Virgin No More

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Normal is relative. A person who lives in the northern part of the contiguous United States will sweat in Florida while a native will be wearing long sleeves and feeling a chill. We think nothing of what we are used to and are taken aback when someone even hints that we might not be normal.

Nowhere is this more relevant than with sex. Our first time marks us, defines us, sets our version of sexual normal. And to get a hint that we might not be sexually “normal” hits us in that inner core where our younger version of ourselves still believes in monsters under the bed. Fight or flight kicks in.

And so, I find myself sitting here with a half pack of cigarettes, a stiff alcoholic drink, and a blank screen waiting to be filled while she is probably almost home. Abandoned by yet another lover when I pressed against boundaries I didn’t recognize in time. Again. And I wonder what my life would be like if my first time had been different. If I would be sitting here alone while yet another lover ran from me.

It may surprise some people to read that not all football players bang cheerleaders in their short skirts up against the field house door when the game is over. I know because I was on the football team and actually something of a local celebrity, even as a lineman. Oh, how different my life might be now if I had managed to pull one of those little skirts up and sink my cock into their waiting pussy.

No, the only relevance that football and cheerleaders has to my first time was that it was in front of cheerleaders and about a thousand fans, that I had my leg broken. I wish, how I wish, that my first time might have been with some cute candy striper or nurse while I was getting my leg set. But, no. No, I think my life would have been so much simpler if that had been the case. But it didn’t happen that way.

As it happened, about a month after my leg was broken, along with any hopes of continuing my football career, we went to visit my best friend in the middle of oil field hell.

My mom, being the coolest mom ever, drove me the four hours to spend the weekend with him about once a month. I didn’t know at the time that she was having an affair with his dad. Egocentric little bastard wasn’t I? I thought it was all for me. Hey, I hadn’t even gotten a finger wet, much less my weiner. Cut me some slack.

Or don’t. I think it was my utter cluelessness that caused things to fall out the way they did. Cory and I hopped in his car not long after I arrived and left to go spend the night with a friend of his. I say hopped because about eight pounds of my body weight was plaster cast at that time. The only way I was getting anywhere was on crutches, or hopping very carefully.

The reason we were spending the night with his friend instead of with his family during my visit was very simple. You just don’t bring beer into your friends ex-marine drill instructor turned preacher father’s house when you aren’t legal drinking age. Not if he was home. Or the marijuana Cory was going to smoke either. Yes, believe it or not, the beer and the alcohol was all for him. I didn’t partake of the former at the time, and have not, so far, partaken of the latter either. But, I liked hanging with him and wasn’t going to kill his buzz.

To my surprise, Jason’s little sister was home and hung out with us. I had no idea what to make of this since I had met her before, briefly, and she was the girlfriend of one of Cory’s other friends. That, and you just don’t pop open a can and roll a joint with your sister or your friend’s sister in the room. Do you?

But, they did. And she was toking and swigging right along with them. I was a little mellow myself from my pain pills and all the smoke in that room while we watched a movie. I don’t remember what movie it was but I do remember turning to say something funny when I saw Jason asleep and Cory and Sara getting into some heavy making out and petting on the bed behind him.

Jesus Christ! I could see their tongues dancing between their hungry mouths. His fingers were inside the leg of her shorts. Her’s were flexing in his lap.

I turned my head back to the television, unsure what to do or say. Bad enough that Cory was messing around with his friend’s girlfriend. Worse, they were doing it with her brother asleep just inches away. But, I was awake and could see them.

I tried to focus my attention on the movie, but the sounds from the bed kept drawing it away, though my gaze didn’t move again.

Finally, I could stand it no longer and got up to go to the bathroom.

“You what?” you might very well ask.

Yeah, I got the fuck out of there. I was chicken shit. I was a virgin. Remember? What would you have had me do? Whip out my cock and jack off right there?

Maybe I should have. Things would have gone very differently if I had. Things would be going very differently for me now, if I had then. But, no. I got up and went to the bathroom and jacked off until I came, which didn’t take very long the first time.

Sara was there when bayan escort I opened the bathroom door. I almost fell.

I froze with one hand on the door knob and the other on my crutches. She didn’t say a word. I have always thought that was strange. Not one single word touched her lips as she stepped forward and slipped her hands under my shirt and locked her mouth on mine.

Isn’t it crazy the things that run through your mind when you are getting your first real kiss. I mean, I had kissed girls, sure. I wasn’t a stranger to french kissing even. But not like Sara kissed me that night. I remember wondering what I had eaten that day. If she could smell it, or taste it. I remember thinking how strange it felt to be kissing someone so much shorter than me since not many girls only came up to my chin. And then my brain turned off for a few moments.

Her lips were so soft and sweet. Her hands rubbed my hairy chest under my shirt. I lost my balance and fell against the sink counter beside the door. She followed me. Her warm mouth seemed to suck the very air out my lungs as her tongue sought mine. My recent efforts for relief counted for nothing as the blood rushed back into my cock, sending it straining against my sweats that were all I could wear over my cast.

I don’t remember moving my hand, but I must have because suddenly the second breast I had ever held was filling my palm under her shirt.

Shit. Shit. Shit. This was so wrong. Jimmy wasn’t exactly my friend. More a friend of a friend. But, you just don’t fuck around with another guy’s girl. And she was already fucking around with Cory. While Jason was asleep just feet away.

Pulling back from that kiss was quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever done. Pushing her away from where she was hunching against my cast was probably the second hardest. The third was probably walking out of that bathroom and back into Jason’s bedroom while she just looked at me. If I had to put a name to the look in her eyes, I would say innocence. That sounds strange in this context. Believe me, I know just how strange it sounds. But there was a look there that can’t be described with any other words. She wasn’t lost or confused. But, she was watching me like she didn’t have a clue what I was doing but was just waiting to see what it was. As I turned and walked away.

Cory asked me if I was all right as I sank down in the chair just inside the bedroom door. I nodded and made a show of adjusting my leg with my hands. I was probably pale and sweating. I felt dizzy and a little nauseous from what had just happened. I had just french kissed and felt up a girl my best friend was fooling around with on her boyfriend while her brother slept right next to them. And, God help me, I wanted to go back and do it again, and more. However much more she would let me.

I almost freaked when she came back in the room. What I would have done if she had started kissing me again, I don’t know. But, she didn’t. Instead, she moved to the bed where Cory lay and straddled him and started kissing him again. I watched Cory’s hands slide over where the shorts were molded to her ass and slid up under the cropped shirt she wore.

What the fuck was going on? One minute, she is giving him a handjob. Then she’s tangling tongues with me. Then she is back on top of him letting him feel her up!

I stared as his hand caressed the tit I had held just moments ago. My cock throbbed as I remembered the feeling of her skin in my hand.

This was wrong, so very wrong. I turned my gaze back to the television, trying not to pay attention to the hot, sexy scene next to me. Jesus, she was dating another guy. Her brother was right there, asleep. And what about her parents? What if her fucking parents walked in? Jesus H. Christ!

I couldn’t take anymore when his hands began sliding inside the waistband of her shorts and bolted from the room once more. Back in the bathroom, I fisted my cock furiously once more. This time didn’t take any longer than the first as I thought what it would feel like to have that hot body straddling me.

I wiped the streamer of cum that had hit the seat instead of the water and flushed. At the sink, I looked into my eyes and tried to figure out what was happening. I walked back into the hallway. I hadn’t shut the door well when I fled this time. It was open just a crack. Just wide enough to see her head bobbing up and down over his crotch.

Holy fuck!

I couldn’t go back in there. I just couldn’t. I don’t know whether it was the pain pills getting to me, the two times I had jacked off, or the lust that was still raging through me, but somewhere I came up with the mixed up idea that I should lay down in her bed with the covers over my head so that if her parents should check, they would see a body.

I know it was a totally fucked up, stupid assed, lame brained idea now. I know that they would have just had to look in her brothers room to see her sucking on my best friend’s cock. I know they escort bayan would have just had to pull the covers back to see I wasn’t her. I know! I’m not an idiot. I wasn’t in my right mind at the time.

And I thought I had fucked up when my eyes flew open to a hand on my shoulder. I could just make out the clock on the nightstand. It had been a half hour. Oh I was so fucked. What was I going to say to her mom? Or worse, her dad when he came running to see what all of the yelling was about? I was so dead.

Except it was Sara, not her mom, when I rolled over. My mouth opened to try to explain what I was doing in her bed. But, no words would come. I probably looked pretty damned stupid laying there, in her bed, with my mouth open, trying to figure out how to say my being there was a good plan.

Sara’s face leaned over mine. Her mouth touched mine. Her lips parted and her questing tongue licked my lips. One slim leg swung over to straddle my hips and I was lost. I had no thought in my mind about Cory, Jason, Jimmy, or her parents. I just wanted to feel this beautiful girl above me. To taste her. To… to… I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, so I asked her.

“What do you want?” I whispered into her mouth.

“Whatever you both want,” She whispered back.

Both? Both? What the hell did she mean both? I glanced to the side and nearly yelled when I saw Cory standing there. He was leaning against the door jam. His cock was in his hand, making slow lazy strokes.

Sara lifted one hand to him. He stepped towards her. Her hand wrapped around his dick and pulled him closer. I had a close-up view as her beautiful mouth that had just been kissing me engulfed him. That was so incredibly hot, I almost came right there and then. Her hips pressed down on me, trapping my erection in an uncomfortable position. I grabbed her hips and lifted her off it.

Sara moaned around the my best friends cock and tried to press her full weight against me lifting her, tried to settle her crotch over mine.

“Get those sweats off of him,” I heard Cory’s voice say.

She let go of him with a pop as she pulled her mouth off. She shimmied down my body like a squirrel down a tree. Her fingers in my waist band were puzzling. Why was she doing that? And why was Cory stripping off his shorts?

“Dude,” Cory said from somewhere far away. “You gotta lift your hips so she can get them off you.”

Lift my hips. Right. Have to lift my hips so the nurse can help me change.

But the nurse never did that before.

My brain snapped back from neverneverland as something warm and wet followed the cool November night air as my cock was freed. I wasn’t still in the hospital. It was a month later. And this wasn’t a nurse helping me change, it was a friend of a friend’s sister.

If her tongue on my lips and tongue was exquisite, her tongue on my member was rapture. If it had been possible to die from pleasure, I would have. I felt something tight and looked down my body to see her nose resting in my pubic hair with the entire thing in her mouth. I was in her throat!

My first ever blowjob and a girl who only came up my chin, a girl who didn’t look like her small mouth and slender neck could handle a carrot was deep throating me.

Cory was pulling her off me and I raised a hand in objection. My prostests died on my lips as she lifted her arms to the ceiling so he could pull her shirt over her head. The moment it was off, she dropped back down and began licking my cock with that delicious tongue. I was mesmerized as she slathered first one side and then the other, her eyes staring into mine the whole time.

Suddenly her mouth engulfed me again and she slammed nose first into my pubic region. It almost hurt. She pulled her face back and slammed it down again.

“Oh, yeah, slut.” Cory hissed. “Fuck that cock with your face.”

I bristled at hearing her called a slut. I might have said something, but she did what he said and began quickly slamming her mouth up and down the length of my cock. The sight and feeling was erotic enough to keep me stirred up. The painful jarring as her teeth hit my pubic bone was enough to keep me from exploding.

Suddenly, she froze and mewled around me. I raised up on my elbows to see what Cory had just done, but could only see the top of his head over her now naked ass. The feeling of her tongue on my balls while my cock was still in her throat drove me flat on my back.

I wanted more! My hands were gripping at her hair and pulling her. The air felt so cold on my saliva coated cock. She tried to go back down, but I kept pulling her. I wanted her mouth on mine. I wanted to be able to explore her body with my hands. I wanted, and she gave willingly, once she figured out what I was after.

Her smooth skin was so soft beneath my calloused fingers. Her mouth was so warm sucking at my tongue. The smell of her hair as it curtained our view was intoxicating.

“Dude, either put your dick in her escort bayanlar or move it out of the way so I can.”

I felt Sara’s small hand wrap around me and then something else as she sank lower on my body letting me see Cory grinning at me over the top of her head.

“Oh, yeah. Take that cock in your little cunt bitch. Then I’m gonna put mine in your ass.”

Sara shuddered atop me. I barely had time to marvel that the warm tight feeling wrapped around me meant that I was no longer a virgin.

“Do it. Fuck my tight little ass while I milk his cock with my pussy.”

“Oh, yeah, you dirty little slut. You’ll like that won’t you. Feeling my hard cock in your little asshole while you fuck my friends cock with your cunt.”

“Jesus, Cory.” I glared at him. “Don’t call her a ‘slut’, dude.”

“But she is. Aren’t you, Sara? Tell Kevin what a little slut you are.”

“I’m a nasty little cock slut,” Sara murmered into my neck as she started kissing it. “I love cock. God, do I love beautiful hard dick! I’m a slutty little fuck slut and right now I want Cory’s fuck pole sliding in my nasty brown shithole while I try to milk your cum with my cunt.”

A part of me wanted to gag at her filthy language and lurid imagery. Another part of me was so turned on it didn’t matter. Maybe it was the dirty talk or maybe it was the soft, delicate tones she was saying it in as her breath caressed the skin of my throat on it’s way to my ears. Or maybe it was just the way she squeezed me with her tight pussy over and over as she said it. But, either way, if I hadn’t already jacked off, twice, it would have been over right there.

“I’ve dreamed of two cocks at once ever since I had my first,” Sara was almost whining now. “Tonight, I’m gonna have it. I’m gonna have my two for one. I need it. I want it. Do it. Do me, Cory. Do my ass. Shove it in meeeeeeeeeeee aiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Cory grunted with effort and I felt something pressing along the length of my shaft, sliding past me to catch up with me inside her and I realized he had done it. My best friend’s cock was inside the sphincter of this hot little minx shuddering above me while I was buried in her pussy.

She gasped for breath. I could feel her little body pressing into mine. My first time was a double penetration of a beautiful girl with my best friend. There was so much wrong with that concept. And yet, in some ways, it felt so right that he should be there too when I fucked a woman for the first time. And yet so wrong that he was fucking the same woman at the same time.

My brain twisted and wrenched as it grappled with what was happening. Then Cory began to pull back. Whether it was the feeling of his dick just the other side of the barrier seperating us pressing against me, or the shudder and whine she gave, it was too, too much.

My balls emptied their third load of cum that night deep inside her just as Sara atop me and Cory atop her began to move. My leg twinged as I tried to press my hips deeper into her, stopping my movements. I gasped in pain and grabbed at my leg.

“Are we hurting you, dude?” Cory asked. “Are we hurting your leg?”

Gritting my teeth, I shook my head. Hell, they could have gone after it with a ball ping hammer and I would have shaken my head. I had no idea if this was wrong or right, but I damn sure didn’t want it to stop.

I had no idea back then that it was unusual for a guy to manage to keep going through climax and stay erect. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t the one doing the work. Maybe it was because that warm, wet, tight little pussy kept squeezing and sliding and squeezing and sliding. Or maybe it was the feel of a cock on the other side of her pernium that was sliding along mine in counterpoint. Maybe it was the dirty things Sara kept whispering into my hairy chest between gasps, pants, and grunts. I have no idea why I didn’t go soft and have to rest only that I didn’t.

“I’m going to paint your guts with my cum,” Cory panted.

“Do it,” Sara panted. “Blast up inside me so hard it will take me a week to shit it all out.”

“I’m about to.”

“Do it.”

“Here it comes.”

“Do it!”

I was half mesmerized and half disgusted by their filthy exchange as I felt a twitch and spasm from the other side of that wall. Sara bit into the flesh of my chest as Cory grunted and thrust deeper into her than he had been so far. I winced and gritted my teeth against the pain as her teeth indented and almost broke the skin.

I could feel Cory’s heavy weight pressing her down into me. It felt like it should smash her between us. I was amazed her slight frame could take it. I was surprised she wasn’t complaining. Then she did complain, but not in the way I thought.

“Take your limp dick over there somewhere and rest.” Sara’s muffled voice said. “I’ve still got a hard one in my cunt and you’re killing my buzz.”

Cory just laughed and then his weight was gone. Sara sat up and began to grind herself on me while her finger dug through my chest hair.

“You feel so good.” She moaned. “Does my little cunt feel good wrapped around your throbbing cock?”

I could only nod as she began moving her hips around in a circle. Her nipples seemed to hypnotize me. My hands move to cup a breast in each. Her hands left my chest to press mine harder against her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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