Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 07

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I was woken up by the loud noise of a motorbike – it felt as though the motorbike was right next to my room wall. Grumbling, I pulled away my blanket and turned to look at my bedside clock. It was already 10:15 am. God! I must have slept like a log – but considering the extended physical activities of the night before, it was no surprise. I allowed myself a smile as I got out of bed. I opened my window and looked through the wire-netting towards our neighbour’s house which was about 20 meters away from ours. Sure enough, there was our Malay neighbour busy tuning his motorbike.

I picked up my towel from the rack, switched off the fan and stepped out of my room. The house seemed unusually quiet, no visible or audible sign of my Aayahmah. After using the toilet, I went to the kitchen – she was not there but a warm mug of coffee was waiting for me. I took a sip and then went to her room – again, empty. I came out to the dining area, put my mug down on the table and wondered where Aayahmah could be. I noticed that the clothes had already been washed and put out to dry in the sun.

After taking another gulp of coffee, I walked towards the stairs. I could see that the front door was locked but no sign of any movement in the living room.

“Aayahmah” I called out.

Hearing no response, I walked up the stairs to the living room and found Aayahmah there, on Mom’s easy-chair, in deep sleep. I saw the broom and dust pan standing next to the sofa and assumed that she probably had finished sweeping the hall, had sat down to take a short rest and then had dozed off. Not surprising that she was tired, considering the power-packed loving she gave – and received – the previous night. I had no intention of disturbing her sleep – she would have been up pretty early to prepare breakfast for my parents as well as to start her daily household chores.

I just stood there and admired her. She looked so peaceful, a heavenly glow on her face and a contented smile on her lips. She was dressed in a chequered cotton sari, nicely wrapped around her, with a matching red-coloured blouse. She was breathing deeply and her magnificent bosom moved in rhythm with her breath.

Seeing her like this, no one would ever imagine what a woman she was in bed. I smiled as I recollected our loving escapades of the past few days – the outrageously wanton desire she oozed when we made love, the way her body sexually responded, the things she did and was willing to do. At that moment I felt that I was the luckiest boy in the world to have experienced such pleasures and from such a wonderful woman. I felt a warm glow in my loins as I watched her.

As if she sensed my thoughts, her eyes opened slowly and she smiled at me. She opened her arms and invited me to lay on her. I kneeled down on the floor next to the easy-chair and rested my torso on her, my head resting on its side on her bosom. Her arms encircled me and she hugged me tight to her.

“I love you, Chellam. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me” she whispered to me.

“I love you too, Amma” I replied, before raising my head to look at her.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked, patting my cheek.

“Yes, very well thank you. And you?” I asked before planting a kiss on her bosom.

“Me too but I was up early” she replied and then said “I wanted to clean up here before going down to cook. I just sat down for a short rest after sweeping the hall and must have fallen asleep.”

“I’m sorry if I disturbed you” I said and touched her face with my right hand.

She hugged me to her tightly and held me like that, my head pressed hard against her breasts. After some minutes, she gently pushed me away and sat up.

“Go and have your shower, Chellam. Then I will come and get you your breakfast” she told me.

“Why don’t you come and shower with me?” I teased her, gently pinching her naked waist as we both stood up.

Rubbing the front of my shorts and feeling the semi-hard flesh, she said “Don’t tempt me. I might just eat this up” giving my prick a squeeze as she finished her sentence.

“Please….” I replied and we both laughed, enjoying the intimate closeness we shared.

We walked downstairs together and then I headed straight to the bathroom while Aayahmah went to put away the broom. After a nice, cleansing shower and a change of clothes, I headed to the kitchen where Aayahmah had already started with the lunch preparation. She was cleaning some fish (mackerel). Her portable radio was on, playing some old Tamil songs.

“I mixed two half-boiled eggs for you already, it’s good for your energy” she said, looking towards me from the sink.

“Great” I said, walking towards her. Then patting her bums, I continued “I do need the energy to satisfy this wonderful woman. Her body drains me.”

“Look who’s talking” she said and then broke out in laughter.

I gulped down the half-boiled eggs, relishing the taste – Aayahmah had added a tiny drop of soy sauce. Then I took a few cream-crackers out of a container Girne Escort and sat down on a rattan chair. A fresh mug of coffee was on the stool nearby.

“I think your parents know about us, Chellam” said Aayahmah calmly, still cleaning the fish.

“Why do you think so, Amma?” I asked, munching my cracker.

“This morning, your Mom gave me a hug and said that she felt very happy. She did not say anything more” replied Aayahmah.

“But that’s normal. Mom often hugs you” I responded.

“Yes, but later as your Dad left the house, he gave me a funny look. He has never looked at me like that before” Aayahmah explained.

“Could be just your imagination, Amma” I said.

“I don’t think so, Mohan. I am sure they know. My head says so” she replied.

“Are you worried?” I asked.

“I don’t know really. I don’t know what to expect. I mean if they were angry they would have made their feelings known” she explained.

“Maybe they don’t know after all. Anyway, you heard their conversation last night. So, don’t worry” I calmed her thoughts.

Aayahmah had finished cleaning the fish. After washing them, she seasoned the fish with a reddish paste and put them away to be fried later. She opened up a knot of kangkong (spinach) leaves and started washing them under the tap. I stood up, gulped the remainder of the coffee and then put the mug near the sink. I stood next to her as she carefully cleaned the fresh green leaves.

“But we have to be careful from now on, Chellam, especially with your sisters and Mala also here from tomorrow onwards. I will miss you but we have to stay away from each other” said Aayahmah, her hands busy with the kangkong.

“Yes, me too” I replied and then groping her rounded buttocks, I cheekily added “but we still have today.”

I encircled my hands around her from behind and pressed myself against her, rubbing my groin against her bums. My hands cupped her large melons, tightly packed in her cotton blouse as I humped her slowly. She was a little helpless as her hands were preoccupied with the vegetable but she pushed her bums back against me, feeling my cock hardening.

She stopped momentarily with the kangkong and just relished the feel of my throbbing hard-on against her bums.

“You randy young bugger” she said and rubbed her bums harder against me.

“You make me randy” I joked, as I simultaneously squeezed her ripe melons and humped her forcefully against the sink, causing some water to splash out on us.

“Watch it, Mister. You might cause an accident here” warned Aayahmah with a huge grin on her face.

After one more grope of her boobs, I laughed and moved away. She had finished cleaning the kangkong and started to cut it up. I could smell rasam (spicy soup) and traced it to an earthen pot on the charcoal stove. I lifted the lid and inhaled the spicy aroma of the rasam. Another aluminium pot nearby held the rice – she had cooked that already. And, yet another earthen pot had some dhall (lentils).

Aayahmah took the plastic sieve filled with the kangkong leaves towards the kerosene stove upon which stood a wok. She ignited the stove and then poured some oil into the wok and waited for the oil to heat up. Sitting on the chair again, I watched and chatted with her for a while longer. Then I went upstairs to read the newspaper. It was around 12:30 pm.

Relaxing on Mom’s easy chair, I went through The Straits Times starting from the sports pages. I did not know when I drifted off to sleep but I was woken up by steady knocking on the front door and Mom’s calling. I sprung off the easy chair and opened the front door to let Mom in.

“Where were you? And where’s Sundari?” asked Mom, questioningly.

“Mom! Hi! Sorry, I was reading the papers and fell asleep” I blabbered, pointing to her easy-chair and the dishevelled newspaper on the floor.

Mom walked across the living room towards the stairs. At that moment, Aayahmah came out from the kitchen.

“There you are, Sundari” said Mom, handing over her thermos flask to Aayahmah.

“What’s for lunch today?” asked Mom, with a big smile.

“Fried fish, kangkong, dhall and rasam” replied Aayahmah smiling.

“Great. Let me change and we can have lunch together” responded Mom.

I picked up and folded the newspaper, then closed the front door and headed downstairs. Aayahmah had already set the table. I took the cold water bottles from the fridge and then went to wash my hands. I sat down at the table and took a sip of ice cold water.

Aayahmah brought out the freshly fried fish and sat it at the centre of the table just as Mom appeared at the top of the stairs, wearing a long sleeveless housecoat.

As she walked down the stairs and headed towards the kitchen to wash her hands, I noticed that there was a bounce in her steps and her breasts were freely moving under her dress. Funny how in all these years I had never taken notice of something like that in Mom or Aayahmah but now, suddenly, every aspect Kıbrıs Escort of these women was interesting me and stimulating my thoughts.

Mom sat across the table from me and it did not take me long to realize that she was not wearing a bra.

“How was your day, Amma?” I asked, trying to switch my thoughts away from her body.

“Busy. A couple of traffic accident cases” she replied.

The three of us served ourselves to the food and ate in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying the taste and taking occasional glances at each other. Mom’s eyes were a little searching and inquisitive, asking silent questions – at least that’s how I felt. And my eyes were not behaving either – kept taking quick glimpses of her hairy armpits, her nipples which were pointedly hard and her divine face with the corners of my eyes. My prick was stirring under the table.

After a few mouthfuls of food, Mom asked me “So, what have you been up to Mohan?”

I gulped down my food before replying.

“Nothing much, Amma. Got out of bed only after 10” I answered grinning, taking another mouthful of rice.

“Lazy bugger! Why? Did you go to sleep very late?” responded Mom, before munching on some kangkong.

“Yes, watched TV till close* and then read a book” I replied, my mouth grinding the food as I talked. (*Note : in those good old days, television programmes ended shortly after midnight)

“Really? Only that or is there something more to tell?” asked Mom, a questioning look on her face as she took another mouthful of food.

Aayahmah looked up from her plate and glanced at Mom before turning to me, as if fearing the next question. Her fingers were toying with the food on her plate.

“Yes, Amma. Why?” I replied, looking her in the eyes and pretending to sound as innocent as a church mouse.

“Don’t pretend, Mister. We know what’s going on” Mom answered, sounding serious all of a sudden.

“What do you mean, Amma?” I continued, knowing that the game was over but maintaining the innocent tone. I was curious to get the words out of her mouth.

“Your Aayahmah and you!” Mom blurted out, switching looks between both of us, waiting for a response.

“We sensed something was going on between you two. We came down late last night and your door was open, Mohan. You were not in your bed. Then we heard sounds coming from your room, Sundari” continued Mom, pointing her face as she spoke, first to me and then to Aayahmah.

I did not know what to reply and looked down. So did Aayahmah.

“You certainly were not having a mother-son chat. That was for sure” said Mom, with a sarcastic giggle.

She prodded us to continue eating. A few seconds of total silence was broken by Mom’s next question.

“Who started it?” she asked.

“It was my fault!” Aayahmah and I answered almost simultaneously.

Mom broke out in laughter and choked a little on her food. As she lifted her hand to her mouth, I could not help admiring her silky long armpit hair. Neither could I stop the twitching inside my shorts. Somehow the atmosphere was stimulating me, sexually.

Mom cleared her throat with a gulp of water and waited for us to speak. Again, silence for a few seconds.

“How long has this been going on, Sundari?” asked Mom, a curious look on her face.

Aayahmah looked down as she answered “A few days ago, Rani-ma. It was my fault. I am sorry. It will not happen again, I promise.”

“No, Amma. I am the guilty one” I added, looking at Aayahmah and then directly into Mom’s eyes.

“Why? Did you force her against her will?” asked Mom.

“No!” came a silent reply from both of us, still looking down at our food and avoiding Mom’s prying eyes.

“I am sorry Mom” I responded, feeling bad and wondering how much they (Dad and Mom) had heard or seen. I had been right however – I did hear a door close last night.

“What are you feeling sorry about? Didn’t you want it? Didn’t you enjoy it?” asked Mom.

Neither of us dared to answer her

“Listen! There is nothing to feel guilty or sorry about. By the unmistakable sounds we heard last night, both of you seemed to have wanted it and you certainly seemed to have enjoyed whatever you both were doing” lectured Mom.

Again silence from us, as our fingers toyed with the last bits of food on our plates.

“Look! We are not angry with you both. And, we will not stop you from continuing your, shall I say, intimate relationship, if you both want it. You just have to be really, really careful” said Mom calmly, trying to convey her understanding.

We kept silent, in acknowledgement of Mom’s advice.

“No one else should know about this. Others may not accept this in the same way as your Dad and I do. To many people, this would be absolute taboo. Sundari and you are like mother and son and this would be incest” continued Mom.

“Do you both understand?” asked Mom.

We nodded in agreement. Aayahmah got up with her plate and walked towards the kitchen. Kıbrıs Escort She came out a few seconds later, having washed her hands.

“Mohan, you must never, never lose your respect for Sundari because of this. She will always be your Aayahmah – treat her always with that motherly respect. Is that clear?” advised Mom, very firmly.

“Yes, Amma. I promise” I answered her.

“I know you will. Anyway, your Dad will talk more about this with you later. But remember, the house will be full from tomorrow, so behave Mister. Keep your newfound desires and pleasures under lock and key. Ok?” continued Mom, smiling as if pleased with herself.

“Yes, Mom, I promise” I repeated and got up with my empty plate and walked towards the kitchen.

“And you, Sundari. I will have a talk with you later – a woman-to-woman talk” said Mom, getting up from the chair.

“Yes, Rani-ma” came Aayahmah’s reply, looking a little glum, now that our secret was out.

After helping to carry the food back to the kitchen and re-filling the water bottles for the fridge, I went upstairs to finish the newspaper. Mom and Aayahmah busied themselves in the kitchen, putting things away and cleaning up. I could hear them talking as I walked up the stairs.

I took the newspaper in my hands but had difficulty concentrating on it. I went out to the veranda and thought over what had transpired. I didn’t know what to expect anymore now that my parents knew about Aayahmah and me. Many questions were springing in my mind. What was Dad going to say to me? What was Mom going to tell Aayahmah? How was Aayahmah going to react? Was this the end of my beautiful relationship with Aayahmah? Most importantly, was this the end of my new found pleasures?

Putting aside the negative thoughts, I came back into the living room, finished reading the newspaper, then folded and left it on the coffee table. I decided to adjourn to my room downstairs and closed the main front door. As I walked away and crossed the entrance to my parents’ room, I stopped at the open doorway. I did not know why I did it but I peeked into my parents’ room. No sign of Mom. So she was probably still downstairs with Aayahmah.

Again without any reason, I stepped into their room and just made a glance around the room. Sprawled on the bed was Mom’s uniform that she had worn to work. And, sticking out from under her uniform was the strap of a bra, probably the one she had discarded after coming home. As if a strange magnetic power was drawing me to it, my hand reached out and pulled out the bra.

As my fingers caressed the lacy material, I felt a warm heat going through my fingers and spreading out into my body. How many times had I seen Mom’s discarded clothes and up to then, I had never even given it a thought. But here I was today, like a pervert, getting really turned on by her bra.

I lifted the bra to my face and inhaled the material. A sweaty but distinctively feminine aroma hit my senses – a quite different smell from Aayahmah’s. Almost instantly intoxicated by the aroma, I buried my nose in the cups as I felt my prick hardening. These had carried and held Mom’s magnificent boobs the whole morning and my cock throbbed with visions of that.

Almost instinctively, my tongue licked the material, my tongue tip touching the inside of the bra where Mom’s fat nipples would have been touching. For a few seconds, I stood there like that and imagined I was licking her hard nipples. My other hand stroked my now fully erect cock over the front of my shorts.

I was mighty excited and wanted the pleasure to continue. But knowing that I was in precarious surroundings, I decided to go down to my room. With one last, hungry lick of Mom’s bra I placed it back under her uniform where I had found it and adjusted my rampant dick inside my shorts, trying to camouflage the erection.

I stepped out of the room and went downstairs. Aayahmah’s room door was closed and I could hear Mom and her talking inside but very faintly. Probably Mom did not want me to hear what they were discussing. I decided not to bother and in any case, something more important needed my immediate attention.

I closed my room door and pulled down my shorts, releasing my excited prick. The hardness had not subsided even a little and the veins were bursting with energy. I pulled my foreskin back completely and admired the bulbous head, shining in splendour. As I stretched the foreskin I felt more blood rushing into the already full-sized meat. I didn’t know whether it was just my imagination but I thought it looked bigger than it did a week ago. I smiled – maybe the oil really did have the magical power!

Taking the bottle of oil beside the bed, I applied some on my blood engorged cock and stroked it slowly for a few minutes, spreading the lotion over the entire solid length. It was pointing straight out from my hairy groin, throbbing menacingly. I stroked the curly black hairs around the base with my other hand as I felt pleasure spreading out from my cock.

Pulling my shorts and underwear down to my ankles, I spread my legs and applied some oil to my scrotum. I carefully massaged the hairy nuts with my left hand while my right hand continued to stroke, now more vigorously, the bloated length of my oil-soaked dick. The sensations were just beautiful.

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