Waiting for Dad Ch. 02

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My mother, whose name is Becky, walking into my bedroom this morning.

“Danny, we can’t continue like this,” she told me.

My mouth nearly dropped. A few weeks ago on a weekend vacation I fucked my mom for the first time. We had been waiting for my dad to show up from a business trip when things got out of hand. I managed to make love to Becky for two days. Now she was telling me it had to end and I was crushed.

“You know your dad and I haven’t been getting along very well,” she told me. “I plan on divorcing your father.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My mom said that my dad would eventually figure out what was going on. She said she had to have me in her bed and this was the best way to resolve the situation. I can report she hit my dad with the bad news yesterday. He didn’t take it well, I can tell you. He got angry at first, then he pleaded with my mom to please stay. She told him no, and that soon as the divorce papers were final she was moving out.

My dad was crushed and he came to me and asked me who I wanted to live with.

“Mom,” I told him.

I think he knew the answer ahead of time, but he had to ask anyway. I told him that he was always on the road, so it seemed better this way. Later, my mom told me that dad was a rich man and we would have plenty of money to live on if I came to live with her. It wasn’t a hard decision to make.

My mom and I just moved into our new condo. Everything was in place and it was our Lefkoşa Escort first night together. Becky stripped down and was standing directly in front of me. My mom had big pendulum breasts that rested on her chest. Her pussy hairs were all shaved down and she looked extremely hot. I pulled off my clothes and I had her get on all fours. Becky positioned her ass so it was up in the air. I could stand behind her and see her wet crevice just waiting to be taken.

I got in behind her and took hold of my erection. I positioned my cock head at her opening. Mom looked back at me and I knew she needed this bad.

Please fuck me hard tonight, Danny”

I slipped the head of my cock in between and then shoved it inside her. Mom let out a squeal then I began to pound her cunt. This is the way my mom usually liked it from me, hard and deep. I placed my hands on her hips and then drove my shaft in all the way. I hammered her wet pussy until she started to cry out and then she began to squirt all over me. Becky normally never squirted but I could tell she was all keyed up tonight. I never stopped pushing my cock into her wet quim. I kept feeding her for the longest time.

I eventually pulled out and then Becky flipped onto her back. I got up on top of her chest. Mom then pressed her tits together and I slid my thick cock in between her breasts. I would push my dick right up nearly to her mouth. Mom pretended like she was going to suck Girne Escort my cock this way. When the friction became to much I pulled away and then moved even closer. My cock head was now resting right at her open lips. I slipped into my mom’s mouth then.

I thought she would go nuts. She held onto my ass cheeks and then sucked me all the way down her throat. I know there were times when I was choking her, but I couldn’t stop myself. I had my cock buried deep down her throat when I blew my first load. Becky’s eyes got big, but she drank down every drop of my manseed. When I was finally finished I pulled out. Mom gave me this hungry look.

“I want your baby seed in my belly, Danny,” she said.

Mom had told me she didn’t have to worry when my dad had fucked her. He had himself fixed long ago, so there was no worry of pregnancy these last few years. When I made love to Becky these past months I hadn’t used a rubber. I know it was stupid on both our parts, but I just loved feeling my mom’s pussy muscles wrapped tight around my cock.

“You want me to impregnate you?” I asked my mom.

She just nodded yes to me. How crazy was this becoming, I wondered? I was just eighteen and my mom wanted to make a baby with me. Who was I to argue with her. I lifted up her legs by her ankles.

God, yes!” My mother blurted out.

I fitted the head of my cock once more and I entered her damp pussy. I rammed her as hard as I could now. Magosa Escort My shaft was plowing between her fleshy folds as she tightened her pussy muscles around me. I stretched my legs out as far as I could. Then I entered her with the deepest strokes I could generate. It got loud in bed that night. There was lots of grunting and groaning as I made Becky my lover for good. There was no turning back now. I was going to do everything possible to make sure my mom had my baby.

That first night in our condo ended in an all night fuckfest. I took Becky every way possible. We managed to fuck each other right until the morning hours. Then we slept through most of the following day. Each day following was more of the same. After my mom can home from where she was working we almost always headed for the bedroom. I soon was fucking Becky in her asshole. She told me she had done this only a couple of times with my dad, because it had always hurt her.

Now my mom wanted me to sample all of her. Her ass was going to be mine now. I went slow the first time. Becky was on her back watching as I entered her bottom. She did scream that it was hurting her, but I never stopped to pull out. I soon had the entire length of my cock inside her. I fed her for a long time that evening. I think I managed to stretch her ass muscles to the point where she can now take me easily.

Once we were living together we sort of acted as man and wife. Becky looked young enough to pass as my lover or husband. I would call her by her first name in public and she never referred to me as her son. Becky now says it is only a matter time until I have seeded her with a baby. To be honest, I want it to happen and I want to see Becky with a swollen belly with our lovechild inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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