We Meet At Last

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Thanks to all who have sent feedback on my first two stories. The following is the first part of an ongoing collaboration between myself and the subject of those stories.

* * * * *

I have a great relationship with a writer from the Literotica website. Her name is Amy and she uses my real life examples as a basis for her stories, and publishes them for everyone to see, regardless of how embarrassing they are for me.

My life changed one day when Amy decided to proceed further than our current email relationship. She sent a email asking for my phone number. It was firm and said she wouldn’t do any more stories unless she had it. Very reluctant, I gave her my cell phone number, figuring she would never call me. Assuming she lived far enough away, she wouldn’t make a long distance call.

One morning, several weeks later, I got a call on my cell phone. It was Amy in a stern voice instructing she would soon have more control over me, starting with having me wear women’s underwear for work the next day. Not specific enough on what color and type, just a short introduction, some instructions, and she hung up. I never even got ask any questions. I got an instant erection at work that lasted the whole day. That night, she wrote me an email asking me for a list of all my women’s clothes. Everything I had, broken down by color and style. I even had to explain the fit of each item, and how they turned me on. It took a while, but I came up with a list for her. She then proceeded to tell me my life was going to get more exciting, as she and Monica had worked out a deal. It seems either Amy lived a lot closer than I expected or, she made arrangements to be in town next week. I was shocked and excited that I might actually get to meet Amy, she has been so mysterious. Amy tells me that her and Monica worked out a deal to LEND ME to Amy for the week that she’ll be in town. Just talking to her on the phone is extremely hot, now that I am to be hers for a week is fantastic.

I asked a lot of questions. Would she be stopping by our house for a short introduction? Does she already know Monica? What will I be doing for her? Where would I be staying? She answered none of them, just telling me to be patient. She told me to have

all my “female” clothing clean and available, as I won’t know what I’ll be needing or when.

Three days later I was at my desk when my cell phone

rang. It was Amy! She said…………

“I hope you are ready for me. Have you been bringing a change of clothes to work with you like I instructed?”

I stammered a response. I had been fantasizing about this day, but I guess I really didn’t think it would happen.

“Speak up Rob! Don’t mumble when you are speaking to me. I am waiting outside, get your bag and come out, and you had better be wearing the leather panties that Monica bought for you.”

Hot damn, I wasn’t sure I could get out of the office fast enough or without all my co-workers seeing that I had a raging hard-on. Grabbing my bag and carrying it in front of my crotch I walked as fast as I possible could without running to the door. There parked at the curb was a black stretch limo, the driver holding the door for me. Taking a deep breath I ducked my head and slid in. The hard-on that had started to ease slightly in my dash to the car returned with a vengeance. My first glimpse of the face behind the eroticism Amy and I had shared for so many months.

Amy directed the driver to head for a prearranged destination. She was still keeping the mystery going. Raising the window to seal us off from front seat Amy turned towards me. She licked her lips, running her tongue over her glossy red lipstick.

“Now is the moment of truth Rob. I find out if you have honestly been wearing what I tell you to. Take off your pants and let me see.”

I looked at this woman before me, dressed in a red mini skirt and matching red tank with a plunging neck line. My eyes locked with hers for a moment before she looked down to watch my unveiling. When she caught her first glimpse of the black leather beneath my kakis, she smiled. When my pants were around my ankles illegal bahis and she could see that I was indeed listening to her instructions her smile got a little brighter. She reached out with one red dagger tipped finger and ran it lightly over my hard cock.

“I can see this is turning you on.”

Sniffing the air I could tell that I was not the only one getting hot. From what I could smell Amy’s pussy was also reacting to the situation. I wondered what she had in store for me and asked her to give me at least a little hint. Before she could answer however, the limo pulled to a stop. Telling the driver to stay put Amy instructed me to pull my pants up. That done she gave my cock a hard quick squeeze and told me to get out and hold the door for her. She had the driver remove her bags from the trunk and hand them to me.

Staggering under the weight of her luggage(from the looks of things she planned on staying a year) I followed her into the hotel…..

It was a pretty fancy hotel. We were on the 10th floor, and I had to haul her luggage the entire way into the room. As soon as the door closed behind us in the room, Amy changed he clothes.

I was told in a rather stern voice to strip down to my leather thong. Apparently, I wasn’t doing it fast enough, because I got a rather painful swat on the ass, and told to hurry. Just as I was ready, someone knocked on the door and she opened it. It was the limo driver. Amy took my clothes and shoes, and handed them to him. He nodded,

and she closed the door. Amy said, I could have them back next week if I was lucky. For now, I would have to make do with what was in the suitcases she packed.

Amy explained that she was in town for a week, and had quite bit in store for me. She would explain the details later, as she wanted to go downstairs and have a drink to relax. She joked that I would be welcome to join her, but I really didn’t have any clothes.

She laughed and said to unpack all her things while was gone.

Not leaving me any other instructions, she shut the door behind her. Here I am wearing a women’s thong, trapped in a hotel with 2 big heavy suitcases. I started to unpack them as she requested. The first one had lots of sexy clothes, lingerie, and sex toys. Things like handcuffs, long silk scarves, a few different riding crops, and some different blindfolds. I got an instant erection playing with her clothes. Feeling her silk panties, and bras got me very hard. The other suitcase had women’s make up, and more

clothes, these ones seemed larger in size, as if they could fit me. Full outfits like skirts, dresses, and blouses in a size 9, which us the size that just happens to fit me. Then there was several wigs and larger pairs of women shoes in the bottom. I assumed they were all for me, and almost started masturbating. I took extra special care to organize them

accordingly in the drawers.

I could no longer take it, and started to masturbate. Just then I heard the door open and Amy was there looking at me with my cock in my hand. She looked a little pissed, and had me sit on the floor in front of the bed. As she sat down on the bed, her feet were inches from me, and her perfume was incredible.

She said, “It about time I explained why you’re here, and what I plan to do with you.”

“Lay down on the bed. ”

I noticed there were 2 twin beds, so I laid down on one. I was naked, with a raging hard on, which seemed to be growing as I anticipated what Amy was going to have me do.

“Do not move, do not say a word.”

I followed her with my eyes as she inspected my unpacking. She nodded in approval as she pulled out a white lace bustier and panty/garter set. Opening another drawer she took out a pair of white stockings and then moved to get a pair of white 3-inch stiletto heels. Her outfit ready she moved to the dresser which held the clothing she had packed for me. Choosing white undergarments similar to hers, she also selected a red tube dress.

“Now, I have had a long day and need to relax before my company arrives for dinner.”

Even though I attempted to casino siteleri hide my surprise my eyes must have widened because Amy reached out to grab my balls.

“Are you not mine this week Rob? Did you not agree to do what I say?”

I replied that yes that was true.

“Well then,” squeezing my balls a little harder, “Don’t start acting surprised and skittish before we begin. I promise you will enjoy yourself. Get up and run me a bath, but be sure you keep that cock nice and hard for me.”

I shuffled into the massive bathroom and turned on the water, all the while stroking myself. Noticing the bottle of scented bath oil in her toiletry bag I added a generous splash. The smell was pure Amy. Over the gurgle of the tub I could hear Amy speaking to someone. I wondered if she was speaking with Monica, finding out just how obedient I would be or if there was someone else here. I stood there, inhaling her scent and slowly jerking my cock, when the door opened and Amy entered.

“Undress me.”

My hands trembling, I moved behind her to unzip her dress. I took great care in removing her clothes and folding them, making sure that I did not touch more skin than was necessary, even though I wanted to feel every inch of her. As I finished removing her panties I knelt before her and waited for more instruction. Amy stepped into the sunken tub and indicated I should join her. I sat opposite her as she sunk lower into the water until only her head rested on the back. She lifted one leg and placed it on my shoulder.

“My muscles are tight, rub them for me.”

Taking her foot in my hand, I gently massaged each toe. Working my way down her foot and up her leg I could see her breathing changing. As I reached her thigh she pushed forward so that suddenly her breast was in my face. As she slipped her hand into her pussy she urged me to suck on her nipple. Slowly she stroked her clit and began to explain what she expected from me this evening.

“My friends Emily and John will be coming for dinner. I have already ordered from room service. You will wear what I have chosen and serve us. When we are through I will give you more information.”

I moaned against her nipple. She too was obviously anticipating the evening as she had started fucking her fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Stand up and put your cock in my mouth. Don’t you dare cum though.”

With my dick deep in her throat she fucked herself harder. Moaning as she tried to take me deeper, she held my balls with her free hand. As turned on as I was at that moment it took all my control not to blow my load into her. She bucked her hips, sloshing water onto the floor. With a moan that vibrated up my cock Amy slammed her fingers up into her snatch and came. Her head fell back and my cock slipped out of her hot mouth.

“Much better,” she sighed.

“For you maybe,” I thought. My dick was ready to explode.

When she had recovered from her orgasm enough to stand, she stepped out of the tub as I handed her a towel. The woman was built, that’s for sure. With her blonde hair, 38C tits and long legs she looked like she had just stepped from the pages of Playboy. When she was dry, she handed me her wet towel to dry myself. When I was through she led me out to sit in front of the mirror. Quickly she applied a touch of mascara to my lashes and a hint of color to my lips. Telling me to get dressed she turned to her own makeup and hair. When she was done she turned to inspect my outfit.

“I like that color on you. You look perfect for what I have planned for this evening.”

She slowly dressed in her lingerie, making sure that I was watching. Suddenly it dawned on me. Amy had not picked out any outer clothes for dinner. Was she going to entertain company like that? The thought made my dick lurch. I hoped she would let me cum soon.

We were standing there admiring each others outfits when there was a knock on the door. Amy moved to sit on the sofa as she told me to answer the door. I took a deep breath and opened it.

“Good evening,” I smiled. “You must be Emily and John. Come poker siteleri on in.”

I reached out to take Emily’s coat and almost came right then. She was wearing only a see through black lace body suit. I was going to be serving dinner to two nearly naked women. I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to control myself for that long. The need to cum was almost unbearable. Taking another deep breath, I turned to the group on the couch and offered them drinks. After serving them I took a seat on the floor at Amy’s feet until there was another knock at the door.

“That must be dinner,” Amy said. “Rob, you can get that for me.”

Boy, was I going to give that waiter a laugh. I could just imagine what he was going to tell the others down in the kitchen. Signing for the food, I thanked him and took the cart over to the table. Setting out the napkins and silverware I felt a hand rubbing my ass. It was Emily. she whispered in my ear how hot she thought tonight was going to be and how lucky Amy was to have found a generous woman like Monica. I mumbled something back about hoping she enjoyed herself.

When the trio was seated, I poured each of them a glass of wine. Amy indicated the fourth plate and that I should sit on the couch and eat. As I ate I watched closely to make sure that they had everything they needed. The girls giggled as they teased John about trying on some of their panties. I blushed as he glared across the room at me. Soon dinner was done and they moved back to the couch while I picked things up. After pushing the room service cart out into the hall, I turned to see what Amy wanted me to do next. My cock was again rock hard as I stared at the couch. Amy and Emily were kneeling on either side of John, kissing as he played with their tits. Amy motioned for me to sit on the end of the bed and watch.

Breaking off the kiss Amy walked over to me and kissed me. I could taste Emily on her mouth. Standing between my legs, she continued to kiss me as she ground against my cock.

“Would you like to cum Rob?”

I moaned my answer against her huge melons.

“Get a couple of the scarves that I brought.”

As I moved to the dresser Amy took Emily’s hand and led her to the bed, as John stripped his wife. She indicated to me that I should tie Emily’s hands to the posts. Amy and john each took a scarf and made sure that Emily’s feet were secure. Now I was standing there looking at a naked woman tied spread eagle to a bed.

When John moved to use the bathroom Amy kissed me again. Swaying against me, she undid my zipper and pushed the dress down. John returned and sat on the couch. He had used his time in the bathroom to strip down. Amy knelt in front of me to remove my panties. I now stood in front of these people in nothing but a pair of stockings, my cock standing straight up. Amy ran her tongue over the leaking head and smacked her lips. She led me over to stand by the bed.

“Now is your turn Rob. I want you to jerk off for us and shoot your load all over Emily for me.”

After saying that Amy swatted my ass and walked over to sit on John’s lap. She smiled at me as I began to stroke myself. I went slowly, sliding my hand over the head to gather some pre-cum before running my hand down the shaft. Slipping my hand down i gave my balls a quick rub. I looked at Amy and she licked her lips as John’s hands played with her nipples. Moving up and down my cock in long even strokes I looked down at the woman on the bed. Her head was back and she was panting as she watched me pulling on my cock. She whispered encouragement for me to cover her with my jizz. My hand was moving faster as I watched John slide a finger into Amy’s pussy. I moaned as I pummeled harder and harder.

Amy was bouncing up and down on John’s hand as she moaned, “That’s it Rob. cover her with your cum. Make sure you get it all over her tits. I wanna be able to lick that hot load off that gorgeous body of Emily’s”

Holy fuck! Hearing that was way too much for me. I slid my hand up and back down my cock one more time and with a yell began to pump long creamy strings of spunk across Emily. It seemed to me that I just kept cumming and cumming, bathing the woman. Amy came to stand behind me and helped me move to the other bed. I came so hard I was almost to weak to make it. I sat there gasping for breath as John congratulated me on the amount of cum I had produced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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