Walt and Rhonda Ch. 12

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“I’ve been thinking,” Rhonda said as they finished dinner. Walt looked at her and saw the mischievous expression, the slight smile. Her eyes twinkled. They had had several conversations since trying anal for the first time, about inviting back Frank or Danielle. Some of those talks had resulted in hot sex. Most had continued during sex, as they wound each other up in discussions of threesomes.

“I think I’m ready for it,” she continued, clearing the plates.

“Danielle?” he asked hopefully.

“No silly,” she chided teasingly. “Frank. I’m going to call him.”

Walt flashed back to their discussions, remembering his wife expressing her desire to be sucking Frank’s cock while Walt fucked her, or taking both of them at once, in her pussy and her ass at the same time. His cock began filling.

“When?” he asked.

“Soon, I think,” she told him softly, sitting next to him. “First I have to find out if he’s willing to come back.” She took his hand and stroked it. “This isn’t the same as picking up a guy I met in a bar, or at the rental car counter, you know,” she told him, smiling, recalling some of her past partners. “I’ve never had anyone back for a second time. He’s the only one I’ve ever considered it with, so this is new territory for me.” He felt her soft fingertips in his palm. “Then I have to find out if he’s willing to do me with you here.” She looked at him with narrowed eyes, the corners of her mouth turned up in her tantalizing fashion. “In the same room.” The corners of her mouth turned up more. “Watching him fuck me.” Walt had to admire her skill; she was seducing him with talk of fucking a guy she had the hots for, and doing it in front of him. His cock stirred in response; oh, he thought, she knows me too well.

“Once you get him to agree to do it with me there,” he interjected, playing her game, “it’s only a short step further to both of us doing you.” He leaned to her and kissed the tip of her nose. “You’re making me hard.”

“I know,” she giggled, “I like you hard.”

They embraced then, still sitting, and she adjusted herself to sit across his lap, one arm around the back of his neck, the other holding his hand in her lap. She played with his fingers as she spoke. “Are you going to be okay with another dick in the room?” she teased lightly. “Some guys, I understand, have an issue with that, you know; the gay thing.”

He laughed jovially. “You’re funny,” he chided her, and kissed her again. “Admittedly, I have not spent much time around the male erection, other than my own,” he said with a smile. “Certainly not as much as you,” he added. “Not including porn, the only two hard cocks other than mine I have ever seen were, hmm-m, let’s see,” he pretended to think. “Oh, yeah,” he said, as though he just remembered. “They were both in your mouth.” She laughed with him, and they kissed, then stood and finished cleaning up after dinner, talking as they worked.

“You liked watching me suck those cocks, didn’t you?”

“You already know that,” he replied, and playfully slapped her ass.

“Yeah, but I like to hear it.” She stood still for a second, and he wrapped his arms around her from behind. He put his mouth to her ear. “I loved watching you suck those cocks, seeing you enjoy yourself; it was so hot, and made my dick hard for you,” he hissed, knowing his warm breath would make her spine tingle. She wriggled her ass back into him appreciatively.

“M-mm, that’s nice. You know how to make a girl feel sexy.”

“You ARE sexy, Rhonda,” he whispered. “And not only when I watch you suck cock, either. He kissed her neck and felt her shiver. “You’re always sexy.”

“This won’t be the same, you know,” she commented, “he’ll be right in the room.”

“Will that make you hot and horny?” He released her, and they resumed their washing and cleaning up.

“Oh, hell yes,” she replied as they finished. She continued as they moved to the den. “Two hot guys who both want me, and two hard cocks to play with?” She laughed as they sat on the sofa, facing the television, but neither one moved to turn it on. “You bet it will! The question is,” she asked, getting serious, “will you be okay with it?” He looked at her, waited for her to continue. “It won’t be just looking from another room. He’ll be right there, live and in color, flesh and blood,” she described. “He won’t be just a faceless cock to you, he’ll be a real person.” She looked at him earnestly. “Like when Danielle was here,” she said, “but we’re girls, we understand. Guys are … I don’t know…


“For lack of a better word,” she kidded. “As soon as there is more than one in the room, the competition starts, it seems. Whether sports or work or family or fun or drinking; it’s always an egotistical score keeping. I can’t imagine sex is much different!

“So you think we’ll be comparing cock size?” he joked.

“Probably! And if you’re even on that, it’ll be a contest for who can fuck me better!”

He looked at her with a arap escort tight grin. “Would that be so bad?”

“Not for me!” she blurted. “I win either way!”


“I’m meeting him for lunch tomorrow.”

“Really? You finally got the nerve up to call him?”

“Actually, we’ve spoken on the phone several times this week,” she related, “just casual chat at first, you know, to get reacquainted. But yesterday I invited him out, and he said yes.”

“Great,” he said, prodding for more information. “What’s the plan?”

“Easy there, big boy; calm down,” she teased. “I’m playing it by ear for now. I’m not planning to just order a salad and ask him if he wants to come over and double team me with my husband!” She grinned, and wrinkled her nose in amusement. “Although that would be hot!” she added.

“So you’ll just sit there chatting with him, thinking about having two cocks,” he teased back, “getting all wet and excited, and pretend to have polite conversation? Talk about shopping?”

“No silly,” she smiled, but answered more seriously “I plan to slowly bring up the subject of our last encounter, and tell him how much I liked it, and feel him out.”

“You mean feel him up?”

“Well, no,” she defended, “but I’ll let him if he wants to!” They laughed. “No, like I said, I’ll play it by ear, see how he reacts.”

“And if he resists?”

“Who could resist?” she asked, and they laughed again. “No, if he seems resistant, I’ll try harder, as long as he doesn’t flat-out deny me.” Her voice lowered, and she took his hands. “I really want this, Walt. The more I think about it, the more I want it.”

“M-mm, and I know how you get when you want something.”

“You got that right,” she confirmed. “So, if he resists, it might take a little more time.” She stepped into him and snaked her arms around him, settling into his embrace. “But I WILL have my two favorite cocks!”


“Nice to see you again, Frank,” Rhonda said sweetly as he stood from the table, and then came around to pull out her chair as she sat. Before taking her seat she kissed him on the cheek, and as he made his way back to his chair she admired, “What a gentleman, holding a lady’s chair for her. You are a delight.”

He sat and flushed a little. “My parents taught me that manners count,” he admitted. “But it’s always easier with a beautiful woman.” She blushed a little, and felt a rush from his compliment. “You look good, Rhonda.” She thanked him, and congratulated herself on wearing a nice skirt, not overly dressy, but casual date nice. He poured her a glass of wine from the bottle and they toasted, and sipped, and looked at each other in silence. Finally he spoke.

“Well, that’s a little awkward,” he joked, and she laughed with him. “After our phone conversations went so well, too.” He grinned sheepishly. “I was a little hesitant to see you, out of fear of just that moment – not knowing what to say or do once we were face to face.”

She laughed and touched his hand. “Sorry if I made you uncomfortable,” she said. “I confess that seeing you again was, well, a little anxious for me as well.” She hid her face as she felt herself blush again. All her prepared speech seemed inadequate and inappropriate now that she was here, and she felt a twitter in her stomach. He was just as handsome as she remembered, and a twinge of memory surged inside her, remembering their last encounter. “Okay,” she blurted, “I’ll go first.” She took a breath. “I really enjoyed our time together, and I remember it fondly.” She looked at him, held his gaze. “Very fondly. And often,” she added.

She watched his face relax as the corners of his mouth turned up. “Well, that’s a relief!” he kidded. “I was trying to prevent myself from hoping that you would feel that way, that nothing was wrong…. We didn’t really discuss it in our polite phone conversations.” He raised his glass to hers. “Here’s to you then, Rhonda. You are the sexiest, most wonderful and giving woman I have ever met.” They clinked glasses, and he added,” and yes, our day together is never far from my memory, either.”

Satisfied that he was still interested, she inquired, “So, how has your life been since? Any new prospects? New women in your life?”

“Actually, I have been on a few dates since then,” he responded. “Nothing serious. Or , uh-m…intense.” He looked at her, scrutinizing her, she thought. “Actually, I admit that it’s been hard not to compare them to you.”

“That’s probably not fair,” she joked, “I don’t think you should be expecting them to all be as, ah-h… willing as I was when we met!”

He laughed with her, then clarified, “It’s not just the, shall we say, adventurous nature,” he said, “although that kind of stands out.” He shook his head and smiled. “It’s your way, the life in you, the way you carry yourself and conduct yourself,” he explained, “your easy conversation and welcoming personality. Like this conversation, how open and free escort arap you are, so comfortable with yourself. Other women I’ve met,” he stalled, and thought. “They seem, I don’t know, pale in comparison. Does that make sense?”

She thought back to other men she had met and had sex with since she and Walt had begun playing, contemplating the difference between them and Frank. Yes, she thought, It does make sense. Because you’re the only one I ever wanted to see again, to talk to, to – what? To have… a relationship with?

“I understand,” she said, leaving the rest momentarily unspoken, then suddenly unable not to divulge her feelings. “I enjoyed your company as well.” She looked him over, giving him the same scrutiny he’d given her. “My turn to confess, I guess,” she said, touching his hand again, this time holding it loosely in hers. “You know that my husband and I are having … our adventures,” she said. “Before the day we met I had been with several other men who I had, ah-m, adventures with.” She felt the blush again, and wondered why this should embarrass her. “But I never saw them again, they were, well, one-offs. I suppose.” She paused, and struggled for her feelings, discarding her prepared speech, which was much more direct. “I guess maybe because we spent real time together; first. Maybe.” And maybe, she thought, because there is a connection between us. It was hard to deny.

“Maybe,” he repeated, agreeing.

“Anyway, I wanted you to know,” she started, “I thought you should know that I’ve never called any of them back. Ever.” She took a sip of wine. “You’re my first,” she added coyly.

“Well, I’m honored,” he said with too much drama, then more sincerely added, “And glad.”

Another uncomfortable silence ensued. Rhonda didn’t know how to restart the conversation, and wondered at her jitters. Try as she might, sitting across from him, talking so openly of her feelings, she couldn’t think of him as only a hard eager cock. That was what she wanted from him, wasn’t it? But she was distracted by the cock’s owner, and she found the distraction to be both pleasant and hard to ignore.

She took a deep breath. “It was fun though, right?” she tried.

“More than should be legal,” he grinned.

Silence settled on them again. Why was this so difficult? she wondered. All I have to do is tell him I want to fuck him again, and when he agrees, to tell him that Walt wants to join us. She laughed to herself. Ass! You were so confident! And now you stammer like a schoolgirl!



“Wow, where did you go just now?”

“What? What do you…”

“I called your name three times,” he chuckled. “You were, I don’t know, somewhere.”

She laughed at herself. It was just too easy to like this man, and she felt a little selfish for having him here, hogging him to herself with another wonderful man at home, thinking some other woman somewhere is alone, wishing for just one of them. They talked a little while longer, about life, and work, and Frank’s daughter, until lunch was done and Frank was paying the bill, and then fell again into an uneasy silence, only this time the pause was pregnant with possibility.

“So, he asked as they stood from the table, Frank once again holding her chair for her, “what are you doing the rest of the afternoon?”


She fell back on the bed and watched him finish undressing, admiring his bare chest, the unruly hair showing a little bit of gray on his mature torso. She spread her legs invitingly as he dropped his pants and boxers, exposing his growing erection. Her hand slipped lazily between her legs, finding the wetness she knew was there, and gazed at him longingly.

“Are you starting without me?” he asked as he folded his pants.

“Sorry,” she said, smiling up and admiring his body as it moved toward her confidently. “Couldn’t resist.” She held her arms out to him as he climbed onto the bed and approached her, settling his large frame over hers. She wrapped her arms around him as he settled into her and they kissed, delicately at first, then with growing surrender to the passion they felt. She felt his organ press into her stomach, now fully hard, hot and as delicious as she remembered. She pressed up against him as his hands found her breasts.

He moved his head down to her chest as she slid her hands to the back of his head. He kissed and teased her breasts, not focusing on the nipple immediately, then slowly working his way to the center of her fleshy mounds, his tongue trailing in light circles to her crinkled nub. She pressed his head into her chest as he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked, then nipped and pulled with his teeth as she groaned, the passion running through her to her pussy.

God, she thought, I can’t wait, and she manipulated her hips up, opening her legs to surround him, trying to direct his stiffness to her opening, but managing only to feel the hard shaft rubbing her lips. arap escort bayan She pulsed her hips up, stroking his veined shaft, feeling it slip in the wetness spilling from her as she coated his member with her juices.

“I want you,” she hissed passionately, speaking into his hair as he sucked her nipple. “I want your cock, I need you to fuck me. Hard.”

He lifted his head and looked at her with a quizzical smirk. “Are you rushing me?” he grinned. “You make me wait weeks, and now you’re in a rush?” She felt his hips pull back slightly, teasing her as she urged his penetration. “Are you in a hurry?” he grinned. “Don’t tell me,” he quipped, relaxing his hips into hers now, “your husband is coming home soon?”

“Don’t be silly,” she said, “you know that he knows.”

“But he won’t come home to catch us?” As he asked, she felt his hips angle back, pulling himself away until the head of his cock dropped between her legs. She moved a hand between them and grasped his shaft, aligning him at her opening, waiting for his weight to plunge him into her. “Are you nervous he’ll come home and catch us?”

“Not at all,” she told him, and she exhaled sharply as his cock pressed into her, fully seating itself into her wet pussy, filling her, and sending warm and wonderful sensation up her spine to her brain. She lost her train of thought as she wallowed in the feeling of first penetration, and took several heaving breaths as he began to slide slowly out, and in.

She opened her eyes, unaware that she had closed them, and saw him looking into hers. “No,” she repeated, breathily now, “if he came home and saw us, believe me, he wouldn’t be upset.” She began thrusting back against him, slow, languorous strokes, sliding his full length in and out of her cunt, caressing her slick walls with his mushroom head. “As a matter of fact,” she told him,” I think he would enjoy watching.”

“Really?” he asked. “He wouldn’t mind seeing me fucking you? Seeing another man’s cock in you?”

“I watched him a few weeks ago,” she confessed abruptly, “with another woman; God it was so hot, seeing his cock go into her.” She sighed as he plunged into her, harder now. “She made me put him in her. I never dreamed … It was so hot, so exciting, and seeing him so horny and enjoying himself, taking her …” She gasped as he pushed harder; shorter strokes, and she wrapped her legs behind his back, opening herself fully, feeling his pubic bone banging her clit. “I watched his cock fuck her, watched it going in, fuck, it was so sexy….”

She felt him hold still and pull himself up, holding his arms straight, extending his torso above her. “Really?” he asked, “you’re not teasing me?” She nodded, and he smiled, delightfully. “You are amazing, Rhonda. Your attitude towards sex is so, I don’t know. Unusual? Healthy?”

“He wants to see me,” she said, and pulsed her muscles, gripping his cock with her cunt. She felt herself blush. “I have a confession, actually. The first time, when you were here, he watched us. He was watching from outside, in the yard.”

He lunged inside her, hard. “Fuck! Are you kidding?” He was pushing hard, short, forceful thrusts as he spoke, grunting with the efforts, and she felt her breath driven out of her with each penetration, feeling him reaching deep inside her. “He watched me fuck you? He watched you give yourself to me?”

“Actually, he was late, ugh, and missed, ugh, the beginning,” she managed, feeling her orgasm build as he slammed her pussy. “He saw, ugh, me suck you, ug-hn, sucking your cock, omph, your wonderful hot cock! Oh, fuck me!”

“Oh, fucking Rhonda, you dirty girl, you,” he grimaced, and she felt his body clench, “you nasty slut of a wife!” He held still inside her, and she ground her hips up, trying to coax her climax from him, but only managing to keep her arousal at a plateau, as he goaded her. “He watched you suck my dick? Saw you take my cock in your mouth, and cum on your face?”

“Yes!” she shouted. “Yes! He loved it! And I loved it too, knowing he was watching me.” She surged against him, up onto his cock, but he was holding himself still, forestalling his climax. “After you left he made me reenact the parts he missed!” She pumped her hips up, and he responded, driving into her frantically. She felt him tense again, knew he was close. “Oh, fuck me! Make me cum, Frank, make me cum on your cock!”

And then he groaned, and bellowed, and she joined him in crying out her delight as her orgasm exploded in her, taking her body and shaking it as she felt her pussy turn mushy and slick as he spent himself inside her, and the delicious sensation of her pussy filled with cum brought her orgasm back to its peak, a second one, or just longer, she didn’t know, didn’t care; she just rode it and enjoyed it, letting it own her as he fucked her through it, deep and slow and hard, until he relaxed and exhaled, lowering himself on her, breathing heavily into her ear as her body trembled and the ripples of ecstasy subsided and withdrew, leaving only a tantalizing tingle in her pussy, the promise of additional orgasms just a hint away. She relaxed, and felt his breath on her, until he slid up and out, and shifted off to the side.

She turned to face him, her head nestled in his shoulder, one hand slowly caressing his chest.

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