Visiting A Friend At Work

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It was a warm spring day, and I was driving around finishing up errands, when I realized I was in the neighborhood of a longtime friend. There had always been some built up sexual tension between us longing to have that one experience that would put us over the top. I figured since I was in the area, I would drop by for a little visit just to say hello.

I dropped by the front desk to ask for her, for it had been a long time since I had seen her in person. The receptionist made the page, and soon enough she came through the side door. She looked amazing with a smile to melt any mans heart, and make it race with sexual deviance. She was in great shape as always, and wearing a pretty sexy outfit by work standards. Her blondish hair flowing as her head turned to the side with a smile. “What a surprise it is seeing you here.” We continued to chat while heading back to her office. We sat down in the office, and the small talk quieted as we began to reminisce about old times.

We use to chat on the phone on a regular basis, and one day I had heard a moan come from the other end of the line. Not a moved out of a bad position type of moan. More of a feeling good type of moan. It may have stemmed from the sexual conversation, which we were having. The most we have ever done was make out after a party when we first met. What a kisser! Very passionate and very exciting. The type that makes a cock rock-hard in a matter of seconds. I had asked her why she was moaning, and when I got an evasive answer, I asked something I have never ask someone before. I asked her where her hand was, and she said under the pillow. Not the answer I was expecting. Then I asked again. “Where is your other hand?” She said. “Where do you think it should be?” I swallowed hard, and told her that I think it should be in your panties.” Needless to say that lead to my first phone sex experience. I’ll save that story for another day.

As we talked about her first, and I believe only, lesbian experience, I began to notice her squirm in her chair. She was a very sexy blonde with a great figure. She had taken dance most of her life, Bostancı Escort and was in great shape. She was wearing a dark button down blouse with long sleeves and slacks to accent her muscular legs. I asked her to stand up for I knew she was in a sensual mood. “Did you like those photos I had sent you via email of my cock,” I asked? She stood up, and said yes and that they had turned her on just at the site of seeing my cock for the first time. I asked her if she would like to see my cock in person? My cock had become stout, once I had noticed her squirming in her chair. She said she would love to see my cock up close. I was wearing blue jeans, and a casual collared shirt. I said, “You are a bad girl,” and proceeded to unbuckle my pants and zip down my fly. I slowly reached into my pants, and pull my cock out from the binding of my boxers. She gasped at the site of it, and I could tell she didn’t believe I would actually do such a thing. Especially in her work place.

I began to massage my cock in front of her, as she began to unconsciously rub her breasts and nipples through her blouse. I said, “You have very firm nipples” as she realized what she was doing. She innocently whispered, “thank you.” I said, “I could use more stimulation if you know what I mean?” She just smiled, and slowly began to unbutton her blouse down to her waistline. She opened her shirt up, revealing a black lacey bra, as her nipples pushed their way through the fabric. She slowly slid her right hand into the cup of her bra as she searched for her hard nipples. She stood there squeezing her nipples, as her left hand rubbed the outside of her other breast. All the while, I was stroking my cock for her to see, and the possibility of someone walking in to view such a scene.

I said, “I don’t think rubbing your breasts is going to do the job!” Not to be outdone, she reached for the zipper of her pants, and slowly began to open up the front of her pants revealing her matching black lacey panties. Mmmm, my cock was beginning to hurt with swollen passion. She turned around, slowly pulled her pants Bostancı Escort Bayan down, as they slipped from her muscular ass, revealing her black thong panties. She was bending over so far that the back of the shirt lifted up, so I could see the mound, which the panties were covering her pussy lips. She had been moist, as I could see plainly though her panties. She stood up and released the blouse from over her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She subsequently let the loose straps of her bra drop to the sides of her arms.

She then turned, and then let her bra drop to the floor. She then invitingly asked if, “sitting there all you can do?” Somehow I realized, I had lost control of the situation. I walked up to her with my cock jetting out of my jeans. I went up, and penetrated her mouth with my tongue, kissing her like I had never done before. Just when I realize she was pulling at my cock, I knew I had the go-ahead to fuck the shit out of her. As she pulled on my cock, I began to suck on her ripe nipples. She had very sensitive nipples, and swollen in ecstasy. I grab the bare ass around her thong panties, and began to squeeze her ass all-the-while sucking on her breasts.

In an instant, she pulled me back up and announced “I want your cock in my mouth!” She dropped down, and jerked my pants down to the ground. She quickly dispensed of my boxers, which were at the time caught under my cock and balls. She quickly began to suck on my cock, and looked up deeply in my eyes, as if to wish me a thank you. As she sucked intensely on my shaft, and played with my balls, all I could do was play with her hair, and moan at my pleasures. After several minutes of this, I had to return the favor and taste her sweet pussy lips on my tongue.

I quickly stood her up, while pulling her wet lips off my slippery cock. I turned her around, and bent her over at an angle, onto her desk. With her hands one the desk, this allowed me to drop down to my knees, and present my tongue to her wet dripping pussy. I pull the black thong panties; she was still wearing, to the Escort Bostancı side around on her ass, thus revealing one of the prettiest pussies I had ever seen. As soon, as the panties were pulled to the side, I could see another drip of juice beginning to drop from her lips. I quickly brushed in to suck up the offering onto my lips. I began to suck on her lips, as they gently hung from her crotch. The moment my tongue had hit her clit, her body slightly jetted up, and forward, as if someone had put a sliver of ice on it.

I continued to suck her pussy with all, which my tongue could take in. She moaned almost too loud, so as to make me wonder if anyone was going to walk in through the door. I then stood up, and pulled my cock in tight to her pussy. I ripped off the thin black thong from her waist, and threw it to the side. I didn’t want her to forget about it, so I figure her lack of panties later in the day would serve as a pleasurable reminder of the current event. I gently toyed the head of my cock against her pussy to the point of separating the lips with the mushroom shaped head. She moaned, as she wanted it all the way inside of her wet dripping pussy, which had already begun to run down the shaft of my cock.

I slowly force my cock in between her lips, as her pussy began to suck around my shaft. I slowly increased my pace, as the thrusts became harder and faster. Every time her pussy created a sucking feeling around my cock. I reached around, and began to squeeze her nipples from which she was already doing. She whisper in between breaths, “Fuck that pussy!” I continued to do such, for I was commanded to do so. I fucked her so hard, she could hardly keep her breath. After a few moments, she announced loudly, she was going to cum, so I fucked her as hard as I could. My pelvis slammed against her pussy, creating a slapping and sucking noise.

She screamed, “Oh God, I’m going to cum!” I felt the inside of her pussy begin to swell, and pulsate around my cock. I knew she was cumming, and I quickly pulled out of her pussy, and told her I was going to cum on her face. She obliged, and I shot my creamy load all over her face, as she reached up, and pushed a load from her chin into her mouth, so as not to miss any. She slowly sucked the rest off my cock, and looked up and smiled at me, with her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. She laughed and said, “ummm, you have to cum by more often!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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