Wedding Bound

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She awoke earlier than usual this morning. Laid in bed for a moment, knowing that there must be some reason for it – usually she sleeps right through the alarm – and then remembered: today is her wedding day. The house is quiet, the rest of the wedding party having cleared out the night before to give her some peace and privacy to make herself ready.

She stretched languorously, slipped out of bed and padded into the bathroom to run a tub. She added a little oil, the one that makes her feel sexy, and slipped in to the steaming water. As she soaked, she thought more about her fiancé, a nice enough man, one she thought she could be happy with, but who had never really fanned the flames of her desire. At least not the way she’d hoped he would. Not like her ex-boyfriend did.

Thinking about him always quickened her pulse, her heart, the wetness between her legs. She let her head fall back to rest on the porcelain, and spread her legs under the silky water. Her fingers trailed down her body, across her breasts, pausing only to pinch each nipple softly, then down between her legs to her naked slit. She teased herself by barely touching the lips for as long as she could stand it, until her clit was swollen and throbbing between them, before giving in and rubbing it hard.

Using both hands now, she rubbed little circles on her clit with one, and inserted two fingers from the other hand into her pussy, pumping in and out not too quickly, but not too slowly – the way she likes it best. She thought about the ex, the way he loved to go down on her, to lick her pussy until she was crying out for him to let her come, and the way he’d lap at her cunt afterward, cleaning her. Her fingers moved faster under the water, her back arching up, up, up, until she reached her peak and called his name out to the heavens as she came.

She soaked awhile longer, idly playing with her pussy, and when the water started to turn cold, she got out and dried Escort bayan herself with a thick towel. She sat naked at her dressing table to put on her makeup, then opened the box that her mother had given her last night. In it lay an exquisite white satin corset, a white garter belt and a pair of sheer silk stockings.

She dressed herself in them, admiring the way her pert breasts with their rosy nipples sat proudly above the corset, the line of the garter belt around her waist, and the whisper light stockings as they slid almost effortlessly up her lithe, tanned legs. She admired the view for a moment, nipples erect, skin flushed from the heat of the bathwater, pussy bare between her stocking clad legs. The doorbell rang, and she threw on a short white silk robe, then flew down the stairs to answer it.

A good looking, heavily muscled man stood there, cap in hand, his blue eyes almost popping out of his head, and she realized she’d forgotten to tie the robe closed. She did it now, unembarrassed, and asked if she could help him.

“I’m your driver, Peter, miss,” he said, eyes still agog, “I’m here to pick you and your father up to take you to the church.”

Her eyes filled with tears, “I’m afraid I’m going alone today,” she said softly, “my father died last year.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, and she smiled and invited him in.

“I’m not quite ready, as you can see, so please, make yourself comfortable, and I’ll be down in a few minutes.” He settled onto the couch, and she flew back up the stairs to her room.

“Handsome,” she thought. “I wonder what he’d be like in the sack?” She put it from her mind as she stepped into her gown, strapless, low cut, slit up to here. Not quite your traditional dress, but she wasn’t a traditional bride. She fiddled with the zipper but couldn’t quite get it all the way up to the top, and it was only after a minute or two of fussing with it that she realized she’d Escort have to ask for help.

“Peter?” she called down the stairs, “could you help me for a moment, please?” She didn’t think it was entirely proper for him to come up to her bedroom, so she walked down the stairs to where he waited in the living room.

“My zipper, I can’t reach it and … would you do this up for me?” He smiled and as he reached out to her, one of his warm hands touched the skin on the back of her neck, sending a shiver up her spine.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered, “your father would be so proud.” At that, she burst into tears. Peter put his strong arms around her without thinking, and she snuggled into him, where, to her surprise, she felt quite safe. They walked awkwardly to the couch and sat down.

“There, there,” he said, “you’ll be okay.” He kissed her forehead, and she realized that her pussy – which always had a mind of it’s own – was reacting again. She leaned in to him further and he held her tighter and kissed her forehead again.

She raised her face to meet him then and kissed him full on the lips. If he was surprised, he didn’t show it, but instead accepted her kiss, and kissed her back with an intensity that shocked them both. She slipped her tongue into his mouth to meet his and reached out to caress the growing bulge in his pants.

He broke the kiss, “I don’t think we should…” he started to say, and she interrupted him with another kiss.

“We should,” she said, “please, I need this, need you…”

She turned to face him now, stood up, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor, removed the veil, then got down onto her knees in front of him, and reached for his belt buckle. As she undid his pants, he caressed her full breasts, tweaking the still hard nipples and rolling them between his fingers. Once she freed his beautiful cock from its cloth prison, she leaned in and took him all the Bayan Escort way into her mouth, causing him to groan aloud. “That’s so good, baby,” he said, “don’t stop.”

She licked him up and down, circled her tongue around the head of his cock, and sucked gently, then took him all the way back into her mouth with increasing speed and passion. In and out, up and down she sucked him, his dick swelling more with each pass of her tongue.

His hands on her shoulders pushed her back before helping her up into his lap, where she slid down his rigid cock in one smooth, velvet stroke. She called his name then, as she bounced up and down on him, but his only answer was to suck on her nipples, first one, then the other, biting just a little.

“Harder,” she demanded, and he increased pressure, raising little red welts on her delicate skin.

“Fuck yes,” she cried, head thrown back, “now fuck me, fuck me so hard…”

He held her hips then, digging his fingers in to better hold on to her, and pounded her hot little cunt with all the force he could muster. Her moans of pleasure echoed in his ears, and he fucked her even harder, harder than he’d thought possible. He felt her pussy contract around him, over and over again, and used the thumb of one hand to tease her clit.

“Yes, yes, OH GOD YES, now now NOWWWW,” she howled, and collapsed against him, breathing heavily.

After a moment, she stood again, pulled him to his feet and once again knelt in front of him. She opened her lips and put her mouth on him, licking every inch of it to clean him, to taste the way they mingled together on his flesh. She stroked his balls gently as she sucked his prick, in and out of her mouth, out and in, almost like it was mechanized. His hands were in her hair, and he felt his balls tighten, the head of his cock swell, and before he knew it, he was crying out his lust for her as he came.

She looked up at him, watching his face, and pulled away a moment too soon, so that the last spurt of his hot come landed squarely on her bottom lip. She licked it off slowly, with a feline grace, and smiled at him. “I have an hour before I have to be at the church,” she said, “let’s go upstairs.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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