly, sliding her hand up and down but her pace picked up as she worked her dampening slit. She closed her eyes and parted her cum stained lips and started to moan. She brought her left hand to first one
breast and then the other, pulling and twisting her nipples while crushing the flesh of her tits with the heel of her hand. Soon she was lurching and thrusting her hips upward as her fingers danced through her glistening sex.
She shoved two fingers deep into her gash and arched her back moaning low and loud. She was torturing her own tits, mauling them and distending her nipples until she groaned in erotic agony. I never watched a girl
masturbate like this and I was raging hard in minutes. She went back to working her slit and clitoris until she was panting and as she went stiff, arching her back, she shoved her fingers back in her hole and came like she
was having a seizure. She lurched and twitched before finally collapsing on the floor. Her chest was heaving and she and drops of sweat rolled off of her tits and gathered between them. She smiled weakly while languidly
stroking her oozing sex. “I’ve never done anything like that before…” she said almost with a giggle. I knelt between her thighs and forced them wide with my knees. I leaned over suckling than nipping at her sensitive
tit flesh. She started that whimpering sound I have come to love and I wedged the head of my cock into her hole. She gasped as I pushed it in and the ring of her vagina snapped tight behind the crown. “You’re mine,” I
growled and lunged into her, crashing into her cervix. I still had a bit outside of her so I drew back and smashed back into the gateway of her womb and pushed beyond, crushing it and feeling a small divot where the tip of
my cock nested. I wedged my hand under her ass when she lifted up to meet my thrusting. I plowed a finger through her sphincter and shoved it to the hilt. She arched her back, “OOOOOOWWWW!” I started jamming into her again and again, bruising her cervix and pushing her womb back in as I stretched her vagina further. I was driving into her as she grunted every time I bottomed out and I started to tighten. “Please not in me,” she pleaded when she detected the change in my thrusts. “Your mine, I’m taking you…” I crashed into her cervix again and erupted. She moaned plaintively with her fists pushing against my chest. But then she widened her thighs further and I felt a pop as the base of my cock crashed into her pubic bone. The surging cum now burning as it passed my glans and flooded Becky with thick streams of semen. She threw her arms around me and crushed me against her. She was kissing my neck and shoulder and finally whispered, “It’s not safe, it’s too deep,” then she started a quiet sobbing but kept kissing my neck and shoulder.

After a long while I started a long pull to exit her still twitching vagina and it seemed to resist all of the way. I finally extracted and looked down at her sweat covered, cum stained naked body. She lazed there
splayed open and a small dribble of cum oozed out of her. I knew how much had surged into her and pondered the difference before I stood. She didn’t move and her stomach would spontaneously jerk as if she had been given a small shock or something. I looked down at Becky as she lay on the floor for a long time. I reached down and helped her to her feet. She was weak in the legs and virtually fell into me. “Come on, let’s take a bath,” I said.
Instead of a shower, I drew a hot bath and settled in to the water then I helped her into the water and she sat down between my legs and nestled that round bottom into my semi-hard dick. As we languished in the warm water and gently washed each other, I pondered this tryst and what it meant. I thought about her anxiety of having my cum in her and how it was an overwhelming drive for me to make sure it was planted as deep as I could get it. I thought about how I had had more sex and in more varied ways in these last few weeks than I had total before Becky and I came together. I considered her husband and how I had owned his wife and had taken her to places sexually that she thought would never happen and that he could never go with her. A momentary feeling of conquest shot through my psyche. I also considered how, no matter how many times I had cum in her, I was always in a state of arousal around her. I slid my hands up the insides of her thighs under the water and momentarily stimulated her sex and she pushed her ass into me as she sighed and lay her head back on my shoulder. I slid further up and covered her breasts with my hands, her nipples were peeking between my fingers. I closed them on the turgid flesh and tightened my grip forcing a groan from her lips. “You are beautiful you know, ” I said as I kissed the nape of her neck. She laced her fingers over mine and crushed her tits under our joined grips.

Dawn came on our last day together and I was up already with the coffee. She came out shyly but obediently not covering herself or dressing. She whispered my name and hugged me from behind and flattened her tits against my back. ‘I have to go soon.” “I know.” I said. I have to admit that the thought of giving her back to her husband and family bothered me somewhere down deep. At least I knew that I would always own her, own her orgasms, own the deepest part of her sex and own her submission. My cock stiffened and I turned to her saying, “soon but not now, now you are still mine.” She answered, “yes, I am yours, do what you want.” I placed my hands on her shoulders and she obediently knelt in front of me, taking out my rising cock and wrapped her tiny mouth around it. She tortuously drew out this blow job and when I finally did erupt she placed the head tight against her lips and it splattered across her lower lips and ran down her neck and tits, finally dribbling onto her thighs. I helped her to her feet and said, “go to the bed.” I watched from the kitchen as she walked back to my
room and disappeared behind the door. I began to ponder whether a perverse thought that had been rattling in my brain would actually come to fruition. It would be a first for me and the ultimate submission for her. I moved to join her in the bedroom.

She was laying back, the slimy trails of my cum still glistening on her smooth body. I laid beside her and kissed her mound just above the slit. She stopped breathing for a second, it always seemed to catch her off guard when I did that though she could see where I was headed. I pulled her thigh open and upward and buried my head in her crotch while sliding a finger into her tightness. It wasn’t long before she was running her hands
over the back of my head and pressing my mouth harder into her. She was gyrating and moaning when a long lasting climax over came her body. When she finally wound down, I sat up next to her on the edge of the bed and she parted both thighs wide and reached her arms up to me. I shook my head, “roll over and get on your knees.” Becky was looking a little scared but she complied. I moved her close to the headboard. I was about to see if I really did own her.

I stood, turned to my closet and pulled two webbed uniform belts from their hooks. She watched intently as I came back over and lifted one hand from her lap. I placed it over the headboard and lashed the wrist to the
post. She did not resist then or when I did the same to the other wrist but she started to shiver. She tried her bonds and found them suitably tight. I pulled back on her hips until she moved to where she was bent at the waist with her knees spread. I could see her glistening labia and moved in behind her and rammed home. “Ah!” she spat out. I was buried deeper than I had been and figured it was the position and she was tightly squeezing my cock, yet her sex had yielded readily. I crushed her cervix and pummeled her over and over again. She had started moaning punctuated with yelps of pain. That’s when I moved my hands from her hanging tits to her ass, straightening behind her. I pulled her cheeks apart and rolled my thumb through her tight sphincter. “Ow, ow, oh,” she cried as I started shoving it in with every thrust of my pelvis. Her juices were building and I could feel them soaking my pubic hair and balls a I rutted into her. I stopped punishing her with my thumb and leaned over her, “you are mine, aren’t you?” I hissed. I punctuated “you” with a particularly hard battering of her womb. “Yes, yes, yes,” she whimpered between thrusts. I straightened back up and shoved my thumb into her cunt with my dick. It stretched her perineum and she cried out with the new sensation and pain. I worked it in and out a few times and finally pulled the dripping digit from her vagina and shoved it back in to her ass. She wailed as I started worming it around in her tight anal passage. “Have you ever given yourself completely?” She new what I meant and shook her head grunting with the double penetration. I pulled my cock from her vagina, scooped some of her fluids out and spread it around her sphincter. I then changed my position behind her and pressed my cock head tightly against the puckered opening. She was shaking now, her breath hissing through clenched
teeth. I held still for a moment, a little afraid of what was our first anal experiences. “Do you give it to me?” “Yes.” she whimpered. I pressed the attack and as my cock started to wedge it’s way in she was grunting. I saw her twisting in her bindings and her fists balled up blanching the knuckles. Finally her anus accepted the head of my cock and the tight sphincter snapped behind the crown. “Owwwwww, oh God it hurts,” she cried. I held still and stroked her hips and reveling in the almost painful tightness. I leaned over her and whispered, “you ARE mine now.” I saw her twist her wrists, her fists clenched tight and she started to move her ass a little. I nudged another little bit in and she threw her head back, hissing through her teeth. “Take it!” she spat out. I pressed a little more and this time she pushed back with a low guttural groan. “Your pulling me apart,” she complained. “I can stop, I’ve never done this and I don’t want to hurt you,” I was suddenly very unsure of my self. I reached over and undid one wrist and then the other. She dropped down, her head in the pillow and balled sheet up in her fist. “Hurt me, damn you, finish it!” I moved my hips forward and drove my cock all the way into her bowels as she screamed into the pillow. I held still, letting us both adjust as I dilated her sphincter and intestines. She rolled her head to the side and with tears coursing down her face she cursed , “fuck me.” She was loud and went from sobs to groans to shouts as I withdrew and then sank back in hard, my balls slapping her vulva. The feeling was incredible. She was so tight, she had submitted completely and the
dominance I felt over another man’s wife made the moment all the more erotic. I kept a steady pace of a slow drawing out and then a steady drive back in. She was whimpering and groaning loudly into the pillow. I reached down and twisted her hair around my hand and pulled her head up, “I want to hear you.” She was shaking hard now, her legs were quivering and her tits swung with every impact. I slid my left hand along her ribs and groped the nearest breast, squeezing hard. I could have sworn that moisture was running down my balls, was she getting wetter. Her cries and sobs were now grunts and moans. The whole thing took less than the time to
read this paragraph before my balls tightened. The last drive I jammed in hard causing her to cry out again and I stayed seated with her ass pressing into my hips as I erupted deep inside of her. “Ahhhhhhh,” she cried as the first spurts shot into her bowels, “it buuuuurns.” I collapsed over her and she folded under me, her knees sliding outward and she crashed flat into the sheets, my dick still buried to the hilt in her. I slowly pulled out and fell to the side; she lifted up on one shaky arm and looked at me with red watery eyes.

She had laid her head down and was on her side facing me, a sporadic sob would occasionally wrack her body. She smiled weekly, “I’ve never…” “I know,” I interrupted, “me neither.”. I reached over and caressed her
flushed face and slid some of the plastered strands of hair away from her eyes. She lifted her face and kissed my hand and we just laid there for what seemed like a long time. She leaned in and kissed me and then went to
stand, wincing. I looked at her as she stood. She was an erotic vision covered in an amalgam of salty sweat tears and cum stains. Her hair was wet with sweat and matted to her neck and shoulders. She was standing with her legs slightly parted and her inner thighs glistened with our juices. She picked up her sun dress, “do you want to shower?” She tilted her head and one corner of her mouth turned up, “not this time.” She ran her fingers
through her hair a few times, fluffing it as much as she could. She dropped the dress over her shoulders and buttoned the top. She lifted smooth calf and slipped a sandal on and then did the other. I don’t remember her saying a word but she held eye contact most of the time. I stood and walked over to her and stood in front of her. She reached over with one hand and gave my slimy cock a squeeze before lifting up on her toes and kissing me softly. Then she was gone.

It was a week or two later when I saw her once again and she looked pensive when she first saw me but then smiled and waved. Theresa walked by shaking her head but with a gleam in her eye. Late that night she called
and was crying softly on the phone. I don’t remember either of the things we said but she ended it saying something about being married and she had to stop what she was doing. I understood but told her she was and would always be special to me. As I hung up, Dad asked me who that was. I said, “a girl, she just broke up with me”. He looked puzzled; I was sitting and sipping my beer with satisfaction. I was pondering whom she might have seen looking and smelling the way she was when she left.

Epilogue – I saw her once or twice after that but soon lost track of her. Theresa said that she had moved back to Tennessee where she was from. She also told me that they had had another child. I thought on that last bit
of news for a while. “Nah,” I thought, “the timing is wrong.” That’s what I told myself.

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