Warm and Wet Ch. 3

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From part 2

I can feel your cock pushing against my soft round butt and I know you can feel it slippery from the bath oil. I’m helpless and you have me at your whim. You can force me into whatever you wish…

what will it be….where does your lust come to bear its fruits.

Part 3

My hands slide up from underneath you, spreading oil over each of half of your beautifully round ass, separating the cheeks so that you can feel the water and oil trickling down the valley between them. My fingers brush lightly up from in between your lips, past the tiny pucker, only to begin again from in between your lips. I love teasing you like this lover, watching you squirm under my touch, fighting to stay in any semblance of control.

I cup my hand just below your pussy, catching the water as it follows the path down your back, between your cheeks, bathing the inside and outside of your lips but never quite touching your clit. It’s still a little too Aydın Escort sensitive to touch right now and we have plenty of time. “I could do lots of things here in the shower” I say softly, continuing to bath inside and outside of your lips. “Things that you might enjoy.”

“What kind of things” you say, spreading your legs a little further apart? I slide a finger inside of you, reaching up with the others to finally brush across your clit and feel you push back hard against my hand, lifting up on your toes, moaning out loud, arching your back, surrendering to my touch. Reaching forward to capture a breast with the other hand I take the nipple in between my fingers, pinching it, feeling your pussy clench tightly around my finger as I do. Your thighs squeeze my hand, trapping it in between them as you start thrusting, rhythmically against me, daring me to take you like this.

“Mmmmmmmmm” you moan again, “don’t make me wait,” and I Aydın Escort Bayan don’t, withdrawing my hand as I move behind you, parting your cheeks once again, my cock moving in between your legs, sliding up the length of your pussy until it passes over your clit. I hear you cry out as you cum, never having entered you and I wait for just a few seconds longer before pushing the head between your lips and thrusting all the way inside. “Stay very, very still” I say quietly, leaning over your back.

Pressing deep inside of you, I clench and un-clench my cheeks, flexing the whole length of my shaft in time to the spasm that are still happening inside of you. My left hand is busy with your breasts, teasing one and then the other nipple. My right arm is around your waist, fingertips teasing around your clit. Our hips start to rock back and forth as I continue to flex inside you, feeling you draw me in deeper, feeling your hand reach down Escort Aydın to cover mine, directing the contact with your clit. “Cum in me” you gasp, “please, cum IN me.” I can’t resist you, the lushness of your body, the sensations as you continue to suck me inside of you. My cock swells that little bit more and I feel myself thrusting, ramming into you faster, no longer in control, driven to finish this until I start pulsing and flowing into you.

I feel the spasms inside of you so much stronger now, milking me, sucking every drop out of me. The sounds you are making are not words, just sounds, wonderfully sensual, basic sounds as you finally start sliding down off the peak that you had climbed to. I lift up from your back, my shoulders coming to rest against the wall of the shower, drawing you up with me to lean against my chest. I feel your lips tickling my neck, watch your arms reaching up to stretch your body taut.

“My god lover, the feelings you draw out of me, I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible that was.” I can only whisper this darling because you have drawn everything else out of me at this moment.

I can sense the smile on your face as I say that and wonder what next you have in store for us.

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