Weekend Visit Ch. 01

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Chapter One: Friday


My attention turned from the book I was reading to the noises coming from downstairs. I listened from my room and heard my mom walk from the kitchen to the front door and open it. I could hear my aunt Jill’s voice greeting my mom, and my mom reciprocating. This exchange instantly sent a feeling of excitement through me. I knew that if Jill was here, my two cousins, Sarah and Daryl, were most likely here as well.

I liked when my cousins came over for the weekend, but especially when Sarah did. She was about 5’4,” with shoulder-length light brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a pretty face. She was (I’m guessing) between 100 and 120 pounds, with a flat stomach, and nice full breasts. I’d say they were at least in the high C’s.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and became excited, hoping it was Sarah. I watched the door expectantly, and was disappointed by the appearance of my other cousin, Daryl. Daryl was a couple of years younger than Sarah and me, but I would sometimes hang out with him and play video games.

“Hey, Eddie!” he greeted with his dumb grin, dropping his bag of clothes onto the floor. “Look, I just got Castlevania III on the Nintendo.”

“Cool,” I replied nonchalantly, looking back at my book. I’d given up on the Castlevania series after the very lackluster Simon’s Quest, so I wasn’t really interested in trying another one.

“Yeah,” he replied back, sounding a little disappointed with my reaction. “I’m going out for a while. Can I leave the game in here for now?”



A few minutes after Daryl left, I went downstairs to the kitchen to get a popsicle, and any disappointment from earlier had suddenly disappeared. My mom and aunt were at the table with a couple of beers talking to each other, and next to my aunt was Sarah. Another twinge of excitement raced through my body, but trying not to be obvious, I just said “hi” to my aunt and cousin, got my popsicle, and went back upstairs.

I was followed shortly after by Sarah, who came into my room with her bag of clothes.

“Hi, fag” she said in a sarcastic tone, not waiting for a reply. She went to the corner of the room to put her bag down, as I watched her bend over. She seemed to stay in this position for almost too long -not that I was complaining- but unfortunately came back Kıbrıs Escort up when someone started knocking at the door again. From downstairs, I heard my mom walk toward the door and was unsurprised by the annoying voices of my mom’s friends. They all usually came over on Friday nights to get drunk in the kitchen, which I could do without.

“Here we go again”, I thought to myself.


Perhaps I should tell you about myself. My name is Eddie, and at the time of these events I was 17 years old. My parents divorced when I was 11, and it was decided that I would stay with my mom during the week, and my dad on weekends, although this arrangement soon fell through when my dad moved far away, and I just started staying with my mom permanently. And, if you haven’t guessed yet, I have a bit of a thing for my cousin. We’ve always been unusually close since we were little kids, but I didn’t really start lusting after her until I saw her in a bikini for the first time at the beach when we were around 14-15, and I’ve wanted her ever since.


By two in the morning, my aunt and my mom’s friends had all, thankfully, gone home. My mom was asleep in her room, Daryl had fallen asleep on the couch downstairs, and I was in bed, about to go to sleep, when the door opened.

“Eddie?” It was Sarah.


“This might sound weird, but can I sleep with you?”

My stomach fluttered at the thought, and would’ve loved to say yes, but logic begrudgingly kicked in.

“I don’t know. I don’t think my mom would be happy about that,” I told her, half-hoping she would agree, and half-hoping she would get into bed anyway.

“It’s okay. She’s drunk anyway; she’ll probably sleep in late anyway. C’mon, there’s nowhere else to sleep, and it’s a little creepy downstairs by myself. Please?”

I wasn’t about to argue anymore.

“Fine. Just be up before my mom gets up, okay?”

“Thanks!” she exclaimed with a smile, and with that, took her bag and went to the bathroom.

A couple of minutes later, she returned in a white T-shirt, which accentuated her full tits, and black short shorts that came up just above her ass. I could faintly make out the outlines of her nipples, indicating that she wasn’t wearing a bra. While she was putting down her bag, I again snuck a peek at her beautiful ass, while Magosa Escort tucking my dick in between my legs to hide my growing erection. While staring at her, I was surprised and embarrassed when she suddenly turned her head back to look at me and chuckled.

“What are you looking at?” she asked with a shit-eating grin.

“Huh? Oh, just looking at my… bookshelf. I thought I saw something on it.”

“Like a… book, maybe?”

“Yeah, I guess,” I replied with a nervous giggle. “Smooth, idiot,” I thought to myself.

She climbed into bed, still smiling to herself, and laid down next to me, to my right. We talked for a while about random things like school, movies, music, and other things. Then she brought something else up.

“Are you a virgin?” she asked bluntly.

I was a little shocked by her sudden shift in conversation, but came back rather quickly.

“Are you?”

“I asked first,” she inquired again.

“Um, y-yeah, I am. Why?”

“Oh, just asking.”


Minutes passed by, although they seemed like hours, and I finally tried asking her again, genuinely curious.

“So are you a virgin?”


“Sarah? Are you awake?” I tried gently nudging her shoulder with my right hand. I was pretty sure she was asleep, so I stopped. But I also thought about how soft she felt — how soft and warm. So again, I gently touched her shoulder -caressed, I guess you could say- but this time, my hand went a little bit lower, down to her neck. I then looked at her chest and saw her magnificent cleavage under her white shirt, rising and falling slowly to match her breathing. Suddenly, my hand jerked back out of a combination of fear and guilt. Sarah let out a sigh in her apparent slumber.

At this point, my hard-on was now raging and had popped out from between my legs, feeling the excruciating constraint of my pants. After another agonizing couple of minutes of rubbing myself in vain through my pants, I gained a bit of confidence and my hand found itself back on her neck. Thoughts raced through my head. What if Daryl walked in at this moment? What if mom walked in at this moment? What if they walked in and saw this act and told my aunt? What if I was kicked out of the house and they never talked to me again?

“Fuck it,” I whispered to myself.

My hand then reached even lower Girne Escort and finally found Sarah’s beautiful breasts. It lightly cupped the left one. When I touched her breast, Sarah suddenly breathed a little bit faster, and so did I. I kneaded the flesh in my hand for a few moments, taking in the texture and playing with her now-hardening nipples. I then reached over and did the same with her right tit. I now decided to let my rock-hard dick out of the prison that was my pants, and all 7 inches were now out in the open, right in front of my cousin. “God, what am I doing?” I asked myself in my head, unable to stop myself. I then pulled my hand back and carefully position myself on top of my cousin. I pushed her shirt up over her stomach and chest and was greeted with an amazing sight. Sarah’s tits were now out in the open, right in front of me. They were just as big and full as I thought them to be, at least C-cups, maybe D’s. The nipples were maybe the size of pencil erasers, dark pink in color. Any fear or logic I had was overcome by animalistic lust, and I lowered my head down and took and right nipple in my mouth.

I sucked hungrily, and my tongue circled around the areola. When I worked her nipple with my tongue, Sarah’s breathing increased a little more, and I think I might have heard a faint, barely audible moan from her, but it was probably just wishful thinking. I then switched over to her other boob, and began sucking again. I took my throbbing dick in my hand and stroked like I’d never stroked before. Finally, I got the idea to take my cousin’s right hand in mine and have her stroke me. God, the feeling of another person, especially my cousin’s hand, on my cock felt unbelievable. After a minute of stroking, another idea came to mind. I went in her bag and rifled around until I found some hand lotion. After putting some on my cock and some on her chest, I started to slowly fuck her tits. Taking them in my hands to balance myself, I started thrusting a little harder, and a little harder, and a little harder still, until I began feeling an orgasm rising in my balls. I took my dick out from between her tits and starting stroking furiously until I unloaded my hot cum all over Sarah’s soft stomach.


Once the feeling subsided, the enormity and the taboo of what I’d just done finally sunk in, and I immediately got up and cleaned myself off in the bathroom. I came back in to the room with a paper towel and quickly wiped the cum and lotion off of my cousin. I then lay down next to her in bed, with mental images of what just happened flooding my mind. I lay there in the still quiet of my room, and before I knew it, I was asleep.

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