Walk on the Beach

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I was going on a date.

It was nerve-wracking, being part of the age-old courting ritual, but it had to be done. It didn’t help that the guy I was supposed to be going with was hot, but in a way it did. I was attracted to him. Who wouldn’t be? He was tall, svelte, and full of this sexy charisma, barely contained in his chocolate eyes beneath his hooded lids.

I wanted him, and he wanted me, and I knew this date would be anything but chaste.

We decided to go to the beach for our first outing. It would be public, something that would keep us from jumping each other’s bones as soon as we saw each other.



Just thinking about him made me hot. I squirmed a little in my seat, shifting my skirt around. I was wearing a backless top that plunged low in the front, baring the inner curves of my breasts like a promise. The skirt was long, but thin. It wasn’t see-through, so I wasn’t wearing underwear. I figured since I couldn’t wear a bra, why wear panties? It sort of evened out the whole clothing-equation in my mind.

As I pulled into the beach parking lot, I could feel that I was already a little wet in anticipation of my date in which I was supposed to not have sex. I squirmed some more, feeling my nether lips rub against one another. I was bare. I liked it that way, and I paid a clinic a whole lot of money for the many procedures that made sure I stayed that way for the rest of my life. I’d gotten my genitals, legs, and armpits done. No more shaving for me again, ever.

He was waiting for me, took me by the hand with a smile when I stepped from the car, and led me to the waters edge. The beach was pretty much empty, and we gave up any pretense of manners and propriety, touching, kissing, groping.

We spread our beach blanket in the shade of a house-porch, in a deep swale that was hidden from prying eyes. Our talk wandered across many subjects, until he gave up on conversation and leaned forward, pulling my breast out of my top, and started sucking on my nipple.

His mouth was so warm and wet. He flicked his tongue over the tip of my breast over and over. I arched my back, pushing my chest closer to him, moaning. I hadn’t meant to make noise; the sensations just kind of pulled it from me.

He laughed, rolling the nipple between his fingers, and I twitched in response.

I gerçek porno retaliated by kissing him. My mouth trailed over his jaw, his ear, down his throat, to his chest. I placed my mouth over his flat nipple and sucked, hard. He came up off the blanket with a gasp. I pinched the other nipple with my free hand as I flicked the one in my mouth rapidly with the tip of my tongue. His hips jerked. I could see his cock, tenting his swimming trunks.

I wanted to touch him.

I pulled myself off his chest and he slumped to the sand, breathing hard. It was my turn to laugh. I kissed my way down the flatly muscled planes of his stomach. When I got to his trunks, I darted my tongue into the waistband once, twice, listening to his moan when my errant tongue caught a bare taste of him.

His shorts gave up to my hands and released him. He was thick and long and uncut. I’d never seen an uncircumcised guy before. It was interesting how the extra skin rolled back to show the glistening head, precum pooling in the folds.

I bent over him slowly, making sure he was watching what I was doing, and I tasted him. He was salty from the seawater and his own fluids, but I’d always loved salty foods. Underneath the obvious tastes was the musky flavor of him, his skin.

I liked it.

To show him how much I liked it, I started sucking his dick. I took the first handful of him easily, sliding him in and out while working up more spit. I worked the spit further down his shaft with my hand, lubing up his cock so that I could start to take more and more of him in my mouth. I hit the back of my throat and just kept going. I didn’t have a gag reflex to think about, so it wasn’t that hard to deep throat a guy.

He was groaning and breathing fast, sucking air in through his teeth the deeper I took him. I picked up the pace, gently massaging and squeezing his balls, teasing the very tip of him with my tongue. I swirled my tongue all about him once, watching him shudder like a flyblown horse in pleasure through my eyelashes.

I did it again, and he lost it, cumming deep in my throat. I took it all, working his cock until nothing more came out of it. I pulled him from my mouth, licking my lips for the extra fluids.

He lunged, capturing my lips with his. He wanted to taste himself on me, and that was hot. gay porno I could feel the wet clench of myself in answer to his actions, moisture creeping down my thighs.

His kiss pushed me back, down into the blanket. He grabbed my tit, pulling the nipple out, twisting and rolling it between his fingers. His other hand pushed my skirt up, pausing at the crease of my inner thigh, and I knew he was thinking about my lack of panties. He parted my pussy lips with a finger, sliding up and down, teasing the opening.

I moaned loudly and spread my legs for him. It was all the urging he needed. He slid a finger into my wet sex, then two, curving the digits and pumping them into and out of my pussy. His mouth was on my breasts, moving back and forth as he nibbled at both, sucking nipples so hard I cried out.

His fingers moved in me, pushing deep, moving back and forth, curling up to hit my g-spot. His thumb came up and started rubbing on the hood of my clit. Small circular motions soon had me bucking against his hand, thrusting my hips against his hand like I could fuck it.

I came hard. It had been a while. My pussy clenched his fingers rhythmically, milking them for more, and I was moaning and twitching. Sweat beaded between my breasts and he licked it up, moving his kisses south. His fingers still moved in me, making me hotter.

He used both hands to spread my pussy wide, then put his mouth on my cunt. His tongue thrust deep. It was longer than I imagined from all the kissing, and thick. The texture of it nearly sent me over the edge again, but I held back. He licked me up and down, Frenching my pussy like a second mouth. His fingers pushed in again, three of them, and his mouth moved to my clit. He sucked on it, flicking the tiny nub of sensitized flesh with the tip of his tongue. He started touching my asshole, working at the pucker with a finger. The wetness leaking from my cunt gave him the lube he needed and he managed to pop a finger in my ass, working it in and out in rhythm with his fingers in my pussy.

Two fingers were in my ass, three in my pussy, and his mouth over my clit, sucking for all he was worth when I let go and came again. I gushed over his hand, and he let go of my clit to taste the clear rush.

He rose up and hovered over me, sharing another kiss, and then positioning evli porno himself. He was hard and ready. I could see precum dripping from his tip.

“Condom?” I asked breathily. He paused, and the hesitation told me no. “Do my ass.” I said. He looked at me, disbelieving that I just told him I wanted anal. I couldn’t blame him. Most girls would scream and run in the opposite direction, but I actually liked it, and it had been long enough that I was going to take sex any way I could get it.

“C’mon,” I urged, “Fuck me.”

He needed no more prompting. He got up and I rolled over to all fours, pushing my ass up at him like some kind of gift. He spread my cheeks, licking at the puckered mouth of my butt. He fingered my twitching pussy some more, drawing that wetness to my ass and his cock, lubing up as best he could.

I felt the fat tip of him press against my opening, squirming and worming around in circles to loosen the seal. He pushed and moved and pushed until he slipped in with a pop, fat mushroom head sliding into my tight ass like it belonged there.

He started slow, gliding in and out with care to make sure he wasn’t hurting me and that I could take all of him. Then he started to get into it. He grabbed my hips and started to thrust into my ass, pushing his cock hard and fast as deep as it could go.

I loved it. Face pressed to the blanket, wet slapping sounds echoing beneath the beach house porch, I was getting my brains ass-fucked out of me and I was loving it. My hands wandered to my tits, squeezing and teasing my nipples.

He reached around me and started fingering my pussy again. He snagged my clit and rolled it, forcing me to cum. I squeezed him in my ass and he shuddered, fucking me harder. I was moaning and crying out, begging him to do me harder and faster to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh God!

His fingers pushed into my pussy, made small by his cock in my ass, and his other hand tweaked my clit. I came again, and again, and again, until finally he lost his rhythm and pounded me as hard as he could, driving his dick deep and fast into my ass, cumming deep in me.

I could feel it shoot hot inside me and I came again, harder than ever before.

He slumped over me, falling off and out with a wet pop. I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass, my cum dripping down my thighs.

My pussy twitched, hot and sated. I would be walking funny for a day or so, unused to such exercise, but it was definitely worth it. Even if I didn’t go out with this guy again, and I probably wouldn’t because he was boring to talk to, the sex definitely made the date worthwhile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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