Weekend Getaway Ch. 01

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Edited by Lady Rika


He was five-and-a-half feet of solid gold Southern sin. Sure, that’s not very tall, but for my little 5’3″ self, he was just right. I knew that kissing him wouldn’t strain my neck and that his cock would nestle perfectly against my mound.

I arrived at the airport ten minutes before his plane was scheduled to land. I was wearing my coral silk broomstick skirt with a white top and jacket, the outfit I’d told him to look for. Unbeknownst to him, though, I was commando under my clothes – no panties and no bra.

He’d commented several times that he loves to see the sway of a woman’s breasts unbound by a bra, and I was determined to put aside my slightly puritanical leanings when it comes to undergarments and enjoy the freedom of going braless for him. The silk of my skirt against my bare ass felt incredibly erotic and wicked, made more so by the fact that no one else knew I was bare underneath.

The wait was interminable! Butterflies played ping-pong in my belly, my palms were sweaty, my heart was racing and my nipples were as hard as they could possibly be. Gavin and I had talked about meeting, and finally it was going to happen! We’d often wondered how we’d know each other. Sure, pictures are great, but digitally reproduced pics hardly do a person justice. We agreed that we’d know; our hearts would know when we were in the presence of our soul mate.

Finally the large silver plane parked at the gate. My knees were weak. I was dying to see him, to finally touch him, yet I was also worried that I wouldn’t live up to his expectations. Passengers began to steam through the gate, and then, there he was. Our eyes found each other at the same time. I was prepared to walk casually over, real cool-like. I started walking; he started running.

Before I knew it, I was in his arms and he was swinging me around as he hugged me close. “Hello, Sara, my lass,” he said in an arousing Scottish burr that testified to the non-Southern half of him. Tears of joy leaked out, because Escort here, at last, was the man I loved.

I’d told him that, since the airport was in my hometown and a lot of people know I’m married, we’d play it cool and just hug like long separated friends. We couldn’t do that, though. My head came off his shoulder long enough to look into his beautiful blue-gray eyes.

Everyone around us ceased to exist as we stared at each other and my lips found his. Oh god. It was sheer heaven. As our tongues met, fire raced through our bodies. I could feel my freshly shaven pussy – another preference of his – growing moist. At long last we broke off the kiss and walked arm-in-arm out to my car. Thankfully, no one I know saw us, and we were able to leave fairly anonymously.

I had a job interview lined up the next day; that was my excuse for getting away for the weekend. The interview was in a town two-and-a-half hours away, and I’d reserved a room at a bed and breakfast for that weekend. Gavin and I hit the highway. I wondered if he’d noticed my braless state, and the fact that he was staring at my chest, wearing his wicked little boy grin, and had an obvious erection assured me he had. He caught me looking and I laughed a little with delight and the power that I held over this magnificent man.

With that wicked little grin still in place, he placed his hand on my silk-covered leg, slowly working the skirt up as we sped down the interstate. Finally, I could feel his warm hand on my bare thigh, so close to my pussy. He let a finger slide up to my moist bare lips, and he wriggled it until it was pressed against my throbbing clit. As he discovered that I was totally bare under my skirt, he let out a moan.

My moan echoed his, and I bit my lip in an effort to ignore what he was doing to me so I could focus on the road. “Oh, come on, love. Stop it,” I said huskily. He let out a diabolical little laugh as his finger slid lower, then back up my clit, spreading the moisture around. “Gavin, you’re going to Escort Bayan make me have an accident if you keep this up,” I protested.

Finally, he stopped, to both my relief and my disappointment. But the damage was already done. My breathing was coming in near pants, my heart was racing, and I was so damn horny I could barely concentrate on my driving. We got away from the bulk of the traffic and we had the interstate pretty much to ourselves. As I drove we held hands, partly for the connection, partly so I could make sure that hand behaved itself.

I should’ve known better. My hand was captured in his and his thumb started making little circles against the palm of my hand, sending erotic thrills through my body. That’s always been an incredible turn-on to me, and I could feel myself getting even wetter.

We’d been in the car for an hour, spending that time talking and getting to know one another in person. He’d also been teasing my senses with his touches, the scent of his cologne and just his presence beside me. I slowed the car down and gave my signal. Gavin looked at me and asked, “Is everything alright?”

“Oh yeah, we’re good,” I replied as I turned my flashers on. The questions in his eyes cleared up as I took my seatbelt off and turned towards him. I placed my hand behind his shaved head, and looking into his eyes, I said, “I can’t wait any longer.” He half dragged me over the center console as I crawled the rest of the way over so that I was on his lap. Our fingers got into each other’s ways as we fought with the fly of his pants. Finally, his fat cock was in my hand then nestling against my pussy. He grabbed my ass and drove into me in one hard thrust.

I nearly wept with the exquisite sensations that overwhelmed my senses. His cock fit perfectly in me, and being with him in this way felt like coming home. I braced my hands on his shoulders and rode him, grinding my throbbing clit against his bare groin. His hands on my ass guided me as I plunged up and down on his thick shaft.

I Bayan Escort ran my hands up under my shirt, kneading my breasts and pinching my nipples. His hands spread my cheeks, making sure that I felt every inch of his thickness filling me. One finger tickled my rosebud, and I moaned with delight as my pussy tightened around him.

As Gavin felt me tighten around him, his moan echoed mine. He grabbed my butt tighter, forcing me to fuck him faster than I had been. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned down to kiss him as we built to what promised to be an incredible peak. I could feel his balls slap my ass with every plunge.

With one last thrust, he ground his cock deep into my cunt, biting my lip and growling as he throbbed with his release. His orgasm triggered mine, and with a scream I convulsed around him, my come dripping down his cock, over his balls and creating a little pool on the seat.

Temporarily sated and feeling completely boneless, I collapsed against him, my aftershocks rippling through me. Our hearts pounded together, keeping perfect rhythm with each other. I buried my face in his neck, tasting his salty skin and smelling his cologne. He tugged the neckline of my shirt to the side so he could plant gentle kisses on my neck and collarbone, his tongue finding and teasing the hollow at the base of my throat where my pulse still raced.

As I tilted my head to the side to accept his kisses, my eyes caught sight of flashing blue lights slowing down behind us. I scrambled into my seat and Gavin quickly tucked his now limp cock back into his pants. The trooper sauntered up to my window and I put the window down. “Is everything alright with you folks?”

“Yes, officer,” I replied demurely, while praying he hadn’t seen us. “I was just double checking my directions.”

“OK then. You have a great day, and drive safely. And park carefully.” With that last parting shot, he went back to his car.

Gavin and I looked at each other and laughed, despite the fact that we were both blushing. We headed on towards the beach, holding hands and talking as we drove.

It seemed like no time had passed before we arrived at our bed-and-breakfast. Gavin grabbed our bags while I went in and signed us in. Our weekend get-away had begun.

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