Virgil’s Story

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I feel like I have failed my wife. We are in our late 20’s and have been married 6 years. We have had sex about 4 times in the last 2 years. As a black man, with a 3 inch dick, I know I am a disappointment to her. My wife is a curvy thick Sista. She is 5’7″, with big ole double E tits, and a perfectly round ass. She has a bit of padding but that’s just more cushion for the push’en. She loves it when I eat her pussy but a few years ago we got her a giant rubber dildo to help hit her in spots that my dick could never reach. Now my wife doesn’t really need me at all, she just fucks herself with the dildo when I am not around. I masturbate to porn on the computer everyday instead of fucking her sexy ass. I know I need to do something soon or I think I might lose her forever.

One day out of the blue I get a call from an old college buddy named Trent. Trent was a wide receiver from our alma mater. He was on the practice squad of an NFL team, due to injuries to their wide receiving core he was activated for the game on Sunday. He would be in our city next week and called asking if he could come by, hang out, and reminisce with us about the old days.

I quickly said, “Yes, it would be great to see you again”. I knew, in the back of my mind, that he had dated my wife in college. Date is too strong a word; more like fucked my wife in college. Trent use to fuck a lot of the women at our college; he was the Don Juan of the campus and known for not being afraid to swing his big cock around the women dorms.

Trent was a 6′ 3″, 190, slender muscled white boy. He had brown short cropped hair and emerald eyes. He was from the south and still had a slight southern drawl. We went to a northern university and the women from our school use to eat up his southern charm. Every week Trent had a different woman on his arm and Trent loved pussy in every shape, size, and color. He once confided in me during a long bender that he loved fucking girls in relationships. Nothing made him harder than fucking a girl who already had a boyfriend.

My wife was one of Trent’s many conquests in college. He had her dick whipped, to the point that everyone new she was his late night booty call. There were stories floating around campus that Trent would double team her with buddies sometimes or have her put on a girl-on-girl show for him. She was his dependable slut for all occasions and this had made me want her even more. Eventually Trent stopped calling my wife and after a year of begging and pleading she finally agreed to go out with me. I never asked her about the stories out of fear of losing her. Eventually she fell in love with me and we were married a few months after graduation.

Now with Trent back in town, it gives me the chance to help fulfill my wife’s sexual needs. So I invited Trent over for dinner on Saturday night. I told him that I wouldn’t tell Shanice and that if would be a surprise. I told my wife that I had an old friend from high school coming for dinner so she wouldn’t be any wiser. My plan was now in motion; I made sure to stock up on alcohol, lube, condoms, and few toys. I was sure once Trent and my Shanice saw each other again it wouldn’t take much to get him to fill her up with his big white dick.

I jacked off twice nightly, thinking about the sexy faces and sounds my wife would make while riding Trent’s dick. The slurping sounds she would make as she tried to get his huge dick in her mouth. The look he would shoot me while she worked his dick. I wanted to see her cum on another man’s dick and hear the orgasmic scream of being satisfied. Just a few strokes of my dick with these images running through my mind and I would cum all over myself.

Saturday night had finally arrived and my little dick was hard all day. Shanice knew something was up with me but thought I was just happy to see an old friend from high school. Dinner was ready and the doorbell rang. Shanice told me to answer the door since it was my friend. I opened the door and Trent was smiling ear to ear, a little more muscular, but looking the same since college. I couldn’t help but also smile, then my smile dropped from my face. Trent had a woman on his arm. He didn’t tell me he was bringing a date for the evening. Suddenly all my plans were thrown out the window.

Trent introduced his girl, “Suzie, this is Virgil, my friend from college.”

“Hello Virgil, Trent has told me so much about you and Shanice, this should be fun for you guys to catch up tonight.” Suzie said.

Suzie was a drop dead gorgeous tall leggy Asian woman, she had no accent definitely American born. She was easily 5’11” and slender as a willow. I wouldn’t expect to see Trent with anything less. She had a models body, sexy face but flat as a board all over.

Walking towards the front door I heard Shanice say, “Hey Virgil I think I just heard…”

She stopped mid-sentence as she turned the corner and saw Trent. Her face lit up and she rushed Trent giving him a giant hug and almost knocking him over.

“Hey girl, Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort long time no see” said Trent with a half laugh.

He wrapped his arms around her and returned the favor. Suzie made a slight coughing noise and Trent pushed Shanice back as he said, “Hey girl let me introduce my friend Suzie.”

Suzie put her hand out and said, “Nice to meet you”

“Only a friend? You still haven’t settled down yet Trent?” said Shanice

Suzie replied, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…” as she looked at Trent and smile.

I said, “Dinner will be ready soon, let’s move in to the kitchen and have some drinks for now.”

All four of us moved to the kitchen where we sat around the island drinking and catching up. Then after everyone had loosened up we moved to the table and sat for dinner. My wife set across from me and Trent across from Suzie. This put Shanice on his left and me on his right. As we sat and talked at dinner Trent constantly made sex jokes. His left hand was constantly touching Shanice’s arm. We finished up and all headed to the living room where me and Shanice sat on the love seat and Trent and Suzie were on the couch. Everyone was pretty much toasted and talking freely.

That’s when Trent let loose and said, “Shanice was wild back in school, man Virgil your wife use to be into some wild shit.”

I looked at Shanice her face went blank and she went quiet. I decided to egg Trent on, by saying, “I remember some of the stories she was a real vixen…”

“Man you don’t know the half of it, hey Shanice remember when me and Derrick double teamed you in the frat house. She let us both cum in her and had Derrick ate her pussy after wards, I can’t believe the brotha did it…” Trent laughed as he said this and shot a smile at me.

“I can’t believe you just said that shit in front of Virgil, how you going to disrespect me in my own house!” Shanice yelled in shock and amazement.

“Virgil don’t mind do you buddy?” said Trent.

“Nah man, go ahead.” I replied

Shanice was pissed when I said that and moved away from me on to the couch saying, “whateva nigga”

“Ohh shit Virgil, I’m not trying to cause any static up in your house.” said Trent.

I looked over at Shanice and she was squirming, I could smell her pussy starting to get wet. Thinking about her college days was getting her hot and bothered. She was acting mad but really enjoying the attention. “It’s ok man, we hardly get together and I have never heard these stories about her.”

“What man, I thought you knew, in college Shanice was a real freak, even after we stopped dating she would let me hit it when she was with other guys. I remember she use to swing by for a quickie and would beg me to nut in her pussy. She had a boyfriend at the time and he would eat her out knowing I had came in her.” Trent said

My little dick was hard as a rock, Shanice never shared this type of sexual depravity with me. I looked over at Shanice and she held her head low, embarrassed. I asked her, “Why haven’t you ever shared these stories with me Shanice?”

She replied. “Cause when I met you I fell in love and just wanted to leave my past behind me. I thought if you knew I would lose you forever and I didn’t want to risk it.”

“Baby, I love you and will always love you, I would do anything to make you happy.” I said.

Shanice smiled, came back to the love seat and hugged me, “Baby, I love you too… I guess you must have really liked the stories about me I can feel the little man perking up.”

“Hearing the stories about you made me so hard thinking about your mouth wrapped around Trent’s dick.” I said. We both locked lips and had the most passionate kiss we had in years. We both looked over at Trent and he was sprawled out relaxing and Suzie was rubbing his white snake through his pants. He was easily 8 inches and about 6 inches round.

Trent told Suzie, “Hey babe, pull my dick out for air and stoke it for me.”

We were both in shock as the monster was released from its cage. Suzie leaned over and drooled on his dick so she can give him a nice sloppy hand job. We looked at each other again and Shanice said, “

Do you wanna see me swallow that big ole white dick?”

I said nothing, I just gave an affirmative nod and Shanice had a huge smile. She gave me a peck on the lips, got up, a moved across the room to Trent and said, “Suzie, do you mind if I suck your man’s dick?”

Trent quickly said, “Suzie is my sex friend, whenever I’m in town she lets her husband know I own her for the night and she does whatever I say.”

We were shocked but not surprised; Trent had that effect on women. Then Trent said, “I was actually going to use Suzie here as a bargaining chip to maybe swap partners tonight, I can’t believe it went down like this, Suzie, go suck Virgil’s dick.”

With that Suzie started towards me and Shanice said, “Don’t do that Suzie, I love him too much to see him with another woman. Please Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort just let him watch for now.”

Trent said, “You heard her girl, why don’t you give me a kiss while Shanice sucks my dick. You cool over there by yourself Virgil?”

“No problem man, I just want Shanice to be happy.” I said.

Right across from me sat Trent, legs spread, his big white dick sticking straight up and my wife falling to her knees right in front of him. Shanice wrapped one hand around the base of his dick and the other holding his balls and then swallowed his dick in a twisting motion from the head and then down the shaft. She looked so sexy working his dick like a seasoned prostitute. Suzie bent at the waist; her short skirt rode up as her legs started spreading so Trent could start fingering her. It was apparent now she was not wearing any panties. She started French kissing Trent while my wife was savoring his dick and precum.

I pulled my dick out and started stroking the little man, Shanice noticed and came off Trent’s dick for a moment to say, “You like watching me suck this big ole dick don’t ya. But I don’t want you cumming before me babe so stop playing with your dick. Wait, for now I will let you know when you can touch it Virgil.”

With that Trent stood up, tired of waiting for Shanice to finish talking, grabbed her head, turned it back towards him and forced his dick in her mouth which she took with pleasure. Trent grabbed the back of her head with two hands and started fucking her face. I never knew she could deep throat, she could easily swallow my little dick, but watching her throat stretch as Trent slammed his monster cock in and out of her mouth was amazing. Trent’s head turned towards me and he looked into my eyes while he was fucking my wife’s face and said, “Virgil, you really love how I fuck your wife’s face, judging by that little thing between your legs, she hasn’t had anything this filling in a while. She is sucking me harder now; listen to the slurping sounds your whore wife is making on my dick.”

I had no reply; all I could do was watch. Trent just smirked at me, then said, “Ohh shit I am about to cum, Virgil, I am about to cum down your wife’s throat.” And with that he grabbed the back of my wife’s head and held it with his dick all the way down her throat. I could see it actually pulsating as it was cumming straight into her belly. Shanice wouldn’t let me cum in her mouth, much less swallow. She had turned back into the nasty slut she was in college with Trent’s dick in her mouth.

After holding her head till his dick went soft in her mouth, Trent finally released Shanice and fell back on the couch. Trent looked at Suzie who had just been sitting and watching along with me, except she was playing with her pussy the whole time. Trent turned his head to her and said, “Hey sue, while I recover, help prepare Shanice for me, I want to fuck her as soon as my dick is hard again.”

“Ok baby… Please stand up Shanice” said Suzie.

Shanice got off her knees and Suzie approached her and started French kissing her. I had never seen Shanice kiss a woman before but she gave back as much as Suzie was giving. Susie then said, “I love the taste of my man’s dick in your mouth.”

My dick ached so much it was starting to hurt. Suzie slowly started removing my wife’s clothes, kissing all her newly exposed spots. Once Suzie had her completely naked, she pushed her down on the couch next to Trent, dropped to her knees, spread my wife’s legs and started working Shanice’s pussy with her mouth. Shanice let out moans and yelps, Suzie knew how to eat some pussy. Even Trent started to rub his still soft dick to the scene. My wife really started getting into it; she grabbed Suzie’s head and was smashing her pussy into Suzie’s mouth. Shanice said, “Yeah bitch eat that black pussy, bitch you’re getting me so ready, damn Trent I need your dick in me know.”

“It’s getting there my chocolate slut but I need a little help.” said Trent

Shanice said, “Virgil, I really need Trent’s giant dick inside me, make me happy and suck him hard for me baby.”

“Wwwwhat wwwhat…” Is all I could stutter.

“You heard me nigga, get over there and suck his dick hard for me now!” Shanice yelled at me.

I was so horny and wanted to make Shanice happy, so I rolled off the couch and crawled on my hands and knees across the room straight to Trent’s cock. Trent held his soft cock pointed at me as I approached. The room went quiet as I opened my mouth above Trent’s cock for a second, the whole world froze. Till I heard her say, “Suck it you little dick bitch.”

That threw me over the edge and I started sucking his soft cock like I would want my cock sucked. It felt amazing feeling his cock start to harden in my mouth. Sucking another man’s cock never appealed to me, but doing it in front of my wife and Suzie pushed be over the edge of depravity. This was also bringing out Shanice’s wild side, something she has never really Kadıköy İranlı Escort shared with me before.

Shanice yelled out like she was cumming, out the corner of my eye I could see her whole body trembling, when she saw me sucking Trent’s cock, “Oooh shit I can’t believe your sucking his dick baby, that so fucking hot watching you get that dick hard, get him ready to fuck me baby.”

“Shit Virgil, this can’t be the first time you sucked cock. Shanice, your husband has a mouth like a bitch and is getting me so hard.” moaned Trent. I sucked harder hearing that from Trent. I peered over to see Shanice staring at me while kissing Suzie and sharing the taste of her pussy with that sexy Asian sex kitten. Shanice stopped kissing Suzie, came over to me and started pushing my head up on down on Trent’s dick.

“Get that big ass white dick hard for me you little bitch.” she yelled at me. I loved that taste of Trent’s precum in my mouth. I wanted to suck him till he came but Shanice pulled me off and said, “Hold on cock sucker, that dick is for me, take a seat on the love seat.”

I did as I was told. Suzie was still sitting on the couch watching the show, Shanice got on all fours on the couch with her head hovering over Suzie’s pussy. Shanice looked back at Trent and said, “Baby, it’s been so long since I had that big beautiful dick in me, please fuck me hard while I eat your hoes cunt, I want to scream into her pussy while you fuck my married cunt.”

Trent quickly slipped his dick into Shanice’s pussy and started slamming his dick in and out of my bent over wife from behind. Shanice couldn’t stop screaming in pleasure with her head buried in Suzie’s pussy. Suzie loved it and squirmed uncontrollably while Shanice licked her kitty. I wanted to stroke but I knew if I did I would cum all over the place as soon as I touched it. I think Shanice knew what was on my mind, because she came up for breath from between Suzie’s legs just long enough to say, “Virgil, get down between my legs while Trent if fucking me, I want your tongue on my clit while he is working my pussy. I want to cum all night.” Then her head disappeared back between Suzie’s legs.

I moved back over to the couch, then shimmied on my back between Trent’s and my wife’s legs, looking up to watch Trent’s dick pistoning in and out of her pussy. I could see my wife’s cum all over Trent’s dick; he was working her pussy over. I started licking Shanice’s clit and I could feel her shiver as I sucked on her pussy. The scene must have been too intense because her cum starting dripping heavier off of Trent’s dick. I had to taste her and started licking his shaft as he continued fucking her.

“Damn Shanice, Virgil is licking my dick clean while I am fucking your pussy.” said Trent.

“I didn’t realize he was such a little faggot or I would have had him sucking dicks for me years ago…” and as Shanice said that she shuttered and came again. She was really enjoying this and so was I. Suzie started yelping as she started cumming in my wife’s mouth, the whole scene was out of a porn movie. Then Trent’s balls contracted and his dick pulsated as his cum filled my wife’s pussy. Even after he came he continued to bang away at my wife’s pussy. I could hear it sloshing around in her as Trent mixed their juices with his dick. He finally pulled his dick out of my wife’s pussy, his dick cover in a mixture of both their cum.

My wife stood straight up and shivered still feeling the after affects. I sat there beneath her spread legs, watching Trent’s cum start leaking down her legs. Shanice looked down at me with a smile, then started lowering her pussy on my face and said, “Do me a favor and clean me up baby.”

I opened my mouth and she sat on it like a chair. I started lapping up her juice and Trent’s cum. I savored the flavor and she started grinding her pussy into my mouth. I delved my tongue deeper trying to get out as much cum as possible. I heard Suzie give a little laughing shriek as she said, “Look at him eat that cummy pussy, I can’t believe Shanice is make her husband clean her up in front of you Trent.”

I heard Trent laugh and say, “Yeah Shanice has always been a real freak and one of the best pieces of ass I have ever had.”

I started really working that pussy hearing Trent talking about my wife. Shanice finally pulled off my face and looked down at me with contempt. Then she said, “You like licking another man’s cum from my pussy… huh you little bitch.”

I couldn’t say anything; my face was glazed with both their juices, all I did was give an affirmative nod. Shanice looked over at Trent and said, “Hey baby, your dicks still dirty, let my bitch husband clean that off for you.”

I heard a hushed shocked noise from Suzie and then Trent said, “Sure, I love fucking owned women and even more then that I like humiliating their husbands, so old buddy here you go. Clean your wife’s cum off my dick.”

My mouth was open in compliance but Trent did all the work, he shoved his big white dick into my mouth. Then he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face like a porn slut. I was enjoying sucking this big white dick then I enjoyed getting a blow job myself. I could hear Shanice in the background saying, “Work that dick Virgil, show momma what a good cock sucker you are.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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