Weekend for Four Ch. 03

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Weekend for Four

Chapter 3 — Sensual Saturday

This morning, the room was bright enough that I could tell for sure it was Rita cuddled up against me, her glorious mane of red hair spilling across my chest, one well-toned arm flung across me, hugging me. The room was heavy with the musky scent of lovemaking, and dapples of sunlight played on her bare skin. We had made love twice after going to bed upstairs, the second time when she heard my wife and Bill busy in my bedroom downstairs. This was two mornings in a row I’d awakened to the sound of Claire and our other guest getting their rocks off, and the second morning Rita had shared the same bed with me.

The dreamy smile on her lips invited me to kiss her, which I did.

She kissed back, opening her mouth to take my tongue into hers, and I turned towards her. She squirmed happily as her nipples rubbed against me, and she put her other arm around my shoulders, pulling me in to her. Claire and I usually slept naked; Rita and I did the same, and the feel of the auburn haired beauty, our skin touching along the length of our bodies, was indescribably erotic, and I felt an actual ache for Rita, for her entire body, her lips, her mouth, her pussy.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she must have seen the desire in my eyes. Her smoldering gaze was riveting, and her smile pledged incredible wake-up sex. Softly and seductively, she whispered, “Do you like it better when I surprise you by being in Claire’s place, or knowing you’re going to wake up next to me?”

“I loved the surprise, but this is just a little better.”

She kissed me again. “There was no wrong answer, sexy.” She leaned up on one elbow, and applied pressure to my shoulder, urging me to lie on my back. “Now, I’m going to go cowgirl on you, sitting on your cock and letting you shoot inside me.” With that, she swung one tanned leg over me, then mounted me, her ass still over my thighs, and worked her fingers on my dick, getting me ready for her.

It didn’t take long until I was hard again, and she aimed the head of my cock at the gates to her pussy, maneuvering it into place in the jungle of red hair at its gates. Moist warmth spread down my cock as I slid inside her, and her eyes closed in bliss at the sensation. Last night she had squirted while I ate her pussy in the hot tub, and again when Claire’s and Bill’s passionate moans had reignited our passions a few hours ago. Rita felt as wet and ready as every time I’d been in her since the weekend began.

I love Claire, my sexy blonde wife. I also loved that she invited Rita into our home to spend time and intimate moments with me. Claire was having fun of her own with Bill, of course, but she had made sure I wasn’t left just watching her, and that I had a great weekend, too. Rita, the red-headed spitfire I was now, again, sharing a bed with, and Bill, her ex-boyfriend from college, had both been very intimate with Claire more than once in college, and at least once with all three of them together.

Wishing I had been there with them in college, all together, my heart quickened at the thought of Claire coaxing Rita to an orgasm with her tongue and lips. “Rita?” It was hard to concentrate on the words, but I needed to know.

Patient and loving, Rita didn’t skip a beat riding me. “Mmmm. Yes, baby?”

“When Claire went down on you, did you…squirt?”

Rita’s sensual moan answered even before she spoke. “Fuck, yes, baby. She loved it the first time I filled her mouth. And the second time. And the…oooh!” It was clearly a better time for a long fuck than a short conversation, and I went silent, just feeling her pussy surrounding my dick.

Her hips described a small circle, pussy lips working my hard-on like a joystick, which I suppose it was, but she was going more slowly, seemingly intent on having every bit of my cock rub against every square inch inside her, drawing out the moments for as long as she could. The circle eventually turned into figure eight, and she kept her eyes closed, focused on the long slow good morning lay we were having.

After a while, she put her hands on my hips to brace herself, then lifted her body up, most of my rigid cock outside of her, before settling down slowly, letting me enter her the rest of the way once more. The air in the room was cool, an amazing counterpoint to the warmth inside her and the languid pace as she took me all the way in over and over…

Even with all the sex I’d had, all four of us had, since Thursday night, Rita was still exciting and new, and I knew she and I would have matching climaxes in a very short time. She settled back down on me, and returned to the figure-eight motion of several minutes earlier. My hands found her slender, well-muscled hips, and held her while she worked my cock. I didn’t try to change her direction or her speed, just marveled at the slow fucking she was giving me. Her nipples were curdled and stiff as she had her way with me, two pink tips bakımlı gaziantep escort in the middle of her creamy white tits. Just now, I knew how much I loved tanlines…

Rita’s belly was tight, and I felt more than saw the motion and the tension of the muscles in her pussy and ass, tightening and relaxing with a careful rhythm, just like Thursday night. Her joke notwithstanding, I believed her when she claimed extensive studies for her minor in sexual technique. What she was doing, giving me, had all the best features of a hand job, a blow job, and an exquisite, expert lay.

“Fuck, Rita. You feel…wonderful…I want to…cum inside you again…” I don’t know why I kept whispering. Maybe I was afraid of breaking the mood, which on the face of it seemed impossible, but still my voice was low, private, as if what we were doing was a secret.

In answer, Rita leaned forward and let her erect nipples touch the hairs on my chest, the aureoles tickling themselves in the forest of rough, kinky foliage. “And I want you to, my love.”

Those last two words surprised me, but not enough to slow the quickening cadence, building to our inevitable fast humping and matching, maybe even simultaneous, orgasms. Gripping her hips, my hands started to move them faster back and forth. Gone were the delicate movements of her hips or our gentle fucking. This was an erotic frenzy, a storm ready to shatter the ground with bolts of lightning.

Rita’s ecstatic moans were louder now, and I knew they could hear us downstairs, the slapping of our groins in our lust echoing in the tiny room. Maybe, I thought, maybe Bill and Claire will hear us this time, and start fucking while listening to us. Then all coherent thoughts were gone, and I felt my cock, my entire body, tingle with the onrushing finish line.

“You’re close, baby…” We both were, and it was all I could do to nod.

“Good,” she cooed. Then, “Say my name.” Her scent filled my senses, and the incredible feel of her slick, hot pussy was irresistible. I wanted to make love to her forever.

“Rita…” Anything more complex was beyond me at the moment.

She gave me a lazy grin, interrupted by another groan. “When you cum, say my name. You’re fucking me, not Claire, and I want the whole house to know it. Let her hear you fuck me and cum inside me…” Her smile was gentle and feral, almost predatory. “You heard her say Bill’s name when she fucked him on your couch, and in your own bed. It’s alright, baby. Say ‘Rita’ this time… Let them know you’re fucking me and loving it! Scream my name, baby…” Her words were insistent, but her voice was still low, intense.

Rita’s hips took over, no longer just taking me in, but devouring me, hungry for my cum, eager to gobble every bit of it into her pussy, milking it out of me. “Say my name, baby…” I couldn’t ignore her plea, and didn’t want to. I wanted Claire and Bill to hear me cumming inside Rita’s hot, wet hole, and know I was enjoying my weekend as much, even more than they were. That thought pushed me over the edge.

“Oh, fuck, Rita! I’m cumming, baby, oh god keep fucking me, Rita!” I roared her name, eager to let them know I was claiming her, fucking her upstairs where they could hear us. The door to the hall was wide open, and they couldn’t miss a single stroke, a single moan, nor a single orgasm. I knew Claire and Bill heard us both downstairs, that both of them were even now stripping off their clothes, and Claire was on her knees, sucking Bill’s cock before she was going to turn away from him, letting him fuck her from behind against the kitchen counter, her gorgeous tits swaying each time his cock invaded her, pushing her hips against the counter…

Rita moaned louder. “Oh, fuck me baby, fuck me! I’m riding your big cock, baby, fuck me hard. I want your cum in me, don’t pull out, don’t you fucking dare pull out.” She flashed an impish grin, and I knew this was for Bill and Claire too, not just for me. “God, fuck me so hard, baby, I want your cum, give me your whole load!” Knowing my wife could hear, couldn’t escape hearing, the wonderful fucking Rita and I were giving each other, made me redouble my thrusting.

Our orgasms rose together, a beautiful collision and its aftermath. My cock throbbed, pulsing as each bit of cum drove upwards into her belly, and Rita screamed happily, abandoning all pretense of being quiet. I felt a flood of hot, sweet juices squirting from inside her, drenching me, trickling down my shaft. Her body shook, and I felt her twat tighten, almost as if she was sucking me dry, pulling every bit of semen out of me. Our moans subsided, and I thought I heard them faintly echo. Part of me hoped Rita and Bill weren’t fucking, and were just sitting stunned at how well, how thoroughly, we had just committed a wonderful early morning balling.

The aftershocks of our shared orgasms waned, and her thin, sweet juices mingled bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan with the salty thickness of my semen at our crotches. Rita was holding me tight, her arms having worked their way around my neck, and she panted, squeezing the last little bit out of me. She kissed me. “I love you…”

Three little words I’d only heard the last three decades from Claire, at least while naked. I didn’t think I had an answer, but I really did. I thought it might change things, but pounding and licking Rita’s pussy had already changed things. This time I did whisper, not to conceal it, but because the moment belonged to us, to me and to Rita, alone. “I love you, Rita.”

Her arms tightened around my neck, and her thighs gripped me tightly. “Thank you.” Another trickle of wetness, this time from her eyes, pattered gently on my shoulder, tears of joy. My vision blurred at the same time, and I held her on top of me while we recovered, and for a while after that.

We didn’t even realize we had slept until we woke with a start to the distant whine of the vacuum cleaner downstairs. No clock in the upstairs bedroom, no need without company, but the sun was higher. I kissed Rita again, and she responded quickly, sinuously stretching and rubbing her body against mine, giving me a soft desirous groan as the head of my cock pulled away from the sticky mass still at our crotches. We got out of the bed, and I considered for a moment that Claire and I had a lot of sheets to change and wash once our guests departed.

Making our way into the guest bathroom upstairs, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the bed Bill and Rita had used Thursday night was straightened up. Fresh towels and the scent of bathroom cleaner, bright and lemony, greeted us, everything in its place in the guest bath. I honestly didn’t know when Claire had made time to tidy up, when she even could have, with everything the four of us had been doing, and wondered if she had been upstairs listening when I’d been pounding Rita’s pussy.

Rita started brushing her teeth, and I rinsed my mouth with the mouthwash we left up here; running downstairs naked to brush them and then run back to share a shower would probably break the mood. Besides, I still wanted Rita to myself for a while longer.

We showered together, washing each other slowly, interspersed with slow and loving kisses on our mouths and other places. I took my time toweling her off, each swipe of the thick, luxurious fabric on her skin a testament to what I felt for her, and she did the same to me. Not a word passed between us, until we were both dried off, smelling of the same citrus body wash Claire and Bill had used just the prior morning.

Rita slowly put her arms around me, kissing me with a gentle passion. “Baby, do you know why I said it?” I shook my head, not quite registering what she said. She smiled, love in her eyes. “Because you love me, too, and one of us had to say it first.”

“Rita, I’m married.” I did love her, I knew, but was surprised at first I felt no sting of betrayal at the thought. The nights of fucking Rita weren’t a betrayal, though. They were a gift from Claire, and also from Rita.

She laughed. “Don’t I know that! I told you already I’m not interested in stealing you from her. Besides, it would make class reunions a little uncomfortable.” She kissed me again, parting her lips so I could taste her tongue enfolded in mine. “I really do love you, though. You have to admit, it makes the sex just a bit better when love is involved, right?”

I agreed, and showed it with a hungry, longing kiss that seemed to last the whole morning.


We walked downstairs naked, me to dress (and, I reminded myself, to brush my damn teeth), and otherwise get ready for the day, while Rita scampered over to the pile of clothes from before we hot-tubbed, and started filling her arms with them.

“Stop.” It was Claire’s voice, from the kitchen, and she stepped around the corner wearing only a white apron decorated by a bright yellow embroidered daisy, and a wistful smile. She stepped up over and kissed me. “You had a good morning, didn’t you?” The way her eyebrow arched as she said it communicated her satisfaction with and awareness of that fact.

“I did.”

She stroked my dick with long, delicate fingers, and leaned into me. “Been busy all morning with the house, and I still need a shower, and someone to scrub my back.” Tracing her fingertips along my sensitive shaft, she couldn’t be denied. “I know you’ve already showered, but you can never be too clean. Or dirty…” The last word was barely a breath, and a promise. Rita nodded, and waved us down the hall. Apparently love didn’t mean exclusive access to her, either.

Claire doffed the apron and tossed it onto the loveseat. I could feel the heat coming off her twat, and the scent of her arousal. We were in the escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan shower a minute later, and I was surprised how much hot water was left.

It was the first time I’d had Claire all to myself since Thursday morning, and there was no way I was going to waste it. Under the steamy spray, we kissed long and hard, feeling each other’s bodies, wet and soapy, running our hands over every square inch of skin. Claire is incredibly hot, and it surprised me that, after Rita’s and my evening, after watching Bill take my wife last night, I wanted her now, more even than Rita.

My fingers made their way to Claire’s pussy, and parted the golden bush there, passing the gates and venturing inside her. Slowly fingering her, I bent my neck down to lick and suck first one nipple, then the other. She gasped and moaned, all pretense of a simple shower gone.

The stall was large enough for what she had planned. “Funny weekend.”

“Babe, they’re your friends.”

“Yours too, now. I was just thinking. You got to fuck Rita, and I’m getting to have Bill’s cock in my pussy, mouth and ass.” She must have seen the surprise flicker across my face, and she chuckled. “Like you didn’t know he likes sinking his dick in a gorgeous ass. Rita fingered me and licked Bill’s cum off my tits, and then Bill sucked your cock last night, after you let him fuck your mouth Thursday.

“What I miss right now, what I want, is your cock in my snatch, and I want it right now.” Claire turned and leaned on the low tiled shower bench, showing me her well-rounded buttocks, spreading her legs to take me inside. “Fill my pussy, baby. Please.”

I came in from behind, and slid my hard-on between her labia, letting just the glans penetrate her. She moaned. “All the way, sweetheart. Put it all the way in.” Her whispers gently urged me to take her, the same way I’d enjoyed Rita three times last night and this morning. I lifted her left leg, helped her position it on the bench. It tightened her slit, for both of us, like playing a violin with my cock as the bow, playing and tightening the strings. My hands were on her pale, though not as pale as Rita’s, hips.

It had been maybe two hours, I calculated roughly, since I’d filled Rita’s pussy, and all four of us had been busy, trading orgasms and long, deep kisses since Thursday night. All that time, even though Claire had been naked most of the time in the house, she had been enjoying Bill and Rita’s fingers, tongues and other parts all weekend. Now I had a chance to reclaim my sexy blonde wife, and regardless of how worn out I felt from the busy fucking all weekend, if I needed a defibrillator to reawaken my cock for her, I’d have used the paddles myself.

My cock slid inside her easily, hard as a steel pole in soft, fragrant earth, and she felt so good I knew I would have cum the instant I was inside any other time. Gripping her hips and ass, I started to rock on the balls of my feet, pushing in and pulling out as one motion, never quite stopping all the way in or out. It felt wonderful, she felt wonderful, and she moaned, a long-drawn out cry of erotic fulfillment, spanning several thrusts, and I kept going.

“Oh, honey, fuck me. I want you so much…” She was panting in time to my thrusts, begging me for my cock, and I was willing to let her have it. Even over the soap suds covering our bodies, the thick lather making her whole body as slippery as her sodden pussy , the scent of her juices was thick in the steam in the shower stall. I breathed it in and felt my heart race with desire, and the awareness that we would be doing this again once we had the house to ourselves once more. Her long, beautiful hair was dark with the water, and plastered against her body, spilling off her shoulders and swaying with each push into her waiting twat, and I wanted her even more.

My belly was tense with the effort of parting her golden-brown bush and fucking her pussy, filling it with my cock and wringing every bit of moisture, every bit of sexual energy, every bit of love out of her. I felt myself relinquish control over my frenzied pounding of her tight slit; an ecstatic scream, a shout to the heavens, or at least the ceiling, filled my throat, ready to escape any moment, but I held back, wanting my wife’s acquiescence. Claire seemed to recognize that, and pushed her pale tush back into me, grinding her backside against me as her moans grew.

“Oh, baby, please cum inside me… Please… Oh, I want your jizz now, baby. I hope you saved some of it and didn’t give it all to Rita. Oh, please, baby, please… Let me know I deserve it too, my love, my sexy man. Oh, fuck me!” She was pleading with me now, and imagined I heard her regret at not sharing my bed, my dick, until Saturday, wanting me to take her after too long a wait. I kept pounding her at the same pace, withholding my cum from her. With a ragged sob, she whispered, “Please…”

I didn’t mind sharing her, or her inviting Rita to fuck me in her stead. What I wanted now was for Claire to want me as much as she had wanted Bill. I needed to hear it, wished Bill were here to listen to her beseeching me to take her, hearing her moans, watching me as I filled her married pussy. I was determined to hear her tell me she wanted me, not just with Bill inside her, but with me. And now she had given in, and would be happy for me to fill her twat.

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