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This is for Jazey, water is her thing

Brad had watched Eloise from afar for months. She was tall and willowy always walking with grace, and he had lusted after her all this time. He had finally managed to get her to see him and they had gone out on a couple of dates together.

This hot, sultry day he turned to her smiling as he asked,” Do you fancy a walk “Smiling back at him she had replied “Yes, that would be lovely!” Taking her hand in his, he led her towards the forest.

It was a hot sultry day with no wind and as they walked into the forest the dappled sunlight playing over her deep russet coloured curls. Brad kept glancing out the corner of his eye at the enticing shape of her breast, the nipple just a tiny bump in the material of her blouse.

The silhouette of her face in the dappled sunlight, combined with the way the sun turned her hair to gold and the tiny bead of sweat on her upper lip – he felt so hot his mouth was dry; he burned with hunger for her with every atom in his body he wanted her.

They continued to walk as it got hotter, there was no breeze under the close canopy of trees and his shirt stuck to him damply. Glancing again to the lady by his side he realized she barely looked better. They needed a drink and they continued to walk slowly he realized he could hear a sound in the background, pausing briefly he strained his ears to catch the elusive noise. Turning to her, looking slightly puzzled he asked in almost a whisper “Can you hear that noise?” She also paused, eyes widening as she recognized the faint sound “it sounds like running water” she murmured softly, a beautiful smile forming on her perfect lips.

As they moved on the noise grew steadily louder – it was running water and in time they came to a crystal pool with a sparkling waterfall. It was such a beautiful place even though the humidity didn’t make enjoying it easy. They sat next to each other, he thought the pool looked so good, he was so hot and thirsty and knew she must be too…

“Eloise, I am going to swim – it is so hot here” He peeled off his shirt çanakkale escort as he spoke. He was slim, and had a Celtic type tattoo on his back, right between his shoulder blades. Looking over to him she flushed prettily as she saw his shirt come off and reluctantly turned her eyes away as she answered, “But we have no swimming kit!”

Grinning slightly as he noticed her flush he waits till she has turned back to him before smiling mischievously at her “Sod it, I don’t need it” deliberately holding her eyes with his he removed his shoes and socks, then in one motion he stood divesting himself of his trousers.

Her blush deepened as saw that he had no underwear on, and he laughed softly as he ran for the pool. Eloise sat there her mouth open, lips parted invitingly; she found that she couldn’t look away as he ran. She had glimpsed his balls swaying heavily between his legs as he had made his dash to the cooling waters. Flustered, she thought “Did I really see that?” He dove into the water and disappeared from her view as she sat watching, waiting for him to surface. She saw no sign of him, starting to fret she craned her neck looking, searching for him her lower lip caught between her white teeth in concern. Now she was really starting to worry, it had been what seemed like hours, though in reality it was barely a minute. She stood hoping that she would catch sight of him from this better vantage, but still no sign and it had been at least two minutes now, she was starting to feel frantic. Walking unsteadily in her haste to the waters edge she scanned the surface again, “Brad!” she called, her voice rough with concern.

Looking in, scared as to what she would see, she peered into the pool looking past her own reflection but still saw no sign of him. Tears of worry welling in her eyes, misting her view didn’t hide the small trace of movement in the corner of her eye. Dashing the gathering moisture from her eyes she looked closer towards where the movement had been, he was behind the waterfall watching her a grin on his face.

“You bastard!!” turkiyeninmasasi.com she screamed anger taking the place of the concern of moments before “don’t you know you frightened the fucking shit out of me!” she yelled at him, her voice breaking a little into a half sob at the end. He dived under the waterfall and swam to her. His eyes growing wide at the tears on her cheeks. Pulling himself out of the water he stood beside her, wishing to hold her and reassure her but unsure of her reaction just now, dropping his eyes to his feet he murmured softly “I’m sorry, I was only playing with you. I meant no harm”

Looking up he stopped a slight smile touching his lips, she was staring at his mid region and could plainly see his jutting cock. Blushing a little at her avid inspection he moved his hand to block her view, with a slight gasp she met his eyes “Oh shit, I’m so sorry!” She breathed, flushing. He smiled warmly, ignoring her discomfort “Will you join me?”

She nodded mutely, mesmerized “Come on in, I’ll not look” Brad teased her gently. She stood there, her mind racing. Slowly she stripped and, as he had promised, Brad kept his back to her until she was in the cool water, stroking easily away from him. Finally looking into the water he saw her arse; it was like a peach so taut and smooth as the water lapped over it.

‘Damn I could bite that no trouble’ He thought to himself with a groan, his cock jumping slightly. Quickly he re-entered the water and swam away from her thinking “What happens now? I’m swimming here with this stiffy which feels like its taking the blood from brain, I can just see the coroners report now; ’cause of death:- drowning from loss of blood to the brain through hard on'” Making a sudden decision he swam towards her. She had her back to him allowing him to swim under water to her and surface right behind her without her noticing. He grabbed her shoulders gently, kissing her neck lightly. She sighed softly, leaning back as he nibbled her ear and then kissed her neck. As she leant back she could feel his manhood touching her buttocks. She gasps softly, unsure whether to press closer or pull away… ‘He’s hard! What do I do now?’

Before she can decide he puts his arms around her nuzzling her neck, moving his hands up to cup her breasts. She melts against him, sighing her consent as he continued kissing her neck. He moved one hand to her navel, stroking very lightly on her mound; there was no hair, she was silky smooth, he moans softly against her skin. Her breath caught in her throat, and goose-bumps rose on her arms, she shivered gently as he fondled between her legs. Her breath quickened, eyes closing as her mouth slightly opened, desire beginning to consume her. He found her clit and flicked it with his finger lightly though still causing her to flinch.

He kept kissing, licking, sucking at her neck with the occasional nip of her satin skin between his teeth, their breath coming faster. He turned her to him, lifting her a little as he did so, now she faced him. Looking into her eyes he grabbed each cheek of her arse, tilting her against him until he could get his cock to her slot. He rubbed his aching cock along her moist length, sliding himself into her with a groan. She wrapped her legs around him as he stroked his cock into her he allowed his eyes to close.

Her legs tighten around him, as his breath quickens she digs her nails into his back the jolt of surprise and desire making him bite the junction of her neck and shoulder fiercely. He pumps his length into her rhythmically, the strokes becoming longer and longer. She tightens her grip as her orgasm builds, dropping her head back she groans deeply, the pulse jumping clearly in her throat. As the sensations build she feels a burning intensity rise from her feet, she lets out a low moan as her back arches. Her mouth opens even as her eyes close, her breath coming in quick gasps, her fingernails bite into his back as she reaches her crescendo triggering his own shattering orgasm, his seed pumping into her as they cling to each other trembling. She lifts her head, kissing him tenderly as his knees give way, dunking them both into the cool waters. Surfacing, they look at each other tenderly, a flush of satisfaction creeping up her cheeks as she giggles softly “You know Brad, we should walk more often…” she tells him shyly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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