Virginity Redux

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Dr. Tailor made quite a show when she announced that that our class would be held in the nude on National Nude Day! Well, I thought, ain’t that just too special. In most parts of the country this would be pretty much a joke, basic silliness; but not in California. And certainly not in the heart of Northern California where the last vestiges of the hippy culture remain firmly entrenched.

For those of us attending Mountain County Community College it meant that if the professor said, “Show up naked if you want credit for the course” you better show up naked, starkers, without clothing, your butt in the breeze, your pecker leading the way. What a way to make my day!

As I said it was a show; at 5’9″ and a comfortable 180 pounds, Dr. Sharon Tailor cut quite a figure as she instructed our class in Human Sexuality. As usual she was conducting the class dressed in heels and an astonishingly white lab coat, not a spot of dust or dirt anywhere. After reviewing the day’s lesson and showing us a short film on Chlamydia she moved to the front of the class and demanded our attention in her most important voice.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an important announcement today,” with that she whipped off her lab coat and stood there bare ass naked. Sporting a big smile and laughing a bit she grasped her substantial breasts in each hand, gave them a nice shake, tweaked her large red nipples and raised her arms up over her head saying, “Our next class will be on National Nude Day and as this is a class in Human Sexuality, we’re going to do it in the nude. Yes, each and every one of you who hope to pass this class will show up absolutely naked just as I am now! Any questions?”

To say that her 40 students were shocked would be an understatement; most of us just gaped and stared. Frankly, as I looked at her my first thought was, “I’d fuck her in a heartbeat.” It wasn’t that she was great looking, but she did get my attention with her nice tidy teacher face and her large frame, wide set hips, nice large, soft looking bottom and a dense nest of curly brown hair between her legs. She might as well have been wearing fuzzy panties because it was nearly impossible to make out any detail of her pussy. As for her tits, well I didn’t have that much experience, but they were big and imposing probably a solid size 40 D cup topped with large red areoles and nipples that looked to be hard as stone, pointing up, way up and off to the side as though as they didn’t really want to meet one another.

“Hah, you look shocked; but, hear this I want each of you to understand that the human body is a joy to behold in any form. Each of us is special and unique in our own way. So take a good look as I stand here before you, see me as I really am!”

With that she dropped her hands to her side and stepped up onto a high lab stool, saying, “Because I choose to maintain a natural bush it is difficult to see into my vaginal area, this may help.” Then she spread her legs as widely as possible and using her fingers, she spread her labia equally wide displaying her big, wet pink gash. “On Nude Day we will each show ourselves to the class and in this way, I hope, demystify much of the nonsense that surrounds our perceptions of each other.”

“Since you appear to be too shocked to ask questions, understand that you may come to class wearing a covering of your choice, but once here it comes off and you will experience the entire class completely nude.” She slipped her lab coat back on, walked over to the door and opened it for us as we left, each of us quiet and lost in our own thoughts.

I enrolled in the class because it had the reputation of being a very easy grade and some of the guys said it was a great place to pick up girls; and I thought might learn something, after all it ain’t like I was Mister Experience. The closest I’d ever been to an actual vagina was on my 18th birthday when I treated myself to a local prostitute.

About 8 miles from my home rumor had it that there was a prostitute who worked out of a little house near an industrial district. After the family settled down from our celebratory luncheon I told everyone I wanted go for a drive and think. The folks thought that was a great idea as I was a man now. In short order I was cruising the streets around the plants and then I saw it. Sure enough it was as described, a small pale grey house with a few small flower beds in the front yard; the porch light was shining brightly. My friends said if the light was on she was open for business.

I parked down the block and walked directly, albeit nervously to her house, checking often for anyone I might know, but nope, not a soul in sight at 3 pm in the afternoon, just a quiet street. To tell the truth I was scared to death, but determined to give up my virginity. I wiped my sweaty hands on my pants and rang the door bell. In just seconds a nice looking woman in her 30’s opened the door, smiled at me and said, “Please, come in.”

Based on her accent I determined that she was from Eastern Europe, perhaps şişli escort Russia. She was about 5’5″ maybe 140 pounds; dressed like every housewife I’d ever seen wearing a pale blue house dress and slippers. She had wavy brown hair, bright blue eyes, small hands, big tits and a shy gentle smile. She guided me into a small sitting room with a couple of chairs and a love seat; it reminded me of any number of my relatives living rooms, small but very neat and tidy, little lace dollies and an occasional ashtray. She asked me quietly, “Take seat, you look nervous, don’t be, everything will be good for you. Is this to be your first time?” “Mam …” I stuttered?

“You are nice looking young man, I am thinking this may be your first time for sex, is this yes?”

“Yes Mam,” I said, “I’m sorry I don’t know what to do.”

She laughed a small kind laugh and said, “Not to worry, all will be good for you. So tell me, what would you like for this time? Just a nice suck on your cock or perhaps just to fuck? Or maybe, you would like everything, suck, fuck and like that, hmm?”

“Yes Mam, it’s my birthday and I want everything, but first, ah, how much will that be?”

“For you, your first time, but for everything, I make special price of $ 100 dollars, is ok?”

I nodded my head and took out my wallet counting five twenty dollar bills and handing them to her. She smiled at me then stood up, gently caressed my head, took my hand and led me into her bedroom. It was a reflection of the living room, small, neat and tidy, furnished as almost any bedroom I’d ever seen would be furnished with pictures of flowers scattered about on the walls. It was very surreal to me, sort of like I was in my Aunt’s house about to do what I should not be doing.

She instructed me to take off all my clothing and place it on a nearby chair, which I did immediately; to say I was nervous would be silly, I was terrified. She went into the adjoining bathroom and returned with a small basin of hot water, a towel and a bar of soap. She placed these items on a small bedside table, sat down on the bed then beckoned me to come to her. I walked up to her and she reached around me and took my butt cheek firmly in hand and pulled me right up to her face. My cock was swollen but not fully erect, I expect that was because I was so nervous.

She looked up into my face, smiled and said, “Is ok baby boy, relax, spread legs please.”

I did my best assuming something of a horseshoe position, then she patted me on the butt and took my balls in her hands, examining them very carefully, rubbing and caressing them which resulted in the largest erection I’d ever had. It bobbed up and down with my heart beat, immediately in front of her mouth and nose. She continued to inspect my balls and then turned to my cock. Tracing the skin back and forth very slowly, folding my cock back against my stomach, looking it over as if she were searching for diamonds, and then she smiled again. Her hands were oddly cool, it was electrifying.

With that smile, she opened her mouth and sucked the very end of my cock into her mouth, licking away the accumulated pre-cum. I was in heaven, her hot mouth and soft gentle tongue felt exquisite, with one hand she caressed my balls and with the other she stroked my cock shaft firmly but gently. I don’t know how much time passed, probably only seconds, then a great burning ball formed in the pit of my stomach, my hands found her head and held it firmly as my hips bucked against her mouth. Still she held me tightly, cock shaft in one hand, her mouth sucking, tonguing and massaging my cockhead.

I heard someone groan deeply and then fiery bolts of cum flew out of my cock into her mouth, 2-3-4 blasts, it was the greatest moment in my life, my knees grew weak, I swayed back and forth, I’m not sure how I remained standing and still she suckled my cockhead increasing her suction power until I thought she would suck my cockhead off. Finally she let go of my cock shaft and swallowed my entire cock right down to the pubic bone, I could feel her smoking hot throat against my cockhead. She did this once, twice, three times and then let me slip from her mouth. She held my cock again and kissed my cock slit a sweet little kiss and I was in love, deeply and completely.

“You are such sweet boy. I swallow all of your cum, I do not do that, but today your birthday and your cum being so sweet, I swallow it all down just for you. So sweet boy, you like this cock sucking today … hmmm?”

“Oh yes Mam, it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me, it was wonderful, thank you so much!”

She rinsed a wash cloth in the warm water of the basis, soaped it up and carefully washed my still tingling dick. Wow, what a rush, to my amazement I instantly had another big time boner. It’s great to be 18 and madly in love with sex. As she dried me she directed me to sit down on the edge of the bed. As I sat down, she stood up and said, “You ever seen actual naked woman before?”

“No Mam, only pictures, not an actual person” I said.

She said, “Ok, you be ready now, I get naked.”

She quickly slipped off her light blue house dress, just like Mom’s or Aunt Grace’s, I thought to myself, what strange thoughts go through you head at times like those. Although she was wearing a bra there were no panties and I was immediately able to see her neatly shaved pussy and her big, wrinkly pussy lips. Her hips were wide but her ass cheeks were beautifully round and cupped, they looked perfect for holding and I wanted to reach out and touch them, but I decided against it. In just a second or so she dropped her bra and the biggest pair of tits I’d ever seen fell into sight.

Polish I thought, my dad always said that polish women had huge tits, if he was right this lady was polish, each breast was a double handful and her nipples were equally big, the deep dark red-brown nubs were as big as my thumbs setting in the middle of dollar sized areolas that were equally dark. As soon as they were set free I stood up and grasped each nipple in my hands and rubbed their hard, rubbery texture.

“Easy nice boy, I let you suck them soon, but no pinching, ok” I nodded yes, seemingly unable to speak. With that she lay down on the bed, propping her head and neck up on pillows. Then she instructed me to take a good look as she pulled her legs up toward her chest and reaching under her knees spreading them wide so that her pussy lips gaped open and her bright pink hole was clearly visible.

“Right there nice boy, get on bed and put your nice dick right there, you will love this fuck hole, so now get on bed and put it in … ok!”

I did as I was instructed, up onto the bed, trembling knees down, dripping cockhead placed into this large, gaping abyss and then she released her legs to place them high on my back and clamped down on me driving my cock all the way into her. It was like fucking a hot wet furnace, steaming hot, snug but not tight and alive! Outstanding!! “Fuck me sweet boy, in, out, in, out, fuck me!!”

“Oh good boy, you doing good, real good, yes …” And I did, once I got the rhythm, my eighteen year old energy pack took over, driving her ass into the mattress over and over. I like to think she really liked it as she grunted, moaned and drummed her heels into my back time and again, until that burning knot began in the pit of my stomach and began to explode downward though my balls and out of my dick blasting cum again and again into her soaking, sloppy wet pussy. I came so much that I could feel the cum sloshing out around my cock as I continued to fuck … what a birthday!

After a rest, she rolled me over placing herself on top of me and used her huge breasts and nipples to batter my face, holding my mouth to her nipple she instructed me to “suck, sweet boy, suck mamma’s tit’s.” Which I did for quite a while, finally she rolled off me, fondled my cummy, sticky cock and balls saying, “Happy birthday sweet boy, now go clean up.”

When I came out of the bathroom, it was clear she’d used the basin to clean herself and re-dressed in her nice blue house dress. My clothes were neatly laid out on the bed and she sat quietly in her chair watching me dress. Once I was dressed, she took my hand in hers and said, “You have good time, I can tell, me too. This was first time for you and you was good. Now boy, listen to me, you go home and find a nice girl, make sex with her. Don’t come back here no more, you are good boy, don’t come back.”

With that she kissed me gently on the cheek and sent me on my way. As I look back on that day, I realize that her advice was the gift, all the rest was just icing on the cake.

That was the last time I’d been with an actual naked woman. Oh, I had a few dates that summer, but either I was just no good at asking or they weren’t interested in me, probably a little bit of both. So, here I found myself in Mountain County Community College having completed my freshman year and going to Summer Session taking Dr. Tailor’s Human Sexuality class and a nasty Advanced Algebra class and working 20-30 hours a week. The only sex I was having was masturbating to internet porn, but there was hope. The girl who sat next to me was Sandy Baker, a nursing student and a pretty nice girl. Sandy was absent today and I’d agreed to take notes for her, boy were these notes going to be fun.

Sandy was what you would call a nice girl. Not particularly attractive and on the fat side, like many young girls can be. She was 5’4″ with lots of curly red hair, thick glasses, blue eyes, milky white skin and big tits; I guessed they were at least 8 to 10 inches around and they jutted out equally far. But because she was on the chubby side, she was getting very little attention from the guys in class. Actually, I’d come to really like Sandy, not only was she nice but she had a great sense of humor and could talk a blue streak thus eliminating the need for me to talk which made my life easier.

After class I went to work, finishing up about 7:00 in the evening, got myself back to the dorm, took a quick shower and spent a few minutes shoving my roommates crap out of the middle of the floor. As I stood there naked, fondling my cock and balls I decided it would be a nice time to jack-off. I pulled out one of his MILF magazines from under his mattress, leaned back on my bed and focused on this 50 year old with fake tits and an enormous pussy. Her gash looked like the Grand Canyon, shiny and pink. I loved how it gaped open showing her big hole, I get really stimulated when looking at a gaping pussy hole, guess I’m a perv; but, very soon the burn began as I stroked my cock and rubbed my balls. After 4 nice squirting ropes of cum and several drizzles, I wiped up the mess with an old t-shirt, it will smell really good later, I do love the smell of cum. Yep, I am a perv!

Then I called Sandy and gave her the entire Dr. Tailor speech and no, she did not believe me. “Check me out with your friends,” I said irritably and hung-up. 20 minutes later my phone rung and a contrite Sandy Baker asked me if I would drop off her copy of the class notes and I agreed.

I lived in the old, cheap, crappy dorm where everybody has roommates; Sandy lived in Boone Hall, the shiny new, expensive, very nice dorm were everybody had their own, private room. So some 15 minutes later I found myself knocking on her door. As she invited me in she began apologizing profusely, like I said she can talk a blue streak, I could not get a word in edge wise for 10 minutes or so it felt. Then she took a breath and I said, “STOP! It’s ok, I probably would not have believed you either, really it’s ok!”

Sandy’s room was very nice about 12 feet deep and 10 feet wide with a small private bath, full size bed and all the proper furnishings including a study desk with overhead bookcase, even a large television directly opposite an overstuffed love seat; as I said it was very nice. As I went over the notes she turned to me and said, “Do you have plans for the rest of the evening?”

“No” I replied, “just going to head back to my room and study, what do you have in mind?”

“Well, I just got this fancy coffee machine and I’d like to try it out and maybe watch a movie, would you be interested?” Bless her heart, she must have been as lonely as I was and frankly it sounded like a great idea, so I said, “Absolutely, count me in.”

I watched as she bustled around the room bare footed in her oversized t-shirt and gym shorts. Maybe fat, but still kinda’ cute I thought, hmmm, well not too fat. She apologized for the overhead lights and then tossed a dark multi-colored scarf over her study lamp and turned off the lights. The effect was very pleasant, soft light but still enough to see easily; then into the bathroom she went where she told me the coffee machine was kept — access to water, I guess — I was given a host of coffee choices and settled for a chocolate cinnamon coffee.

As the coffee was making, she handed me the remote control and asked me to select a movie from the cable choices, I selected a beach movie, something about surf, bikinis and sex or so I guessed. As the movie started she returned with our coffees and we settled down into the loveseat. After a short while, I worked up the courage to put my arm around her. She smiled and snuggled up to me like an old friend. A few minutes later my arm started going to sleep so I shifted a bit and inadvertently put my hand on her breast. Then came a nice surprise, she snuggled closer to me and very slowly lifted her hand pulled the neck of her oversized t-shirt open giving me access to her big tits. I may not have been very brave about such things, but I could follow her direction, so I slipped my hand inside and around a nice soft, pillowy breast. I later learned they were 42 D cups.

Her breast felt great, soft and warm, I discovered the nipple on her left breast, which felt as hard as a marble; so I rubbed it and gave it a gentle pinch. Bless her heart, she moaned, pressed into me and put her left hand in my lap, softly rubbing the tent in my pants. After a few minutes I kissed her forehead and she pulled the leg of my shorts up discovering that I was not wearing underwear. She gently put her fingers on top of my cock and began softly rubbing from the base to my cockhead, dipping a finger into the pre-cum and rubbing it over my cockhead.

“Oh, she whispered softly, you penis is so hard. Is it Ok if I feel it, do you mind?”

“Please do, I stammered, that feels really good, I like it.”

“I like you touching me too, she whispered, please don’t stop.”

“Don’t worry, I said, it feels great, you have really nice tits, I just wish I could see them.”

“Well, if you want, I’ll take off my shirt, ok?”

“Please, I really want to see you,” I said.

With some difficulty I let go of her breast and she pulled it off over her head, bringing her big, white breasts into view. They were spectacular, like large white pillows with bright pink areolas and tiny little pink nipples, really spectacular. She saw the look of wonder in my eyes and asked if I would like to move over to the bed for more room … I did and we did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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