Wanda Big Hunt

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This takes place after Wanda In Danger.

Julie had been given a week to track down Esmeralda Mateo’s missing daughter or the drug pushing Senora Mateo would kill his wife and young daughter.

The last people in Senora Mateo’s operation who had seen the eighteen year old Isabella Mateo were her “brothers” two twenty year old thugs who posed as high school students and kept watch over Isabella. The small Catholic school looked the other way for a reasonable donation as long Lalo and Chico didn’t cause any problems by being there. As a result the two ate a healthy amount of shit from smart ass suburban high school kids that outside of school they might have killed over. Bella had resented their presence and relished turning the student body against them.

Now that Bella had gone missing the two had their days free which meant. All you can eat strip club buffet for lunch every day. Julie knew which club they would be at.

Julie entered the fog of strip club funk and scanned the smokey room. He spotted his old high school nemesis, Dillon, across the room keeping an eye on the buffet. Julie’s partner Duane was a strip club buffet junkie too, Julie couldn’t imagine eating anything in this place.

Dillon spotted Julie but made no move to confront him. Which was just the way Julie wanted it. Dillon tried to make it look like he wasn’t watching Julie but Julie could tell he was. He saw the nervous look on Dillon’s face when he started towards the corner where the Brazilian crew had set up for the afternoon. Benny The Blade sat in a corner booth. Chico and Lalo flanked him on either side, each with a stripper on his lap. Julie sat in a chair across from Benny.

“I saw you looking. You act like that chocolate bitch us your one and only but you love white titties as much as we do.” Benny said groping the breasts of both strippers with either hand.

“Unless you got a gun in my face, don’t call her a bitch again. Even with a gun, I wouldn’t say it again.” Julie said coldly.

“Fuck you and that bitch. How’s the clap clearing up? Does that penicillin just knock it out?” Benny asked.

“You would know better than me.” Julie quipped back.

“You boys see this bitch here, Last time I saw him he was getting raped by Tia Easy.” Benny said referring to Esmerelda Mateo.

“Speaking of getting raped, how was the rest of your prison stay?” Julie responded the tension continued to grow.

“Did you come for the floor show? Or do you have some other business here?” Benny asked annoyed.

“I came to ask these guys some questions.” Julie said pointing at Lalo and Chico with his thumbs.

“They’re kinda busy right now. Can’t you see they got their hands full?” Benny said as Lalo and Chico felt up their strippers.

“Aren’t you supposed to use the back rooms for that?” Julie asked.

Benny’s hand disappeared into his lap under the table. His hand reemerged

with a handful of hair attached to the head of the stripper who had been going down on him the whole time.

Julie couldn’t hide his shock as he saw the stripper wince in pain from having her curly brown hair pulled roughly. Benny laughed at Julie’s discomfort at seeing a woman manhandled.

“We take what we want. We don’t care about champagne rooms. I’ll fuck a bitch onstage if I want.” Benny said shoving the Burnette’s head back under the table.

Julie was tempted to come across the table. He had been raised better than that. His father may have been a little crude but he never would have been rough like that with a woman.

“I need to know who Bella was dating at school.” Julie asked the bodyguards, pushing his anger aside

“Why would that help you. There’s no way some high school twerp took her under these guys’ noses.” Benny said.

“I’m not sure they were watching her as closely as her mother would like to believe.” Julie responded

“Don’t come in here making trouble for our trusted employees” Benny answered.

“I’m doing what your aunt wanted. Don’t you care about your cousin?” Julie said.

“Caring makes you weak. Look at you, doing scut work for a woman that raped you. Because your wife makes you weak.” Benny sneered.

It was the second time Benny had referred to his sexual encounter with Senora Mateo and her two prostitutes as rape Julie didn’t like it. He was having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that he was forced to have sex against his wishes. It seemed reductive to think of himself as a victim but in actuality he was. Being called a victim by Benny was starting to piss him off.

“I love my family enough to do what I need to do to protect them. If you don’t answer my questions without any more backtalk it’s going to get real nasty in here. Open your smart ass mouth one more time and see if I’m playing.” Julie said as his green eyes went cold.

Benny recognized the look in Julie’s face and didn’t say another word. Julie turned to Lalo on Benny’s left.

“I don’t care if you were supposed to keep Bella from dating or what. I know she was istanbul escort seeing someone. I bet they saw her after you did. You can tell me now no problem or you can ask Benny what happened the last time I lost my temper with one of the Chaves brothers. Don’t look to the bouncer for help I stomped him out last time too.” Julie said loud enough for Dillon the bouncer to hear.

“His name is Jason Patrick. He…” Lalo said before Julie cut him off.

“Thanks, I got it from here.” Julie said.

Julie rose from his chair. Benny avoided eye contact fearing Julie might still lose his cool. Julie’s eyes grazed over the hulking bouncer who stared at the floor and hoped Julie wouldn’t say anything to him.

Julie walked to the bar and didn’t ask before going behind the counter in search of a phone.

“Raphie, it’s Julie. I need info. Jason Patrick at St. Elgin Catholic School. I need his schedule. I’ll call you back when I get to the school.” Julie said into the phone and hung up.

At the school, Julie waited outside the Patrick kid’s classroom. When the bell rang the boy walked out of class with a group of his friends. Julie was surprised by how tall the kid was. He was big enough that Julie was sure he was on the basketball team.

“I need to talk to you for a second.” Julie said to him.

“No thanks, I don’t need any gardening ese.” The boy said cracking up his friends.

Julie grabbed the boy by his shirt and threw him into the wall. Another one of his friends who had seen too many movies got between Julie and the Patrick kid. For his troubles, Julie shoved him into a row of lockers. The fight evaporated from the kid when he got a taste of the power Julie possessed.

“We’re going to step into the boys’ room for a little chat. If we get interrupted for some reason, I am gonna come find you.” Julie said to the boy he shoved into the lockers.

Julie didn’t like kids like Jason Patrick when he was in school and had even less like for them now that he had graduated. Julie shoved him through the bathroom door. The kid caught his balance o the row of sinks.

“This is going to take as long as takes for me to find out what I want to know.” Julie said menacingly.

The Patrick kid looked like reality had set in. Julie took it as a sign that he needed to tone down the thug play.

“I hear you dated Bella Mateo.” Julie said.

“I guess.” Patrick said.

“Cute girl.” Julie remarked hoping to ease the kid’s fear.

“Yeah.” Came the cautious reply.

“Can you tell me when you saw her last?” Julie asked.

“Saturday night.” He replied.

That was after Lalo and Chico. Julie’s eyes lit up with the information.

“Where did you go with her?” Julie pressed.

“We went to the Main Street drag and watched the kids cruise. We parked at the burger dog place.” Patrick said.

“Did you drive her home?” Julie asked.

“No, she went off with some biker guys.” Patrick said.

“Bikers?” Julie repeated quizzically

“Yeah, the ones with the playing cards on the back. of their jackets.” Patrick said a little angry.

“Playing cards?” Julie again repeated even though he recognized the patch and the gang it belonged to.

“Yeah, two aces and two eights. I think it’s a Nazi reference. The aces refer to Adolph and the eighty-eight means pro Hitler somehow.” Patrick said.

Julie was impressed that the kid put that together. It wasn’t right. Pair of Aces and pair of eights was supposed to be the hand Wild Bill Hickock was holding when he was killed. It was called the dead man’s hand. The name Dead Man’s Hand was used by a fairly notorious biker gang.

“You just let her go off with some biker?” Julie asked.

“She had been messing with him for a while. I wasn’t that attached to the girl. Aside from that ass, she didn’t have a lot going for her. It was kind of a been there done that kind of thing.” Patrick said.

Julie had enough to go on and thanked the boy for the information. He left the restroom and found no school officials waiting for him. His threat had worked.

Julie crossed the street to his car. He had to drive around a bit to find a payphone to call his cousin.

“I need you to meet me at the office. Start pulling anything you can about the Deadman’s Hand motorcycle gang please.” Julie requested.

“Okay, you got it.” Raphael responded.

When Julie and Raphael got to the office they poured over any bail records involving the gang. An upstate strip club was a common thread in a variety of arrests. Members of the gang had been arrested on the grounds or had posted bail for employees dozens of times. Most of the charges involved prostitution in some way. Julie suspected the strip club was a front for prostitutes who were turning tricks nearby. A quick check of the surrounding blocks revealed a truck stop and a cheap motel nearby. Julie grabbed one of the company cell phones in case something went wrong and headed to his car.

Julie pulled into the strip club parking lot and istanbul escort bayan noticed an abundance of bikes parked by the entrance. He took note of the bikes that were parked backwards. Biker gang members were notorious for doing this. It made it harder for police to run the tags. An officer on a fishing expedition would have to get out of his patrol car to read the plates. It worked great for deterring police but for bounty hunters, it just narrowed his search. Julie wouldn’t even bother to check the tags of a bike not backed into a space.

Julie entered a strip club for the second time that day and again was hit by the fruit and tobacco smell that hit him as he entered. Julie looked way out of place in the club. Everyone stared at him as he made his way to a corner booth. It wasn’t the most integrated bar in the world. Julie could tell that Mexican customers must have been unheard of by the way everyone was eyeballing him. The only other person of color in the whole place was a curvy black woman dancing on one of the three stages.

She was getting lots of attention from the clientele. It might have been that his wife was black but it always irked Julie when obviously racist people would suspend their racism for a long as they had an erection.

Julie had to admit he did understand it in the dancer’s place. She was very sexy. Julie definitely had a type and big breasted black women were his obvious choice. Julie didn’t love the neon pink thong the dancer was wearing but he was mostly distracted by the giant breasts.

Julie took his eyes off the bouncing boobs long enough to note that the dancer didn’t look happy despite the adoring patrons. When Julie looked closer he noticed the bad makeup job she had covering a swollen left eye. Julie also noticed how she kept looking at the bouncers. They were pretty scary looking biker types but the dancer looked more intimidated than would be expected.

Julie wasn’t going to let himself be distracted by the dancer’s situation. He was there to find a drug baroness’ daughter and keep his family out of danger. His gaze kept wandering back to the dancer. He was getting a twisted knot in his stomach as he tried to ignore the stripper.

Two scary looking bikers made their way over to Julie’s booth and sat down across from him. They partially blocked Julie’s view of the black stripper.

“You must be Sanchez. We weren’t expecting you till tomorrow.” the taller skinnier biker said to Julie.

“That’s me.” Julie said quickly deciding to go along with whatever was happening.

“Why are you here early?” the heavier biker asked, his expression covered by a thick beard.

“I don’t get here often and I wanted to have some fun before business.” Julie said thinking quick.

“You just can’t wait to get a piece of that tender young ass.” The thin biker grinned.

“Once we let you have her, we are locked into this partnership.” the heavy biker said.

“Yeah, her mom is going to go to war over you fucking her in the ass. We got to know you got our backs.” Said the skinny biker.

“It’s too late for any of us to back out now. Unless you are willing to kill the bitch, we’re already committed to this.” Julie said thinking quickly.

The bikers seemed to like that answer because they relaxed and stretched out in the booth. When the heavy one sat back Julie was able to see the black stripper again. She seemed even more distressed than before as hairy guys stuffed bills into her garter. One of the bouncers was standing next to the stage now taking money from a mullet haired trucker.

The bouncer reached his hand to the stage and guided the reluctant black stripper to the trucker who had paid the bouncer.

Julie felt the rage burning in him as he watched the stripper perform a lap dance on the trucker against her will. The nasty bouncer not only did nothing about the patron and his friends touching the stripper he seemed to enjoy watching her discomfort as her bare breasts were rudely fondled and her nipples roughly pinched by the group. It wasn’t until the trucker tried to pull her thong off that the bouncer stepped in. He shook his head and motioned with his thumb. Julie realized the sleazy motel was in the direction the bouncer was motioning. The group at the table took out their wallets while the terrified stripper looked on.

Julie wrestled with his conscious about what to do. His instinct was to step in and stop this horrible situation by whatever means necessary but he had a purpose for being there and he couldn’t save the world. If it wasn’t this girl it would be some other girl Julie tried to convince himself. He had almost convinced himself that he could look the other way while the situation played out in front of him, when the bouncer raised his hand threatening to backhand the stripper.

Julie flashed to his daughter and couldn’t look the other way while someone did that to a girl. If the stripper wasn’t his daughter then she was someone’s daughter.

Julie didn’t lose his cool. escort istanbul Instead of exploding into action Julie used the fact that the bikers had obviously mistaken him for someone of weight in their world.

“I want the morena too.” Julie said forcefully.

“What?” The heavy biker asked not understanding.

“The morena, the negrita with the tetas.” Julie said pointing at the stripper.

“Oh, the black Mexican bitch.” The skinny biker said smiling.

“Mexican?” Julie asked.

“I don’t think she’s Mexican but she speaks Mexican.” the heavy biker said.

“Well I want her.” Julie said.

“It looks like you spoke up just in time. She was about to go for a train ride.” the heavy biker said.

“No I want her first.” Julie demanded.

“If you go at that coco puff will you have enough left in the tank for the drug princess?” The skinny biker asked.

“Yeah we really want you to pump her corn shoot full of hot sauce. I would hate for you to blow your whole wad with that black whore.” the heavy biker said.

“I want to make her watch while I tear that black pussy up.” Julie said.

“That’s hot brother but are you sure you want the colored girl? I thought you Mexicans couldn’t get enough blonde pussy. Isn’t that why you’re always swimming to California?” The heavy biker asked.

“It’s them tits. Those puppies get everyone’s blood pumping.” the skinny biker said getting up to stop the bouncer from letting the black stripper leave with the truckers.

Julie watched as the biker and the bouncer conversed. The truckers didn’t look happy. It might have turned ugly if the bouncer hadn’t produced a gun.

“We got our best trailer set up for you. Follow us.”The skinny biker said when he got back to the booth with the stripper.

The two bikers led Julie and the still topless stripper outside the club to a series of single-wide trailers. The stripper was visibly disturbed about being without a shirt outdoors. Julie tried to communicate with his eyes that it would be ok but probably made things worse. It didn’t help that he failed to not glance at her breasts as she bounced along the cobblestone path in high heels.

The heavy biker opened a trailer door and shoved the stripper inside. The skinny biker pulled Julie aside while the heavy one threatened the stripper.

“Listen princess, you are going to do what this guy says or else I personally going to cut your big black tits off and make purses out of them.” He said squeezing her left breast so hard it was going to leave finger-shaped bruises for a few days.

The skinny biker turned to Julie.

“Listen we haven’t fed the little Mateo girl in a few days so you shouldn’t have any problems with getting mud on your helmet, if you know what I mean?” the biker said to Julie.

Julie nodded his head even though he had no idea what the biker was talking about. Butt sex had never come up with his wife Wanda. Julie couldn’t ever imagine a time he would ever need more from Wanda in bed. The biker continued.

“The black bitch eats like a horse so I know you like that backdoor love. Please try not to make a mess if you have to fuck her in the ass.” The biker said.

“I can’t make any promises.” Julie said doing his best not to give away how not interested in butt sex he was.

“We’ll be right back with the Mateo girl.” the skinny biker said.

“Do you need any rubbers?” the heavy biker asked.

“You know Mexicans don’t use no rubbers. If they did there wouldn’t be so many of them.” The skinny biker quipped.

“I’m good on condoms but could you bring her some clothes?” Julie requested.

The bikers looked at Julie funny.

“What for?” the heavy biker asked suspiciously.

“I want to see her strip.” Julie said.

“She ain’t much of a stripper. She ain’t exactly here of her own free will.” the skinny biker said.

“I gathered that.” Julie said tapping his eye referring to her discolored bruised eye.

“It’s hard enough to get her to bounce around topless onstage as it is. We don’t really give her outfits to take off. Besides, with those monster hooters, it would be a bitch to cloth this whore ” The heavy biker said.

“Can you get her a jacket or a shirt so she can flash those tits for me?” Julie almost insisted.

“We’ll come up with something.” the skinny biker said tired of the conversation. They needed the protection and connection from the Mexican mafia don Julie was impersonating but they still weren’t fond of Latinos.

The bikers left Julie and the stripper alone in the trailer. Julie turned to the stripper and started talking to her in Spanish.

“I heard you speak Spanish. That’s good. We can talk without them understanding us. I’m not who they think I am. I’m here to get a Brazilian girl out of here. If you help me, I will bring you with us. Do you understand?” Julie said to the stripper.

The stripper nodded.

“What’s your name?” Julie asked.

“It’s Rosa.” she answered.

“Rosa I’m gonna need you to listen to me. I’m going to sit in this chair I need you to sit on my lap. I’m married and I don’t want to do this but I need to convince these guys I’m a bad guy so I’m gonna touch you while they are here.” Julie explained to Rosa who was taking It in trying to decide if Julie was on the level.

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