Waxed, Scanned and Touched Ch. 01

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As soon as Missy entered her apartment she lifted her skirt and ran her fingers over the front of her panties- extending them downward to cup her Venus Mound and the front of her pussy. Her panties were everyday cotton but the fabric was thin enough to reveal the smoothness of the newly waxed skin below rather than the unevenness of the hair to which she’d been accustomed. She toyed with the area through her panties as she reflected on being thirty years old- she’d had pubic hair since childhood. When had she first noticed her pubic hair? She’d never paid any attention to her Venus Mound or pussy in her early teen years so the hair seemed as if it had always been there. Well, it was gone now and wouldn’t be back for several weeks or maybe never if her boyfriend, Bill, had his way.

Missy dropped the hem of her skirt but only so that she could unzip the side of the tight skirt and remove it. Her panties went next. She took a few seconds to touch her naked flesh- the first contact feeling like a mild electric shock. Her fingers had never touched this area of skin before; there’d always been a layer of hair holding her fingers off. She didn’t have much time and needed to shower. Of course, this would also give her an even better opportunity to inspect her newly waxed pubic area. The waxing had hurt less than she’d expected but now she had to adjust to the new feeling of being hairless. She’d been very conscious of her pubic area on the 2 block walk from the salon to the apartment but guessed that might have been more in her mind than any physical difference. Touching herself in the shower was going to be her first real tangible confirmation of her new nudity.

As she walked toward the shower Missy hesitated before the full length mirror and explored herself with the pads of her fingers. She checked out how her Mound looked in the mirror. The absence of hair on her Mound probably wouldn’t be that obvious to anyone but herself but she felt more naked than she’d ever been before. She scanned the image of her body from her head to her knees and pushed her chest out while angling her legs to strike a sexy pose. She smiled- concluding that she was definitely hot. The waxed pussy area took away her prior innocent look and made her look sexually available- or at least that’s what she thought in her ten second self- assessment. She found her new look sexy and was aroused at thinking of herself that way. Remembering that she couldn’t linger at the mirror Missy was soon in the shower and lathering her upper body with shower gel.

Rubbing the slick gel over her large tits only added to her arousal. She was proud of her breasts; they’d generally been larger than any of her friends’ and she was very used to having men hit on her because of them. A ‘B cup’ had been enough to make her the belle of the 8th grade; in high school she’d rapidly grown to a C before the other girls got to her middle school size. As she recalled the C cup bras had needed replacement with Ds in her sophomore year in college and she’d stabilized at D or a little bigger. On a big college campus she wasn’t always the biggest but a tight top brought more attention than sheer size. Missy smiled as she remembered the two piles of ribbed tops in her college dresser. She’d worn size small for classes or if she wasn’t in a sexy mood. The pile of ‘XS’ tops was for the bar scene or other times when she wanted male attention. She loved her tits and most of her friends- male and female- seemed in awe of them.

Her tits felt great when she fondled them and her arousal increased as her shower gel covered hands slid over them. Her nipples were rock hard and obviously very pleased to have her fingers teasing them. A shiver of arousal ran through her as her nipples and pussy communicated. Missy wondered if she could bring herself off by just playing with her nipples. It had happened once when a boyfriend had played with her tits but only that one time. There was no time today but she resolved to experiment soon.

One slippery hand dropped to her pussy and she slid her fingers over her totally smooth Mound and pussy in a sexual manner for the first time. She explored- moving her fingers all over the area- enjoying the smooth curves of her Mound and outer lips. She felt incredibly sexy to the touch with the slippery gel eliminating most of the friction. Her Mound was very exposed and seemed to invite attention. She wondered if she’d be too self- conscious to shower at her gym. Would other women come on to her?

She was probably over reacting. She’d noticed several other women with no pubic hair or a provocative landing strip. In fact, she’d found it difficult not to stare but she’d always tried to be subtle and never talked to the women nor otherwise revealed her interest. Others might now act that way with her- silently staring at her Mound with curiosity or perhaps even lust. That was hot. She was sure they wouldn’t actually say or do anything but it was exciting to think they might notice her body for the first time.

She pulled her hand away from her Escort bayan intimate area and resumed her normal shower routine. She concluded her thoughts of the locker room were grossly exaggerated. She’d get used to her new look and the other women would ignore her as they’d always done. In any case, she had a more immediate new experience to face.

Bill was meeting her in 30 minutes in front of the apartment and bringing her to some mad scientists who made high tech bras. Bill was obsessed with her breasts and this was his latest kinky idea. He’d previously bought her skimpy bras, push up bras, bras with cut outs for her nipples, tight corsets and various nipple toys. He’d now heard about some new kind of personalized bras and was willing to pay the ridiculously high cost of getting bras custom made for her. She’d agreed to cooperate but was far from pleased with the whole idea.

As she understood it her breasts were going to be scanned and their exact size and shape fed into a computer. She didn’t know whether to expect some lecherous nerds in a garage or highly professional scientists working in a sterile lab. It unnerved her that Bill didn’t know much more than she about the people who would be scanning her. They’d learned about the new bras from the owner of a lingerie store but they didn’t know her beyond making some purchases in the shop. Missy was definitely nervous about the scanning but she’d agreed and would see it through.

Following her shower Missy dried off and got dressed. Following Bill’s directive she wore no bra since anything tight around her breasts might leave indentations in the flesh that would distort the scan. She’d matched a short skirt with a cotton blouse that buttoned down the front. She’d picked it since it was larger than most of her shirts- hiding her breasts rather than showcasing them.

She knew the blouse would have to come off for the scanning and wondered if she’d be wearing a hospital gown for the scan or if it required her to be topless. Between getting waxed and agreeing to this scanning she certainly was treating Bill well. He argued that the waxing would give her better sex and the new bras would fit perfectly but she knew these were just the justifications of a horny guy. Her willingness to play along made her wonder if she was in love or just a little perverted.

As she walked down two flights of stairs in her building her large breasts bounced obscenely under her blouse. Her breasts were between a full D or a small DD cup- depending on the manufacturer and bra style; at her size a bra was a necessity. She’d never touched another woman but somehow she felt her tits were softer and more subject to bouncing and swaying than those of other women. As a result she always wore a bra and except when indulging Bill her bras were designed for good support rather than sex appeal. In her mind leaving the apartment without a bra was very close to going topless. She was going to have to walk a little slower when people were around if she didn’t want them to stare at her moving blouse.

Having had full breasts from age 13 Missy was well aware of how they moved and changed shape as her body moved. She didn’t understand how a scan could be made of her breasts in any particular position that would be correct for another but was willing to assume the scientists understood that basic issue. She didn’t need to fully understand the process. As she saw it her role was to stand still and allow a computer to digitally feel her up and make an intimate garment to suit her unique breasts. It all seemed rather invasive but it was what Bill wanted and the edginess was strangely arousing.

Arriving at the street, Missy was pleased to see Bill’s car standing only about 150 feet down the curb near a bus stop. She started to walk briskly toward him but then slowed as she became self-conscious. Not having her sturdy bra holding her in place made a big difference. The sway of her breasts definitely reflected her walking speed; her blouse looked like a small animal was trying to escape when she rushed. At a slower pace her tits moved but the blouse hid most of the motion. There were no less than half a dozen men waiting for the bus and several of them had already noticed her approaching. She imagined their eyes were already boring through her blouse and enjoying her unfettered breasts. It might be just her imagination but it certainly felt as if she was the star in a porn movie.

As Missy passed the men and got closer to the car she could feel the blush in her cheeks. It was arousing to know she was bra-less just a few feet away from the male strangers. Her nipples were undoubtedly hard and begging to be noticed but she dared not look down; that would just call attention to herself. She had to walk as if everything was completely routine. She guessed there was at least one of the men who’d caught the motion of her tits and was staring at them with full knowledge she was bra-less but she kept her eyes focused on Bill’s car. As she reached the passenger side door Escort Missy took a deep breath before reaching for the handle. She knew she was being overly dramatic but it felt as if she’d just carried a raw steak past a pride of lions.

Once in the car Missy relaxed. She leaned over the console to kiss Bill and he leaned in to meet her. Bill’s eyes dropped to her chest and he said, “I’m glad you remembered not to wear a bra.”

Missy gave him a frustrated, “Right.” In reply to his puzzled look she explained briefly how embarrassed she’d been on the walk to the car. Bill listened and had an irritating small grin on his face. He then assured her that her blouse was rather loose and did an excellent job of concealing her breasts. The conversation ended as Bill focused on merging into the traffic.

Once on their way Bill asked, “So, how does your pussy feel?”

“Very exposed, vulnerable, and somewhat moist. I certainly didn’t enjoy the waxing but I’ve found the result rather arousing ever since I left the salon. I really enjoyed touching my hairless Venus Mound for the first time and staring at it in the mirror. I would have orgasmed in the shower if I hadn’t been in a rush to meet you. I guess we could say you already owe me an orgasm- and considering the pain I had- probably some nice jewelry or something else, too”

“I can’t wait to see and touch you without hair. I’m expecting us to both enjoy your new exposure. Removing the hair makes your sex more accessible and ready for my attention. The idea that at my request you’re keeping yourself ready for me is also arousing. I can’t wait to explore you with my fingers and mouth and making you cum. I think you’re going to love how it feels to be nude. I’ll give you your orgasm as soon as I can.”

Missy squirmed a little and said, “Well, so far I think you were probably right about getting rid of the hair. I’m feeling very naughty and sexy. I’m looking forward to your attention to my sexual needs.”

Changing the subject to the point of their drive Bill told Missy he’d done some follow-up research on the company they were visiting. He said it seemed reputable- having received some mention in the financial press for its scientific discoveries. There were patent applications pending for several of the techniques and materials the company had developed. They’d be visiting a suburban office park- not a seedy inner city neighborhood.

Missy replied, “I appreciate your assurances but you’re the one ‘visiting’. I’m going to be the one who is half- naked and the subject of an intimate groping by strangers- both human and electronic.”

Bill sheepishly acknowledged that his role was less intimate but he again stressed that the company was a high tech firm- not a sex store. He said, “I’m not trying to be a perv. Your breasts are fantastic. You’ve said bras don’t always fit you well. I’m trying to pamper your breasts- cradling them in a bra that’s been custom fitted and made just for you. Obviously, I love the idea that the fabric will be thinner and perhaps leave you a little easier to grab and feel but the bras are supposed to be comfortable and as close to ‘perfect’ as you can get.”

Missy snickered and said, “Right. You’re only thinking of my comfort. I still remember how ‘comfortable’ it was to wear a tight corset out to dinner.”

As they approached the address they’d been given Missy felt the single story industrial style office building didn’t look very high tech. In fact, the outside of the building looked tired and out of date. Nonetheless, as Bill had said, the neighborhood wasn’t threatening. The grass was cut and there were even some flowers blooming along the short sidewalk leading to the door.

They parked and walked toward the front of the building. Missy blushed as she realized her breasts weren’t bouncing as she walked toward the door; her fear had slowed her pace to that of a turtle. Bill touched her arm and nudged her forward saying, “No one is going to hurt you. We’re just exploring a new way to display your beautiful breasts. If it’s creepy inside we can leave but give it a chance.”

On entering the lobby Missy was immediately relieved to find a bright modern space with a sleek reception’s desk staffed by a well-dressed young woman. The receptionist promptly checked her computer and was polite in greeting Missy by name since they’d arrived just on time for her appointment. Before Missy or Bill could sit the receptionist was escorting them into another room which was also nicely furnished. A second woman was introduced to Missy as Ms. Stark, and identified as ‘one of our technical advisors.’ Ms. Stark stood, greeted Bill and Missy and asked them to sit.

With a few minutes of small talk Ms. Stark attempted to relax Missy. She suggested that she explain a little of the Company’s process, answer any questions Missy might have and enter her client information in the Company’s system.

As the woman spoke Bill tried to discretely check out her chest- silently wondering to himself if she was wearing Bayan Escort one of the company’s bras. It was difficult to get a good look at her breasts since she was wearing a suit jacket but the shell she had on under the jacket was form fitting and gave hints of a nicely rounded rack. Bill caught himself and stopped staring before the woman caught him but he knew his eyes would take a few more chances before they were done.

Ms. Stark said, “What we do here is not for everyone. It’s very expensive which I believe was mentioned when you made your appointment. I’m talking about a bra that costs about $1000.” Ms. Stark paused as she waited for some indication from Bill or Missy that the cost was understood.

Bill said, “The cost isn’t an issue.”

“Okay. Well as I assume you know our company uses high tech scanning and manufacturing to make personalized bras. As I said, it’s expensive. The first one involves the scanning and digital set up in the computer so it costs $1000. Additional bras using the same data cost $500. We suggest a new scan if you gain or lose a lot of weight but otherwise the scanned data should be good for several years. In other words, you can buy new bras at the $500 price.”

Bill was impatient with the focus on money and said, “As I said the cost isn’t a problem. We’re very interested but do you have samples? I’m not going to spend a Thousand bucks for an everyday, utilitarian bra. It will have to be somewhat sexy to capture my interest.”

“Of course. I understand. Let me show you a fabric sample and some digital photos.”

Ms. Stark opened a file on her laptop and gestured to a remote flat screen on the wall that was apparently linked to the laptop. She pulled a 6″ by 6″ square of gossamer thin fabric from a drawer and handed it to Bill as she directed his attention to a slide show on the screen. As Bill fingered the thin fabric he and Missy watched close-up images of several models wearing different bras. Bill was struck by the pictures; in each the bra was so thin and fit so perfectly that the model appeared almost naked. Some of the models had small breasts and others were well endowed; every bra seemed to fit the wearer perfectly. The various bra styles exposed more or less flesh but each seemed to fit the model’s breasts like a second skin while magically giving them the support of a bra. He was particularly struck by one bra that seemed no thicker than the others while pushing the model’s breasts up and in dramatically with delicious cleavage. That would be much sexier on Missy than the heavily padded push up bras she’d worn in the past. He was sold.

Ms. Stark explained, “My bosses are mad scientists. They’ve developed a methodology to combine 3D scans and computer guidance with modern molding to create custom bras. The materials they use are new technology with differing strength and stretch so the molded bra can offer extra lift under the breasts without any bulk. They feel like silk cloth but they’re actually a secret formula composite material.

The woman’s breasts are scanned from several angles and the computer analyzes the data to create the perfect bra in digital form. Implicit in the word ‘perfect’ is a fit like skin and varying stretch and strength in the several surface areas of the bra. Under the breast there’s obviously more of a need for strength than on the top. For the ‘push up’ effect there’s extra strength added to the lower side areas and so on. The computer then controls a molding machine that creates a virtually seamless bra using different materials in the several parts of the bra so the finished bra is perfect for the particular woman. The differing styles come from how the computer is programmed.”

Bill was obviously sold on the process. He loved the idea of Missy’s tits being cradled in such a thin fabric. Adding the seamless aspect and the ability to create cleavage without bulky pads gave the process incredible potential. Of course, the cost would limit the market for the resulting bras but fortunately Missy’s tits weren’t on a budget. Bill could easily afford to buy her a drawer full of the bras. As he visualized Missy wearing such thin bras Bill realized his cock was getting hard. He tried to shift his mental focus and turned to Missy saying, “Well, I’m sold. I assume you’re still with me and we can proceed.”

Missy blushed and replied, “I’m still embarrassed at the idea of being scanned but yes, I’m still with the program. The bras certainly seem to fit well.” She looked up at Ms. Stark and said, “What’s the next step?”

Ms. Stark assured her that the scanning was done by an all- female staff of well trained technicians. While there was some intimate touching involved the whole process was very professional and less invasive than getting fitted for a regular bra in a retail boutique. Missy was visibly relieved to hear there would be no men involved. Ms. Stark noticed her reaction and smiled; she’d seen the same reaction before but not always at the same point in her comments. It seemed that each woman had a particular fear- once that was addressed the person relaxed. Ms. Stark told Missy some basic information was needed for the file and proceeded to ask questions and input the responses. The questions ranged from billing address to very personal ob-gyn issues.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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