Visit at the Trailer Park

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This is a true story that happened in a small Mid-West town. I was in a VA hospital. I met my girlfriend after being released from surgery but knew I would be re-admitted at a later date.

My name is Rob and I met Deb one night when I was bar-hopping. We hit it off right away and did some serious dating for two months before I had to go back for more surgery.

Our sex life was relegated to the back seat of her father’s car and we were never able to share a bed.

A week after my surgery, I was pleasantly surprised, when Deb showed up and convinced my doctors to release me to her care for the wk-end. Neither of us had money and I wondered where she expected us to stay.

Deb said, “I called Barb and she said we could stay with Steve and her as long as we didn’t mind being with an old married couple.”

Barb and Steve both graduated HS two ago and immediately got married. Deb and Barb both went to the same Catholic HS and knew each other since they were in the 4th grade. Steve graduated the same year, only from the public HS, and was a Sophomore when I was a Senior. I vaguely remembered him.

Deb and I stopped to pick up some wine and groceries and arrived at the Lazy J trailer park. Deb drove to unit 23 and we pulled up to a single-wide trailer.

Barb was outside waiting for us and yelled, “Hey, welcome to my palace.” It was summer, hot and she had on some cut-off jeans and a t-shirt. I noticed her long brunette hair, gorgeous long legs, and small tits.

Deb yelled back, “Barb, we can’t thank you enough for letting us stay for the week-end. This is my boyfriend, Rob.”

I was out of the car and dramatically held Barb’s hand as I kissed it and said, “Barb, thanks for saving me from another boring week-end at the VA!!”

She giggled and said, “this may be just as boring. Steve and I have little money since we are both going to college and only working part-time.”

I told Barb, “as long as we have a little wine, a little food, and some great conversation, it will be a plus for me.”

Steve was working and would be home shortly. To supplement their income he sold fine China to anyone, and especially those with wedding plans. He even sold a set to Deb, although she had no plans on getting married in the near future.

We carried our overnight bags, the groceries, and wine in as Barb gave us a 10 second tour of the place.

She said, “sorry, we only have one BR but I told Deb that you two love-birds could use our pull-out couch. Just don’t wear it out.”

Deb blushed a bright red as I looked into Barb’s amused eyes.

I said, “Barb, if we break it, well you know?”

As we pour our first goblets of wine, Steve come into the trailer. “Aha, I see our cohabitating friends have arrived from afar.” He looked leeringly at Deb as he spoke and she blushed again.

“Steve, this is Rob. He was two years ahead of us in school. Do you remember him?”

Steve said, “how could I forget. The starting point guard on our winning basketball team. Hi, Rob. Do you remember me?”

I said, “weren’t you on the Sophomore football team?”

Steve was surprised that I would remember that and said, “Yeah. That was my last year. Those guys were getting too big.”

Dinner was forgotten as the wine poured freely. Rob noticed that Steve could not take his eyes off of Deb. Whereas Barb had a dark tan and small boobs, Deb was porcelain white, a true blonde, and had 35C tits. She was wearing tight white shorts and a tight navy top that showed plenty of cleavage.

As the night wore on, talk istanbul escort stayed light, there was much laughter, until Barb told Deb just how tough married life was when you are young and broke all the time. She couldn’t wait for Steve to finish his degree and start law school. This gave me a hint on why this “trophy wife” married Steve in the first place. He was plain, a little heavy, and did not have an overwhelming personality. I could only surmise that Barb was hanging on to become a lawyers wife.

Steve was taking a heavy load and had to get up for some early Saturday morning classes.

I said, “better you than me, Steve. I am a man of leisure right now.”

“Yeah, Yeah, C’mon Barb. Let’s leave these two love-birds alone. Hey, Deb. Keep the moaning down as I need my sleep.” He leered at Deb as and she blushed again.

Barb laid out the sheets and a thin blanket and apologized because the AC was not working.

Deb had drank enough that her inhibitions were down and we both stripped naked and got under the sheets. It was great to stretch out, feel Debs body against mine, and get used to each other. As we kissed and felt each other, things began heating up and I kicked the sheets back.

Deb protested, “what if they come out here. I don’t want them to see me bare assed naked!!”

I told Deb, “they are down for the night. The bathroom is back by them. They won’t be coming this way.”

She relaxed, I laid her back and licked up her thigh. She stiffened, tried to pull me up, but I was determined to taste that cute downy pussy of hers. I could tell she had never been eaten as she was very tense. I came up, we tongued kissed for awhile as I rubbed her pussy and she moaned.

“OMG, do you think they heard that?”

“Maybe, who cares?” Deb did and kept a pillow close by to muffle any other sounds. I told her I was going to eat the pretty pussy and she spread her legs as I moved down.

I said, “the next time I eat this, I want it shaved.” She shuddered and meekly said, “OK”

Deb had three orgasms as I worked my tongue along her pussy and bit her clit. Her moaning intensified and I don’t think she knew how loud she was. I moved up and kissed her. She drew back, leery of kissing me after my tongue was in her cunt. I forced my tongue in and she moaned as she tasted her cunt for the first time. I was finger fucking her and her pussy was soaked. I lifted up and brought my cock to her lips.

“Please Rob. I don’t do that. Can’t we just make love?” I didn’t force the issue but told her if we were staying together, she would be sucking my cock.

She avoided that comment and said, “Please make love to me.”

“Do you mean, let’s fuck? Sure we can fuck as soon as you get my cock wet with your tongue.” This is the first time I talked like that to her and she looked at me funny, but opened her mouth. I had to tell her what to do. She was scraping my cock with her teeth. After some quiet instructions, she was able to take 3-4″ but started to gag. I held her head, forcing another inch and then told her she did a good job. She beamed at me as I pulled her close. I lifted her legs and put them over my ass.

Our sexual activity prior to this consisted of mutual masturbation, finger fucking, and me spending a lot of attention on her sensitive nipples. She told me she had only been with one other person, her Senior year, and his cock was not as big as mine and skinnier. I am not huge, a little over 8″ but pretty thick.

Deb said, “Rob, go easy. Please don’t hurt me.” I found her istanbul escort bayan opening and pushed. It took awhile to take the cockhead as I have been told it is huge. Deb was crying, “Rob, no, no, it’s too big. Take it out.” I pushed the head thru, she went, “Oh oh.” She was trying to pull away when I rammed 3″ into her. “OMG, Rob!! Oh Jesus, it hurts. OH”

I stopped pushing and asked, “Deb are you OK”

She moaned and said, “I don’t know. Can you wait? Don’t put anymore in. Let me get used to you.” We lay like that for a few minutes and her hips began moving. “Ok, some more, but go slow.”

I pulled the 3″ out slowly and then went back and forth for a few minutes, just giving her the 3″ Deb moaned as I re-entered her each time. I could feel her opening up. I readjusted, put her legs over my shoulders, and slid 6″ of cock into her. “OMG, Rob!! Oh, Jesus, it feels like a baseball bat. Take it out. Please take it out.”

She was crying and I said, “deb, do you want to be with me or not?” She shook her head and I said, “then you are going to take all of me, not just some of me. OK?” She moaned, and I rammed the last two inches in. I could hear her air intake and then it was as if she quit breathing. She began hyperventilating, moaning, as I began slowly fucking her.

“Aaaaah, oh, oh, it hurts. Oh, oh, Rob!! Oh, my pussy is so stretched, she hissed. Oh Rob, I can’t take it all. My pussy is burning. Please stop. I’m sorry.”

I laughed and said, “Deb, there is no more. You got it all!!”

She exhaled, “really? really? I did it. OMG, Oh Jesus. I’m so fucking full. Please don’t move.”

I held her legs up, didn’t move and we stayed like that for a long time. She began moving her hips, rotating them, as I began a slow fuck. I withdrew slowly, then slowly fed her all 8″. Deb was moaning so loud that I knew Steve and Barb could hear all we were doing. “Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, Oh Jesus, I love your big fucking cock, oh fuck it feels so good. I never knew it would feel like this. Give me your big cock. Oh don’t ever stop!!”

I began long stoking her and slamming all 8″ into her tight cunt. Deb got louder and louder. It was so hot, she was so hot, that sweat was dripping off me and onto her. We were rutting like animals, our first time together and her cunt was so tight, gripping my cock, not wanting to yield.

“Deb, Deb, I can’t hold on much longer.” She was making this wild, wounded, keening noise, and never heard me. I was bare-back and we didn’t discuss birth control. “Deb where do you want it? Do you want it in your pussy? Your mouth?” Where, where? She was moaning, her eyes were rolling. I began to withdraw and then thought to hell with it. I rammed deep into her convulsing cunt. She screamed as she felt my hot cum shoot deep within her. It had been a long time and I shot once, twice, six times, into her and she moaned as she felt the scalding cum hit her womb.

I fell on top of her as she writhed and kept moaning over and over. It felt like someone had pour water over us. The sheets were soaked, we were soaked. I rolled off her and passed out.

I woke up when I heard a sound in the next room. I looked over at Deb. She was on her back with her right leg bent up. She was spread-eagle. Her blonde hair had dried, was fanned out, and she looked like an angel. Her pussy hair was still matted and I could see some cum still glistening inside her gaping pussy lips. Her right arm was lying across her eyes as if to shield the morning sun. I heard the noise again and laid back, escort istanbul my cock now semi-hard, and draping over my left thigh.

I closed my eyes just enough to look asleep but still see shadows. I saw a shadow to the front of me and opened my left eye just enough to see Steve to the left of the pull-out. He was bending down eyeing Deb. I opened my left eye and watched as he touched Deb’s gaping cunt. He had a glob of my cum on his finger and put it to her lips. When the cum was on her lower lip, Deb moaned and involuntarily stuck out her tongue. The gob disappeared into her mouth. Steve looked toward me and I smiled. I watched as he went to the cupboard and retrieved a Kodak camera. He made a motion as to ask if it was OK to take a picture of her. I just shrugged. I didn’t care.

After taking four or five pictures, Steve got very daring. He was only dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and he dropped his shorts.

He had one of the smallest cocks I had ever seen. His uncircumcised cock was hard, very skinny, and was maybe 4″ long, He went toward Deb and put his cock to her mouth. I knew if she woke up she would scream and all hell would break loose. My cock was rock hard and I reached over and nudged Deb onto her side. I reached around and played with her pussy. She was giving that satisfied moan we all have after a good fuck the night before. I lifted her right leg and put my cock to her hole. As she moaned, Steve put his tiny cock in her mouth. That is when I long stroked and gave her all 8+ inches of my cock. Her moaning became louder as her lips clamped on Steve’s cock. I could see her open one eye and then she began to struggle. Steve held her head as I calmly said, “it’s OK, Deb. Relax. Go with it. Do Steve this favor.”

Deb spit his cock out and said, “no, I can’t do this. He’s Barb’s husband.”

“I know babe, but if you make too much noise, Barb is going to come and see us.” I was steadily fucking her and she was moaning uncontrollably. As she began to shake and moan, Steve grabbed her head and put his cock back in her mouth.

Deb took his cock out and said, “Steve, you better never tell Barb. Don’t cum in my mouth either.”

Steve nodded, put his cock in her mouth and she reluctantly began sucking. She was moaning from the pounding my cock was giving her. At some point, her legs began trembling and she had her first orgasm. I lifted her leg higher and could see her mouth working Steve’s cock. He was definitely getting the benefit as I slammed into her over and over. Barb could probably hear the smacking of my hips against Deb’s ass as I fucked harder. I was holding off when I saw Steve grab Deb’s head. His ass tensed and I saw him shooting into her mouth. Deb was in the middle of another orgasm as Steve held tight on her head. She had no choice but to swallow and Steve must have saved up as I saw her throat as she swallowed five times before Steve pulled out. Deb had sucked his cock dry and it hung there, limp, two inches long. Steve leaned down and sucked on her tit, rubbed her pussy, as Dee quit moving and just went limp. I laid there, my cock still deep in her cunt.

Deb cried, “God dammit Steve. You told me you wouldn’t do that. You promised you wouldn’t cum in my mouth.” As I pulled my cock out, she turned toward me, sobbing as she nestled her head in my chest. She was crying as I motioned for Steve to get going. He had a big smile on his face as he pulled his shorts up.

Deb was inconsolable as I stroked her hair. I put her on her back and rubbed her head, trying to calm her. I talked softly to her, playing with her tits, rubbing her pussy. I looked down. She was asleep. Her orgasms had worn her out.

I lay back, was just about asleep when I heard another noise. I closed my eyes, my cock was rock hard because I didn’t cum when fucking Deb.

I heard a gasp!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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